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Once again the Silence of the Lambs!

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  • Once again the Silence of the Lambs!

    Great game to watch, entertaining as always, lots of penalties, etc. Just too bad you guys "Ain't" got no "D"! :tongue: Seriously, passing game has always been impressive from you guys; not much of a running game, though. Charles Grant was blowing your O-Line away today--sucks not having quality guys up front. Sad thing is, Warner's lookin' like a stud in New York. Good luck the rest of the way!

    Who Dat? :king:

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    Re: Once again the Silence of the Lambs!

    I do not know if Warner doing well so far is any indication of the season ahead. But he has looked sharp. But he also has a good defensive unit to compliment his skills. The Offensive line today just played decent. No great push. The defensive squad played good at times and not so good. They had a good lead but failed to maintain the saints from getting the big yardage palys.
    The running back Stecker was stellar and combined with the defensive rushes ,Haslett had his squad ready for battle.
    On the other hand the Rams played better but they should have never been in the overtime period. They had chances to put the game away, but they let the Saints hang around with the field goals.
    Next three weeks will tell the story of the 2004 Rams.


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      Re: Once again the Silence of the Lambs!

      KW is doing it with a far less talented team as well. Oh well it is what it is.