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My thoughts on last night.

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  • My thoughts on last night.

    Mind you I havnt seen the second half yet had to wake up at 5am to go to work but I seen the 1st half. So remember my grades are for the first half only.

    QB-Well Boller isnt the answer, hopefully everyone sees that. He should have had two int's on the same drive. Lucky for him number 20 of the Falcons cant catch. Boller missed wide open wr's several times even when he had time. Bulger had a real off night only half a bag of sunflower seeds and was forced to watch terrible football by his defense. Grade D.

    RB-Jacskon had one 7 yd run and then two 1 yard runs and was done for the night. Gado was given every oppourtunity to take over the reigns as the 2nd string back. I couldnt tell if it was him or the line but it was aweful. At one point he had 12 carries for 10 yds and a fumble. Grade D-.

    OL-Not a lot of good points here. Boller was getting a lot of pressure and they manage to make every defensive co-ordinator look like his blitzes are so exotic that there is no way to block them. They cannot pick up blitzes at all. So I guess since Bulger is supposed to see those coming that Boller obviously has the same problem lol. Smith showed some good and bad but I think he is going to be a good one. It was obvious that without Bell and Barron this ol will be terrible. No penetration on running plays at all. Grade D.

    WR-What can I say Laurant Robinson is a beast and may have the best hands I've ever seen. He is going to be very, very good. Burton did ok didnt get a lot of action. I would like to see Stanley a little more playing wr with the starters. Other than Robinson in the first half no one else really caught my eye. Grade and only because of Robinson B-.

    TE-Well not a lot here Mcmichael was called for a holding penalty and Fells caught one pass that I remember. No stand out point here. Grade C

    DL-Aweful, just dreadful all around. No pressure up the gut at all. No pressure from the ends either, and if there was it was always a step late and after the ball was long gone. We either miss Carriker very badly or we are just not very good. Missed tackles out of position you name it they couldnt do it. Grade F

    LB-Laurinitis is going to be good he gets lost at times but he's a rookie. He did get an int. I thought Witherspoon would be great at olb but he seems to over run or guess on a lot of plays and gets lost behind those big offensive linemen. This could be because our dl isnt doing their job up fron however. I dont know what it is but I like Vabora. He seems to have a nose for the ball. I hope he can stick around. Grade-C

    DB-Its still obvious Tye Hill still has zero ball awareness whatso ever. Gonzales made him look like a fool on the td catch. I know Gonzales is a future HOF'er but come on just one tie know where the ball is. Atogwe and Butler are going to make a good team. There was on play after someone missed a tackle Atogwe was tackling a wr and Butler lit the guy up, i loved it. Our db's will look bad all year if we cant pressure the qb. Bartell dropped a sure int that hit him dead in the hands. I really like Wade, didnt notice what he did in coverage but the guy is a very good tackler against the run. Grade C

    K-This is the best part of our team Jones and Brown are devistating. Grade A.

    Coching-I like what we try to do on defense and what we try to do on offense. The problem is the players just are not executing the calls. We dont have a team of quitters like last year though that is obvious. Grade B

    I'm not panicing but I want to see improvement from week to week. Either the Falcons are world beaters or this team got worse from week one to week 2. Better hope and pray Bulger is ready for week one at Seattle because Boller isnt gonna win us anything. Hope for a more inspired showing next week.
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    Re: My thoughts on last night.

    good post,I like your comments on Barron, I think he is alot better than given credit for by some and they did miss him last night,I think he is a must sign after this season,Laurinitis is going to be a very good player,I guess credit should be given to the FO for them bringing in Robinson who has done great and I also agree that we need to see some progress every week,I read don't worry it's only preseason but when you only win 5 games in 2 seasons I think preseason takes on a whole new look,it may not mean as much to the better teams who are just trying to tweak what is already pretty decent but when you are starting over I think showing progress every week is important,if you can't do things right in "practice games" how do you expect them to be done right when the regular season roles around.


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      Re: My thoughts on last night.

      Like I said, I think Robinson should be our #1 receiver.

      Just plug Smith as a starter on RT. When Bell and Barron get back, our line should look a lot better.

      Our D-line isn't doing much.


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        Re: My thoughts on last night.

        Not all the Blitz's were the O-Lines fault stop blaming just them.

        1. On some blitz's they sent 8 guys after the QB 4 D-line 2 linebacker and a safety do the math that type of blitz cant be blocked by 5 guys

        2. Same thing as last week running back late to pick up blitz's or totally whiffing on blocks

        3. WR, TE need to see that blitz and change there routes

        4. QB need to get rid of ball if all above things happen, If wr and te are running original routes down the field nowhere to throw the ball.

