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    Should James Hall and Victor Adeyanju get the start, with Little and Long coming in on rotations and passing downs?

    It's odd that both of our starters are undersized yet we wonder why we struggle to stop the run.

    The flip side is that the Rams are known around the league as a team (or defense) you want to get into the nickle or dime and then run on them. Bengals did it. Falcons did it, but they can flat run on great defenses so.

    I'm just curious as to why we stick with Little and Long if in reality we (at times) would probably have a more stable defense with our two backups in there more. Curious what you guys think about this. And hey, it doesn't involve Bulger.


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    Re: Ram Defensive Ends

    Going by their listed weights, Long, Hall, and Adeyanju are all within ten pounds of each other. Thus, I think it's inaccurate to refer to the 276-pound Long as "undersized" when Hall is only 281 and Adeyanju is 284. But again, those are listed weights.

    The people I'd like to see start are the players who give the Rams the best chance at winning. I like what Chris Long brings to the table as a starter more than James Hall or Victor Adeyanju, but I'd like to see both of the latter two in the mix at both DE and DT in passing situations.


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      Re: Ram Defensive Ends

      I believe Little should be rotated in at this point. He's a liability at run support. He has one pass rush move and it's a speed rush to the outside and that leaves our LBers completely exposed. The Turner runs against the Falcons showed it very clearly as recent examples.

      Long is big enough to play every down.


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        Re: Ram Defensive Ends

        Originally posted by btimsah
        Should James Hall and Victor Adeyanju get the start, with Little and Long coming in on rotations and passing downs?

        Next question.


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          Re: Ram Defensive Ends

          if Hall and Adeyanju were better than Little and Long then they would be starting

          but they arent


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            Re: Ram Defensive Ends

            Originally posted by AvengerRam

            Next question.
            Would you rather we argue about Bulger?



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              Re: Ram Defensive Ends

              I'd be more interested in seeing Victor Adeyanju and Chris Long for downs 1 & 2, and Little rotate in on 3rd. Especially if the Rams can get any kind of push up the middle.
              Semper Fi!


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                Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                Little has normally been pretty good in run support, so I don't agree that he is a liability there. How many times has the run gone to the right side, and Little catches them from behind coming from the other side. I think the problem over the past 3-4 years has been with the DT's against the run, not the DE's.

                Spags is going to move them all over the place this year confusing the O-line and QB, that's his stamp on a defense !!!

                Maineram -


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                  Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam

                  Next question.
                  Hey AV stop stealing my line(s), but I fully agree with you.
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                    Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                    I should clarify my statement. I think the above because I'd like to keep Little fresh and protect him in this stage of his career, ensure some health and rest.
                    Semper Fi!


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                      Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                      I'm not so sure it really matters who the starters are. Spags likes to mix up and rotate his D Linemen. I think all of these guys will see plenty of playing time.


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                        Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                        I think Little should start, but he should play less snaps to keep him fresh and healthy. I'm sure Spags will do that with the deep rotation he likes to use. We could see alot of Adenyanju and Hall on either side on running downs and also see them at DT on passing downs where I think they will be the most dangerous with there size and speed combo against slower guards


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                          Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                          Yeah, I wouldn't call Long particularly undersized. If you look at the league's top pass rushers, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, John Abraham, Darren Howard, Aaron Kampman, and Jared Allen are just some of the guys listed in the 260-270 range. As far as who starts, I don't think it matters too much. Adeyanju probably comes in on obvious run downs; Little probably comes in on obvious passing downs. The rest is up in the air. We might not technically have the same starters from game to game depending on how we think the opponent is going to come out.


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                            Re: Ram Defensive Ends

                            Originally posted by Richbert88
                            I'd be more interested in seeing Victor Adeyanju and Chris Long for downs 1 & 2, and Little rotate in on 3rd. Especially if the Rams can get any kind of push up the middle.
                            That at least makes some logical sense. Why anyone would suggest that Long should not be a starter is beyond me.


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                            • RockinRam
                              Chris Long and James Hall will be successful if...
                              by RockinRam
                              If our DT's can do their job.

                              Last year, one thing I noticed was that on pass downs, our DTs were invisible out there, and their presence was barely felt.

                              Whether it was directly trying to force pressure up the middle of the pocket, or take on double teams to let linebackers blitz through the middle, our DTs couldn't consistently do that well, resulting in our haphazard pass rush.

                              Chris Long, I noticed, would consistently get very close to sacking the QB, but the QB would just step up because there was no danger of the middle of the pocket collapsing on him. IMO, Chris Long could have had at least 4-5 more sacks. And maybe even more.

                              With the additon of Robbins, and the steady improvement of Scott and Ryan, I think that this year our DTs will do their job a lot better than last year.

