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    Since it's the off-season, how about we take a gander at Brooks Foster?

    St. Louis Rams Examiner
    Tim Klutsarits
    April 30, 1:29 PM

    Most everyone knows the backgrounds of the top picks in the NFL Draft but where teams have long term success is getting production from later round picks. With the Rams having such a shallow talent pool they are in desperate need of having their later round picks produce immediately. This week we will look at all of the Rams later round draft picks. We have already looked at 3rd round pick Bradley Fletcher and 4th round pick Dorell Scott this week. Today we look at Rams 5th round pick Brooks Foster, wide receiver out of North Carolina.

    WHY THE RAMS SHOULD HAVE DRAFTED FOSTER: The 6'1 211 lbs wide receiver from North Carolina is a tremendous athlete. On top of having good size and speed he is apparently a workout warrior. The North Carolina Tar Heels Examiner Brian Ernst says that Foster "is a beast in the weight room and has set most of UNC's lifting records, even those typically held by linebackers and lineman." On top of his workout acumen he was also a very good basketball player. He was a walk-on basketball player for the Tar Heels when they won the National Championship in St. Louis in 2005. So he does have some good history in the Edward Jones Dome.

    WHY THE RAMS SHOULD NOT HAVE DRAFTED FOSTER: His production at North Carolina was nothing to write home about. Foster had 30 catches for 334 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2008. Part of the explanation for that was that UNC had two high end wide receivers on their roster in Hakeem Nicks (picked in the first round by the NY Giants) and Brandon Tate (who was selected in the third round by the Patriots). So there was a lot of talent at UNC but there is a lot of talent in the NFL too. Foster also has a history of knee problems. He had a knee injury at the end of the season and also had difficulties with his knee at the Senior Bowl. The other concern I have also comes from Brian Ernst who says "that he would make an unbelievably athletic catch and then drop a gimme." That is concerning to hear as well.

    WHAT WILL MAKE THIS PICK A SUCCESS: This pick will be a success if Foster can get into the Rams offensive flow at some point in the season. I believe that if Foster could become a factor in the red zone on "jump ball" passes, creating mis-matches with smaller defensive backs that he could be a real asset. My assessment is that if Foster can somehow become a player that catches about 25-35 balls and rack up about 300-400 yards in the 2009 season then this would be a real get for Billy Devaney and the Rams.

    WHAT WILL MAKE THIS PICK A DISASTER: The pick becomes a disaster if Foster cannot make it on a squad that currently has a three deep of Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton, and Derek Stanley. This is easily the easiest roster to make at wide receiver in the NFL so Foster has every opportunity in the world to translate his athletic ability into becoming a serviceable NFL player.

    Brooks Foster is a very intriguing pick to me. He is clearly a tremendous athlete that appears not to have reached his peak on the football field. The Rams need someone desperately to come out of the woodwork at wide receiver this season to perform beyond expectations. Maybe Foster is that player?

    Pre-draft measureables:
    (* represents NFL Combine ** represents North Carolina Pro Day)

    Ht -- 6'-01/2" *
    Wt -- 211 lbs *
    40 time -- 4.38 **
    10-yd split -- 1.52 **
    20-yd split -- 2.59 **
    20-yd ss -- 4.18 **
    3-cone -- 6.87 **
    Vert J. -- 381/2"
    Broad J. -- 10'.07" **
    Bench press -- 27 reps *
    Wonderlic -- 22 *

    Foster broke Eddie Royal's record for most bench press reps ever for a wide receiver at the NFL combine. On April 26, 2009, Foster was drafted in the fifth round by the St. Louis Rams.

    Player Notes from Comcast Sports ..
    June 5, 2009
    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Brooks Foster still has a lot of work to do before he is ready to compete at an NFL level. Coach Steve Spagnuolo was quoted as saying: "We need a little bit of time with him, but he's been good."

    Our View:Foster should have an opportunity to make the team this season, but it seems unlikely he will be able to contribute. The Rams seem to think he could have some potential down the road, but he warrants no fantasy consideration for this season.

    Our View:Foster underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee after North Carolina's regular season finale and soreness forced him to leave Senior Bowl practices early. Before suffering the injury, Foster was a dangerous vertical threat, and given the sorry state of the Rams' wide receiver corps, he could be a darkhorse for playing time in 2009.

    Heck, even if he has hands of stone, at least we could throw him in there occasionally on running plays so he could benchpress a cb or safety now and then ..

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    Re: Brooks Foster ..

