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Action Jackson on the path?

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  • Action Jackson on the path?

    Im making this thread because of some comments about Jackson I have seen on youtube, on some nfl blogs. Although it doesn't matter to me what they think, i think Steven Jackson has the running skill and quality, to be a pro bowler and possible a Hall of Famer.

    But im a little concerned, is this going to a repeat story of Eric Dickerson. A pounding back with similar size, similar speed, similar running style who is not considered in some of the great running backs of all time. I consider him, but i think he is also under appreciated, just like Jackson.

    When i look at Dickerson's running style, his story, i see Steven Jackson's story taking the same course that Dickerson's career took. And it kind of scares me cause Dickerson never got a ring.

    Is Jackson headed down this same path? Or am i being over dramatic, just wanna know what you guys think?

    I am optimistic of this season, and the next. And i think maybe these years will be the years, Jackson and the Ram Squad changes thier stars. I love this team and everything it is, as usual i always try to look for the best in my boys.
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    Re: Action Jackson on the path?

    Originally posted by hawaiianpunch View Post
    Im making this thread because of some comments about Jackson I have seen on youtube,
    thats most likely not the best place to look for a logical argument against sjax


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      Re: Action Jackson on the path?

      Not that I really needed the confirmation but the first couple of top ten lists a search for the best NFL RBs turned up had ED on them. I'm sure there were more and some that didn't include him but I think he's pretty highly-regarded.

      Rings obviously make a player's career stand out more but it isn't the only thing for which they are remembered.
      I'm sure SJ has PB talent but whether he makes it or not depends on the team and his health, doesn't it? Even then, it's not a given,considering how political the PB system is.

      Double ditto for The HOF.

      All I can say is that the likelihood that he is in the right place at the right time to achieve that level of recognition just got a lot greater.
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        Re: Action Jackson on the path?

        Originally posted by Azul e Oro View Post
        Not that I really needed the confirmation but the first couple of top ten lists a search for the best NFL RBs turned up had ED on them. I'm sure there were more and some that didn't include him but I think he's pretty highly-regarded.
        I would tend to agree. If you were going to talk about the best backs in the modern history of the game, his name would usually at least come up in the conversation.

        As for Jackson, I don't think it would take a ring for him to gain the recognition he deserves, but we haven't even had a winning season in the time he has been here. I think Jackson definitely has it in him to land a Pro Bowl spot this year, but we've got to at least start making some playoff appearances if he's going to develop the kind of reputation that gets a guy into the Hall of Fame.


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          Re: Action Jackson on the path?

          Dickerson is always mentioned when the best RBs of all time are discussed.

          I'm not sure who you've been listening to, but anybody who doesn't put ED in the top ten doesn't know jack about football.


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            Re: Action Jackson on the path?

            Originally posted by Goldenfleece View Post
            but we've got to at least start making some playoff appearances if he's going to develop the kind of reputation that gets a guy into the Hall of Fame.
            How about just getting through an entire season without missing time due to injury? :o


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              Re: Action Jackson on the path?

              No offense, but what are you talking about?

              Dickerson is in the Hall of Fame. He is routinely listed as one of the top pure runners the game has ever seen. He holds one of the most storied records in the NFL (yards rushing, season).

              We can only hope that Steven Jackson follows a similar path. Jackson certainly has the tools to be an elite RB but, as many fans have noted, has only had one full season in which he's really showed what he is capable of doing.


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                Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                oops i forgot to mention i was talking about repeating the trend of not getting a ring.
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                  Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                  No offense, but what are you talking about?
                  First of all no offense taken.

                  I watched 7 different video's on youtube, this week about the top 10 running backs of all time. He wasn't on any of the video's i have been watching this week, and I just wondered why?

                  Maybe it was pure bad luck that I got these video's. But not once when i watched these Video's was he mentioned. I just calling it as I saw it. Maybe these highlight video's were made by kids maybe Im searching in all the wrong places.

                  Also i don't think i was clear enough when i was comparing it to Eric getting a ring. I should have been more frank about that. About Steven following that path that he had without a ring, and maybe bouncing to another team after a while.

                  Of course now that Georgia Frontere is gone, we might not have to worry about holding out on Steven Jackson like they did to Dickerson way back.

                  I do apologize for the question, i thought it would be a good topic. Next time ill be more careful when trying to post something.


