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  • Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

    Scoping out the Rams schedule


    Post-Dispatch football writer Jim Thomas takes us through the '09 schedule, and what might happen week by week. Rams Bye Week is Nov. 8

    Mike Holmgren is gone. And some of the Seahawks' best players are getting creaky (QB Matt Hasselbeck, LT Walter Jones, DE Patrick Kerney). But Qwest Field remains one of the league's toughest venues on visitors. The 12th Man is tough to beat. – SEAHAWKS 23, RAMS 16

    Here comes Clinton Portis. An early test to be sure for the run defense of new coach Steve Spagnuolo. But the Rams have had success in this building before, including their first win last year. And Spags knows the NFC East like the back of his hand. – RAMS 27, REDSKINS 23

    Brace yourself for the invasion of the Cheeseheads. The Pack is back in St. Louis for the fourth time in nine years. Deacon Jones' number is retired as part of game-day festivities. Too bad the Deacon won't be out there rushing Aaron Rodgers. – PACKERS 34, RAMS 17

    Three road games in the first four weeks. Yikes! Obviously, the Rams have no friends among the schedule-makers at NFL headquarters. The Niners can play decent defense, but it's still Frank Gore or bust for their less-than-stellar offense. – RAMS 20, ***** 16

    Will Brett Favre supply the missing piece to a Vikings team that already includes one of the league's best runners in Adrian Peterson and one of the game's best run defenses? The Rams find out first-hand, and the answer might not be pretty. – VIKINGS 34, RAMS 13

    J-ville beat out St. Louis for an expansion team in 1993. But it hasn't been able to beat St. Louis on the field yet. OK, there have been only two regular-season meetings since then. But Torry Holt and the Jaguars get their revenge in this one. – JAGUARS 23, RAMS 6

    It's a different looking Colts team without Tony Dungy on the sidelines and Marvin Harrison catching passes. But in case you hadn't noticed, Peyton Manning is still playing quarterback, and that's more than enough to get Indy past the Rams. – COLTS 30, RAMS 20

    Can deposed Rams coach Scott Linehan, the Lions' offensive coordinator, work his "magic" with No. 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford at quarterback? The Lions won't go winless in '09 as they did in '08, but they won't win this one as Spags claims his third road victory. – RAMS 27, LIONS 20

    For the second time in three years, the Rams come off a bye to get the Saints. While the Saints slug it out with division rival Carolina on Nov. 8, the Rams freshen up. Once again, the bye helps the Rams spring an upset as Spags gets his first home win. – RAMS 30, SAINTS 24

    Here comes Kurt. These are always bittersweet events for Rams fans, who love seeing Kurt Warner, one of the heroes of the Greatest Show on Turf. But they cringe at the thought of their squad losing to Bill Bidwill. Which is exactly what happens — again. – CARDINALS 31, RAMS 17

    The Seahawks come to town with a nine-game winning streak over their division rivals. It's the longest series winning streak for a Rams opponent since the days of the 17-game losing streak to San Francisco in the '90s. But the streak ends here. – RAMS 23, SEAHAWKS 20

    The reunion tour continues as the Rams renew acquaintances with LT Orlando Pace, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa and Bears coach Lovie Smith. But with what Mike Ditka used to call "Bear Weather" likely this time of year, any warm feelings won't last. – BEARS 17, RAMS 13

    Monster DT Albert Haynesworth has left for greener pastures in Washington, but the Titans still have plenty of muscle on both sides of the ball — too much muscle for the Rams in their first visit to Nashville since the '99 Super Bowl season. – TITANS 24, RAMS 10

    The ghost of Ryan Fitzpatrick still haunts the Texans. Fitz engineered an amazing fourth-quarter comeback for the Rams in a 2005 overtime victory, the only previous meeting between the teams. Fitzpatrick is long gone from St. Louis, but the result is the same. – RAMS 16, TEXANS 10

