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I'm Disgusted!!!!!

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  • I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    How can you take a 3 point lead with 28 seconds to go and squib the kickoff! Wilkins was booming it all day, and you let the Saints get the ball at the 42!?!??!!

    The defense it terrible. Martz's unwillingness to establish a running game is outrageous, but between that bonehead decision and the running into the punter (why put on a rush in that situation?), the special teams gets to bear the brunt of this loss as far as I'm concerned.

    I am absolutely disgusted!

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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    Is that negativity that I detect in your post Avenger...I thought that was tabu...


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      Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

      No... the negativity will come from the Warnerites who will try to argue in the next few days that Bulger played badly.

      There was simply no excuse for losing this game. Every defensive player, special teams player and coach on the Rams should be hanging their heads in shame.


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        Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

        I agree that this was the defenses loss...Bulger was above average...Special teams are not special...But how can we go this far down on defense in one season?? Marmie? Or is the players that we lost to fre agency??


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          Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

          Bulger played good 93 QB rating, but Warner did do better 100 + QB rating... :tongue: I guess it doesn't matter who is QB with our D, Special Teams and Run Game..Montana wouldn't help us


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            Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

            We stunk up the place..... we can't stop the run period... stacker had his first career 100 yard day WHAT THE HELL!!!!

            Stupid penaties killed us, and that running into the punter,,, welllll........28 seconds, and our D still cannot hold them!!!

            crap!!!! :disappoin

            steve :ramlogo:
            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

              BOTH SIDES of the ball LAYED DOWN LIKE DOGS in OT. Sprinkle in a dozen penalties and you have a DIRECT REFLECTION of this teams head coach. No inspiration,no fire,sloppy foolishness. Luv ya Rain Man...and your 'good buddy' Larry Marmie as well!!
              "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                Originally posted by AvengerRam
                No... the negativity will come from the Warnerites who will try to argue in the next few days that Bulger played badly.

                Come on AR. I really don't think any of the "Warnerites" will be pinning this on Bulger, so no need to call them out, wouldn't you agree? If they do, I will be the first to apologize.
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                  Originally posted by Shadesofgrey
                  Bulger played good 93 QB rating, but Warner did do better 100 + QB rating... :tongue:
                  Well, you do have posts like this.

                  Actually, my somewhat testy response was the product of my being ticked at the way the Rams lost followed by SSG's needless attack on me.
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                    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                    Was it the offense? Partially....if there wasn't so many stupid penalties, we could have done better. Was it the Defense? Yes...they stunk. Was it the special teams? Yes. They stunk too. Was it Marmie? Let me say this....the tar and feathers are ready. Was it Martz? I live close to a roofer, as well as close to the city public works road department facility, tar isn't a problem. Willowbrook's turkey processing plant is a mile from here, so feathers ain't a problem either.
                    I say we do some good old fashioned southern teaching to those coaches....


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                      Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                      I'm a Warnerite and I don't think Bulger played badly.

                      Maybe someone can explain to me the wisdom of going for it on fourth and one in your own territory, in overtime.

                      I agree with Av that the special teams were dreadful and should bear the brunt of this loss.

                      The defense, well they have issues, but did they really have to make a star out of Aaron Stecker? He came into the game averaging 2.7 yards per carry.


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                        Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                        In my opinion, this team needs to go back to work on fundamentals. Tackling, discipline on the line, getting off your blocks. We're playing this game like it's flag football, not tackle football. We need to see some fundamental changes in discipline on this team if we expect things to get better. 25-23 with :28 seconds left after a great offensive drive and we can't put it away. Pathetic.


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                          Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                          No... the negativity will come from the Warnerites who will try to argue in the next few days that Bulger played badly.

                          Ahhhh...never mind.
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                            Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                            Originally posted by r8rh8rmike
                            Maybe someone can explain to me the wisdom of going for it on fourth and one in your own territory, in overtime.
                            Balls to the wall, man. Balls to the wall.


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                              Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

                              im glad martz went for it on 4th and 1 in OT. did you really think our Swiss Cheese D was going to be able to stop the Saints all of a sudden?


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                              • moloch41
                                Special Teams
                                by moloch41
                                Can anyone explain why the kick and punt return coverages for this unit are still below average? I know at first Mad Mike didn't think they were all that important (like defense or turnovers) until he got bashed so badly that they fired Bobby April (who moved to the Bills and had the #1 ranked special teams, I think) and then went to hire someone else who also coached a terrible coverage unit. Now, Linehan comes in and claims it's going to be one of the higher priorities (which it seemed it was because they went out and got some guys that are good ST performers and a new coach), but they are really only marginally better.

                                Now, I'm not sure where the stats lie, but every time we kick off or punt the ball, I hold my breath. We almost gave up another one last week against the Saints, which might have really changed the momentum of the game. Luckily, someone was able to pull him down from behind and then the defense held. But if that dude breaks the tackle, we might be looking at 0-9.

