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St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

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  • St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

    St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju enjoys free hand


    Greet Rams defensive end Victor Adeyanju, and he'll be more than happy to shake hands. A simple gesture, true. But a year ago, Adeyanju couldn't have done it.

    That's because his right hand was encased in a bulky wrap as protection for the middle finger he broke on the third day of training camp. "It feels like you're carrying a baby," Adeyanju said.

    The injury required surgery, but Adeyanju played in all 16 regular-season games and recorded a career-high 73 tackles, including two sacks. He graduated to a smaller cast as the finger healed, but he was encumbered throughout the season.

    "I did what I could do last year, but it kind of set me back," said Adeyanju, a fourth-round draft pick in 2006. Because he compensated for the injury, he's had to "re-learn some things" during camp this year while also familiarizing himself with a new approach on defense under coordinator Ken Flajole.

    "A lot of things have changed," Adeyanju said. "The scheme's a little more complex. A number of things could change depending on who our opponent is."

    Rookie coach Steve Spagnuolo demands versatility from his linemen, which is a plus for Adeyanju. Stout against the run, the 6-foot-4, 284-pound Adeyanju was moved inside last year in certain situations. He has been getting more of the same this summer, with promising results, Spagnuolo reported.

    "Victor is one of those smart guys that can play a couple of different positions," Spagnuolo said. "He's doing a good job."

    It's an ongoing process, Adeyanju stressed. "I'm learning how to leverage a guy, work my hands, playing different techniques. I'm still trying to get a feel for things, working a lot of different moves. It's getting really interesting."


    Even though the coveted Governor's Cup will be at stake, Thursday's home preseason game vs. Kansas City won't sell out, according to Kevin Demoff, the Rams' executive vice president of football operations.

    Because of NFL rules, it can't be shown live locally, although KTVI (Channel 2) will air the game on tape-delay, beginning at about 10:30 that night.


    The Rams must trim five players from their 80-man roster by 3 p.m. today (St. Louis time). Just four days later, the final 53-man squad has to be determined.

    Today's cuts won't be particularly difficult to make, but Spagnuolo insisted that he still had a number of decisions to reach before Saturday's deadline. "I'm keeping an open mind with that last group of guys, because we're not done yet," he said. "We've got some practice and we've got a game."


    Guard Richie Incognito (knee) missed a second day of practice Monday. Fullback Mike Karney (ankle) and defensive end Leonard Little (knee) were limited. ... As he did Sunday, Adam Goldberg manned Incognito's spot at right guard, with rookie Jason Smith at right tackle with the first unit. ... Jacob Bell, coming back from a concussion suffered Aug. 14 vs. the Jets at the Meadowlands, took all the first-team snaps at left guard.

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    Re: St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

    Victor is one of my favorite Rams. I'll take a guy with his heart and attitude on my team any day of the week.


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      Re: St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

      Originally posted by AvengerRam
      I'll take a guy with his heart and attitude on my team any day of the week.
      That's why i loved Pisa. had a lot of heart. But I hope he does well in Chicago. Victor has also been one of my Favorites, just like C.J Ahh-you


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        Re: St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

        I like Victor. He's got the heart. I hope with the defensive rotation going, he has a pretty solid year.


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          Re: St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

          Agree with all the above comments. Excited to see what he can contribute with better health and creative usage.

          I wonder what's going on with Clifton Ryan. Haven't heard him mentioned much at all.


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            Re: St. Louis Rams' Victor Adeyanju Enjoys Free Hand

            If Victor stays healthy, watch out, he's going to be a terror on the line.


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            • r8rh8rmike
              Adeyanju Waits For His Chance
              by r8rh8rmike
              Adeyanju waits for his chance
              By Jim Thomas

              Perhaps the most surprising Rams personnel move in the season opener against Seattle was a player who didn't suit up. Victor Adeyanju, a fourth-year defensive end from Indiana, was among the team's seven pregame inactives.

              Adeyanju was so thrown off by being de-activated, he said he couldn't sleep Sunday night after the team returned to St. Louis. So to say he was surprised by the move would be an understatement.

              "Yeah," Adeyanju said, breaking into his trademark hearty laugh. "But you've got to believe in anything that's good for the team. If they felt that would help us win, so be it. ...You've got to believe in the coaches and trust them. If they need me out there, they'll have me out there."

              Adeyanju is coming off a 2008 season in which he started nine games and led all Rams defensive linemen in tackles with 73. Not known for his pass-rushing skills, he recorded two sacks and eight quarterback pressures.

              But Adeyanju seemed to have improved as a pass rusher this preseason, sharing the team lead with two sacks in exhibition play.

              "I thought I was productive," Adeyanju said.

