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Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

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  • Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

    Rams’ Carriker returns to practice
    2 hours, 17 minutes ago

    ST. LOUIS(AP) —St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Adam Carriker(notes) is back at practice after an ankle injury, but the 2007 No. 1 pick is working with the third-string defense, at least for now.

    Carriker hurt his left ankle during a scrimmage Aug. 7, the same ankle that bothered him last season. He returned to individual drills Monday, then resumed working out with the team Tuesday and Wednesday.

    For now, Gary Gibson(notes) and Clifton Ryan(notes) are the first-team tackles. Gibson, 27, was signed as a free agent in April after two seasons in Carolina, where he played in 12 games with no starts. Ryan has started 12 of 32 career games, all with the Rams.

    Coach Steve Spagnuolo said Carriker, the 13th overall selection in 2007, may play in Thursday’s preseason game at Cincinnati, but his starting job is not guaranteed.

    “I think Adam will have his work cut out for him, but he’s a good football player,” Spagnuolo said. “Everybody has to earn jobs right now, and in our opinion at the stage we are at - we said this a long time ago - it is the land of opportunity right now.

    “We’ll let everybody battle it out and we’ll see what happens by the time we get to Seattle.”

    The Rams open the regular season Sept. 13 against the Seahawks.

    Carriker said he is not unhappy with his current role.

    “We have a lot of talent on the D line,” he said. “I need to get back out on the field, get back into the flow of things and start playing well.”

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    Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

    good to see him back, I am sure he will work his way back into the starting lineup,I thought at the start of camp this was going to be a big year for Carriker and the team really needs for him to step it up a few notches.


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      Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

      I'm going to be critical here. Avery fought back extremely quick from his injury and is already back, Carriker's injury was supposed to hold him out 2 weeks and he went over that time while 190 pound avery went under his recovery time. Carriker and his ankle problems are no good, and they seem to be chronic


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        Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

        Originally posted by 39thebeast
        I'm going to be critical here. Avery fought back extremely quick from his injury and is already back, Carriker's injury was supposed to hold him out 2 weeks and he went over that time while 190 pound avery went under his recovery time. Carriker and his ankle problems are no good, and they seem to be chronic
        I didn't realize he had other ankle problems before this,I thought he had shoulder trouble, there are different degrees of ankle injuries,maybe Averys wasn't as bad,I don't know but it's good to have them both back


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          Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

          This guy needs to stay healthy, since he's been in the league he's been hurt it seems like. Glad to hear he has to earn his spot back, nothing is guaranteed aroud Ram's Park.
          Come on Adam show us you are worth that #1 pick.


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            Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

            I'll admit that Carriker worries me. He's constantly injured and never seems to be able to get on track. He needs to step it up and someway, somehow, make something happen.


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              Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

              He needs to stay healthy. Once he can stay healthy, then I think he can be a top tier defender for us. But until that happens, maybe he deserves to stay on the third unit...


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                Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                It sounds like Carriker has the right attitude, he just need to stay healthy!


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                  Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                  Great attitude on both AC's and Spags' part,imo.

                  Spags may not be sold on him as a starter even when healthy-which he hasn't been since his rookie year- or is he just giving him the best chance to prove his value-and AC seems to be up for it- by not rushing him back into the starting line?

                  I very much doubt we'll be better without his being at least a significant part of the rotation this year.
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                    Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                    I have to take the blame for this one, guys. I promoted the selection of Carriker by the Rams even before his senior year. I saw something special in him, and believed him to be a difference maker. And I still do.

                    However, I feel that Carriker may be suffering from the HUb/Kennedy effect. What is the HUb/Kennedy effect, HUb? Well, I'm glad you asked. You see, whenever I throw all my weight behind a draft pick, with an invested fervor even, bad things happen to that player. I've noticed it with Robert Thomas, John St. Clair, and others to an extent, but I first self-diagnosed with Jimmy Kennedy. I still can't believe that guy went so soft after he got drafted.

                    So this may not be Carriker's fault at all, but rather my own. Adam......I apologize.

                    Okay, seriously. This poor kid has been snake bitten by the injury bug (mixed metaphor anyone?) since he got here. Which is odd, because he was extremely healthy all four seasons in Lincoln. It's frustrating that he messed up the same ankle as last year, but I wouldn't call two injuries chronic. I mean, anybody can roll the same ankle twice walking down a street. I've done it.

