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Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

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  • Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

    From another Rams forum ..

    Posted by Playmaker

    Bernie just had Sam Farmer, NFL beat writer from the L.A. Times, on his radio show on 101 ESPN in St.Louis. Farmer enlightened the St.Louis audience, including Bernie himself, on why the city of Los Angeles, the 2nd largest city in America, is entering its fifteenth season without an NFL franchise.

    #1. Citizens of L.A. do not want to contribute anything in tax dollars to building the stadium.

    #2. L.A.'s population is 50% Hispanic and a large part of that population are not American football fans. They grew up as Baseball and Soccer fans.

    #3. Ed Roski, who is interested in buying an NFL team and building an NFL stadium in Industry Ca (30 minutes east of downtown L.A.), will not be abe to do anything until he sale's his Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas. That is because the NFL doesn't want to be associated with any gambling. There was rumors that the property title could be given to Roski's son, but that won't fly. He said right now property is not moving in Las Vegas. So it would be really hard to sale it anytime soon.

    #4. The state of California is in a terrible financial crisis. Much more than most other states.

    #5. Getting into "politics" Missouri is considered a swing state. So politicians from both sides would step up to help St.Louis keep the Rams to help their respective political parties.

    #6. There will be a lot of anti-trust exemptions involved to tie this up.

    #7. The NFL is not interested in moving any franchises. He said he doesn't believe, from the information he has gathered and the people in L.A. who are in the know, that the Rams will not be an option anyway. He said the Chargers would be the much more viable option. They are close to L.A. already and the league would more likely let that happen than to let the Rams, Jags, or Vikings come to L.A.

    Interesting about the gambling bit handcuffing Roski .. There appear to be alot of "ifs" involved regarding the building of a new stadium in LA. As far as the Rams moving back to LA, looks like it will be rumor city for an extended time. Hard to give anything much credence until the Rams are sold ...

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    Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

    #1. Ed Roski is funding the stadium without any tax dollars.
    #2. Alot of hispanics watch "american football". Look at the NFL game in Mexico a few years ago a regular-season record 103,467.
    #3. Sam Farmer is a douche bag


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      Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

      Originally posted by larams1980 View Post
      #3. Sam Farmer is a douche bag


      Don't hold back...tell us how you REALLY feel! I think I like you just a little bit more now. Oh, and I agree. He's mildly retarded.
      Last edited by Scidog68; -06-03-2009, 01:18 PM. Reason: Laughed so hard I forgot to agree with him.


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        Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

        I dont understand the personal attack comment, but i can tell you that if a move to LA depends on the sale of a casino to finance a deal, we could all be waiting quite a while given the current economic state of properties in vegas. Valuations are hugely down. Until he divests of that property, the nfl wont clear him and he is unlikely to have the equity to get the deal done. By the time all of that happens, a stadium would still need to be built. That is all going to take a lot of time.

        Thus, no matter how "logical" it appears to people that the Rams may move to LA, it has many many obstacles on the financial side. The budget situation in california is fact, not fiction. The best option for the rams is a purchase by checketts or another st louis group as it will be the fastest and cause the least disruption by virtue of the shortest period of uncertainty for the franchise.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

          Originally posted by larams1980 View Post
          #1. Ed Roski is funding the stadium without any tax dollars.
          #2. Alot of hispanics watch "american football". Look at the NFL game in Mexico a few years ago a regular-season record 103,467.
          #3. Sam Farmer is a douche bag
          Very big douche bag folks. For those who do not know him he writes in the LA times and his articles are horrilbe


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            Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

            Regardless of what you think of Farmer, there are some legit points there. They're talking about potentially closing down parks and cutting student loan programs in California to fix the state budget, so public money for a stadium isn't real likely. It could still happen with private money, but from a financial standpoint, it would make moving quite a bit less attractive.


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              Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

              I wish it would happen though. L.A. Rams.


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                Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

                Originally posted by Mr.Blond View Post
                I wish it would happen though. L.A. Rams.
                I, too, would love to have the Rams play in my town, but that isn't going to happen either. I don't know this Farmer fella from Adam, but there's probably a reason that Miklasz interviewed him for this story and not one of us.
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  Re: Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene

                  THE primary issue is that Roski is trying to coordinate the building of a stadium with the purchase. He wants to exchange the property and the equity he could earn in the building of a stadium with his minority purchase of a team. That works with the Jags, Chargers and Vikings but it doesn't work for the Rams. The owners of the Rams need CASH now and not a nicer stadium.

                  The owner of the Dodgers is taking the exact same purchase plan of action. He wants to exchange very valuable real estate next to Dodger Stadium for a minority interest in an NFL team. Again, that doesn't help the Rams.


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                  • 1980RAMS
                    I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA
                    by 1980RAMS
                    It was very specific. Asked many detailed questions. About location. Which team or teams I would support etc.

                    There is definitely going to be 2 teams.

                    The stadium is going to be the AEG stadium next to staples center.

                    It is already trying to attract interest for PSLs and giving pricing.

                    This is by far the most real this has every been since the team moved.

                    Really exciting as a LA Local.