    As painful as it might be to admit for some in St. Louis, there is no doubt that the Big Red are the Best in the West. University of Phoenix Stadium is a tough place to play, a fact reinforced by the Cardinals' seventh straight victory in the series. – CARDINALS 38, RAMS 17

    What better place for Isaac Bruce to play his final NFL game than St. Louis, where he did so much for 13 seasons. Bruce strolls into retirement in style, with a couple of clutch catches and at least one TD catch at the Edward Jones Dome. – ***** 28, RAMS 27

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    Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

    6-10 wow! I guess according to you jimmy we are going to suck. I think we can take the opener. At worst I see us at 8-8. We have the Jags number, plus I know we can get one from the Tards. I see us squeaking into the playoffs. Heck I see us in the superbowl, TAKE THAT!
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    It's Jim not Chris


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      Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

      I feel the Rams will surprise alot of people, while they fly under the radar, we'll all come to recognize that these aren't your big brother's Rams. In the spirit of 1999, the Rams will rediscover their Mojo, reshaping their image inspired by their new no nonsense Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo, to once again wreck havoc on a shocked NFL.
      Seattle will be the big test. Rams will have to be 'In It To Win It'.....NO MORAL VICTORY HERE! Once the Rams beat the Seahawks in Seattle, there could be a Domino effect that follows, that snowballs into a winning record for the season.

      Right ON, LA RAMMER! I'm right with ya. LET's GET RAM TOUGH, Y'ALL!!! :ram:


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        Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

        I'm all for being positive, but with the heartache that comes along with going 5-27 over the last 2 seasons, comes a healthy dose of reality. Until the Rams can show me something on the field during the regualr season, (and I mean a solid 3-4 games, not like that false hope they gave us last year against the Redskins and Cowboys) I'm not gonna get all worked up, just to be disappointed again.


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          Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

          I too appreciate the optimistic attitudes by some of the loyal fans in here, but I'm a little more cautious with my thoughts on the Rams this year.

          To think this team can turn it around after a 2-win season, with the roster they now have would be nothing short of a miracle. The start of the season is brutal, having the bulk of the games on the road. Add to that, Marc Bulger is going to be rusty heading into the Seattle game. Jackson and Karney are still finding their way and haven't spent a whole lot of time together on the playing field yet. Our defense still gives up too many big plays and our D-line is still not up to par with the better teams.

          I do believe this team is finally going in the right direction. But it will take time. I don't want to say that this team has no chance of making the playoffs, but if I were a bettin' man..... well, I wouldn't lay the house on the 2009 Rams doing any better than 6-10. The 1999 Rams surprised the heck out of me, maybe the 2009 version will do the same. The first game in Seattle will tell a lot about this team, and where it's heading. Win or lose, how they respond will be a good test about the character of the new staff and players, and f they can somehow get out of the gate with anywhere near a .500 record before the bye week, anything is possible. However, my fear is a bad start, as many experts predict, and another long year for the fans.


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            Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

            I think Thomas took a nice even keel approach to this schedule until he got here....
            What better place for Isaac Bruce to play his final NFL game than St. Louis, where he did so much for 13 seasons. Bruce strolls into retirement in style, with a couple of clutch catches and at least one TD catch at the Edward Jones Dome. – ***** 28, RAMS 27
   got emotional, Jimmy. I calling this one for the good guys, and finishing the season 7-9.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

              I see us winning the opener & I also see us with a winning record this year 9 & 7.


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                Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                One thing that is blatantly obvious from J.T. here is that he is stuck up Warner's rear-end, considering he has the Cards blasting us twice ...


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                  Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                  Originally posted by Ramer
                  I see us winning the opener & I also see us with a winning record this year 9 & 7.
                  9 and 7 is my prediction as well, i think we can go 1-1 hey maybe even sweep the cards. And i think our Pass rush will suprise a lot of people, go Rams!


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                    Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                    Hey, I'd jump for friggin joy at 6-10 after the last two season debacles.