    Interesting conundrum for Spags; do you keep Stanley as the poor man's Avery? Basically an insurance policy in case DA goes down is the best argument I can make in his favor. I don't know much about the other WRs but I think he's the one most likely to get Avery's longbomb shots.

    Foster, on the other hand, may be the better guy to help in the Red Zone; bigger & stronger to fight in the telescoped RZ field. Not exactly Ramses Barden/Crabtree slow,though, either.

    Which guy gains favor/PT may tell us quite a bit about the ratio of NFC East power game and WCO we will see in The Rams approach.

    I think it will be BF.There has to be a better option than DS at KR. I don't think he can take the pounding there or in a WCO short passing game where you get pummelled by LBs a lot.Nor do I see Bulger throwing those desperate heaves as much this year. I hope not, anyway. Makes keeping him bubblewrapped in case DA gets hurt even less logical,imo.Nor have I seen him show anything like DA's versatility. Speed's great but doesn't there have to be more? Over 2 seasons I haven't seen it.

    Doesn't Foster indisputably have a better pedigree and physical tools if his knees are ok? The epitome of a sleeper/ascending player on paper to me right now.

    I expect there to be growing pains and inconsistency from new guys but ,honestly, I'm a little sick of waiting around in agonizing hope for players like Stanley to produce.

    I hope the rookies beat out both Stanley and Wade. I think it'll mean their respective units will have more versatility in both the short & long run.


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    • MauiRam
      WR Brooks Foster strives to crack Rams roster ..
      by MauiRam

      He'd absorbed the bumps and bruises that are unavoidable. But wide receiver Brooks Foster never had experienced a serious injury while playing football.

      That streak of good fortune ended last Aug. 14, when he turned his ankle in the Rams' preseason opener against the New York Jets. The injury originally was thought to be a sprain, but further testing disclosed more serious damage.

      Foster underwent surgery and landed on injured reserve. In a blink, his rookie season was over.

      "That was my first time in maybe 12, 13 years not playing a season of football," Foster said. "It was tough. I wanted to be out there, especially my rookie season. I felt I had a lot to prove and didn't get the chance."

      After so many months on the sideline, Foster finally is getting a second chance. He's recovered and is participating fully in organized team activities, which got under way this week at Rams Park.

      "It feels good to be running around," Foster said. "I'm just glad to be out here."

      Foster stayed in town after his surgery. He attended meetings, studied the playbook and sought tips from the veterans on how to conduct himself like a pro.

      "I definitely think the biggest thing is taking care of your body and approaching this like a job," he said. "Because that's what it is."

      The 6-foot-1, 205-pounder from Boiling Springs, S.C., was a record-setter at the University of North Carolina — in the weight room, not on the field. He set school marks for wide receivers in the bench press (405 pounds) and power clean (353).

      "I always go hard in the weight room. I take a lot of pride in that," said Foster, 24. "I try to make sure it carries over to the field."

      He assured that his speed has been unaffected by the injury. "Hopefully I'm getting faster," he said. "I don't think I'm in tip-top shape, but I'm definitely going to be there before (training) camp starts."

      Foster never earned a full-time first-team job with the Tar Heels. In 41 games, which included 13 starts, Foster had 97 receptions for 1,237 yards and six touchdowns. He also was busy on special teams.

      The Rams saw enough, however, to make him their fifth-round draft pick (No. 160 overall) in 2009. And he'd made a positive impression during training camp and the preseason before he was hurt.

      He rehabbed aggressively, then continued a demanding regimen after the season, pounding away in the weight room. Coach Steve Spagnuolo noticed.

      "He's had a tremendous offseason," Spagnuolo said. "He just looks like a different person. These guys come here young-looking out of college, but he looks like a man to me."

      -05-20-2010, 08:53 AM
    • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
      Is Receiver Really That Big a Need?
      by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
      Ive been reading frequently on this forum about the need for a "#1 Receiver". Really? First off as of now i believe we have a total of 7 receivers. Guys like Jordan Kent and Ruvell Martin will most likely go back to their practice squad roles next year or be released. That leaves us with 5 receivers.

