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Start to Season Familiar - Can The Rams Turn it Around Again?

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  • Start to Season Familiar - Can The Rams Turn it Around Again?

    Three games.

    One closer than it should have been win against a team the Rams should beat.

    One loss in which the team looked really bad.

    One heartbreaking loss in a game the team should have won.

    Sound familiar? I could be talking about the start of 2003 or 2004, couldn't I? Category 1 could be the home game against San Fran last year, or the game against Arizona. Category 2 could be the Falcon game or the Giant game. Category 3 could be the Saints debacle or the one against the Seahawks last year.

    My optimistic side tells me that, if the Rams could turn it around last year, they could do it again this year.

    But I must admit I have my doubts.

    Last year, the Rams were able to overcome the mistakes that their high risk/high reward offense is likely to have with an opportunistic defense that lead the league in turnovers. This year, the Rams have gone over 12 quarters without forcing a turnover.

    Last year, the Rams had a more favorable schedule. This year, the second half of the season will be a beast.

    But I'm not giving up hope.

    I still think this team has enough talent to come together and make a playoff run. Well... at least I hope it does.

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    Re: Start to Season Familiar - Can The Rams Turn it Around Again?

    This team is about to go on a fall that will harken us back to the 90s. It was a nice little 5 year run. Ol Rainy has taken what should have been a dynasty of sorts and run it right into the ground. The hiring of the leagues WORST D coordinator simply because he is a 'good friend' is about the last straw. Playoff run....LMMFAO!!!
    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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      Re: Start to Season Familiar - Can The Rams Turn it Around Again?

      I just think THIS year is going to be so frustrating, the D is going to have to stop someone, or at least turn up, for us to have an impact this year..

      What scares me is that when the D hits the field, the oppent just matches at will,(no stuffing the middle, lack of pass rush) to me that comes from the coaching, lack of talent, playing with kids, no leaders on the field, in 2000 we had the O to score at will it seemed, this year, ok we have moved the ball WELL but it always seems sometimes to end up with stupid mistakes being made, penties here, there.... the team lacks disapline!!!!

      I'm an optimist too but these last three games were ment to be soft oppents, WHAT HAPPENS when the hawks, philly, Pats come to town, its going to get bloody..........

      I love my Rams and it hurts to see emm like this!!!!

      steve :ramlogo:
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        Re: Start to Season Familiar - Can The Rams Turn it Around Again?

        No .


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        • RamsInfiniti
          Linehan's fate will be decided in the next two weeks ...
          by RamsInfiniti
          After rethinking this topic, I think Linehan has exactly two weeks to secure his future as the Ram's head coach, or to potentially lose any chance of ever coaching an NFL team again. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the final record of this team is this season. With the horrendous start, and all the injuries, I think we have to separate into two seasons to see what this team might be capable of when the majority of the participants are healthy. We had a great showing against New Orleans last week. After reviewing the tape, I know alot of people were unhappy with how poorly our prevent defense played in the fourth. I noticed alot of confusion abound on a lot of the plays, and it looked like a team that hadn't been in a position to play much prevent during the season. Obviously, that is to be expected when you are 0-8. With that said, it makes some logical sense why Haslett would have stuck with the strategy so long with was seemingly an insurrmountal lead. Although the prevent defense sometimes prevents you from winning, there are late game situations where it could be useful as part of a package against a more explosive downfield passing attack, and I think Haslett was getting in some "practice" time ...

          With that said, we thoroughly dominated the Saints. What's next? NFC west battles against the ***** on the road and the Seahawks at EJD. As the oddsmakers in Vegas have portrayed, the Rams may very well be the greatest 1-8 team in the history of the NFL, as we are still favored to take this game by 3. We all know this team has talent. Even with some of Linehan's ineptitude aside, we would lately have at least 3 wins under our belts if not for all the injuires. The 49'ers are absolutely terrible. They currently have to be fielding one of the worst offenses in NFL history and that is inexcusable for a team that has a great downfield runner like Frank Gore. This should be a blowout for the Rams. We absolutely destoryed the Niner's secondary in the first game by throwing Martz-esque passes all over the field, as Bulger accrued 360+ yards passing. This game should be no different. I see our boys easily putting this game away early and winning by at least 10 points. As bad as the Niner's are, I think Linehan has to win this game convincingly to continue to show improvement to the choads in the front office. If we barely squeek by in this game, I don't think it'll help Linehan's case much, if any. A loss here buries Linehan into a deeper hole than he was in before the Saints game. Absolutely no excuse for losing to this sorry ***** squad ...

          The Seahawks game is the absolute kicker. We took a 33-6 mauling in the first game that lies almost solely on the shoulders of our terrible offense, as our defense shut down the Hawks running game, damaged Hasselbeck, and finished the game with a pretty solid performance. Special teams let us down again in this game, as Ram killer Burleson, ran another return back. With this game...
          -11-15-2007, 05:59 PM
        • sjacksonrules
          Is it time yet?
          by sjacksonrules
          Is it time yet to dust off and start up the rams bandwagon? Maybe take it around the block once or twice.

          Reason for saying this is... I really have a lot of hope for this season. I'm thinkin this could be the year we get it together enough to make it into the playoffs again maybe just maybe. Was anyone thinking superbowl going into the 99 season, probally not but we did. So why not make the playoffs this year? I don't see why we couldn't. Despite what everyone thinks I really think we could of at least had a 8 win season last year but we were a few mistakes away from that.

          Did anyone watch the vikings game? I was there, had it not been for us having three redzone turnovers plus a fumble recovery to td by jared allen we would of won that game.