        Nobody ever said barron could not play, He just doesn't focus on the field alot and tends to jump early and often.

        Lets not forget Chris Chamberlain who was way out of position on the big run play, Dont know exactly why he was in the on that play to begin with but it cost.

        I am really startig to like JL. he got caught inside on the big running play but the rest of the night he looked just fine. He needs to work more on his coverage skills but that will come with time. I think if we can get some maulers in the defense line he we be all over the place.
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          Re: My thoughts on last night.

          Well said, I am very pleased to see Robinson's output last night, but the D-Line looks like its going to be a big issue with no fix in sight.


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            Re: My thoughts on last night.

            maxx, let's leave personal insults out of the discussion, shall we.


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            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams V. Packers Grades
              by RamsInfiniti
              Here it is:

              Quarterbacks - Bulger left with an injury before he ever got a chance to do much. Boller came out and gave a spark, and threw two touchdown passes that were as beautiful as any I've seen. He moved around well in the pocket, ran for a couple first downs, and even laid a crushing block. However, the second half was terrible, he threw a terrible INT on a play where Amendola had a step, and has a difficult time hitting his man when staying in the pocket. He appears to be much better on the run.

              Grade - C

              Running Backs - Jackson played like a man possessed today, running hard when there was no hole, and making good use of the small holes he did find. It is amazing to see a man his size run like he does. He also made the best of several short passes out of the backfield, and even blocked well in the pass game. Darby had a great catch and run to convert a third down.

              Grade - A-

              Wide Receivers - Robinson got off to a nice start before leaving the game with an ankle injury. Avery dropped yet another pass and his confidence seems to be shot. Burton looked good in the first half, but Boller barely looked his way in the second half. Amendola got a few reps in the offense, and got open twice from what I could tell. Boller missed him for the INT, on what could have been a nice run and catch. This group is in shambles.

              Grade - D

              Offensive Line - This group generally blocked ok in the pass game today. Hard to tell if this was a solid effort or just because Boller was able to move around a little more effectively than Bulger. The run blocking was so-so, and Jackson probably made them look a little better than the actually were. Goldberg seemed to hold up well enough on the rightside. Nobody in particular stood out in this game.

              Grade - C+

              Tight Ends - Fells showed an ability to run some nice routes and made a pair of nice grabs on the TDs. We need to get him more involved. McMichael made a great one handed grab early, but killed a drive with a critical 3rd down drop on a great throw by Boller. Bejema was noticable in the blocking game and did well.

              Grade - B-

              Defensive Line - This group held up very well to the run today, and this is seen in the lack of tackles made by linebackers. Ramsey again showed an ability to be a disrupter and deserves more reps. Gibson had a nice pass defensed and was very active against the run. Chris Long may not be getting to the passer yet but he is superb against the run. Little had two early sacks. Ah You is a non-factor. Where is Big Vic? Hollis stuffed a run. The pass rush was actually decent in this game, but containment of Rodgers often brokedown.

              Grade: B-

              Linebackers - This group had an up and down game. Both Vobora and Witherspoon had tackles for loss when shooting the gap on run plays. They generally played...
              -09-28-2009, 08:10 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams' Infinite Analysis: Game 1 vs. Carolina
              by RamsInfiniti
              I'll take a first crack at this. I've calmed down, watched the game for a second time, and here is what I can make of all of it. The sky might not be falling yet:

              Quarterbacks - Grade D: I'm not quite sure what is wrong with Bulger, but he looked pretty much the same he did all preseason: average. I was going to write a post earlier about how I felt something was wrong with his mechanics, but I passed, so I'll talk about it now. It seems he isn't getting planted in the pocket and he is releasing alot of passes off his back foot. He looked OK in the first half, but his timing is off and he's probably 50% of passes by 1-2 yards. That misfire to Bruce on 3rd down was awful. He got progressively worse as the game progressed and he looked a tad rattle after getting smacked around a few times. The loss of Pace definitely affect any rhythm he had, as I'm sure he was worried about his backside all day. He did make a few nice runs and hung in there well, trying his best not to show the pain from a few hits he took. On a sidenote, there was not one pass attempt over 30 yards all game.