      Laurent Robinson- showed flashes of his ability this past year before going down with a freak injury (deja vu) and ending his evaluation. Good size at 6'2 and good speed (ran a 4.38 40) and good leaping ability. Plays bigger than his size. Good hands, can pluck a ball out of the air after leaping over a smaller DB. Very possibly could emerge as a legit number 1 receiver. Need to see what he has after coming back from the injury this off-season.
      YouTube - laurent robinson

      Donnie Avery-Elite speed. Needs to improve on his route running ability. Can be a beast in the slot if he gets more physical, as linebackers wont be a match for his speed. Had an ok year even with the complete lack of quarterback production (and protection towards the end of the year). Would have gotten a lot more deep balls caught if there was a Quarterback that could hit him on them. Should be kept
      YouTube - Donnie Avery - University of Houston - Football Highlights

      Brandon Gibson- Possess above average hands verging on great hands. Not the fastest guy but has enough speed to get open and make the catch. Average route running, good size, and shows nice moves after the catch, always trying to make a play. Should be kept. Hard to find a vid.
      YouTube - Coug senior only has a few Saturdays left

      Keenan Burton-Good possesion receiver. Hasnt wow'ed us with his speed but still has more than enough to get the job done. Impressive vertical for a guy his size and can go up for the ball against smaller corners. Possibly a keeper but replaceable.
      YouTube - keenan burton mix

      Danny Amendola- Gave the Rams much to think about this season with his explosive kick returns. Has shown he can fit a Wes Welker type roll for this team in a slot position. Should be kept for Kick return skill alone. At this point not much more than a 3 or 4 receiver option however. Should be kept..
      YouTube - Danny Amendola Tribute Texas Tech

      Brooks Foster- Not much is none about this guy. Athlete. 6'1 build and carries every bit of it. Strong, out-repped linebackers and lineman with an impressive 27 reps at the combine. Can run through arm tackles. In the mold of an Anquan Boldin. Doesnt have great speed or explosiveness in and out of his cuts and breaks. Has the will to create plays and generate YAC. Apparently had a knee injury towards the end of his senior year that impacted his draft stock. We haven't seen much him because of another injury to his ankle that originally required 6-8 weeks but he was placed on IR due to roster cuts. Time will tell how he turns out. Personally i hope the rams keep him because...
      -01-10-2010, 04:47 PM
    • RamDez
      Rams Wrap Up Draft
      by RamDez
      Sunday, April 26, 2009
      By Nick Wagoner
      Senior Writer
      For any team entering the NFL Draft, the ultimate goal is for the value of the players taken to meet the needs of the team heading into the next season.
      And after two days of exhaustive drafting, the Rams believe they did that as well as possible.
      After seven rounds, the Rams stood pat on all of their draft picks and came out with seven players they believe fit the mold of what they are looking for and fill the needs they had on both sides of the ball.
      Each player selected filled a different spot, also, as the Rams took seven players from seven positions though general manager Billy Devaney said that was just the way things fell.
      “We were hell bent on taking good players that were going to be part of this process,” Devaney said. “It wasn’t a case of we have to have one receiver, we have to have a quarterback, we have to take a tackle. It wasn’t anything like that at all. We are like 31 other teams. We are pleased with the way it went. We missed on some guys. It never goes perfect. That happens. For the most part, it went according to plan and overall we are really happy. Now we have to see if these guys can play.”
      The Rams kicked it off by filling their biggest need with a big man. After a long internal debate, the team opted for Baylor tackle Jason Smith with the second overall pick in the draft.
      Smith will be tasked with filling the large shoes left behind by recently released mainstay Orlando Pace.
      Although in the interim Smith might start out at right tackle with Alex Barron on the left side, Smith eventually projects to the left side where the team hopes he can be like Pace and hold down the position for a decade plus.
      “It’s like any other team that you put together,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “You get them in here. We’ll do what’s best. You have to give us a little time to get him a helmet and pads first but we’ll work that all out. It gives us a little bit of versatility and gives us another quality player at the offensive line position.

      “Anything is possible. We’ll use the versatility of him and some of the other guys but that’s viable.”
      For his part, Smith has no fear of stepping into what he figures are a large pair of shoes left behind by Pace. Smith was widely considered the best tackle in the draft and his aggressive, physical style on the field combined with his hard working, charismatic attitude made him a good fit for what the Rams are hoping to build.
      “Well obviously Orlando Pace was a great tackle,” Smith said. “He was drafted high. He was a seven-time Pro Bowler. And he’s a grown man. To this day, he is still a great tackle. He wears probably a size 18 and I wear a 14. He had his shoes, I have to make mine.”
      With the need for a tackle filled, the Rams turned their attention to finding a linebacker or wide receiver in the second round. After a run on receivers that saw...
      -04-27-2009, 12:37 AM
    • evil disco man
      Tar Heel draftee aims to catch on at receiver
      by evil disco man

      MAY 29, 2009 -- Brooks Foster turns up field with the ball during an organized team activity training session at Rams Park in Earth City. (David Carson/P-D)

      By Bill Coats

      Far better known for producing top-shelf basketball players than NFL-caliber wide receivers, the University of North Carolina nonetheless provided an impressive bounty of pass-catchers for this year's draft.