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                      Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                      Originally posted by r8rh8rmike
                      Scoping out the Rams schedule


                      Post-Dispatch football writer Jim Thomas takes us through the '09 schedule, and what might happen week by week. Rams Bye Week is Nov. 8

                      For the second time in three years, the Rams come off a bye to get the Saints. While the Saints slug it out with division rival Carolina on Nov. 8, the Rams freshen up. Once again, the bye helps the Rams spring an upset as Spags gets his first home win. – RAMS 30, SAINTS 24
                      I know it's just one writers thoughts on what might happen but wow Jimmy T, just wow.

                      The Rams are coming off of the bye week, the Saints are coming off of the Carolina game, blah blah blah. If you're good, you're good, and the Saints offense is good.

                      Sure the Rams may be able to put 30 points on what will probably be a porous Saints D, but Drew Brees and company will almost certainly score a minimum of 30 points on plenty of teams this year, including the Rams.

                      Sorry Jim, I don't see a Rams win here.


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                        Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                        4-12. The Rams lost more talent than they added this offseason and are paper thin at LB, RB, DB and WR. You must have depth to compete if you are playing a physical style like the Rams are attempting.

                        Edit: If the Rams thought they were at 7-9 with this roster, I doubt Hill or Pisa would be gone and they would have brought in some more veterans to get us to 9-7 which might make the playoffs this year in the West. The Rams went almost completely with youth for a reason.
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                          Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                          Originally posted by txramsfan
                          Hey, I'd jump for friggin joy at 6-10 after the last two season debacles.
                          You took the words right outof my mouth...


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                            Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                            If and when we can win a few we won't be satisfied any longer with only six wins. I'll just jump on the bandwagon with La Rammer and say win it all. Maybee if we don't beat ourselves this year we might win with, what the experts call, no talent.


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                              Re: Scoping Out The Rams Schedule

                              Just like the guys picked it on ESPN (their monday night football crew), we will be 5-11 this season, no more, no less, we simply lack the talent to go 8-8 or 9-7 this year guys; let alone to make the playoffs....."PLAYOFFS"?


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                              • eldfan
                                Rams' first win elusive
                                by eldfan
                                Rams' first win elusive

                                BY JIM THOMAS
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                The resolve belied the scoreboard in the cramped visitors locker room at Candlestick Park last Sunday afternoon.

                                "I have confidence that things are going to turn around," running back Steven Jackson said, mere minutes after the Rams' 35-0 loss to San Francisco.

                                "We're going to win games, I'm telling you," defensive end Leonard Little added.

                                But when? It has been 357 days now since the gods of gridiron fortune last smiled on the Rams. On Oct. 19, 2008, the Rams pummeled Dallas 34-14 for their second consecutive victory under interim head coach Jim Haslett.

                                Since then? Nothing but gloom, despair and agony ... the agony of defeat. The Rams have lost a franchise record 14 in a row, the longest current losing streak in the National Football League. The losses keep mounting in 2009 despite sweeping offseason changes, changes that permeated every level of the organization.

                                One month into the season, the Rams are 0-4 and have been outscored 108 to 24. They have led for only 12 minutes 29 seconds all season, taking a 7-6 lead in Washington late in the first half on a touchdown pass from Marc Bulger to Laurent Robinson, capped by Josh Brown's extra point.

                                That period of prosperity ended with 6:27 to go in the third quarter when Washington took a 9-7 lead on a Shaun Suisham field goal.

                                As KSDK-TV news anchor Mike Bush used to say back in the days when he did sports: "End highlight reel."

                                So when does it end? If you believe the sports wagering industry, it won't happen this season. The Rams will be an underdog in all 12 of their remaining games.

                                "Depending on what transpires in the next few weeks and barring any significant injuries, the closest the St. Louis Rams will be to a favorite all season will be in Detroit on November 1st," said Richard Gardner, sportsbook manager for Bodog. "As it stands right now, the Lions would be a three-, four-point favorite."