                                I really think the punting of Donnie Jones has saved us a lot of heartache or that unit would be far worse. I just can't see how you can put out such bad special teams year after year and not be able to fix it. One would think it a simple task.
                                -11-16-2007, 02:07 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                What do the Rams have the best chance at fixing?
                                by Guest
                                What do the Rams have the best chance at fixing?
                                A. Defense
                                B. Special teams
                                C. Scoring enough point to overcome the above pathetic units
                                -11-28-2004, 10:46 PM
                              • moklerman
                                Today's game
                                by moklerman
                                I think today's game was far too similar to last year's team. Poor rushing defense, sporadic offense, etc. The special teams did look somewhat improved though. Not good, but improved.

                                One of the biggest concerns of the team is rushing defense and I can't help but think that it's scheme rather than talent at this point. First string, second string and mop-up units were all ineffective against the run as far as I could see. It's just one game, but if this is any kind of indicator of how the Rams D will hold up against a good running team then they will be in trouble.

                                Improvement during the season will be the goal at this point. 130 yds rushing with two 50+ yard runs from two different rb's in the first half was just abysmal.

                                I come into this year not being sold on Marmie and his scheme and today didn't change my point of view. Right now, my guess is that the 2005 Rams will be similar to teams of the past and they will have to put up a lot of points to win games.
                                -08-21-2005, 05:10 PM
                              • Curly Horns
                                Just Curious....
                                by Curly Horns
                                Marmie is taking a ton of heat from Rams fans.

                                The majority of posts that are critical of Marmie all relate to his scheme, coaching in general and/or motivation.

                                Let me play along.

                                Marmie is an absolute idiot. He does not know the first thing about coaching a defense. Of course, there are other defensive minded coaches with the Rams. They must also be idiots as well or afraid or perhaps too stupid to speak up. Kollar is an idiot. Schott is an idiot and Joe Vitt is a major moron.

                                None of these defensive coaches knows the first thing about defense. They have just managed to survive in the NFL as some type of defensive coach for all these years by shear luck. Now their luck has dried up and their idiocy is finally showing its' true colors.

                                I'm sure this is the case. I mean what else could it be? This is the only logical explanation. Every single one of these defensive coaches is an idiot and Martz is the biggest idiot of all because he hired each and every one of them.

                                This basically sums up the general attitude here at the Clan.

                                Now let me play along again.

                                Given that the present attitude is indeed true, that would indicate to me that this board has a number of unemployed or aspiring DCs. Otherwise how in the sam hell would they know a damn thing about it?

                                Granted some of you have not the inkling of a clue or ability to play CB at even the high school level, but you sure seem to have a knack for knowing how that and other positions on defense should be played by the Rams current players. In other words, on one hand you criticize the players in the secondary and on the other you also criticize Marmie for not coaching a properly designed scheme.

                                But let's stay with the coaches.

                                Reason being:

                                I have read this type of statement numerous times from different posters.

                                "Marmie could not do a damn thing with the most talented defensive players in the NFL"

                                So, I am curious as to what the Rams fans that post on this board would do with this defense as far as scheme?

                                Give it to me straight-up and in depth. Don't hold back. I want to know why Marmie is such an idiot. Tell me everything in detail. Give me your best defensive stuff, as if you were applying for the job.

                                I know it's in you, otherwise how would you know its all Marmie's scheme?

                                Cmon guys, please do this. The secret is out and its time to reveal all your knowledge. The Rams need your help. And most of all, I want to learn. Please teach me, oh wise and noble ones.

                                -11-23-2005, 09:16 AM
                              • Curly Horns
                                Who do we blame now?
                                by Curly Horns
                                The Coaching Staff?

                                The Players?


                                Today was an absolutely pathetic performance. Really I am at a loss as to what the problem is. Seems we are just a .500 team this year. Up one week and down the next. Going in to the season I thought the talent was there to go deep into the playoffs. Something is definately amiss with our Rams and I just can't put my finger on it.

                                I know there are plenty of Rams fans who staunchy support Mike Martz and i applaud them for their loyalty. However, he and his coaching staff do not seem to have a handle on motivating this team or preparing them for the opponents from week to week.

                                The special teams was horrible today and at some point in time this has to reflect on the coaching. I think everyone is somewhat concerned with the defense and I am starting to wonder if Marmie was the best choice to head up that side of the ball.

                                Usually I am the first person to place the blame on the players and for the most part I still do. However, if things continue this way through the rest of the season, I think it is time to finally wake up and see Martz for who he really is. An average head coach who looks best when he is surrounded by self-motivated talent.

                                -11-21-2004, 09:17 PM