                    He's a high character, high motor guy who will find a comfy home in the Spags D. Of this I have no doubt.
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                      Hub, does that mean that with your fervor over the godlike Gholston, you've snake bitten his entire career? Or does it only work on players you actually want?
                      I believe!:ram:


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                        Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                        Originally posted by TekeRam
                        Hub, does that mean that with your fervor over the godlike Gholston, you've snake bitten his entire career? Or does it only work on players you actually want?
                        Fine question, Teke. I think the curse becomes active only after being drafted by the Rams. For example, I was a huge Paul Puz fan that same year. He gets drafted by the Bills and though he suffered an early injury, he is now their starting MIKE and having a great start to his career.

                        What's odd though is that the curse does not appear to work in reverse. I've never been a big Hill fan. I hope the best for him, of course, but I've never felt great about that pick. And as it turns out he, so far, has been a bit of a dud after a promising rookie campaign.

                        I really have to be careful with this whole curse thing though. It's like Spiderman's uncle told him.....with great power comes great responsibility.
                        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                          Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                          This is a good chance for the man to prove himself. If he has to come in with the second stringers, he should have a advantage being a former 1st round draft pick. There Should be no excuse for a subpar showing. He has to show some pride in this game after being called out and challenged for his starting spot.


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                            Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                            I can't understand the comparison of injuries between AC and Avery. Ones got a connective tissue/soft tissue ankle injury and the other a hair line non displaced fracture of a small bone in his foot. One is a 300+ pounder and the other is a fleet footed 185 pounder. Ones a mashing DT and the other a WR. Seems that the soft tissue ankle injury on a hoss like AC would be an bigger issue just due to his size. His other three legs may not be enough to compensate for the weight shift.

                            Seriously, I can't imagine a guy milking an injury under the watchfull eye of a new front office and coaching regime that made no bones about the expendibility of everyone in the organization. Even the janitor. We're talking about AC here, not a pot smokin' Wroten or a demented malcontent like Terrell. And the comparison to Kennedy, please! We're not even sure AC likes donuts and TV.

                            I think this is most likely a precautionary way of handling things. You have guys you need to see at DT, so why rush AC back and even risk doing so too soon. Last thing you need is Vlad the Destroyer overcompensating for his lack of ability to hold leverage and set his base by muscling up and hurting his surgically repaired shoulder. Sometimes you gotta keep the guy from further hurting himself. With AC, I haven't seen anything to show he wouldn't give his best effort, so hurting himself further might be a likely possibility if he rushes back and tries to overcompensate.
                            Semper Fi!


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                              Re: Rams' Carriker Returns To Practice

                              Excellent post Richbert.

                              AC's done nothing but give it his all throughout his career for the Rams. Yes, he's been hurt, but he's played through those injuries every single time. I'm sure that he's been itching to get back on the field but has been held back by the trainers and the coaches, because they somewhat know what they have in him, meanwhile they might not know as much about some of the other guys, such as Darrell Scott and Ryan. Gibson they know about because he's from Carolina, just like our DC is.

                              I'm sure that AC will be fine and will be tearing it up with the starters sometime soon.
                              I believe!:ram:


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                              • MauiRam
                                Adam Carriker on the road to recovery
                                by MauiRam
                                By Nick Wagoner

                                Senior Writer
                                In putting the finishing touches on a solid rookie campaign, the normally reserved Adam Carriker couldn’t help but let his emotions get the better of him.

                                Carriker had started the whole season, working as a valuable cog in a defense in which he played every position on the line. Suddenly any joy he had been able to take from his first season work vanished, replaced by the stinging pain in his bent back shoulder.

                                “I’m not going to lie,” Carriker said. “I was pretty livid. I was like ‘Are you serious?’ I go the whole year, I don’t know how many plays I played and then the last game of the year I get hurt. I was really upset.”

                                t was the second play of the game against Arizona on Dec.30, the season finale and Carriker’s last chance to make a strong first impression. As per usual for the defensive tackle, Carriker was taking on a double team.

                                Carriker tried to get off the blocks but felt his shoulder moving in the opposite direction of the rest of his body. Finally, the shoulder popped and Carriker found himself in a great deal of pain.

                                Carriker did his best to play through the pain, finishing the first half and playing the early portion of the third quarter. By then, it had become clear to Carriker and the coaching staff that he was no longer effective and simply trying to tough it out. A quarter and a half early, Carriker’s rookie season ended abruptly.

                                When Carriker arrived back in St. Louis, he met with the medical staff to determine the severity of his injury. The verdict? A torn labrum in his shoulder that would require six months of rehabilitation.

                                In other words, from the time Carriker had surgery in the middle of January, he wouldn’t be able to return to the field until training camp in July at the earliest.
                                At least, that was what the doctors ordered. But judging the progress Carriker has made in the past four plus months and the fact that he’s doing some individual work at this weekend’s minicamp, there’s a strong chance Carriker will not only be ready to go in time for training camp but could be at full strength.