                                Three of the Rams' first four games have been on the road, where it's generally tougher to win. But those opponents were hardly NFL heavyweights. Washington and Seattle (with a healthy Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback) are average at best. Green Bay and San Francisco are good, but don't have the look of NFC title contenders.

                                But the Rams step up in class Sunday, with the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings visiting the Edward Jones Dome in a noon kickoff.

                                "That franchise is really put together," Rams defensive tackle Clifton Ryan said. "They've got a couple of all-Pros on the defensive line in Kevin and Pat Williams. They've got a Hall of Fame quarterback (Brett Favre).

                                "They've got some young guns at receiver in Percy Harvin and Bernard...
                                -10-11-2009, 08:34 AM
                              • ZiaRam
                                The Rams Will Make Playoff Party
                                by ZiaRam
                                by Alvin Reid

                                Reid is also a part-time weekend host with 101 ESPN on the 101 SportsLine program.
                                Last year I predicted that the St. Louis Rams would bounce back from an embarrassing 1-15 mark in 2009 and finish Steve Spagnuolo's second season as head coach at 8-8. I just didn't pick the record, I forecast what games would be won and lost.
                                Not only was I mocked locally, a couple of national bloggers got in on the fun.
                                Well, I've been spouting off that the Rams will win nine games this year in the regular season, and the 9-7 record will make them NFC West champs.
                                No one seems to be laughing this year. In fact some very wise football minds have the Rams winning 10 games, closing at 10-6.
                                I can't find that 10th win. I was off by one last year thanks to the season-ending setback at Seattle. Maybe I'll be off by one win again, but this time on the positive side.
                                Here we go!
                                Sept. 11: Eagles at Rams. The media will say the Rams shocked the world. I'll say that they had the right team in the right place at the right time. 1-0
                                Sept. 19: Rams at Giants. Monday Night Football! The Giants have injury problems, but lately the G-Men have been better early in the season than late. In a tight game, the Rams fall. 1-1
                                Sept. 25: Ravens at Rams. The smiles that graced the Edward Jones Dome after the Philly win will be frowns as Baltimore escapes with a win. It could very easily come in overtime. 1-2
                                Oct. 2: Redskins at Rams. While not a "must win," the Rams need to handle the Redskins and will. 2-2
                                Oct. 16: Rams at Packers. After a tough first-month schedule and bye week, the Rams head north to Green Bay. A loss awaits them, but the Packers don't blow out the Rams. 2-3
                                Oct. 23: Rams at Cowboys. The Rams could easily win this game. But Jason Garrett's team is vastly improved mentally over that of Wade Phillips' teams. 2-4
                                Oct. 30: Saints at Rams. New Orleans could represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. But the Saints will be wondering how they lost to St. Louis on the eve of Halloween. The Rams will have a big day on the ground. 3-4
                                Nov. 6. Rams at Cardinals. Kevin Kolb might put together a strong season with Larry Fitzgerald making the Pro Bowl. St. Louis is still better and wins on the road in the heat. 4-4
                                Nov. 13: Rams at Cleveland. This one scares me. Pat Shurmur can't wait to take on the offense he once directed. Rams should be clicking on both sides of ball by halfway point of season. In another possible overtime game, Rams win. 5-4
                                Nov. 20: Seahawks at Rams. Get ready for the big payback. A blowout. Rams rip Seattle to avenge the final-game loss that kept the Rams out of the playoffs. 6-4
                                Nov. 27. Cardinals at Rams. Another blowout win for the Rams. Playoff talk begins after the Seahawks win. It intensifies after the win over Arizona. 7-4
                                Dec. 4. Rams at *****. Winning at San Francisco is in the realm possibility. But Jim Harbaugh...
                                -09-08-2011, 01:11 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Even if Rams improve, this schedule will bury them
                                by RamWraith
                                By Jeff Gordon
                                STLTODAY.COM SPORTS COLUMNIST

                                Back in 1999, the Rams turned a 4-12 doormat into “The Greatest Show on Turf.” They did this by making smart moves -- trading for Marshall Faulk, drafting Torry Holt, finding London Fletcher as an undrafted free agent, etc. -– and by exploiting a soft schedule.

