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  • Gado legit #2 back

    I think its clear that Gado in the clear #2 back for the Rams. Especially with him being able to return kicks, play fullback if needed and backup Jackson. He has 3 TD's in 3 preseason games so he has a nose for the endzone. I think he will be exactly what the Rams want him to be, a role player. He knows this is Jackson's team and he just wants to help the team be successful. Keep up the good work Samkon Gado!

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    Re: Gado legit #2 back

    I can't say I disagree with that, man. Gado is a solid player, and I don't really remember what happened to him back in GB. He had an above average season with them a few years back and then he just disappeared. I think he'll wind up being more than just a #2 back, like you said, being a fullback as well. He'll be apart of the Rams' 1-2 punch run game if you ask me.
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      Re: Gado legit #2 back

      Yea, they got a tough decision for running back. i haven't seen Ogbonnaya in though.


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        Re: Gado legit #2 back

        He struggled some last week, but came back great this week! If he's out #2 back, I would be very glad with it.
        I guess it'll be between Darby and Pittman who is our #3 guy now. Will they battle it out in the 4th preseason game?


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          Re: Gado legit #2 back

          Gado's blocking or lack thereof seems to be his biggest weakness at this point.

          I hope Marc Bulger doesn't read that.
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            Re: Gado legit #2 back

            How did we get this guy?


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              Re: Gado legit #2 back

              He's been impressive. But he's got one more preseason game to show that he's worthy of the spot.

              If Jackson's role of being injured continues...then he better be able to suit up and fill in that void.


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                Re: Gado legit #2 back

                Beautiful block by Barron on that Gado TD run. It'd be a lot easier to decide which guy looks like a keeper if the blocking were always like that.


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                  Re: Gado legit #2 back

                  Originally posted by SB34rams
                  How did we get this guy?
                  Answer according to Wiki:

                  St. Louis Rams
                  Gado was signed by the St. Louis Rams on November 4, 2008 after wide receivers Drew Bennett and Dante Hall were placed on injured reserve. The Rams released Gado on November 19 to make room for offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

                  After spending the rest of the 2008 season out of football, Gado was re-signed to a future contract by the Rams on January 5, 2009.

                  Awards and honors
                  Gado received two NFL awards for his rookie performance:

                  NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month, November 2005
                  Rookie of the Week, Weeks 10 and 14
                  In addition, Gado holds a couple of Green Bay franchise records for a rookie.

                  Most rushing yards in a game (171).
                  Most touchdowns in a season (7).

                  Gado is a member of the Samantia club in Houston. Gado received a bachelor's degree in health promotions while taking pre-med courses at Liberty University; he has already taken the MCAT and plans to retake it in July 13, 2007.[3] Gado plans to follow up his football career by becoming a medical missionary in his native country. A fall 2006 TV spot highlighted Gado's internship at a hospital in Green Bay. His father, Jeremiah Gado, initially left Nigeria in 1990 to study at Columbia International University, and now regularly visits Nigeria for mission work. Gado was named on the Phil Simms All Iron team for his contribution to the community. Gado now resides in Columbia, South Carolina for the off-season in 2007.

                  While it is early to say that this RB is ready to become Super Gado, I also think that he's looking good -- good potential, great attitude. Legit #2 back indeed. He must be all pumped up right now which is terrific for the Rams offense.

                  ...And he holds an 'NFL record' too: Gado became the first player in NFL history to score three touchdowns on his 23rd birthday.
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                    Re: Gado legit #2 back

                    Wow, im really glad we found a back up for Action Jackson. It's about time and i think that we need a stout runner, who can also cut it up if Jackson needs a rest.


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                      Re: Gado legit #2 back

                      I really like Gado. I think he is a legit # 2. I haven't been to impressed with Pittman.


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                        Rams Gotta Have Gado
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                        Rams gotta have Gado

                        by VanRam on Aug 16, 2009 7:09 AM CDT in 2009 Training Camp

                        St. Louis Rams Samkon Gado is the talk of the town after an impressive 93-yard night against the Jets in Friday's preseason opener. With six productive carries, he vaulted himself up the depth chart.

                        He's also playing fullback, where he started Friday night in place of Mike Karney. His ability to play both spots may be the key to his job security this year. Gado told the PD:

                        We've got three more games left, and I've still got a lot of work to do at fullback. I think I'm being evaluated at that position. And how well I do there I think is going to dictate where I land on this team.