              Running Backs - Grade F: I think this game is proof enough why you don't rest guys like Jackson in the offseason. After a few strong runs early, Jackson had what I believe is his worst game as a Ram. The two fumbles took away any momentum we had and were a decisive factor in losing this game. After the second, his confidence was clearly reduced to nothing. He only had one reception, albeit he made a nice diving attempt to grab a misfired flare sideline flare route by Bulger. Maybe he can quit worrying about 2500 yards and get back to business against the *****. Leonard was a non-factor, catching a few balls out the backfield. No creativity at all. Hedgecock did a great job, as usual, as the lead blocked. He busted open a few huge holes for Jackson early.

              Wide Receivers - GRADE B-: This group didn't have a terrible day. I don't think we have to say anything about Torry. He looked fine. I saw Bruce open several times in seems, where Bulger either didn't see him or misfired, I.E. the third down incompletion. Dante Hall dropped a pass that might have led to a first down, but he had a pair of nice grabs, particularly the one out of the backfield. That was about the most creative play we ran all day. Nice to see Looker get involved with a few short grabs. Unfortunately, it didn't look like we tried to stretch the field at all, the entire game. We desperatetly need Bennett in the lineup as a the 3rd down target, and someone from this group is going to have to emerge as a deep threat. I know who that man is - Marques Hagans!

              Tight Ends - GRADE C-: You didn't hear a thing about this group the entire game, until McMichael made two grabs late in the game. They blocked adequately, but I a baffled at the lack of use of the games as passing targets. I saw McMichael open numerous times all game and he was...
              -09-10-2007, 07:33 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Report Card = Rams @ 49'ers
              by RamsInfiniti
              Here is the way I saw it:

              QUARTERBACK - Bulger passed for nearly 300 yards, but he had a typical erratic day that we've seen all season. Bulger can seemingly put together two or three consecutive good throws, only to follow with a horrible mistake. Bulger worked to get the ball out quickly today, but he often reacted to pressure that was not there. On two of the sacks, he had at least five seconds to throw, and failed to find an open receiver, or to throw it away. He just looks very confused at this point. He just barely missed Avery on a deep seam route in the first quarter - the ball was slightly underthrown, but the rookie has to find a way to make that play. The main problem I saw in Bulger again this week is predetermining his throws before the snap. It's hard to pinpoint how big an issue this really is, but some great camera angles in this game often showed wideouts sitting open in the flat, particularly on some third downs. It seems either Bulger throws to the flat too quickly before the routes develop, or he is absolutely deadset on throwing deep to Avery, often into double or triple coverage. A very shaky day but Bulger, a day when he had enough time to be dangerous. It should be noted that he made a nifty move and put his head down on a run to get a first down. No doubt the guy is tough, but he is just too big a mental case right now to be a success.

              GRADE: D-

              RUNNING BACKS: Superb effort by this group today. It's really hard to complain when your backup running back and a guy off the street manage to rack up 200 yards of offense. Pittman ran hard and seemingly regained his burst. He picked his holes wisely and showed an ability to get through the second line of defense very quickly, a trait we haven't seen from him in the past. He failed to haul in a potential TD pass early, but he was well covered. Darby continues to show that he can be a definitive option as the third-down back on this team. He picked up one blitz nicely, and ran very hard. Ignore the big five yard loss as that was not on him. Most impressively though, he caught 8 passes out of the backfield and showed an ability to make the defender miss. This is something we do not have with Travis Minor. I didn't see anything of value out of Kreider today, and we definitely need to upgrade that position. Regardless, Pittman and Darby caused significant damage against a 49'ers defense that has not been generous to running backs the past two weeks.

              GRADE: A

              WIDE RECEIVERS: Donnie Avery showed the entire arsenal today, making some yardage out of some smoke routes, cataching a couple intermediate routes, and making an awesome catch down the sideline for a big gain. He needs to make the play on that seam route that Bulger throws in the first quarter. He needs to work on positioning his body better, but overall, Avery showed how big a weapon he can be today. He seemingly has great hands, something that was questioned...
              -11-17-2008, 10:24 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Analysis versus Seahawks - Positives need be identified
              by RamsInfiniti
              Here is my take.

