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My biggest question to Marmalade

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  • My biggest question to Marmalade

    What happened to the blitz??

    I am guessing our blitzing has been cut in half if not more since the inception of the Vanilla Marmalade Crème Pie Defense. I am not sure what or where this guy came from and why you would add him to your staff after having eight years to do something in Arizona and having no success. Then with seconds to go you go into a soft zone coverage to set a game tying field goal.

    I never thought I would say this...I miss Lovie. Marmalade is the root of our problem. Martz needs to find some coaches that can actually coach and stop taking on all these coaching projects and friends.

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    Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

    I think it's because we've been banged up. Pisa got hurt the first game, Polley has a rib injury, Thomas has nagging injuries, Fisher is out for awhile, Butler is having difficulty covering folks so the S has to stay back, Groce and Garrett have been hurt.....and our D line is getting pushed around.


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      Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

      This is the reason we aren't blitzing??

      Originally posted by txramsfan
      I think it's because we've been banged up. Pisa got hurt the first game, Polley has a rib injury, Thomas has nagging injuries, Fisher is out for awhile, Butler is having difficulty covering folks so the S has to stay back, Groce and Garrett have been hurt.....and our D line is getting pushed around.


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        Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

        Well yea, we don't have the talent. Butler is getting burned at the corner so Coady has to play deep. Our D line is getting any penetration at all, and the LB's are so banged up that they are having to plug the holes the D line is creating. If the LB's run blitzed, the opponents running game would be unstoppable. If they pass blitzed, the middle would be wide open due to the safeties having to play deep to help out the corners.


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          Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

          Vanilla Marmalade Crème Pie Defense

          Funniest thing I've read in a while, dude!
          Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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            Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

            you need to have a secondary to blitz. outside of arch and aenaes, there isn't anyone back there. plus you need speed up front.


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              Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

              I disagree.

              I see Arch playing way to much up front and getting eaten alive at the point of attack because he is undersized. Coady can't cover the pass. Thomas is NOT middle linebacker material. Little's head is other places and he consistently over pursues. Our corners are banged up but have played pretty well given the circumstances. They are not the ones getting burned, its the linebackers and safeties getting fried. When teams make nice runs it has been to the outside, not the tackles fault, but the ends not containing and the outside linebackers getting blown up. All this is the defense coordinator responsibility and is fixable but is not being fixed. Marmalade is our problem.


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                Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

                I personally don't think we are that good. Marmie dosen't have anything to work with. Whoever was lined up in front of Butler last Sunday was open before the snap. I think he's just trying to band aid this stuff till we either get healthy or we get to a point that it just wouldn't matter anyway. Plus, we haven't had the lead much this year. We haven't put teams into a passing situation.


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                  Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

                  Voulez vous blitzet a bit more, for sure? Will you, DC Marmalade?


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                    Re: My biggest question to Marmalade

                    Injuries, defensive philosophy, and defensive play calling all contribute to our defensive dilema. Trying to mimic the Tampa cover 2 has been a joke aside from the turnovers that were created LAST year. Even Lovie played that soft zone crap much to often to keep teams in the game.
                    This year the injuries and the defensive play calling are emphisizing the philosophy. We do not have the veteran players to run this type of defense, add the playcalling to what the offense is giving us and you get a 30th ranked unit.
                    If Martz would just see what a running threat would do for the defense, he'd have a better overall team. We have to pass, pass, pass to bail out our poor field postion that the defense left us. Plus ad in the lack of committment to running the ball and you get a lot of 3rd and longs.

                    I love the Rams regardless of who the coach is.
                    I don't have to love the coach cause he's coaching my Rams !!!!

                    Maineram :ramlogo:


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                      Who the he** has been teaching the DB to cover wideouts. And why does he still have a job? In the past 2 games if the stupid DB were to turn their heads around they would have gotten easy interceptions. This is getting flat out crazy stupid. Maybe we were a little harsh against tye hill as it seems right now none of or corners are playing up to expectations
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                      I have been reading numerous posts on this board, some of which are in the brooks thread from earlier today, that reference butler returning as if its a done deal. I sincerely hope that everyone is right about that and i appreciate that it appears as if he is on the road to recovery. However, he is recovering from major knee surgery and no one has seen him close to game action yet. This isnt simply a question of if he will be back, its a question of if he will be back as good as he was before and to me, thats still an open question at this point. We also have no evidence that bartell can cover anyone yet. Brown is ok, good for depth. I still dont think groce is a lost cause. However, assuming that we dont need travis fisher at this point, especially in the context of assuming that butler will be back and be as good as new, is aggressive thinking to me. I am not saying its wrong, just aggressive and still optimistic. Trading a guy away for an out of shape bad attitude guy who is highly unlikely to help us now doesnt seem to make sense to me. If you told me brooks was in football shape and at the minimum was going to contribute on special teams, i might have a different view on him, but i think travis fisher is better suited as a cheap insurance policy for now and it doesnt make sense to dump him yet.

                      ramming speed to all

                      general counsel
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                      Is Walton's playcalling "THE" problem on D?
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                      I've been lurking around other Rams message boards and on most occasions, I see threads and posts that criticize Walton's playcalling.

                      Some people here also think he's the problem.

                      Some take into account that our defense is young, and that our coaching staff doesn't trust our safety help with our CBs so we keep letting them play 5-10 yards off coverage to prevent the big plays.

                      I see that our defense has really taken a step back but do you guys think he is "THE" problem or does the youth of our defense also play a role in some of the atrocities that's happened this season?

                      IMO, I think multiple factors take into place: Walton's inexperience at the DC position creates problems but also the inexperience and youth of players. I think we were better off re-signing Mikell during this offseason as he would've provided experience on the secondary.

                      It wouldn't surprise me though if we relieve Walton of his duties as I'm still pretty iffy about him and his ability to call plays on defense.
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                      Do you think we are skilled enough to focus mainly on the rush? Do plenty of run blitz and plenty of man to man.
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                      With Butler gone for the year, Arch still in question, and many uproven guys trying to fill the void left by Aneas Williams, I think this is the biggest concern.

                      Ivy looks dependable, but he's very small and I would not expect he can cover a guy like Fitzgerald from Arizona or many other teams 2nd guy.

                      Is there cap room left to try to pick up another Corner, or was Ivy already that move?
                      -08-17-2005, 10:35 AM