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                    Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                    Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
                    thats most likely not the best place to look for a logical argument against sjax
                    I also saw some rams fans talk crap about Jackson in Rams Gab,, over the years, saying he's not as good as Marshall faulk, and that he is full of himself. I personally don't think hes full of himself, Ochocincrap is full of himself.

                    Its just bad strokes of luck maybe ive been having, looking in all the wrong places. Why do you think i like bloggin here?


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                      Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                      Four "ifs"

                      1) If .. Steven can stay healthy for a full season ..

                      2) If .. our revamped O-line finally gells and can run block consistently ..

                      3) If .. our offense can generate a bonafide passing attack .. be it dink and dunk or whatever, just so long as it is effective enough to keep opposing Ds honest.

                      4) If .. our defense can keep us in games and prevent opponents from running up the score.

                      Then Jackson will have the opportunity to flourish and then some. In the 4th quarter with the game is close, when opposing defenses are tiring, Steven Jackson running with a full head of steam will be exactly what they don't want to see coming at them ..

                      It's a bit early to be comparing Steven J. to former greats and halll of famers, especially after the last 2 years. I am hoping for respectability first, then maybe a winning record next.


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                        Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                        Steven Jackson has the ability to carry the team on his own.

                        I think that says alot....


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                          Re: Action Jackson on the path?

                          I think you need to rewrite your original premise. You talk about Dickerson not being ranked as a top 10 RB and then compare him to Jackson and how people rag on him and then it's about rings. I have no idea what this is about. I agree with Avenger, Dickerson is a top 10 RB but it seems like you don't care about that point anymore.

                          The Rams are in rebuilding mode and will be a completely different team in 2010. It's silly to project now how they will play then because we don't know who will be on the team around him.

                          Jackson is a premier running back right now. How he'll be in 8 games is a complete mystery let alone next season. I'm 100% confident he will give 100% of himself to the game. He's shown he's willing to do whatever it takes to be great.


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                            Jackson is the one who will quickly peel off his pads and run extra gassers, not because he’s out of shape but because it sets the right example of what it takes to be successful.

                            The Rams have the fourth-youngest team in the NFL with an average age of right around 26. Coincidentally, Jackson is the same age. But because he entered the league when he was only 20, Jackson’s ascent to a leadership role has happened quicker than most.

                            As he’s grown and developed as a player, he’s seen players come and go and just now, in 2009, has he taken it upon himself to become the leader of this young group.

                            “I have seen nothing but great things,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “His greatness in that regard, in the leadership regard is shining right now when it’s not the best of times and the results haven’t been what we want. I’m not going to share with you one other thing but there was something he did that meant the world to me and I appreciated him and how he’s gone about things right now.”

                            Growing up in Las Vegas, Jackson’s lessons in leadership began at an early age. His father, Steve, practically majored in the subject as a Marine veteran in the Vietnam War.

                            That meant plenty of “yes, sir” and “no, sir” in the Jackson household but it also began a cultivation process in the planting of those seeds of leadership.

                            Jackson learned a lot of the details from his father, things like always being on time, keeping your word and being dressed presentably for every occasion. Those little things that can determine one’s character.

                            “You have to go through a maturation of becoming a leader,” Jackson said. “Everyone doesn’t have leadership qualities but those...
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                            Steven Jackson THE PREDATOR!!!
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                            It is said that out of darkness will emerge light. How quickly that light emerges depends on whether you move with confidence or tiptoe through the shadows.

                            Steven Jackson has never tiptoed through anything in his life. And though it’s taken longer than he would have liked, the eighth-year running back is on the verge of delivering the Rams out of the darkness and into the light.

                            It’s a task that many would choose not to take on for enduring the pain that goes with it would be too much for just about anyone to bear.

                            Jackson has been called many things in his career but there’s one common nickname he’s been called that he never quite grasped until he took the time during the offseason to wrap his head around it.

                            “It’s funny I have been referred to as a beast for quite some time and I said, ‘You know, I am going to look it up. What does the word beast mean?’” Jackson said. “And to give you a quick synopsis of how I look at it and how I thought of it is ‘a mammal that bears the weight of something and transports it.’ I feel like I have been a beast because I bear the weight of some tough times around St. Louis and I have carried it from the days of glory to now hopefully to a new age and a new version of the days of glory. And I have been the particular, chosen one to feel like maybe he’s the one strong enough to bring us through the darkness back to a point where (quarterback) Sam (Bradford) and these younger guys will bring us back to glory.”