              But with 10 defensive linemen on the active roster for the regular season, coach Steve Spagnuolo is swimming in options on that unit. He decided to dress Leonard Little, Chris Long, James Hall and C. J. Ah You at end against the Seattle. It was Ah You who was the 12th man on the field on the ill-fated blocked field-goal play.

              Following Thursday's practice, Spagnuolo wouldn't commit to dressing Adeyanju this Sunday against Washington.

              "We're still tossing that one around," Spagnuolo said. "I love Victor. He came up to me and said, 'Coach, what can I do? Do you need me to do anything?' He's a team player."

              Spagnuolo indicated that Ah You's presence on the Seattle game day roster wasn't necessarily the reason for Adeyanju's presence on the inactive list.

              "Special teams can play into that whole thing, and I know Victor understands that," Spagnuolo said. "We activated (linebacker) Larry Grant there at the last minute. We didn't think he was going to be able to go, and we just made a conscious decision to go that way."

              Adeyanju added: "I know it's a tough decision; that's why I'm glad I don't have to make those types of decisions. I was ready to go, but it just didn't happen."

              FOSTER CARE

              Nearly a month removed from season-ending left ankle surgery, wide receiver Brooks Foster is doing treadmill work to stretch out the muscles around the injury. The fifth-round draft pick from North Carolina suffered the injury on the Rams' final offensive play in their preseason opener against the New York Jets....
              -09-18-2009, 12:29 PM
            • RamWraith
              Adeyanju in a Rush
              by RamWraith
              Wednesday, August 20, 2008

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              For many years, Rams legend Deacon Jones was known for using the “cast” on his hand as a way to fight off offensive linemen and terrorize quarterbacks.

              Current Rams defensive end Victor Adeyanju hasn’t drawn comparisons to the legendary Jones in terms of play but a quick glance at the giant white club adorning Adeyanju’s right hand might at least harken some memories.

              Of course, using a cast or any other object as a weapon has long since been declared illegal but who’s to say what can happen in the heat of the battle.

              “That’s technically illegal,” Adeyanju said. “Technically it’s illegal, but when the body’s moving, going crazy, somebody might get hit.”

              Adeyanju suffered a broken right middle finger on July 27, an injury that kept him out for the balance of training camp. Adeyanju had surgery in St. Louis, getting three pins placed in the finger.

              During Adeyanju’s rookie season, he sported a similar cast after breaking his forearm against San Francisco on Nov. 26.

              “Victor for one thing, and I joked about it, played with a club before so it’s not new to him,” coach Scott Linehan said. “For a ‘D’ lineman it hinders you probably as it does any position, not being able to use your hands, but he’s gone through that before and he’s never slowed down. He’s so anxious to get onto the field that he came out right away and was effective. He really is one of our best run defenders and played well even with the cast on there.”

              Soon after surgery, Adeyanju was already pushing to get back on the field. He spent much of his time lobbying line coach Brian Baker to return to practice as soon as possible.

              Most players wouldn’t mind the chance to miss the bulk of training camp but Adeyanju wanted to come back. Entering his third season in the NFL, Adeyanju and many of his coaches believe he is on the verge of a breakout season.

              He gained more weight and muscle in the offseason, up to 280 pounds. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and Baker have big plans for Adeyanju this season, working him at end on running downs and sliding him inside for some passing downs.

              His hallmark talent remains that ability to stop the run as Haslett and Baker have both said on numerous occasions he’s one of the best run stopping ends they have encountered.

              “Victor is a legitimate tough guy,” Baker said. “He’s always been our best run defending end, no matter what Leonard (Little) or James (Hall) might say. He’s the best against the run. He’s a machine. He was starting to get much better in the pass rush. Just because he’s gotten so much bigger, we can play him inside. The ability to move him around some was something we were really looking forward to and he was starting to embrace that and then the finger got broken.”

