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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Mike Martz, at the end of pre-season, 2004:

    "This football team - we need to run the football," Martz said after the Oakland game. "We get a lot of attention in our passing game, but we've always been able to run the ball very well, very effectively, and last year we didn't do that. So we have to get back to doing some of the things that are basic to this offense. And some of that's coaching - there's no question about it. Making yourself do it."

    Mike Martz, Monday:

    "Look, you can find another coach, then," Martz said. "We're going to play fast and furious. That's what we do. We're going to run it when we feel like running it, because we want to run it. Not because somebody feels like we've got to get balanced. That's just the way it is. Get used to it."

    Good thing the man doesn't contradict himself....much. :rolleyes:
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    Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Someone needs to tape that to his door after his Monday comments.


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      Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

      Did anybody ever think that Martz may have a mental disability that is slowly eating away at his memory?

      Let's investigate! :mask:


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        Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

        Mike Martz is the John Kerry of football!


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        • eldfan
          Let's hope Martz proves us wrong with his madness
          by eldfan
          Let's hope Martz proves us wrong with his madness
          By Bryan Burwell
          Of the Post-Dispatch

          Sports Columnist Bryan Burwell

          If most of the football world already thought Mike Martz was a maddeningly stubborn football eccentric more than willing to bite off his nose to spite his face, wait until they get a load of him now.

          At his Monday afternoon news conference at Rams Park, the Rams head coach fiercely defended his swashbuckling way of football life as if ... well, as if his life depended on it, which in a way it probably does. He is coaching an obviously flawed football team with a 1-2 record and a defense that is springing more leaks than the Titanic. But as Martz relies on his signature aggressive offensive methods for rescuing this young but very shaky season, he knows he's being confronted with outside resistance.

          He is surrounded by a world full of conventional football thinkers who want to fit this aggressive, damn-the-torpedoes square peg into a very conservative round hole. We want him to play it by the old-school book. If the defense can't stop anyone - and after three weeks of play, there is faint evidence that this bloodied and battered group can - then why not go with a clock-gobbling, smash-mouth style of offense that relies on Marshall Faulk's fleet feet and Steven Jackson's brutish blasts?

          In essence, what we want is for Martz to stay inside the lines, which of course is just about the most repugnant thing you can say to a guy with his aggressive offensive temperament. Why not just ask dogs to start living with cats?

          "Look ... look ... don't ... uhhh," he said, practically spitting out the words like they were a bad piece of meat. "You need to find another coach, then. We're going to play fast and furious, that's what we do. We're going to run it when we ... want to run it, not because somebody (uh, that would be you and me) feels like you have to be balanced."

          He smiled almost defiantly when he said that. And just in case you didn't understand it the first time, Martz put this exclamation point on his soliloquy:

          "That's the way it is. Get used to it. That's the way it is."

          Now here's what I learned from this rather revealing State of the Rams address: Mike Martz doesn't particularly care what the outside world thinks he should do. He has a plan, and he's going to stick with it. It may not be the plan you want, but it's the plan you're going to get. And here's something else gleaned from Martz's feisty words: He will get every opportunity over the next 13 weeks to either sink or swim with his convictions.

          I don't presume to know more about football than Martz. His credentials as an offensive innovator and a football motivator are certified by his impressive NFL head-coaching won-loss record, a trip to the Super Bowl, and...
          -09-28-2004, 06:41 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!
          by Guest
          Mike Martz again puts the rams in position to lose. instead of continuing to run the ball down the raiders throats Mike Martz calls a putrid reverse that sent the Rams backwards to a second and 17. then after a modest gain he runs the ball up the gut on 3rd and long. is this idiot ever going to stop pulling these idioc stunts? This is exactly what I am talking about when I say we are at a disadvantage at parity. We may have as good of talent as there is in the league but our coach always seems to do something stupid to assure us of a loss. AM I WRONG HERE?
          -09-02-2004, 11:02 PM
        • ramavenger
          Martz rumors unnerved team
          by ramavenger
          Martz rumors unnerved team
          By Jim Thomas
          Of the Post-Dispatch

          St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz
          (Alan Diaz/AP)

          Story continues below adMike Martz was getting ready to board the team bus Saturday afternoon for the drive to Lambert Airport and the flight to Arizona when he got a call from ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

          "He wanted to know if there was any chance that I wouldn't be here next year," Martz said.

          As in fired or resigned. Martz said no, he didn't plan on resigning and didn't think he was about to be fired.

          "If it were true, then you deal with it, that's fine," Martz said. "But when it's not true, it's just maddening and aggravating."

          Martz said he didn't know until after the Rams' 31-7 loss to Arizona that Mortensen reported Sunday morning that Martz could be in trouble at the end of this season.

          But with the Rams playing a late game against the Cardinals, apparently several players watched or heard about the report on television in their hotel rooms.

          "So the players were very, very concerned and upset when they got on the bus to go to this game," Martz said. "Well, that was a nice, warm, fuzzy way to play a game. I didn't know about it till after the game, because nobody wanted to tell me."