              QUARTERBACK: Bulger had yet another ordinary game. He was not pressured for the majority of the day, yet still looked very uncomfortable in the pocket. This is a good indicator that his confidence is gone. At this point I do not know if he will ever get it back. He consistently overthrew receivers on short and intermediate routes and underthrew them on deep routes, including one where Avery was wide open down the sideline. He did make one superb play, by moving around the pocket and hitting Looker in stride for the TD. The Bulger that played against Baltimore in the preseason would have had 300+ yards today. The receivers were frequently open and he missed them. Forget Trent Green watch, what is he going to do for our future? Barring injury, we need to stick with Bulger. GRADE: D

              RUNNING BACKS: Jackson showed good hands out of the backfield, and make some good spin moves on the hitch pass for the 50-yard gain, but he winded quickly and danced too frequently in the backfield. If we cannot rely on this bruiser to convert 3rd and 1 situations, we will never be successful. His style has become more Barry Sanders than anything, and he will never be productive in this mode. Regardless, the effort is there, he is running hard after contact, but if he hit the hole quicker, we'd see more 4 and 5 yard gains than 1 and 2 yard gains. Why is Travis Minor on this team? Where is Brian Leonard, as Kreider is terrible, giving up the only sack of the day on a fairly routine pickup. GRADE: C-

              RECEIVERS: Subpar day from this group. Holt dropped two passes, including one for a touchdown in the end zone. The defensive back never touched that ball, it was simply a drop. I do not know if Holt is failing to get separation or if Bulger doesn't have confidence that he has time to hit Holt on the seam, but there is no explosiveness from him. Looker was open a few times, but Bulger missed him, other than the TD. Dante Hall is not worth mentioning. Avery looked great in his first significant action, including a sick move to get open deep down the sideline, only to have it wasted by Bulger's INT. Why wasn't he on the field more considering he made a play everytime he touched it. GRADE: C-

              OFFENSIVE LINE: Solid day from this group. Replays show that there were holes available for Jackson to run through, he just didn't hit them quick enough. They struggled to get to the point of attack on the outside, resulting in some losses on sweep plays, plays that we shouldn't be running anyway. The O-Line gave up no sacks, and gave Bulger plenty of time to throw. He was not hit often. Only one false start, by guess who, is pretty impressive when playing in Seattle. GRADE: B-

              DEFENSIVE LINE: Adam Carriker was an absolute beast, racking up six tackles, including three for loss, and nearly reaching out to throw Hasselbeck for a sack on a play he was being held on. Ryan also had a huge tackle for a loss. Adeyanju...
              -09-22-2008, 10:17 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams Report Card v. Washington
              by RamsInfiniti
              Here's how I saw it:

              Quarterbacks - Bulger looks to be gaining confidence in the line, even if he shouldn't. Only one sack on Bulger, but he was consistently hit all day long. He continued to battle, moved well in the pocket, ran when he had to, and took what the defense gave him, including a nifty flip pass while being hit. His pass to Robinson for the TD was a thing of beauty. Bulger impressed with his ability to plant despite heavy pressure, leading to several third down conversions.

              Grade: B-

              Running Backs - Jackson ran hard and caught a few passes out of the backfield. He showed great burst on the long gainer. There was little room to run early, but Jackson continued to

              press and wore the Washington defense down as the game went on. However, a huge mental error caused him to miss a gaping hole caused by Karney, that would have likely led to a TD (Avery would fumble the next play). Karney looked much, much better today.

              Grade: B-

              Wide Receivers - Robinson looked like a #1, making a great grab in the end zone on the fade route. He also pulled one off the carpet for a third down conversion, an even more impressive grab to me. Avery was terrible, dropping at least three passes, having a critical fumble, another block in the back, and questionable effort on the games final play. His confidence seems to be waning. Burton made two clutch grabs, one in heavy coverage, and he spun around on a comeback route for a big gainer. He looked Isaac Bruce-ish on that second grab. Ruvell Martin should give this unit a big boost.

              Grade: A- for Robinson and Burton, F for Avery, C overall

              Tight Ends - McMichael looks old and slow. He dropped a TD pass, and hasn't shown much ability to get open or downfield. Fells and Bejema were non-existant.

              Grade: D-

              Offensive Line - Incognito got beaten routinely in the passing game, but worked hard in the run game the final three quarters. Didn't notice much out of Bell. Haynesworth seemed to be consistently getting across the line against Brown and whoever was helping. Barron had a crucial holding penalty and looked somewhat lethargic in pass coverage. He needs to work a little holder. Smith looked solid until he got hurt. Goldberg filled in and was acceptable, as was Setterstrom who got some snaps at center. Overall, this unit only gave up one sack, but Bulger was hit repeatedly and hard. The pocket was simply not big enough.

              Grade: C-

              Defensive Line - Chris Long continues to be active in the run game, but not getting much pressure off the edge. He was active in breaking up two screen passes today. Not much pressure from Little, but he did bat down one pass at the line, and went out into coverage on Randle-El on another pass play, resulting in a near interception. Hall nearly forced a safety with a sack. Ryan and Gibson were adequate if unspectacular in the...
              -09-20-2009, 03:16 PM