                    GO RAMS!!
                    -10-22-2014, 03:48 PM
                  • TheCatch49
                    How many of you are from LA?
                    by TheCatch49
                    Just curious...

                    and how many of you hope the team moves back?
                    -01-06-2010, 02:38 PM
                  • RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                    More NFL, the Rams and Los Angeles
                    by RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                    This past Wednesday, I was tuned into one of my usual local sports radio shows (KFI 830) as I was driving home and they had John Semcken on as a guest. John Sencken is, for those that do not know, the Majestic Realty Co. partner managing the NFL stadium project with Ed Roski. Majestic Realty Co. is responsible for the Staples Center in which the Lakers, Kings and Clippers play in downtown LA. The proposed NFL stadium site is about 30 minutes east of LA in the City of Industry.

                    I don't have a written copy of the converstation, but some of the stuff I heard was very interesting, and encouraging. I wanted to share some of the things I heard with those that care about NFL football in LA.

                    First of all, Roski and Sencken are "100%" sure that this will happen. In fact, a bond passed recently almost unanimously, and more recently, environmental issues which were thought to be a major hurdle have been approved and cleared. Now, it's just getting an NFL team to commit to coming to LA. This is where it gets interesting.

                    When asked who he thought might be interested, John stated that, although he couldn't divulge all the details about any talks with teams, the teams that the media has thrown around recently are possible candidates, including: Rams, Raiders, Whiners, Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Vikings and Saints. What really caught my ear was when a question was posed about what teams were really most likely to move, rather than just posturing and using the LA move for their own stadium deal. Semcken said that a team that is currently up for sale as being a "better candidate", but only two teams were currently "up for sale".

                    The Jaquars and the Rams.

                    I find it interesting that a guy with that profile would say that if it were not true.

                    When asked when this would happen, Semcken said that he believes that an NFL team will be here as early as the 2010 season, playing that season and the 2011 season in either the Rose Bowl or the LA Coliseum until Roski's stadium is completed in 2012.

                    According to Semcken, the NFL really wants an NFL team back in LA, and this proposal (unlike other proposals in the past) is solid and back financially and they are definitely interested and listening. They expressed the need to get more Superbowls back in Los Angeles, because the revenue in LA and Miami are still, by far, the most profitable.

                    This interview, along with other articles about Roski and teams like the Rams and Chargers, that are floating around here make me finally really believe that the NFL will be back in LA very soon.
                    -01-29-2009, 11:58 AM
                  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                    LA move is unlikely for Rams
                    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                    LA move is unlikely for Rams

                    By Jim Thomas
                    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                    Eli Broad, Michael Ovitz, Ron Burkle, Ed Roski and more. The names mean little or nothing to St. Louisans. But they were among the big money men, the movers and shakers, who came and went in Southern California all determined to bring pro football back to the Los Angeles area. Eventually, they were toppled like so many tin soldiers.

                    Along the way, there have been proposed stadiums and stadium sites with glamorous pasts and glitzy names from the Rose Bowl to the Coliseum, to Hollywood Park, to Chavez Ravine. And some not so glitzy from the gravel pits in Irwindale to the former toxic waste dump in Carson, to the city of Industry.

                    Amazingly, 14 years have passed since the Rams and Raiders left Los Angeles in 1995.

                    Amazingly, the nation's second-largest market has gone twice as long without a National Football League franchise as St. Louis which went seven seasons without a team from 1988 to 1995 between Bill Bidwill's Cardinals and Georgia Frontiere's Rams.

                    Despite Roski's current effort to build a stadium in tiny Industry (pop. 800), the prospect of getting an NFL team back in the LA area seems as remote as ever. The reasons remain unchanged, with lack of unified political leadership and absolutely zero appetite for any public taxpayer support heading the list.

                    Leigh Steinberg, the one-time super agent who co-chaired a Save the Rams group in the early 1990s that tried to keep the team in Anaheim, hates to say I told you so, but ...

                    "I recall saying at the time that if we lost the Rams, we would lose the Raiders," Steinberg told the Post-Dispatch on Friday. "And it would be 20 years, if ever, before we got an NFL team back in Southern California. And people said, 'Oh no, no, you're wrong. The NFL has to have a team back in the nation's second-largest market. The television contract would demand it.'"

                    But the television ratings for the NFL have been just fine, thank you, without a franchise in LA. In fact, each new television contract has been more lucrative than its predecessor. As the years roll by, the NFL is doing fine without LA. And LA doesn't seem to miss the NFL.

                    "Here we are (in 2009)," Steinberg said. "And we're not one step closer to having a team. In some ways we're further away."

                    Just don't tell that to the angst-ridden gridiron fans of St. Louis. Spurned once by Bidwill's Big Red, they're wondering if lightning will strike twice. With the Rams' franchise now up for sale, and with lease issues looming at the Edward Jones Dome, could the Rams somehow find their way back to Los Angeles?

                    "It would kind of be poetic to have the Rams go back to Los Angeles, but a billion dollars for a stadium isn't poetry," said Charlotte...
                    -06-07-2009, 09:31 AM
                  • Haste
                    One benefit of the Rams moving to LA
                    by Haste
                    It seems alot of people are divided, but one of the biggest issues the Rams have had over the last 2 decades are penalties and ref's bias leaned toward the opposing teams.

                    With moving to LA, do you think Goodell tells the refs to help them out slightly or on close calls throughout the upcoming season?

                    It would also be interesting if Stan starts talking in-front of the media now that he is in 'his town'
                    -01-13-2016, 06:37 PM