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Rams vs Farty Whiners

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  • Rams vs Farty Whiners

    It's that time again boys and girls, time for the Rams to face their long time nemesis; The ....... !

    I recall many Ram ...... games. The very first football game I ever attended, may moons ago, was the Rams and ....... in LA.

    I remember the lean years when a certain QB by the name of Joe, used to beat the Rams silly.

    And I remember when the Rams put and end to a very long loosing streak, and crushed the ......... back in 99'.

    But on Sunday night, October 3rd at 5:30pm PST, 8:30pm EST; In the "City by a Large Body of Water", the Rams will play one of thier most important games this season.

    Regardless of what there record might be, the ....... always bring thier "A" game when they play the Rams. This rivalry is one of the biggest in the league.

    The Rams know that this is a must win game if they want to compete for the NFC West crown this year.

    The Rams must play mistake free football for 4 quarters and reach deep inside each and everyone of them and give 200% to the team.

    This is not just a must win game to keep pace with Seattle, this is a must win game for respectablity. For this game is against the most vile, and repulsive team in the league; The ....... .

    So in closing I say,


    And may thier fans choke on thier cheese, and gag on thier whine ! :tough:


    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Rams vs Farty Whiners

    This is a must win situation because this will be my first time attending an NFL game and I don't want to see the Rams lose to the Niners. GO RAMS!!


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    • LA Rammer
      Win vs. Whiners
      by LA Rammer
      Will a win vs. Whiners make us "believe"? Seriously what would an outright win do for us at this point? We would be only one game out of first place, since the squawks won't do squat vs. Colts.

      I know, I know some will say are we seeing the same team. With a possibility of Boller starting and I defense improving, which I think it can show promise if we can keep them off the field with time of possession. Really would that bring the spark back and have us be happy lil campers at least as long as it lasts?
      -09-28-2009, 01:00 PM
    • sjacksonrules
      Help make it Rams vs Rams, first have to beat the whiners
      by sjacksonrules
      The Nfl is having another voting contest to see who you would think would win in a game. It has past superbowl teams matched up against each other.

      First up

      1990 whiners vs the 2001 Rams

      1990 bills vs the 1999 Rams

      They are on different sides of the bracket so we could have a Rams vs Rams battle here.

      Its called Bracketology on the nfl website.
      -03-13-2012, 10:22 AM
    • 1980RAMS
      This is the Biggest Game of the YEAR
      by 1980RAMS
      This game vs the Whiners is the biggest game of the year. The whole season has been a complete disaster. If we can just beat the hated whiners. It would make things a lot easier for me to deal with. Anyone else feel the same?

      JUST RAM IT!!!!

      GO RAMS!!!:helmet:
      -11-29-2011, 03:19 PM
    • Mikey
      Rams vs Whiners MNF
      by Mikey
      I am very much looking forward to this game! It kind of makes me sad, and yes I'm going to harp on it again, but there are about 8,000 tickets still available for a MNF game vs our hated division rivals. And before anybody brings up the Cardinals there isn't an NL game scheduled for Monday night. We have an exciting new young QB who's leading us to some points on offense and St Louis fans can't sell out the Dome for a MNF game?
      -10-07-2014, 06:54 PM
    • LaRamsFanLongTime
      Whiners game
      by LaRamsFanLongTime
      With the reported loss of Tye Hill the boys are gonna have their hands full. Pisa banged up, Bennett returning but still banged up, Pace out for the season. I remember last year we went through this and it sucked. One positive last year was even with the make shift line this teams talented offense exploded. What worries me is the 5 game skid last year when all these problems started popping up. This team cannot afford that this year. This division is gonna play hard and the winner may very well be 9-7 again with the way our teams play against each other. A true champion rises above adversity. If any team in the NFL is facing adversity right now its the Rams.

      Speaking of adversity Frank Gore lost his mother this week. My prayers and thoughts are with him as he deals with that pain. As a fan of the rams though I have to be a little concerned about him leaving his pain all over our field much like Favre did to the Raiders. So basically I have decided he should break the single game rushing record against us but we still win by 3. Then of course Stephen Jackson breaks Gores record the following week.

      Its been a tough week in Sports for me. Until winning the series over the Padres my Dodgers were struggling a little over the week losing 2 out of 3 to the hated giants. My fantasy team had a 44 point lead going into Sunday night. The problem there is the opposing team had Romo and T.O and all of a sudden my lead disappeared. Then of course there was my Rams. Its been a long time since I felt that dejected over a loss. I really had a feeling this team was gonna push deep into the playoffs setting up a couple Super Bowl returns over the next few years. They looked terrible over the course of that game. Add to that Pace getting pushed out of the season and I saw the season pass before my eyes.

      This week we play the Whiners. This is a team supposedly on the rise. As good as that defense looked I still dont know if I buy it. This great Cardinals offense that we have heard about has looked anything but great over the last few seasons. Alex Smith looked terrible until the last drive (that does show some maturity with the comeback). Gore was not dominant he put up most his offenses yards but was not breaking off big gains all night. Right now you have a team that feels dejected and worn out like its week 9 of a tough season. You have another team in the Whiners that are all pumped up and ready to pounce. Where do the Rams draw inspiration from??? From the fact that we are playing the low down dirty whiners. A team that beat us up for a decade and called us "The same old sorry @$$ lambs". This is a game that many are saying is a must win. I want a merciless beating where the whiners second string comes in because they are too far behind to comeback. "A must win" as if the Rams now all of a sudden were just an over hyped team with no real talent. Holt, Jackson, Bulger, Bruce, that alone would make...
      -09-14-2007, 10:41 AM