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With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

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  • With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

    I honestly believe that Laurent Robinson is going to end up the #1 WR on this team. You don't even have to look at the numbers to see it. This kid his nice size, good speed, runs routes well, and uses his HANDS to catch the ball. Every pass he caught against the Falcons was made solely with his hands ...

    We've heard nothing but rave reviews about this guy in camp, and now it is transpiring onto the field. Watch him on Thursday, and you'll see how quick he is off the line, and how fluidly he moves into his breaks ...

    The athletic ability that was shown by snatching that one errant sideline pass was incredible. He didn't quite get the feet down, but truly indicative of the athletic ability he has. Seems like a legitimate YAC guy also ...

    Really reminds me of a young Torry Holt, similar kind of receiver in my opinion. I think the front office got a steal here, and now I understand why the Falcon's fans were so upset at letting him go so easily ...

    At this point, Robinson just seems to be a more polised wideout than Avery. Should make for a nice tandem when he returns, but he has some catching up to do in my opinion if he wants to be the #1 ...

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    Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

    One great example of the point you're making in respect to his hands...

    There was a pass play against Atlanta where the DB was called for holding Robinson. The DB wrapped him up before the ball got to Robinson, but he still lunged forward and made the catch with his hands. It was a great play, and I hope it's indicative of the way he'll continue to play.

    Or maybe he was just holding a grudge against his old team, and wanted to make them jealous.


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      Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

      I think they are both really talented and with some seasoning they could be a REALLY poor man's version of Anquon Boldin and Larry Fitsgerald


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        Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

        If Laurent Robinson ends up being our #1 WR because he performs above expectations, and not because Avery performs below expectations, then that's nothing but a good thing. He has definitely looked impressive this pre-season. The 2 catches that were already brought up are great examples of what great hands he's displayed. Here's to hoping it continues.


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          Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

          I still have Avery as the one, you can't teach speed and Avery has that. Last year Avery showed great hands and made some big time plays. I hope you are right and Robison pushes Avery.


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            Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

            I also feel that we got a steal from the Falcons, especially since we didn't even trade away any picks to get the guy. That in itself seemed like a steal to me.

            Robinson is entering his 3rd season, typically a breakout year for receivers, and it certainly seems like we have a breakout star on our hands. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he ends up becoming the number one receiver given his performance so far. He's left Burton in the dust in terms of the battle for #2.

            The way I look at it is that we have two semi-number one guys in Avery and Robinson. Whomever is left on a island in one on one coverage will probably get the ball and will do something with it. This is actually the beauty of having a balanced receiving corps is that week to week "the" guy can change because we don't have a true number one guy.

            39's right in his comment, they could become a lesser version of Boldin and Fitz in that they're both number one guys in their own right and will help each other by making the defense account for both of them, because if they don't, one will burn them while they double the other. Now, I'm not saying they're at all close to being as good as they are, but they could become so, you never know.
            I believe!:ram:


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              Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

              Now lets not forget he was facing his former team, and anytime you do that you magically run crisper, faster routes, make better blocks and of course make some great grabs. If he can translate that to the Cincinnati game and ultimately to the middle of the regular season then you may have a very good receiver on our hands, and a great #2 to Donnie Avery, because I still think Avery has more upside.


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                Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                I too have high hopes for LR. The perfect scenario is the one in which neither player is the clear "No. 1." I'd rather have 1A and 1B.


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                  Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                  I love it. Donnie is on the sidelines ...basically watching his job being grabbed away, no pun intended. Meanwhile this will also motivate Avery to play even better than before. They already sound like a good WR duo to me. Regular Season.. Where are you!?
                  Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                    Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                    Originally posted by Varg6
                    Regular Season.. Where are you!?
                    17 days away...
                    I believe!:ram:


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                      Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                      Originally posted by TekeRam
                      I also feel that we got a steal from the Falcons, especially since we didn't even trade away any picks to get the guy. That in itself seemed like a steal to me.

                      Yeah the Falcons had a lot of depth at that point, and then the guy ahead of him (Douglas I think) went down, and Roddy White was holding out, so they had to go out and sign Marty Booker to fill in for them. They have to be regretting that trade, but I'm sure not.
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                        Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                        I still think Burton is as talented as Avery and Robinson. Had injuries not hit him during his season campaign at Kentucky, he would have likely been a much higher pick. He brings his own special set of skills to the table. Potential to be a rock solid group of three receivers right here ...


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                          Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                          I think now we're starting to figure out why Spags didn't bring in Marvin Harrison.


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                            Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                            This is going to be interesting to see. I do see a Fitz and Boldin combination going on here. They will probably alternate the #1 and #2 receiver roles.


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                              Re: With all due respect to Donnie Avery ...

