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Marc Bulger and his future with out team

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  • Marc Bulger and his future with out team

    Hey guys,

    Now i know its only Pre-season, and Ive only seen Bulger throw 4 passes. But I saw him get sacked 3 times. It was strange cause i saw some guys open one time he got sacked. But i also saw some major pressure. In my opinion I feel bulger is On his way down.

    This is Where you my friends come into play?

    What is your take on Bulger for the upcoming season? In my opinion I like him, he's a player who will let his play do the talking. I would like to see him succeed not fail. Although he seems very indecisive at times ever since Linecrap took over, the Damage Bulger took looked Irreprarable. Thoughts on him guys?

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    Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

    Oi, another Bulger thread? Ok, here we go. He went 4 for 4 when he had time to throw, and those times he got sacked were on exotic blitzes that were not game planned for and horribly picked up by the running backs left in to block. The pressure would not have been as bad in a regular season game in my opinion.

    As already determined in another thread, he had less than three seconds in two of the three sacks, and only another half second or so on the other sack. No quarterback would be able to deal with that kind of pressure. In my opinion, I actually think that Bulger seemed to be back in saddle, and even though he did have a bit of hesitation on one if the sacks, I think he was looking for Robinson to break free on his route on that play.

    As long as the line holds back the rush and Jackson's a better blocker than Darby, Bulger should look pretty good in this new offense.
    I believe!:ram:


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      Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

      Seems there is always too much focus on the QB position.

      Bulger needs to regain some confidence and then simply play within his abilities while avoiding turnovers. It remains to be seen if this offense will have enough playmakers to be very potent. At this point I don't think it does.

      What concerns me most is the defense. We are going to need a strong defense if the offense is not going to be that potent.

      Do we have a strong defense? It still looks weak to me, especially the front seven.

      In the meantime.....

      I have the highest of hopes that we will all be pleasantly surprised come week #1 of the season.

      Go Rams!


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        Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

        Who is this Marc Bulger fello you speak of...?


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          Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

          Another one? Jesus christ!

          Bulger went four for four when he had time. That's 100% for those who are mathematically challenged.

          When the defense attacked us, he was chased. Didn't have time. What does this say? When he has time...he does pretty good. We saw this before when he was a probowler. We saw this in the four passes he had.


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            Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

            Trent Dilfer--the all American Superbowl-Dud proves the point...get an O-line that can block and even a dud can play QB in the NFL.

            Anyone want to compare and contrast Dilfer to Bulger?
            Fact: Put Bulger in as QB for the Pats or Colts, and those teams are still odds on favorites to making the play offs. Diferrence is, both the Pats/Colts have an O-line...the Rams don't yet.

            The hope is, that by the time the season starts, the Rams have an O-line that at least can buy Bulger more then 4 seconds. Or the line can pound the ball for S. Jackson to make play-action a viable threat. If neither of these things happen, its going to be a long and miserable season to watch the Rams play


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              Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

              i guess it could be said that bulger has room for improvement in the getting rid of the ball department. as he develops confidence in the o-line/receivers/system i think this will improve. we could have three good (but young) receivers out there on any given play with speed and hands so the talent is there. i'm more concerned with the health of the o-line, if they're at 100% we'll be pretty good on offense but we've had key injuries in the past and guys have been dinged up with minor nagging injuries already.


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                Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                Bulger SU.....ERR..... It's unfortunate that Marc will have to, once again, miss valuable time because of injury. Being the Rams #1 QB and hearing that he'll be ready to go against Seattle, in the season openner; however, gives the team a better chance of getting out of there with a "W".
                IT SUX! to see Bulger go through his struggles, but truthfully I feel more comfortable with him under center, only hoping that he can turn the corner and return to his probowl form of earlier in his career.
                AS the Rams get ready for the regular season, a gameplan should be broken down to its simpliest form as far as Marc Bulger and the Rams offense are concerned.

                Disciplend protection from the OLine.
                Developing a good ground game with Steven Jackson.
                Sharpening mechanics and fine tune timing in the pocket.
                Build a rapport with the new and up&coming receivers.

                Most of all Marc Bulger needs to shine, he's at the end of his rope, There's no other choice at this point and time, in the latter stage of his career. He's got to make it happen and last but not least...prove that he does not SUX!!!


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                  Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team


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                    Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                    Ive always liked Bulger as qb and he worked wel for us early in his career as a Ram but his biggest hurdles havnt been related to hi skills as a passer but rather his health and the health of the o line. when hes healthy and has a good line to give him time in the pocket ( which is where hes comfortable) he does fine. If our offensive line stay healthy and be affective ( that means no penaltys from Incognito and injuries from pace) Bulger will find time to make plays.


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                      Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                      Seriously, this cannot possibly be actually happening ....


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                        Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                        Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
                        Seriously, this cannot possibly be actually happening ....
                        You mean another Bulger thread ..?? Or .. no penalties from Cogs, and that Pace needs to stay healthy in Chicago to ensure Marc stays healthy ..;)


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                          Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                          Originally posted by ScottD413 View Post
                          We buried that can of worms right along side that dead horse!!!!

                          GO RAMS!!!!!!
                          sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                            Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                            To address the posters concern. Yeah, Marc is slow in getting the ball out at times, as well as slow reading defenses. And with our horrible line, it's just a nightmare of a combination.