                                “I think it is amazing how fast he has recovered,” coach Scott Linehan said. “Generally, with an injury like that, it is four to six months before you can do anything. I think in this case he could probably be able to play a game if we had to play one. I said it was youth but I think a lot of it has to do with work ethic and want. That guy has been busting his butt since the end of the season to get to where he is at. It has really paid off.”

                                Indeed, Carriker has attacked his rehab with the same voracious appetite that helped make him the Rams’ No. 1 pick in 2007. Soon after his surgery, Carriker wasn’t able to lift his arm above his shoulder without the help of someone else.

                                Within a few weeks, his range of motion...
                                -05-11-2008, 04:33 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                St. Louis Rams' Adam Carriker Hopes For Another Chance
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                St. Louis Rams' Adam Carriker hopes for another chance

                                BY JIM THOMAS
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Three seasons into his NFL career, defensive tackle Adam Carriker must prove himself all over again — and he knows it.

                                "I've definitely got to show myself and play well," Carriker said. "And I'm just looking forward to doing that."

                                Carriker never made it to opening day in 2009, suffering a season-ending shoulder injury in the Rams' preseason finale against Kansas City. Carriker underwent shoulder surgery Sept. 9.

                                Coach Steve Spagnuolo's staff may have a sense of what Carriker can do. But they've seen very little of him in person — on the practice field or on game day. Prior to the shoulder injury, he missed three weeks of training camp and three preseason games with an ankle injury.

                                At this point, while the coaching staff and front office sifts through their roster options for 2010, Carriker can't be sure how or even if he fits into the team's plans. But he'd like the opportunity to revive his career for the team that drafted him 13th overall in 2007.

                                "I would love to play here," Carriker said. "I would love to stay here. I've got a home here. The Rams are my home. St. Louis is my home."

                                Nearly four months removed from surgery, Carriker is far along in his rehab program. "After four months, you're pretty much free to lift (weights) with a few restrictions," he said. "But pretty much I'm working on getting my full strength back."

                                Carriker hopes to be full-strength once the Rams begin their offseason conditioning program March 15. "Everything's on schedule, right on par if not a little bit ahead," Carriker said.

                                By the time the Rams reach spring practices and minicamp, Carriker may have competition at defensive tackle from former Nebraska teammate Ndamukong Suh.

                                "Why not? If they feel he's the best player," Carriker said. "That's really up to the guys upstairs. They'll do whatever they think is best for the team."

                                Here's a look at how other Rams are healing from season-ending injuries:

                                WR KEENAN BURTON

                                Burton was leading the Rams in receptions (25) when he suffered a season-ending patellar injury in his right knee Nov. 15 against New Orleans. He had surgery six weeks ago, and says he's on pace to begin jogging next month.

                                Team medical officials have told Burton he's ahead of schedule so far in his rehab, but Burton is unsure whether he'll be able to participate in spring practices. Burton was starting to settle in as an NFL pass-catcher when the injury occurred.

                                "I was feeling like I had been feeling when I was in college," said Burton, who attended Kentucky. "I was getting back to it....
                                -01-08-2010, 04:14 PM
                              • MASSIVE
                                Carriker looks to take big step with Rams
                                by MASSIVE
                                By Bill Coats
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Mercifully, only two games remained for the Rams when defensive tackle Adam Carriker was asked in mid-December to describe the season.

                                "Incredibly frustrating," he grumbled.

                                With losses in those final two outings, the Rams finished 2-14 a year after going 3-13 in Carriker's rookie season. The lousy '08 record was compounded by shoulder and ankle injuries that severely limited Carriker's effectiveness. MORE RAMS
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                                2009 SCHEDULE: Team by team
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                                CHATS: Jim Thomas Live
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                                Five months later, the team's first-round draft pick (No. 13 overall) in 2007 is feeling frisky again. "It's a load off your mind, for one thing," he said. "Physically, you're a hundred percent. It's a huge difference, just knowing you're healthy."

                                Carriker's problems began when he tore the labrum in his left shoulder in the last game of the '07 season. As a result, he couldn't work in the weight room until well into the preseason conditioning program.

                                "I couldn't even lift my shoulder up after surgery," said Carriker, who reluctantly acknowledged that he didn't regain full strength all last season.

                                "During the game I didn't think about it as much; you forget everything else in the world but football," he said. "It was more getting ready for the game, more of a practice deal."

                                An ankle injury kept him out of one game in late October and lingered for the rest of the year. Then he hurt his right shoulder Nov. 23 vs. Chicago. His surgically repaired joint "actually became my good shoulder," he pointed out.