                              Robinson looked amazing but it was preseason. Avery did it in the regular season. Let's wait and see how they develop in the heat of real games. Still, Robinson is everything you'd have hoped for to this point.


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                              • RockinRam
                                Glad To Hear This
                                by RockinRam
                                Avery and Robinson are healthy, which is good news for Rams

                                By Jim Rodenbush

                                Tuesday, May 25, 2010

                                Donnie Avery is healthy. Laurent Robinson is healthy. And while the 2010 season opener is more than three months away, this could be potentially great news for the St. Louis Rams offense.

                                Both wide receivers are at 100 percent entering the second week of organized team activities at Rams Park. For Avery, that meant bouncing back from a series of nagging injuries that plagued him throughout 2009. For Robinson, it meant a full recovery from a fractured leg and ankle sprain that ended his 2009 season after only three games.
                                Together, the pair represent arguably the team’s best down-field receiving threats. In fact, they recorded the Rams’ two longest catches in ’09: Avery with a 50-yard reception against Indianapolis, and Robinson with a 45-yard grab in the season opener at Seattle.
                                “We can both take it deep,” Avery said following practice Monday. “So, that’ll be a plus.”
                                Though Avery played all 16 games last season, he was bothered by a laundry list of injuries. His most serious injury came in the preseason, when he suffered a stress fracture in his left foot. He returned in time for the season opener, but then experienced problems with his ribs, hamstring, hip and shoulder.

                                This offseason, Avery started a weight lifting program and changed his diet. As a result, he has added around 15 pounds of muscle and gotten rid of the nagging pain.
                                “It’s about playing healthy,” he said. “Staying on the field, staying in the weight room, working with the trainer. Just staying healthy. Healthy is happy for me.
                                “I feel a lot better now. I absolutely feel the difference.”
                                Avery had 47 receptions for 589 yards and five touchdowns in 2009. Avery, who will be 26 next month, is entering his third NFL season and second under coach Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. He described himself as “more comfortable” because of his familiarity with the team’s offense.
                                “It’s a different approach mentally,” he said. “You know what you’re going to get game day. You know what opens up, and how to get open during the season. You know what kind of coverages teams play against this type of offense.”
                                Avery hopes to double his touchdown total in 2010 and said he looks forward to being a deep threat once again.
                                “My first year, we exploited (that),” he said. “This year, I feel like we’re going to get back to it.”

                                As for Robinson, he was among the Rams’ best receivers during the early part of last season. He recorded 13 catches for 167 yards and a touchdown before...
                                -05-25-2010, 05:06 AM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                Robinson WAS NOT open on that last play ...
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                It may have looked that way on the replay, but you have to understand what happened on that play. I just watched it twice more to understand ...

                                Avery is lined up far right. His DB is playing zone, he drops and then stops as Avery runs past him ....

                                Robinson is lined up left, running a deep skinny post ...

                                Horton is playing center field, deep, and is lined up between Robinson and Avery. He is the centerfielder. Only hope on this play is to somehow get him to bite and throw the opposite way ...

                                Bulger stepped up in the pocket, he was looking centerfield, likely in hopes of getting Horton to commit or bite to the center ...

                                Horton didn't commit either way, and Bulger was out of time and unloaded to Avery. Horton rolled over and forced the incompletion, despite committing some illegal contact ...

                                If this is an option route, and Avery stops and comes back, there is probably enough cushion for a completion. Likely this was a called 9 route ...

                                Had Bulger thrown the ball to Robinson, Horton would have rolled his way and likely broken up the play. Robinson did have a step on both defenders, but it was likely designed that way to bait the QB. Same with the defensive back bailing on Avery and letting him run free. Bad throw by QB results in INT ...

                                So while it looked nice on replay, there was nothing there in actuality. Do you realize how difficult it is to complete a big pass play like that against that type of deep coverage defense?

                                The WR would have had to make a play for anything to come of this. Last year Avery did, this year he didn't ...
                                -09-20-2009, 03:55 PM
                              • schut39
                                Time for Donnie Avery to step it up
                                by schut39
                                With Laurent Robinson out for the season, Donnie is now our #1 receiver. He had an excellent rookie season and I hope that he can improve those numbers this year. I am looking forward to seeing what he does today against the *****. How about you guys?

                                -10-04-2009, 10:28 AM
                              • 01d 0rd3r
                                Avery Steps to Front.
                                by 01d 0rd3r
                                Like most teams in the NFL, attrition begins to take its toll on rosters around the league the deeper into the season you get. That’s certainly held true in the case of the Rams and nowhere is that more evident than at the receiver position.

                                At a position that was short on experience entering the season, there’s been only one constant. That constant is a blur in blue, wearing No. 17 named Donnie Avery.

