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NFC West best Conference this year?

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  • NFC West best Conference this year?

    So far, the NFC West seems to be emerging as the toughest conference in the NFC. I just don't feel the Central is the same ole Central, with the Bucs really sputtering. The Lions are pathetic, and the Vikings have no running game. The Pack haven't played anyone yet. Saints played a tough one last week at New York, the Rams are well the Rams, ***** are much improved, and the Falcons will win some games. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams and the ***** play for the NFC Championship game.

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    Gotta disagree on a couple of things. First, it's WAY too early to bury the Bucs. I still think they're the best team outside the Rams in the NFC. You also totally neglected to mention the defending champions in New York, with the best front four in the game and a pretty good offense to boot. I don't think much of SF, but agree that Atlanta's pretty good, and I think that Carolina, with their improved OL and getting the play they are out of Weinke may be a factor. Remember, they beat us twice last year.
    And you're right, Minny's an absolute dog. They'll have a losing record.


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      I know why I failed to mention the East, it was because of the Redskins, Cowboys, and Cardinals, clearly the three worst teams in the league. No slight to the Giants, who will probably come in at 3-1, or the Eagles who are a definate contender. Its just that those three are soooo bad. The Bucs in my opinion have always been overrated. Last year, the defense wasn't really that strong, and Minnesota did march down the field somewhat easily late in the game.


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        the West is a tough division, but it's too early to call it the toughest, there's too much uncertainties. There are other divisions that need to get rearranged like the AFC Central and West with a lot of surprises.

        This says "NFC West best Conference" but its the best in the NFC, but too early to say best in the league. The aints are still iffy, they surprised a lot of people last year, but their numbers are being called now and they won't be turning heads this year. The whiners got a decent offense, but defense is still iffy. Carolina has been lucky but shouldn't be pushing too hard. The jury's still out on atlanta - anderson, chandler, vick, etc. - just too many questions.

        that's what i think anyway...


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          Ok, right now, at this time in football, he he, I think the NFC West is the best conference, in either league. Don't the Colts look AWFULLY familiar? And are the Titans just really that bad in the secondary and passing game? AFC West is good. I'll stop there, that division is good. Aw, it's a lot of fun speculating isn't it?

          GO DEFENSE!!!



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          • Tampa_Ram
            The NFC West
            by Tampa_Ram
            Welcome to the new and vastly improved NFC West.

            I know only 4 weeks have been played, but i don't think many people believed this division would be the leading the NFL in a few key areas.

            That is the current record for our division, and it is the best winning percentage(.6875) of any division in the NFL. No matter who wins between Chicago and Dallas tonight, we still have the best winning %.

            That is the current home record for the NFC West. Talk about home field advantage. The closest any other divisions come is the NFC North(7-2) and the AFC North(5-2) respectfully.

            The current amount of interceptions the Rams have, which leads the league. Just felt like throwing that in here.

            The current total of Points allowed by the NFC West and lowest for any division. The next closest is the NFC North with 317(Bears yet to play week 4)

            I know there are many other statistics and that statistics are not always the end all in proving how good or bad a team/player is. But it is apparent that in this now "pass happy" league, that defense can still be the dominant force and that home field advantage can be more of an advantage then many think. That has surely been proven thus far in the season by our NFC West.

            GO RAMS!!!!!!!
            -10-01-2012, 06:11 AM
          • Goldenfleece
            Which division do you think will be the most competitive this year?
            by Goldenfleece
            Which division do you think will be the most competitive this year?

            I'd say the AFC North.

            My whole list would be:

            AFC North - The Ravens and Steelers are tough, and the Bengals have talent.

            AFC West - The Chargers are elite, and the Broncos have been very good for a long time. The Chiefs aren't great but they can still when games on the back of LJ.

            NFC West - Three potential playoff teams. This one is wide open.

            AFC South - Colts and Jaguars are both very good teams, but Titans and Texans aren't ready for primetime.

            AFC East - Patriots were dangerous last season and have only improved. Jets could be a contender. The Bills and Dolphins both look bad.

            NFC East - Redskins have problems. Giants will struggle without Tiki. Big question mark on McNabb, but Eagles and Cowboys should have a good showdown.

            NFC South - Saints surprised everyone last season, but that defense still looks suspect. Panthers keep losing guys from that defense and their offense has a name: Steve Smith. Falcons will struggle without Vick. Bucs have problems.

            NFC North - Bears will still be tough. Vikings have major problems on offense. Lions look like the same team they were last year (not good). Packers still don't look ready to contend.
            NFC East
            NFC North
            NFC South
            NFC West
            AFC East
            AFC North
            AFC South
            AFC West
            -08-29-2007, 11:45 AM
          • Ram Dragoon
            NFC-west Disasterious November start
            by Ram Dragoon
            , Something to snicker about....Cards, Frisco....and the SEA Buzzards all lost. Sorry just had to laugh at the pathetic showing the the NFC-West. Thank the Almighty the Rams had the dayoff--otherwise it could have been a rout of the conference.
            -11-04-2007, 06:59 PM
          • sosa39rams
            Kevin Kolb Sucks! - NFC West
            by sosa39rams
            Our Rams are the favourite to take the division next year. We are the only team with a good QB (soon to be pro bowler).

            How do you guys feel about the Seahawks and Cardinals battling it out for Kevin Kolb, or Marc Bulger?

            I still think we would be the favourites due to our major success in our past few drafts. Kolb strikes me as the type of guy to do good one game and bad the next. Not too sure on how I feel about him ending up playing for the Cardinals. If they were to trade a first, I'd love it. I think he will be no better than Charlie Whitehurst, which obviously isn't good. The NFC West is up for grabs right now and we have to seize our chances.

            RAMS FOR NFC WEST!
            -05-12-2011, 09:02 PM
          • TekeRam
            NFC Worst?
            by TekeRam
            Just once, I'd like to pop into the TV when the talking heads start talking about the NFC "Worst" and kindly remind them that over the past 11 seasons, the current teams in the NFC West have gone to the Super Bowl four times, more than any other division in the NFL save the AFC East, who coincidentally only has four participants because of the Patriots' four trips. The NFC West has had 3 different participants, tied with the NFC South.

            If you really want to throw worsts into it, why not go after the AFC West, who hasn't sent a rep to the big game since the 2002 season.
            -11-30-2010, 03:11 PM