              -08-20-2008, 02:08 PM
            • RockinRam
              Adeyanju Ready for Opportunity
              by RockinRam
              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              With injury comes opportunity and nobody knows that better than Rams defensive end Victor Adeyanju.
              In each of his first three seasons in the league, Adeyanju has been a valuable reserve for the Rams defensive line and each year, inevitably one of the players starting ahead of him has suffered some type of an injury giving Adeyanju a chance to start.
              During his three-plus year career. Adeyanju has started 25 of 43 games he’s played in. This year, things have been a bit different, though.
              Adeyanju is again getting a chance by way of injury but it isn’t necessarily a starting role. When Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo announced Thursday that backup end C.J. Ah You would miss the rest of the season because of a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, the focus immediately shifted to Adeyanju.
              “It’s a chance for Victor to get in there and play around a little bit and then as the week goes along, we will try some different combinations and see if that is the best thing for us,” defensive coordinator Ken Flajole said. “Right now, Victor will come in and I’m sure Victor will do a good job for us. He is a very diligent young man. He is a true professional so it will be his turn.”
              Adeyanju has learned plenty about waiting his turn during his time in the league, never more so than this season.
              Entering training camp as one of the more experienced defensive linemen on the team, Adeyanju found the adjustment to a new defensive scheme and coaching staff a bit difficult.
              In Spagnuolo and Flajole’s defensive system, defensive linemen are asked to do a lot and play a variety of different positions. Although Adeyanju has experience playing inside and out, the assignments and techniques are different in this defense.
              “I moved inside a little in years past but a new scheme, new coordinator, you have to learn a lot of things and learn a lot of techniques and things they work with,” Adeyanju said. “Initially it was a little bit difficult challenge getting your nose in the book and learning three or four positions. Now, I think everybody including myself has got it down pat.”
              Adeyanju’s learning curve left him a bit behind the other defensive linemen and he became a victim of the numbers game, leaving him inactive for the first six games of the season.
              Like any player, Adeyanju was disappointed that he was unable to do enough to get on the field.
              “As a player and competitor it’s obviously very tough but you have to believe in the coaches and I feel like I am not better than anybody,” Adeyanju said. “If that’s the decision they have to make then I respect their decision. As a competitor it hurt but as a team guy I understood what it was and it’s a long season and I will get my opportunity eventually.”
              That opportunity came for the first time this season in the Oct. 25 game against Indianapolis. Injuries to Ah You and James Hall created the chance...
              -11-20-2009, 03:26 PM
            • RamWraith
              Adeyanju Adding Versatility
              by RamWraith
              Wednesday, August 15, 2007

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              Even as a raw, fourth round project out of Indiana, Victor Adeyanju found himself as a starter at defensive end for the Rams just three games into his rookie season.

              Adeyanju performed admirably for someone with no previous experience before an arm injury slowed his progress.

              While Adeyanju showed an ability to excel against the run in defensive coordinator Jim Haslett’s defense, he struggled to find consistency as a pass rusher. With that in mind, the Rams went scouring the market in search of a bookend to Leonard Little capable of getting to the quarterback.

              The Rams found that player in the form of James Hall, cutting a deal with Detroit on the day before free agency. Now, Adeyanju remains in the mix at end, but is working at defensive tackle in an effort to make himself more versatile.

              “We are just adding some versatility to him,” coach Scott Linehan said. “He has the size to do it. I think it enhances his ability to rush the passer from inside versus outside. It gives him a chance to do something that, if we got into a situation where we needed him in there for some reason due to injury , we could find a place for him not just on first or second down, but even on third down.”

              Adeyanju says he has never really played much at tackle, but is more than willing to learn the ins and outs of playing inside.

              “It’s going relatively well,” Adeyanju said. “I have done maybe a little bit in college, but not very often. They feel I might have a better impact inside. I am definitely up for the challenge and we’ll just see what happens.”

              Make no mistake, Adeyanju is still an end first and foremost, but the Rams likely will experiment with him at tackle in the preseason in hopes that he can be ready to contribute if called upon in the regular season.

              Adeyanju isn’t used to being so close to the ball and having so many blockers on him, but he’s warming to the idea.

              “It’s a little bit different atmosphere with guys all around you so you have to prepare to read the schemes a little quicker,” Adeyanju said. “That makes you a lot more valuable so playing two positions will help. I like the end, but inside is starting to cling to me a little bit.”

              Meanwhile, Adeyanju is doing everything he can to refine his game at his true position, end. He has spent time working to become a better pass rusher. It remains to be seen if his work on some of the nuances of the position will pay off, but Adeyanju is going to factor into the defensive line rotation one way or another.

              “It’s coming along well,” Adeyanju said. “I just have to read a couple of keys. The thing I did was I talked to my coach and tried to switch up my stance a little bit. I was obviously too tight on a lot of plays and I just try to react a little bit...
              -08-16-2007, 02:54 PM
            • rollrams
              Victor Adeyanju out 2-4 weeks
              by rollrams
              MEQUON, Wis. — The bumps and bruises are starting to pile up, as can be expected as we get deeper into camp. First-team cornerback Fakhir Brown (shoulder) is out 2-3 weeks, free-agent rookie defensive tackle Josh Thompson (foot) is gone for at least a month, and defensive lineman Victor Adeyanju returned to St. Louis on Monday morning for surgery on a broken middle finger. He’ll miss 2-4 weeks.
              By Bill Coats
              St. Louis Post-Dispatch
              -07-28-2008, 10:05 AM