                                No matter which quarterback has been under center, the one player that signal caller has been able to count on this year is Avery, the second-year speedster out of Houston.

                                “You get comfortable with certain guys,” quarterback Kyle Boller said. “I just started taking reps with these guys again. Donnie is probably one of the ones I’m more comfortable with because he’s been around for training camp and mini camps and all that kind of stuff. I feel like each and every week we get more comfortable with each other. That’s the name of the game. Timing is what it’s all about.”

                                After an up and down start to this, his second season in the league, Avery has timed his emergence at a good time.

                                It’s difficult for any young player to have an immediate impact but receivers rarely make that much of a difference unless their name is Randy Moss.

                                In the offseason, the Rams’ receiver corps went through an extreme makeover, leaving Avery and fellow second year wideout Keenan Burton as the most tenured players at the position on the roster.

                                But at least entering the year, Avery was surrounded by players like Laurent Robinson and Burton, guys who had been in the new offense installed by coordinator Pat Shurmur for the entirety of the offseason program.

                                Fast forward to now and Avery is the only active wideout on the roster who was also on it when the preseason came to an end.

                                Whether he was ready for an expanded leadership role or not, Avery was thrust into it as the most experienced guy on the team.

                                “I don’t try to go out and yell during the week or go crazy,” Avery said. “I just try to lead by example and go out there, practice hard and hopefully go into the game, play hard and have success.”

                                Since the beginning of the season, the Rams have lost Robinson and Burton to season-ending injuries. Derek Stanley was released to make room for Danny Amendola and the likes of Nate Jones and Tim Carter have made appearances on the roster.
                                The Rams have replaced those players with youngsters like Amendola and Brandon Gibson as well as more experienced guys like Ruvell Martin and Jordan Kent.

                                But none of those players have been around or have the rapport with the quarterbacks like Avery and all of those receivers are quick to turn to Avery with questions.

                                “I just try to calm them,” Avery says of the younger wideouts. “Sometimes, I see them on the sideline with jitters and tell them I...
                                -12-10-2009, 08:44 PM
                              • RamsFan16
                                Donnie Avery: A new breed of Ram
                                by RamsFan16
                                Donnie Avery: A new breed of Ram

                                Prior to the Rams 1999 Super Bowl season, they drafted WR Torry Holt during the 1999 NFL Draft. Already having a route running specialist in Isaac Bruce, one of the greatest every Rams, and NFL receivers, they picked Holt, a great route running, speedy receiver who had great hands. During that 1999 season, we were shown why Holt was selected, and how great of combination Holt and Bruce were making. Add on Hakim, and Proehl, and we had the best receiving core in the NFL, if not history in the NFL. During Bruce and Holts time here, we fans grew accustomed to great route running, great hands, and big plays off route running. They made plays on their feet, but more often than not, dropped to their knees before contact to gain that extra yard. While our receivers weren't the fastest, they were the playmakers everyone wanted, and everyone hated. They were great, we loved them and appreciate the time they had here.

                                During the 2008 NFL Draft, the Rams selected wideout Donnie Avery out of Houston. Us fans went in many different ways of our feelings when selecting him. We picked him over stars DeSean Jackson, and others. Avery wasn't rated as the top receiver in the draft, but was rated very high. Experts picking Jackson, and others ahead of him, not Avery before them. We got our first dose of curiosity of the Billy Devaney GM era. Chris Long selected #2 was a very good, and safe pick .But Avery, why Avery? Ahead of stars like the ones I posted above.

                                Coming out of Houston, Avery was a little bit smaller sized, but blazing fast and big play making receiver, who Houston fans new had the talent to make it in the league. He was labeled as "raw" on his route running, and questionable hands for catching. Everyone knew he had speed, agility and playmaking ability. But with questionable route running, and catching ability, how was he going to make it in the league? After we got his first dose during those soon after mini camps, we started seeing him up closer, picking different flaws to use against him, and for DeSean Jackson and the others. He started out behind in the depth chart, behind All Pro Torry Holt, and (s)lacker Drew Bennett. We found how quick Avery was, and how he can make plays, but we never seen the great route running, or great hands that we did in Holt, and future Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce. We again began questioning the addition to the team, and why we picked him over others. He played behind Bennett, until he was injured. And now BAM! Rookie receiver Avery gets the nod beside Holt to start.

                                I game against the Buffalo Bills opened our eyes. On and end around play to Avery, he raced down the sidelines for a touchdown. A play we haven't seen from our Rams since the Az Hakim era. During that play, we quickly caught a glimpse of the speed Avery had, and how he can outrun anyone with his speed. A few weeks later is when we start getting a glimpse...
                                -07-27-2009, 04:50 PM