                                The 2008 Rams will have no such opportunity. Their schedule is a load. After seeing how it will unfold in the fall, fans have little reason for optimism.

                                Scott Linehan’s troops ought to do better than 3-13 this season -– assuming their offensive line remains upright -– but getting to the high side of .500 will be an ENORMOUS challenge.

                                Even if the Rams do a terrific job with the draft and make a few more veteran additions, they will find victories difficult to come by. Plenty of early challenges loom and most of the easier games come later, when their spirit could be broken.

                                Walk through their 2008 schedule (which is devoid of prime-time games) and see what we mean:

                                Sept. 7, at Philadelphia: Andy Reid is still coach, quarterback Donovan McNabb is still quarterback and Eagles fans are still restless. But McNabb believes another offseason of rehab will help him regain mobility on his battered knee and he should be fresh in Week 1. And he actually believes his team can improve on its 8-8 finish. “We're going to continue to get stronger as the team continues to build, and we look good to put a good showing on the football field,” he told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

                                Sept. 14, New York Giants: Eli Manning is all grown up now. He doesn’t have to borrow his brother’s Super Bowl ring, because he earned one of his own. So he won’t be intimidated by the noise at the Edward Jones Dome. Then again, the dome might not be quite so noisy this season due to the suffocating pessimism.

                                Sept. 21, at Seattle: The Seahawks always beat the Rams. Last year, Seattle won 33-6 at home and 24-19. That the Rams poached reliable Seahawks kicker Josh Brown won’t make a bit of difference. We’ll believe a Linehan-coached team can beat a Mike Holmgren-coached team when we see it. The good news for the Rams: Holmgren will retire after this season and hand the team to successor Jim Mora Jr.

                                Sept. 28, Buffalo: The Bills, 7-9 a year ago, are just a pedestrian AFC team. But the AFC is a much better conference, so this is a surprisingly dangerous game for the home team. The Rams could easily finish the first quarter of the season 1-3 or worse.

                                Oct. 5, Bye: Coaches usually prefer to get their bye week later in the season. Nothing about this schedule is good for the Rams.

                                Oct. 12, at Washington: This opponent is a wild card. Joe Gibbs re-retired after a 9-7 finish and owner Danny Snyder opted for unproven Jim Zorn as his successor. Then the Redskins eschewed the free-agent marketplace,...
                                -04-15-2008, 02:51 PM
                              • RamDez
                                Variety Show
                                by RamDez
                                Variety Show

                                By Jim Thomas
                                Of the Post-Dispatch


                                Based on last season's records, the Rams have the easiest schedule in the NFL.

                                The Rams face only four teams that had winning records in 2004: Philadelphia (13-3), Indianapolis (12-4), Seattle (9-7) and Jacksonville (9-7).

                                They face only four teams that made the playoffs: Philly, Indy, the Seahawks and Minnesota (8-8).

                                But given the current parity-driven state of the NFL, the Rams should take nothing for granted. Teams can change from the "Same Old Sorry (Bleep) Rams" into the "Greatest Show on Turf" in an instant.

                                The 2005 schedule features familiar rivals New Orleans and Philadelphia. And, of course, NFC West opponents Arizona, San Francisco and Seattle. But it's really characterized more by the unfamiliar than the familiar:

                                On Thanksgiving weekend, the Rams play the Houston Texans - a 2002 expansion team - for the first time.

                                The day before Halloween, they play former St. Louis expansion rival Jacksonville for just the second time, and for the first time since 1996.

                                In a Sunday night affair on New Year's Day, the Rams play a regular-season game in Dallas for the first time since the move to St. Louis in '95.

                                The home opener on Sept. 25 marks the first visit of the Tennessee Titans to St. Louis for a regular-season contest, and the first meeting of the teams other than the preseason since Super Bowl XXXIV.

