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Its the 3rd Quarter right now

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  • Its the 3rd Quarter right now

    I am typing this as I watch but my mind is made up as far as Bulger. He is pretty darn good He is an accident looking for a place to happen but the kid can throw. It's too bad this defense is so bad because if they were just an average defense then we may have a chance. These keystone players on our defense are always out of position and always lost. They are terrible tacklers and the act like they don't give a damn. Our offense can get it done. They need to jell but I think they will improve while our defense will keep stinking up the place. I still say there is a leadership problem on that team which is why our special teams are bad and the team always looks like its pre-season. Martz needs to light a fire under his coach’s asses hot enough so the effect will ripple through each and every unit. Cannot believe this defense I don't think there is a player on that unit that knows what down it is. This is quite possibly the worst defense I have seen the Rams field with the possible exception of 2000. Well Saints got the ball near our goal line again so I will sign out now.

    Wait maybe leadership problem is not the way to express it. I think we have a disciplin problem on this team.

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    Re: Its the 3rd Quarter right now

    Agree 100% When will this team give up on Ryan "Running With Ease" Pickett and Damione "Is He On The Field" Lewis?


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    • AvengerRam
      We didn't lose this game because of...
      by AvengerRam
      ...the decision to go for it on 4th down. Sure, in hindsight, the 3 points would have been important, but if the gamble had worked, we may have won easily. (I do agree with the criticism of the play call).

      We also didn't lose because of the interception. That was a poor decision, but we never should have been in that position.

      We lost because of the defense. They failed to make plays all day. It seems that we cannot handle the loss of 2-3 starters. That speaks to our depth, no doubt, but I also sometimes wonder if Greg Williams' defense may be too complicated to plug in backups.

      In any event... here we are... back at .500.

      -10-17-2016, 04:20 AM
    • live4ramin
      Could it be? Defense...
      by live4ramin
      My love of football is on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. The blocking and the pride these guys have when they jel into one unit, usually without much in the way of credit.

      But silently this team's defense just keeps getting a little better. If these guys can stay healthy and build a little pride in keeping the offense off the field Spags may turn this group of nobodies into something to get excited about.

      I've never had a great defense to watch on Sundays. It was always time to grab a snack and a cold beverage. It could be a life changer for some of us.
      -08-29-2010, 07:42 AM
    • Varg6
      We're trying to make excuses....
      by Varg6
      I'm sick of everyone trying to point fingers at certain people for the losses we've been having. There's no real good reason or explanation as to why we're doing so badly defensively.

      This game at least...It's plain and simple. If you have 3 turnovers on offense, you rarely win football games. When you have a less-than mediocre defense with the turnovers added on, you get a loss, its as simple as that.

      The one thing (for me) that kills me the most about our team, is that we proved to a lot of people the first game that our defense can really play well. But ever since that loss, we haven't played anywhere near as well as we did that one game. Imagine what record we'd have if we performed every week the way they did the first game. I honestly think we'd be undefeated, but, thats whats I guess ironic about our team. We aren't playing like that.

      But anyways, let's stop saying it's all Fisher's fault. Or OJ's fault now. Do I think they're good? No. Do I think they're bad? Well...yeah. But that isn't THE reason why we're allowing points, it's our defense as a whole just playing like poo.
      -11-05-2006, 02:53 PM
    • HornedHell
      Promising Defense
      by HornedHell
      Although it might take awhile for the defense to gel, being that it is a new system and there is going to be alot of rookies involved, I think it is a faster, more aggressive bunch and we will even have some depth with Jackson and Jones on the DL. If we can stay healthy, we will do something really special this year. I can feel it...Opening day in Philly will set the tone for the season I believe...Hostile envirorment. Physical defense. We lay an ass whippin' on em and the NFL will know the Rams are back and mean business. Ladies and gentlemen.....Commence ass whippin!
      -07-24-2001, 12:44 PM
    • rNemesis
      Please read this!!! This is very important
      by rNemesis
      Hello again its me the Rams fan from the Bahamas. I have got something to say about this team that I am sure everyone will not only agree on but might disagree on and have feedback for. And this is not something that has just come up , it's been on my mind for a long time now. Its something that has a plague in STL for about 3-4 years or so. It is starting to make me sick. It's the losing. And losing so much and badly at times.

      What I don't understand is that every other dog gone team in this league is playing competitive and are in games ( even the lions who are 0-15). We are getting killed on defense in EVERY game and we are not doing much with the ball when we do finally get it back. I don't know if I asked this question b4 but what makes a team bad? One thing, yes. Two or more things definitely more so. We are pathetic on offense and defense which is why we are bad. But it can be fixed rite? Yes, but I 'm sure thats a lot easier said than done.

      I don't so much mind having a high pick in the draft as the results of a terrible season. What I hate though is when the ppl responsible for picking smart, athletic and talented workhorses fail to do such. And what's worse, I dont know where it starts, whether it be the HC or FO ( probably more input from them). To top it all off, we have been doing this for quite a while, which is why this team lacks the aformentioned type of players who win games, and smart coaches.

      We are ranked 9th best since the merger ( 1970) only behind the boys, niners, steel men, fish, pats skins, g-men, and raiders. We drafted a great future in Chris Long last year and Adam Carriker in 2007. But my concern is having a good draft so that we can improve dramatically like other teams did, looking towards FA and trades for help. Every team has a CULTURE, that is, what they normally would do and how successful they are because of it. BUT here's the big question. Why doesnt a teams culture change as the decades go by? And if it does, then why cant OURS?? Right now, even though this has changed a bit to a more passing balanced style, the Steelers are " run the football and stop the run and play good defense". Our culture has seemed to be high powered offense, but THAT isn't even a strength right now. We normally have opportunistic defense that feeds off of a good lead or just any lead, outscoring teams, defense breaking down badly BUT stiffing up when necessary.

      But as far as this season is concerned, I know we are bad. It was written off from 0-3. You dont need a genius to figure that out. Offensive line protection sucks, running game is a bit iffy, no real threat at WR, defense is very soft and gives up plenty big plays, and we lose BADLY all the time. It's like other teams dont lose BADLY all the time; they might lose badly here and there and then come back and get you there. But we never come back, never recover and we keep finding ways...
      -12-22-2008, 07:02 PM