      Hakeem Nicks went to the New York Giants in the first round (No. 29 overall), Brandon Tate was selected by New England in the third (No. 83), and Brooks Foster was the Rams' fifth-round pick (No. 160).

      That threesome piled up career totals of 324 receptions, 5,004 and 35 touchdowns for the Tar Heels. The 6-foot-2, 204-pound Foster, who contributed 97 catches for 1,237 yards and six TDs, described himself as the trio's de facto leader. "A lot of the players looked up to me," he said. "We helped each other out."

      Getting the ball thrown his way could be a challenge at times, he acknowledged. "It was tough, but I never worried about getting lost in the shuffle," he said. "We three receivers, we knew how good we were. We had a good time competing, and we just got better off each other."

      With veterans Torry Holt, Drew Bennett, Dane Looker and Dante Hall no longer with the club, the Rams are banking on a gaggle of young wideouts. Second-year pros Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton figure to be the starters, with three-year vet Laurent Robinson in the No. 3 spot.

      The rest of the jobs — the Rams probably will keep six wide receivers — are up for grabs. Foster is the only wideout the team drafted this year.

      Coach Steve Spagnuolo likes Foster's potential. "We need a little bit of time with him, but he's been good," Spagnuolo said.


      Although both are expected to land starting jobs, the team's top two draft choices, tackle Jason Smith and linebacker James Laurinaitis, remain with the second units for now.

      "That's probably a philosophy thing," Spagnuolo said. "I guess what I believe in is, you earn anything that you should get. These guys haven't even played in a game yet. We have a lot to find out. We still haven't put the pads on."


      Defensive tackle Kirston Pittman (heel) remains sidelined. Wideouts Burton (hamstring) and Derek Stanley (knee) were limited. ... Two more practices are scheduled for today, with minicamp wrapping up with a single workout Saturday morning....
      -06-05-2009, 02:20 PM
    • Barry Waller
      Post Draft Blog
      by Barry Waller
      Long weekend at Rams Park, lots of intrigue until the first pick. Turns out the Rams really really love Chris Long, and really shouldn't they?

      They turned down offers that included a pro-bowl tackle from the Saints, and also a second, fourth and 2009 third from Baltimore just to move to 8th.

      Mainly, they wanted Atlanta to deal up one spot, but Atlanta never blinked and offered that second round pick the Rams wanted.

      Rams took Long over Glenn Dorsey, which some may rue, but two other teams with DT need bigger than the Rams passed as well on Dorsey.

      Turns out need is really what drives the draft early, when guys are expected to give immediate help in most cases. Surely a team will not drop down a tier (except maybe the Ravens with Flacco), to fill need, but they stack their tiers according to need as well as total score.

      The Rams and everyone could see that this was a six player draft, and all six were taken by that pick as expected. The fall off after that group was greater even than usual, which is probably why 8 offensive tackles, the entire top tier, was taken in round one.

      The same for defensive ends, which made the Long pick even more necessary. Got our first chance to see him out at Rams Park Sunday(He hadn't slept since Friday night).

      During his press conference I asked him, "what number will you wear"?
      He said "Well, Leonard Little has 91, my college number, so I don't know, I'll have to talk to my family about it." I then asked, "Are you averse to #75 (His dad's number), he said quickly "Actually, yes I am. I can take the pressure, but I don't need to shovel it on myself!!"

      In round two, the obvious Ram choice was a WR, because no one else at other positions warranted that spot, other than maybe one or two backs.

      The guy the Rams got, Donnie Avery, had skyrocketed since his workout, where he ran around 4.3. He supposedly has a 4.2 at some time on his resume. He's not a track guy either, like Eddie Kennison. He had 91 catches and 1400 plus yards last year, playing part of the year with a dislocated thumb.

      He wasn't able to run at the combine, so that's why he didn't get the ink he surely would have, maybe a good thing for the Rams in the end. Even his detractors say he is the best "home run hitter" in this draft. He's better than Ted Ginn Jr as a receiver, and that guy went in the top 10 last year.

      Avery has really big hands too, always a plus for a receiver, and is not a skinny guy either. He loves to fish when he isn't playing football.

      In round three, the Rams had had a chance to restack their board, and looking at the available talent, and the Rams need, the fit seemed easy, though Detroit must have thought the Rams would go RB, as they dealt two spots to get ahead of the Rams to take Central Florida...
      -04-28-2008, 06:09 PM