                            Bearing the weight of an entire franchise’s struggle is a burden Jackson has carried for all of his seven seasons in the NFL. On closer inspection, it’s clear that Jackson’s sacrifice has gone well beyond simply being a part of a losing team.

                            In fact, he’s one of the last of his kind in the NFL, a running back willing and capable of taking on a full load in a league that grown more specialized by the season.

                            The job of the single running back carrying the load is one thing; the job of the single player carrying the hopes of a franchise on his back is another. Jackson has done both.

                            It’s a job Jackson believes he was chosen for, a job he was selected for by powers greater than a general manager or head coach.

                            “I think it’s a divine job not for the organization but for me, myself because I never knew some of the strong characteristics and the things that I believe in were within me until I had to go through some tough times,” Jackson said.

                            A DYING BREED

                            With each passing NFL season, the league evolves and changes in ways that consistently alter the way players and positions are perceived.

                            Today, in 2011, the NFL is almost universally viewed as a quarterback’s league, a passing league in which running backs can be found and deployed in a variety of ways and you can...
                            -09-07-2011, 10:01 AM
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                            Jackson Energized By Adventurous Offseason
                            by r8rh8rmike
                            Jackson Energized by Adventurous Offseason
                            Tuesday, September 7, 2010

                            By Nick Wagoner
                            Senior Writer

                            Lying on an operating table following back surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back in early April, Steven Jackson couldn’t help but let his mind drift to the idea of football mortality.

                            In his six years in the NFL, Jackson had never suffered an injury serious enough that he had to undergo offseason surgery let alone feel any pain of any kind that extended beyond a normal three to four week rest period in January.

                            But for the first time, Jackson was going to have an offseason quite different from any of his previous ones.

                            It was then and there that Jackson decided to cut it loose and take a different approach to how he’d spend his summer vacation.

                            “I had uncertainty in my health for the majority of the offseason and was not really enjoying myself,” Jackson said. “It allowed me to really think about the NFL and sometimes you think you can play this game forever. It was a reality check, one that I was probably taking for granted because I have always been healthy for the most part. This time I had to rehab, go through the operation. I was constantly working and not enjoying myself in my down time. Once the back was feeling good and I was feeling physically fit, I wanted to take advantage of my opportunities to enjoy myself.”

                            OUTSIDE THE LINES

                            Each offseason, Jackson makes it a point to try to see at least one new country, if not more. Long before the surgery, Jackson had already planned to venture to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

                            In addition to South Africa, he’d also planned to make stops in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Along the way, Jackson initially figured he’d see the historical sites, tour the land and sample the local food.

                            At some point during the back issues, Jackson morphed into the Vinnie Chase character from Entourage who used a back injury of his own to develop a desire for thrill seeking adventures.

                            So Jackson called his travel agent and added shark diving, three safaris and sand dune hikes to his itinerary.

                            “I just kind of wanted to go into overcoming fears and living outside the lines and boundaries,” Jackson said. “You hear people all the time say that your mind traps you in fear. I kind of tried to step outside of myself and mimic somewhat of a daredevil. This year, I told my travel agent ‘let’s walk on the wild side a little bit.’”

                            Of all of the heart pounding exploits on his trip, it was the first one that really set the tone.

                            On his first day in Cape Town, Jackson hopped on a boat and was ferried to an area known as Seal Island, where great white sharks are known to congregate in large groups.

                            After a bit of trepidation, Jackson climbed into a cage, was hooked up to an...
                            -09-07-2010, 03:53 PM
                          • sosa39rams
                            Steven Jackson HOFer?
                            by sosa39rams
                            Steven Jackson in my mind is the best running back in the league. I was watching a video a few weeks ago, and I remember one of the commentator's asking. do you think he will be a hall of famer? They both agreed on yes as long as our team starts winning.

                            I think if we get a few more good seasons he will be inducted, just because of his determination/heart/will, and all the amazing qualities that he possess'.

                            If he had one more 100 yard game to break our all time leading record, do you guys think he would be inducted in hall of fame?
                            -10-21-2010, 08:27 PM