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  • News for the ClanRam members

    I spent an eventfully couple of hours at Rams park with Dodram while in St Louis.

    I thought I would share a couple of items with fellow Clan

    1) The gold stripe under the arm on the uniform is history for next year. It will be removed from the uniforms for the 2002 season.

    2) The blue pants will get an airing in the 2002 preseason.

    3) The white pants will never be worn as long as we have our present owner ;)

    4) Look for a change to the Dome turf in the next couple of years.

    There is more, but I require copious amounts of beer frist

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    "copious amounts"???

    Thanks for the heads up, that really sucks, i like the yellow stripe. I will be looking forward to the blue pants.

    What could they be doing to the turf, grind up old tires so the rams bounce as they gly past everyone???


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      The blues...

      Blue pants? W-H-A-T?!? :mad: Aaaargh!!! NO!!! :mad: NO!!! NO!!!

      Who is it that comes up with these fashionable changes anyway? :rolleyes: Good grief! We're just getting used to these new unis --barely two years-- and someone [who!] is already modifying the look?!? :mad:

      Yes, change is good but... give me a break! :confused: Why remove the lateral gold stripe on torso? Particularly, though, why the blue pants!!!???!!! Y-A-A-A-R-G-H! :mad:

      Yeah, its my taste and preference: dark pants as part of a football uniform is a BAD IDEA!!! M-a-y-b-e for PopWarner league kids, ok. NOT for college, NOT for the NFL, especially with those all-dark socks that go all the way up to the knee. NO!!!

      Gold-light-colored pants, yes; white WITH broad stripe (Ram blue) on sides, yes; NOT ALL BLUE!!! Pleeeez!

      Must I call Georgia Frontiere?, or someone else in Rams' top office to petition a stop on the blues for the pants? :mad: Gotta bombsack / smash / tackle that plan NOW! Ggrrrrr! :mad:
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        One thing I have always liked about US football over english is your top/jerseys and gear dont date quickly where the strips are changed every year in english football, but why change so soon?
        The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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          these don't seem to be major changes, just something to make the team look sharper, maybe to help merchandise sales.

          Despite Jorge's veheminant hatred of the dark pants i really like the dark look. It'll look really slick. The white pants are kinda plain, but i really love the gold ones. The problem with white pants is that not only do you get to see jock lines (not that i'm looking) but you sometimes get those ever so unflattering grass stains. Just my is the best, but the blue pants should make things look pretty cool.


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            Turf-wise, aren't they going to put in that turf that the Seahawks use? That's what I heard, didn't know it would take so long.

            I like the gold pants. This is a gold-medal team so it fits. The blue would be fine for a change of pace. I don't like white, shows too much dirt. Wait! Jock lines? Hmm!

            Don't know what the point of removing the stripe is. Maybe it's a cost-cutting move. Who knows?


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              I thought the white pants with the gold stripe looked great. Until they get dirty. The best looking part of the uniforms are the white tops with a polished helmet. The helmets really look cool with the contrasting white jerseys.

              Dark pants with gold stripes remind me of a San Diego team. :confused:
              Always a Rams Fan............

              Rex Allen Markel


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                Un-Ram, un-cool...

                Yes, dark blue pants are "un-Ram, un-cool" You're right Ram3057, they would look like the bottoms the Chargers use! By the way, aren't the Aints also wearing dark pants now? :p

                I say, 'stay classy, don't go sassy.' Besides, IT'S TOO SOON TO CHANGE THE RAMS' CENTURY 21 IMAGE, for crying out loud!!! :mad:

                White pants are ok [Jets, Colts, Vikings, Bears, Dolphins, etc. AND Rams of old ;) ], as long as they have a broad blue stripe down the sides -- otherwise they would look like bakers pants; not too wide though (Steelers' wide stripe ok for their colors). I like the present gold look a lot.

                White getting dirty -- no problem! Let's play football!

                GO RAMS!!!


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