                                Perhaps the marquee game of the season occurs Oct. 17 when the Rams make their first visit to Indianapolis since '95. As such, it will be running back Marshall Faulk's first game against his old club since the memorable trade that sent him to St. Louis in 1999. It's also the Rams' only Monday night appearance of this season.

                                There will be some new faces to go along with the new places. The Rams get their first look at young quarterbacks David Carr of Houston, Byron Leftwich of Jacksonville, Eli Manning of the New York Giants and, quite possibly, No. 1 overall draft pick Alex Smith of San Francisco.

                                At the other end of the QB spectrum, they'll face some of the top QBs in the league, including Eli's older brother Peyton, Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb and Minnesota's Daunte Culpepper.

                                Obviously, no opposing quarterback will draw as much interest as the one who now calls Arizona home - Kurt Warner. A two-time NFL MVP with the Rams, Warner faces his former team twice in the NFC West. As long as Bill Bidwill owns the Big Red, playing Arizona will always be a big game for any St. Louis football fan over age 30. Putting Warner in a Cardinals uniform turns up the rivalry several notches.

                                We won't have to wait long for the first meeting. It figures to be 100 degrees-plus in the Valley of the Sun on Sept.
                                -08-28-2005, 02:47 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                It's a slate of tough dates for Rams
                                by RamWraith
                                By Jim Thomas
                                Of the Post-Dispatch
                                Friday, Aug. 27 2004

                                The Rams play the seventh-toughest schedule in the National Football League in
                                2004, based on last season's standings.

                                Seven of their 16 games are against 2003 playoff teams. Only Carolina, New
                                Orleans and Tampa Bay (with eight apiece) face more.

                                The Rams play both Super Bowl participants - New England and Carolina. Not to
                                mention three-time NFC runner-up Philadelphia.

                                They get Michael Vick in his 71,000-seat playpen - the Georgia Dome.

                                They renew acquaintances with old rivals New Orleans and Tampa Bay and face a
                                potential warm-weather game at Miami in late October, and potential
                                cold-weather contests in late November in Buffalo and Green Bay.

                                And let's not forget the division. There's the budding rivalry with the Seattle
                                Seahawks, who some believe are the team to beat in the NFC West . . .
                                traditional West Coast rival San Francisco . . . and of course, the team St.
                                Louis loves to hate, Mr. Bidwill's Arizona Cardinals.

                                Other than that, there's absolutely no challenge, intrigue, or excitement to
                                the Rams' 2004 schedule. If not the most interesting and most daunting schedule
                                since the move to St. Louis, it's close to it.

                                Let's begin at the beginning. The Rams are 7-2 in home openers since the move
                                from southern California, which doesn't bode well for the Big Red, who visit
                                their old hometown Sept. 12.

                                The Rams have swept all four meetings with the Cardinals since realignment put
                                the teams in the same division in 2002. Under new coach Dennis Green, the Big
                                Red at least had the makings of an exciting offense with underrated Marcel
                                Shipp at running back, plus '03 rookie sensation Anquan Boldin and No. 3
                                overall draft pick Larry Fitzgerald at wide receiver.

                                But injuries to Boldin (knee) and Shipp (ankle) will sideline them far beyond
                                opening day. If the Rams have any aspirations for another NFC West title - or
                                even a wild-card playoff berth - they must sweep the Cardinals.

                                In fact, the best recipe for postseason play would seem to be a 5-1 record in
                                division play, coupled with a .500 or better mark out of the division.

                                The Rams could accomplish 5-1 in the division by sweeping Arizona and San
                                Francisco, and splitting with the Seahawks. The Rams haven't swept the 'Niners
                                since the 2001 Super Bowl season. But with no Terrell Owens, no Jeff Garcia and
                                no Garrison Hearst, the ***** appear to have no chance to make a playoff run.

                                Seattle is another matter. The Seahawks are a year older, a year wiser and
                                still look like a team on the rise. Both Rams-Seahawks contests were tossups a
                                year ago, with...
                                -08-29-2004, 07:35 AM