                            I'm not hopeful.

                            And if anyone does not like that, too bad. It's my opinion.


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                              Re: Marc Bulger and his future with out team

                              Originally posted by hawaiianpunch View Post
                              What is your take on Bulger for the upcoming season?
                              If protected, he will be solid and generally efficient. He showed he can still read a play and get the ball out quick in the pre-season game against the Jets.

                              However, if we have the kind of pass protection we've had over the last half decade or more, and Bulger has to throw a lot to try and keep up with an opposition that scored too easily on our defense, then I don't think the results will be good.

                              If he doesn't rebound to have a solid year in 2009, the Rams may have to cut bait in 2010 if he won't renegotiate.

                              But that begs the question, who is this team's QB? Most teams who draft a passer at least have some stop-gap veteran in place, should the rook need to sit and learn at first. Kyle Boller isn't that player. Maybe they'll find someone on the 2010 free agent market they can bring in for that role.

                              I agree with you he's on the downside of his career, but I don't think that means he can't still be efficient. Just that his best days are probably behind him. In the right situation, I think he can still produce and do well. I'm anxious to see how he does in this offensive system.


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                              • laram0
                                Marc Bulger
                                by laram0
                                He better not let us down. He knows he's going into this game with a less than solid o-line. He knows the Seabags are going to bring it. Especially Julian Peterson. Peterson has always played well against us. He has 6 sacks this season and forced 4 fumbles. Marc has to read and react quicker. Forget about taking the sacks. Check down, throw the ball away, do something anything other than take a sack.
                                -10-20-2007, 10:23 AM
                              • MauiRam
                                Marc Bulger ..
                                by MauiRam
                                I just got off the phone with a longtime Ram fan friend who until recently resided here on Maui. He's now touring the mainland in a 40 foot RV living the good life which includes Direct TV in his motorhome. My friend was of the opinion that Bulger still appears to be afflicted with the "Deer in the Headlights" syndrome. He asked me what I thought ..

                                I'm no expert, or pundit, but like most ardent Ram fans I do have an opinion regarding Marc Bulger. My response to my friend was this: Why wouldn't Marc look like a deer in the headlights? The man has had the crap beaten out of him for two years straight. Opposing defenses shredded our patchwork O-line like clockwork for the last 2 years victimizing Marc time after time. Did he hold onto the ball too long last night a few times? Maybe, but on a couple of occasions when I thought he did, and I backed the play up to see exactly when the receiver broke free, (Just learning to use my DVR) Marc was already in the grasp.

                                Bulger still has his lightning quick release, and very good accuracy. Once his offensive line has earned his trust, I expect him to regain his confidence. How long will it take? Can't answer that one .. hopefully by the final preseason game. Having Donnie Avery back won't hurt either .. If we are to make opposing defenses pay for blitzing, Donnie would be a good guy to have around ..

                                Bulger is learning a completely new offense. Pat Shurmur our new OC being a former QB coach, must conjure up plays that will get the ball out of his hands quickly to help build Marc's confidence. Last night the Jets were successful in overloading one side of the line or even the middle with various blitz packages. I doubt there was a great deal of game planning against the Jets.

                                As Bulger gradually becomes comfortable in the new offense, he'll be able to read the coverages better and get rid of the ball quicker. I've never heard even the most vocal Bulger detractors say Marc is stupid. From all appearances he seems a very bright guy. It will be fun to watch him develop in this new offense, and hopefully have reason to develop trust in our revamped O-line. Yes - I am a Bulger supporter and I believe we can win with him if he has a decent team around him. Given what he has been surrounded with the last couple of years (this would include Linehan and the former FO), I can't wait to see what happens with the current surroundings. I know some of you won't agree, and that's ok. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

                                In my particular case, I am happy that Marc Bulger is our QB! GO RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                -08-15-2009, 04:17 PM
                              • BrokenWing
                                by BrokenWing
                                My eyes have now been on the passing game. Bulger is rarely looking downfield, even though sometimes he has people open down there. Also, he's not looking at all of his reads consistantly, he looks nervous and entirely uncertain of his offensive line.

                                I think for now at least, he's damaged.

                                I like Bulger, but it might be something to consider bringing Green into this game and seeing if he's able to put something together.
                                -09-07-2008, 01:00 PM
                              • RAM-BO
                                Was Bulger Overpaid/Underpaid?
                                by RAM-BO
                                What yall think?
                                About Right
                                Forgot to make it three options so don't vote for this one
                                -10-25-2007, 06:01 PM
                              • GroundDog39
                                Bulger Bashers!
                                by GroundDog39
                                Ive got to admit, my patience is beggining to wear a bit thin but come on, like it or not, he is our starting QB. How many other QB's in his position would have flourished = NONE, ZIP, NADA.
                                KURT WARNER, CARSON PALMER, DAVID CARR, all were abysmal. Similar scenario's.
                                So if you want to vent any anger out from now till opening day, aim it where its more deserved - The defensive players, it seems to me like Bulger become a scapegoat for a lot of the pathetic football played.
                                If we do lose Bulger anytime soon, I think a lot of people could be in for a rude awakening!

                                P.S I just wish he could make play's with his feet, that would have solved everything?
                                -05-24-2009, 06:55 AM