          Steven jackson is a hoss he is imo the best back in the league right now bar none. Name one back better in the league now and I bet u have a hard time. I have a feeling that bradford is a lot better than we may think because the rams have been tryin to keep it hush hush on exactly how good he is. I think with sj39 being behind sam bradford this year I believe we will make a run for the playoffs this year.

          We aren't near as bad as everyone might think. You could tell just by lookin at the play of the defense it was better than previous years and will improve this year. Really we should of beat the saints to and they went onto win the superbowl. So that's the vikings and saints we competed decent against and they are at the top of the nfc. So what does everyone else think?
          -07-07-2010, 07:59 PM
        • CRAZYHORNS
          Could the Rams surprise the league again?
          by CRAZYHORNS
          Not sure why? I have not had this feeling since '99. Did I really think the Rams would dominate that year???? No, no not really.... However, I did feel confident that the Rams had made trades and drafted well enough to field a very competitive team.....

          After all the moves the rams have made this year the feeling is there again. I really like what the Rams have done in free agency and the draft. It seems that some of our desperate needs have been plugged with players who have the potential to make a real impact.

          I maybe crazy but this year could be a real treat for us Ram fans....... Could the best show on turf be back again? The new field is still consider turf right????
          -05-29-2005, 08:46 AM
        • Bar-bq
          Next Season
          by Bar-bq
          I'm sorry, but those of you who have begun posting about the merits of "next season" have disheartened me. Really, who are you? We have fifteen weeks of football left to play, and you'd best be damn sure that win, lose or worse, I'll be hoping for the best for my team.

          It was far from a promising start.

          No pass blocking.
          No run blocking.
          No Leonard Little and Orlando Pace went down hard.
          No effort players.

          You've heard it all before.

          On top of that, every first day pick from 2000-2004 is no longer with the team. Alston, Byrd, Wroten. Gone Gone Gone. Hill- still showing little development. Leonard- Looks like a luxury. Klop- Will be lucky to see much of the field.

          Bad drafting equates to poor on-field success. There's no two ways about that.

          But "next season"? come on! Tell me you don't bleed blue and gold. Tell me you didn't love every minute of the 1999 season. Tell me you didn't just jump upon the bandwagon for the good times.

          You more than have the right to criticize. Be critical of anything you want. But to simply bypass the merits and demerits of an entire season in anticipation of greener pastures is absurdity. I guarantee you, without withstanding this season, without drawing and learning all we can from this season, next season will inevitably promulgate a return to the drawing board. again. The time is nigh to learn from what we've done wrong today. To correct what we can and struggle on with what we can't...until we can.

          All the optimism has vanished. What it breeds is an atmosphere of losing. Players don't want to play for a losing franchise with no legitmiate backing behind them. The fans, after all, are willing to cast them aside after one game. Yes, there's a lack of effort. But we're not beyond hope. We're one game into the season. What point there is labeling yourself a "fan" of a franchise when you're willing simply to overlook the potential for success...for learning- for betterment THIS season?

          There are fifteen games to go, and it is my opinion that we will win all fifteen of um (toot toot et al). And if we lose, it will be the next fourteen. Down to one. Because this dedication impels the opportunity to learn. To have the capacity to look forward to next week in light of the myriad of possibilities for success.

          I most certainly do.
          -09-08-2008, 01:07 AM
        • Raptor
          Rams @ Hawks..Through My Eyes
          by Raptor
          I gotta tell ya, this game will be exciting, as have pretty much every past meeting between these two teams. Last years games were all out thrillers, both very close, undecided until the very end. This one and probably the next in your house will be the same.

          Looking at last years games, either team could have won or lost both games. In Seattle, had the Rams not been called for defensive holding on that last drive, who knows if the Hawks would have scored to win. In St. Louis, if that ref didn't take Bobby E out on that play, who knows if he wouldn't have scored. I hate it when refs decide the outcome by the way...both games had defining plays defined by the stripes.

          Back to this game...The way I see it.

          The Rams need to change their defense up...allot. Show as many different looks as you can, blitz as much as humanly possible. Holmie doesn't seem to react very well, play-calling wise, when things are happening that he does not expect. A great example of this was the Tampa game. Holmie had to game plan for their defensive speed, but I think the amount of blitzing surprised him. The lack of ability to change the game plan due to what the defense was doing is a cause for concern. Holmie stuck to it, either through an inability to adapt to what was happening or a reluctance to stray from what he "knew" would work. The result was the worst offensive showing in the past three years. Moving around Little like you did last week is a good example something that I feel will cause the offense trouble.

          Offensively, you guys are still very tough. You can never discount your playmakers on any play. While I sometimes question the split-second decisions Bulger makes, he still has the skills and the smarts to hurt any defense. Our D needs to play fast, as fast as they did against the Saints and SF. The D line can't give Bulger any time, they need to harass him all day. They have the ability to do so, but while your O line is not what it was, they are still good enough to make this task difficult. We need Simmons to shadow Faulk in everything he does, we can't let you get anything going on the ground. Another concern is the LB's ability to cover your TE's, this could be pivotal. There will be a give and take in regards to the WR - DB match ups, I think we see big plays by both sides.

          I feel this will be a shoot-out guys, maybe even down to the last team who has the ball winning the game. The Hawk (I'll never call it qwest field) is different place since the last time you were here, but considering how wishy-washy Seattle fans can be, a few big plays to start the game could take the wind right out of them.

          There is allot about this game to be concerned about, but one thing is for will be exciting.

          Just Win Blue.
          Raptor aka Blitzfan
          -10-09-2004, 02:06 PM