          Martz said that after the game "a couple of the (assistant) coaches had relayed the concern from players. ... It was an emotional thing before the game for some guys. I'm very close to some of these guys.

          "It was very divisive, destructive and did hurt this football team. Not because they love me or anything else like that. It's just disruptive. Guys are always worried about their future. But (assistant) coaches are worried about it, too."

          Just to make sure, Martz said he spoke with team owner Georgia Frontiere and club president John Shaw about his status after the Sunday report.

          "Georgia was very encouraging," Martz said.

          Shaw told the Post-Dispatch on Monday that Martz had the "complete support" of the organization, and that the possibility of firing Martz "totally hasn't entered my mind."

          When Martz addressed the team at a meeting Monday, he told them he was not resigning and was in no danger of being fired.

          On Thursday, Martz said Shaw's words of support helped a great deal.

          "The one thing that's been constant for me in my tenure here, that's never wavered, has been John Shaw," Martz said. "Everything he says is absolutely the way it is. So I feel at peace with all that. He knows we're busting our butts trying to get this thing done. He knows the issues that we have, and what we're dealing with. He understands all those things. And he's trying...
          -12-24-2004, 05:41 AM
        • RamDez
          Martz reflects: Rams on the bubble may be in trouble
          by RamDez
          Martz reflects: Rams on the bubble may be in trouble
          By Jim Thomas

          Of the Post-Dispatch

          MACOMB, Ill. - Mike Martz looked downright sour after the game Thursday. He barely said anything to his team in the locker room. He answered only a handful of questions in his postgame news conference. And then he retired to the privacy of his locker room area at the Edward Jones Dome to stew over the Rams' 13-10 overtime loss to Chicago.

          "Down deep inside, you can play marbles, and my blood's going to get going," Martz said Saturday. "I mean, you just compete."

          For most of the first three quarters Thursday, the Rams did just that. It wasn't always pretty. But the Rams were winning 10-3, and when the Bears took over at their 12 late in the third quarter, St. Louis had a 248 to 161 edge in yards gained.

          "I felt like we were in control," Martz said. "They had a couple big runs where we just overran things. Otherwise, I think we shut them down really good. And I know that first group in there on offense - I think they're ready to roll."

          In a game that Chicago seemed to treat a lot more like a regular-season contest - with lots of blitzing on defense and some trick plays on offense - the Rams still appeared to be headed for victory.

          But then it unraveled over the rest of regulation and the 17 seconds of overtime, when the Rams were mainly using players who either won't make the team or will be down on the depth chart.

          "I knew what was going on out there, and it's hard to bite the bullet sometimes," Martz said. "But I just don't like to lose. ... But I also know that it's my responsibility as a head coach to make sure that we have an opportunity to evaluate all these (young) guys in these types of situations."

          So Martz and new defensive coordinator Larry Marmie kept things basic - and watched.

          "We've got to know about these guys," Martz said. "You can't trick things up. You've got to kind of keep it simple and just let 'em play and see what they do."

          By early Saturday evening, after film review and with nearly two days to digest the game, the big picture was back in focus for Martz. And he felt much better about what transpired Thursday night.

          "All in all, I was very pleased, particularly in the first half with both groups (offense and defense)," Martz said. "I'm happy with this football team. I'm happy with the first (units) that I know we're going to play with."

          On the offensive line, he singled out the play of right guard Adam Timmerman and right tackle Scott Tercero for praise.

          "Scotty Tercero has really come to the forefront," Martz said. "He has really, really done well in the last few weeks. I hate to admit this:
          -08-15-2004, 02:11 AM
        • ramsbruce
          All Of This Talk About Martz Not Coming Back
          by ramsbruce
          It's way to early to know one way or the other what will happen with Martz. Here is what I know. On ESPN Monday Night Countdown they said Martz will not be back coaching with the Rams THIS SEASON. We all learned that this afternoon. The guys on Countdown asked Mortenson if he THOUGHT Martz would be back with the Rams. Mort said no he didn't THINK Martz would be back.

          Martz also had a press conference today explaining that he is too ill to coach THIS SEASON. Martz also said he is still under contract for next year and he would be back.

          So the bottom line is that until Martz tells us that he's not coming back next year, then from what we heard today from him he will be back.

          ESPN and Mort have their opinions and whoever else wants to make a bigger story out of this then it really is. But it's all just speculation right now. There is no way to know until we hear it from Martz, and right now as of today Martz said he would be back.

          Really all that's happened is a couple words got switched around or left out of the story by Mort and it makes for a better story.

          Look at the difference:

          Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams


          Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams THIS SEASON.

          Pretty big difference there.

          Martz is ill and he needs to get his health in order. This is the right thing to do. As for next year it's really up to Martz if he wants to come back or if the Front Office wants to fire him, which I don't see them firing him.

          So in reality all this is, is a blown out of proportion story by the media to create a buzz. As of now from what Martz said today health willing he will be back to coach the Rams next season. Don't believe the hype. Wait till you hear an official announcement.
          -10-25-2005, 12:03 AM