                        Should be a good story to watch. In short, Gado is doing what the Rams once expected former second round pick Brian Leonard to do. One was signed in-season as a free agent, the other was a second round pick. I"m just sayin'...
                        -08-16-2009, 04:10 PM
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                        Darby demoted to third team offense
                        by shower beers
                        Per rotoworld:

                        Rams RB Kenneth Darby was demoted to the third-team offense Sunday after an awful showing in St. Louis' preseason opener.
                        Darby got beat in blitz pickup, had a drop, and gained just 16 yards on six carries. Samkon Gado, who busted a 77-yard TD against the Jets, moved ahead of Darby and Antonio Pittman. Steven Jackson continues to have no handcuff.


                        Looks like we weren't the only ones who noticed his performance. This is not good. We need a solid number two, not a stable of number threes.
                        -08-17-2009, 11:06 AM
                      • ramfan247
                        Darby messed up but still flashed greatness
                        by ramfan247
                        I know that Pit and Gado are in the headlines for doing real well and I do agree that Darby didn't have a great game, but I don't think he did as poorly as everyone is insinuating. He DID completely mess up on picking up the blitz a couple of times, but for the most part, when he got the ball in his hands to run he looked QUICK AS HECK! He can really move. And the problem of not getting many yards seemed to come from the lack of holes that were created for him on the plays where he ran.
                        I'm not saying he had a great game but I do think he's talented and I do hope that the give him another chance to prove himself as a #2 before they pull him down on the depth chart. I saw him do some really great things in training camp practices and in games last year. One cool thing about this kid is that he can catch real well. I've seen him numerous balls on slants, etc from 20 yards away. I think he's valuable as a special teams guy as well. So we'll just have to see what he does in the game.
                        -08-16-2009, 09:41 AM
                      • MauiRam
                        Battle for backup running back just beginning ..
                        by MauiRam
                        By Nick Wagoner
                        Senior Writer

                        Through much of the speculation about what the Rams’ new offensive scheme will look like, there’s been one steady, constant key to the way new coach Steve Spagnuolo’s team will play offense: it will place a heavy emphasis on running the football.

                        That emphasis is music to the ears of many, an offensive line that loves to run block, a quarterback who prefers to not take so many hits and a star running back in Steven Jackson who is rarely satisfied with his opportunities.

                        It also means that somewhere on the roster, Spagnuolo, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and running backs coach Sylvester Croom are going to have to find some worthy backups capable of sharing what is sure to be an increased workload not only for Jackson but for all of the running backs on the roster.

                        In a battle that is sure to last well into training camp, the Rams have already started taking a long look at some of the potential backups with Kenneth Darby and Antonio Pittman getting the bulk of the immediate work behind Jackson and rookie Chris Ogbonnaya and veteran Samkon Gado waiting in the wings.

                        “We want Steven in there, but if Steven isn’t I’m really impressed with the guys that we have,” Shurmur said. “They all are a little bit different, but obviously when a backup player comes in he’s a role player. And so there are things that they’re good at and other things they are developing, so I think that’s the case with all our guys.”

                        After Jackson missed four games and part of another with a thigh injury last season, the Rams turned to Pittman and Darby to share the majority of the load in his absence. The duo had its ups and downs but flashed potential as both are still early in their careers.

                        Still, the Rams entered the offseason with the idea of adding a back that could carry the load in Jackson’s place. But because of more pressing needs at other positions, the team opted to bring back Gado, who had a short stay with the team last year, and draft Ogbonnaya in the seventh round of April’s NFL Draft.

                        With only a handful of organized team activities remaining, the Rams are just beginning the process of sorting out who will fill what role. As it stands, Darby and Pittman would seem to be the top contenders.

                        For his part, Spagnuolo says he’s excited to monitor the competition for the No. 2 running back role well into the summer.

                        “(There is) a lot of competition,” Spagnuolo said. “I’m not going to pin one against the other. I think both of the guys are picking up the system pretty well. At least that’s the indication from coach Croom. I think both add certain things. Again, I would say I’m real anxious to see the competition when they put the pads on.”

                        Darby came to the Rams on Oct. 14 from Tampa Bay’s practice squad after injuries again hit the Rams running backs. He played...
                        -06-11-2009, 09:21 AM
                      • RamsInfiniti
                        Kenneth Darby, the "bum" ....
                        by RamsInfiniti
                        I mean, he only racked up ...

                        49 yards on 14 carries, including a 12 yard TD, and two very hard nosed conversions for first downs, one on 4th and 1 ...

                        Made a nifty 8 yard run on a bail out pass to put us in position to keep a drive alive ...

                        3 special teams tackles, including the tackle on the kickoff immediately following his touchdown ...

                        Before some are so quick to write off players, maybe we should see how they perform when they get more than one touch a game!

                        Kudos to Toston too, who ran very hard!
                        -09-27-2010, 05:33 AM