                                After getting 45 tackles and two sacks as a rookie, the former Nebraska defensive end fell off to 40 tackles, with no sacks, last year. He had no real home on the line; he spent time at both tackle positions and at end, adding to his difficulties.

                                The 6-foot-6, 300-pound Carriker is stronger and "looks like he's a little quicker," coach Steve Spagnuolo observed between Thursday's two minicamp practices at Rams Park.

                                Carriker is strictly a left tackle in defensive coordinator Ken Flajole's scheme. He'll line up in different spots, based on the offense's alignment. But always on the same side.

                                "It's nice to kind of get homed in on one thing," Carriker said. "I'll just be on the left side and ... trying to wreak some havoc."

                                Previously, the Rams' defensive linemen were told to hold their gaps, no matter what. Under Flajole, they have more leeway to finesse and try to pressure the quarterback.

                                "Obviously, you can't be reckless. But I like having a little...
                                -06-04-2009, 09:37 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Carriker looks to play the 3-technique more and more ...
                                by MauiRam

                                St. Louis
                                Nov. 9, 2007

                                Carriker starting to make strides inside

                                It’s looking more and more, we hear, like the interior of the Rams’ defensive line is destined to feature fellow rookies Adam Carriker and Clifton Ryan at the three-technique and NT positions, respectively. “I’d say that’s a good possibility,” Carriker told PFW after Wednesday’s practice for the upcoming game against the Saints. “Cliff has played real well on the nose, and I’m getting to play the ‘three-spot’ a little more, with more pass-rush opportunities.” Carriker, whose body got a welcome rest last week with the Rams on bye, says it really doesn’t matter which tackle spot he plays. “It’s not a big deal,” he said. “It’s wherever I’m getting the playing time.” Carriker had nothing but good things to say about veteran Rams UT La’Roi Glover, who he said has gone out of his way to get him up to speed at his new position after Carriker played defensive end at Nebraska. “He has really helped me a lot,” Carriker said of Glover. “Anytime I have a question, he’s quick to help me, like today in practice, when I was stuck on a particular type of pass-rush move. He showed me a couple of good counter moves right away.” It turns out Carriker has had experience playing on a team that has suffered as much as the Rams currently are suffering in the standings this season. “In my four years in high school, our team’s record was 2-36, including 0-9 my senior year.” Carriker said. He also said, however, that he never has been on a team at any level that has suffered as many injuries as the Rams have this season. “Not even close,” he said. “And I never hope to see anything like this again.”
                                -11-10-2007, 03:15 PM
                              • Bruce=GOAT
                                Before and after signing, Carriker eager to go full-bore
                                by Bruce=GOAT
                                Before and after signing, Carriker eager to go full-bore
                                By Jim Thomas
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                No one wanted to be on the practice field Friday more than rookie defensive lineman Adam Carriker. The Rams' first-round draft pick from Nebraska has an old-school mentality and a passion for the game of football.

                                Even before Carriker signed his five-year contract Friday — missing just the morning practice to start training camp — the Rams couldn't keep him away from their complex.

                                "He took three days to go on a honeymoon," coach Scott Linehan said. "Other that that, he's been in our building."

                                Working out.

                                "When we took our break (after the June minicamp), he was in here," Linehan said. "He was here the day before we reported (for training camp)."

                                Carriker said he and his wife, Angela, bought a house near Rams Park after he was drafted 13th overall. So why not use the team's weight and exercise facilities?

                                While Rams president of football operations-general manager Jay Zygmunt negotiated the Marc Bulger contract extension Thursday night, Rams director of football operations Samir Suleiman negotiated the Carriker deal. The Rams didn't reach an agreement with Carriker until nearly 2 a.m. Friday.

                                Suleiman stayed at Rams Park overnight getting the final details squared away. Carriker was informed of the deal Friday morning, while sitting at that new home in St. Louis. The contract is worth $12.8 million, with incentives that can raise its value over $14 million. More than $9 million of the contract is guaranteed.

                                When Carriker arrived at Rams Park, the club was halfway through the morning practice.

                                "They're explaining (the contract) to me, and I'm looking out at the practice field," Carriker said. "Because I could see it from where I was sitting."

                                Itching to get out on the field, Carriker tried to watch what the defensive linemen were doing in practice while his contract terms were being explained to him.

                                "I need to get on the field," Carriker said. "I need to learn the plays. I need to get acclimated to the NFL."

                                Carriker, who will start at defensive tackle, made his practice debut Friday night.
                                -07-28-2007, 01:25 AM