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  • Rams Website - Cool retro little RAMS Uni's

    Check out - look through the game pics and video clips - sign the guestbook if you have time!

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    That is some SWEET artwork on them hogs! (Is that your wife?) My daughter's father has always owned Harleys. I should suggest he get his detailed. Where do you work?

    I love that you call your kids your Greatest Work. Cool site all around.


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      Video Games That You Are Glad They Do Not Make
      by AlphaRam
      I saw a video game the other day called Lemonade Tycoon and started thinking that they will make a video game about anything. Then, I started thinking about video game titles that I don't want to see:

      Tim the Telemarketer

      Anything having to do with the Porky's movies

      Oprah Unleashed

      Pull My Finger II: Revenge of the Son

      Freddie and Richard Simmons vs Jason

      What are the video titles you would never want to see?
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      1972 Rams
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      cool video
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      Hey, does anybody know how to get a copy of Super Bowl 34 on dvd ? I have not come across any.
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      My crazy analogy related to the Rams
      by refjaf55
      Today i was just randomly looking at videos on youtube and as always i usually put my thoughts on something in football terms. There was one video that really caught my attention for some reason. In this video, a turtle was trying to eat fish through a plastic bag, nothing would stop this turtle from giving up even though he kept failing. This plastic bag represents the defense and how sometimes you just need to keep on fighting even though you dont suceed because eventually the fish got out of the bag and the turtle took this oppurtunity to finish and eat the fish.

      In order for us to win a good amount of games this year, we need to just keep on fighting bacause there will be tons of failure on this team. After a while though, the fish will be released from the bag and we will be able to throw a 80 yard touchdown pass.

      after reading this you probably think i am some whack job , hey maybe i am, but i think this video has great meaning to the game of football

      if you actually read down to this and want to see this video, here it is
      YouTube - Insane Turtles at prey...
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      YouTube - Patriots - 150 Yards of Uncalled Penalties
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