                              And if they do, look for Chris Long and James Hall to create havoc.

                              In my opinion, the one most pressing thing we need on our defense right now is a quick DT that is a penetrator. We have enough fat blobs.
                              -04-26-2010, 03:27 PM
                            • MauiRam
                              James Hall giving Rams much-needed pass rush ..
                              by MauiRam
                              BY BILL COATS Saturday, October 9, 2010 12:20 am

                              If James Hall needs a publicity agent, fellow Rams defensive end Chris Long is up to the job.

                              "James has always been a good player, a guy who I think people should know more about," Long said. "So much in this league is based on hype and who's who. He's excelled even on teams ... that haven't done so well."

                              In Hall's case, "haven't done so well" is a vast understatement. In Hall's 10 years in the NFL coming into this season — seven with Detroit and the last three with the Rams — his teams posted a combined record of 39-121.

                              That's basically an average finish of 4-12. Over a decade.

                              But if the 6-foot-2, 281-pound Hall, 33, is worn down by all the losing, it isn't showing. He's already racked up a team-high four sacks this season, a total exceeded by only four players leaguewide.

                              Hall's career high is 11½, in 2004. He had 4½ sacks last year, when defensive end Leonard Little led the Rams with 6½.

                              Little didn't return this year, creating a need for a strong pass rusher. "It was just something we knew we had to have," Hall said. "Regardless of whether Leonard was here or not, that was something we had to get, pressure. It's something we continue to work on every day."

                              Said coach Steve Spagnuolo: "I love Leonard. But in this league, the guys that are here have to step up and play. And we're getting some pretty good play out of our defensive ends."

                              Hall arrives at Rams Park at about 6 a.m., where he begins a daily ritual that doesn't vary much. "He's a workhorse," rookie defensive end Eugene Sims said. "He's the first one here and the last one to leave."

                              Hall studies film religiously and spends a good portion of his time devising ways to exploit his upcoming opponent.

                              "Just working my technique during the course of the week, working my craft," he explained, "and coming up with game plans for guys and then trying to go out and execute it."

                              Obtained in a trade with the Lions in March 2007, Hall moved immediately into a starting role on the right side, opposite Little. Long now is getting full-time reps at left end, and Hall often slides inside in running situations.

                              On Sunday in Detroit, Hall will be going against a familiar opponent — a former University of Michigan teammate, Lions tackle Jeff Backus — in a familiar setting.

                              "I played a lot of football, college and pro, in the state of Michigan," Hall said. "It's always good to go back there to that city and play some ball at Ford Field."

                              Hall hooked on with the Lions as an undrafted rookie in 2000. He was taught the ropes by veteran defensive end Robert Porcher and five-time Pro Bowler Charles Haley, who coached Detroit's...
                              -10-09-2010, 01:01 AM
                            • Rambos
                              Rams, Hall Happy to Have Each Other
                              by Rambos
                              Rams, Hall Happy to Have Each Other
                              Wednesday, June 13, 2007

                              By Nick Wagoner
                              Senior Writer

                              Surrounded by a trio of reports, quietly answering questions about his offseason move to St. Louis, James Hall is clearly a happy camper. It doesn’t take long to realize, though, that Hall isn’t the happiest person in this hallway.

                              Suddenly, a voice booms “Thank God for James Hall.” The voice is filled with enthusiasm and joy. It’s the voice of fellow defensive end Leonard Little.

                              And why shouldn’t Little be happy to have Hall in the building? Considering the number of tag team partners that have come and gone on the end opposite Little in recent years, any sign of stability would be enough to excite the Rams’ star pass rusher.

                              “Oh yeah, we were both happy about it,” Hall said. “We know we have to take advantage of the situation and that’s going to be a big part of the success of the defense.”

                              Success on defense is something that has been few and far between in recent seasons. Despite some advances made last season, particularly in the final three games, that unit has had some weaknesses that have been exploited over the past few years.

                              One of those weaknesses has been a lack of a productive end opposite Little. Despite the lack of a running mate, Little has continued to perform at a high level, posting 13 sacks last season with a group consisting of talented, but raw rookie Victor Adeyanju, enigmatic Anthony Hargrove and Brandon Green on the opposite end. That group combined for just two sacks in 2006.

                              Although Little has still been able to perform at a high level without a true pass rushing threat on the other end, he welcomed the idea of getting someone who can provide a consistent pass rush on the other end and, more important, free him up so he isn’t always being blocked by multiple players from multiple angles.

                              “I think he will bring a lot of what Leonard brings to the other side to the table,” coach Scott Linehan said. “Maybe a little different style, but he is still a guy that has got that speed to pass rush and is a very willing run defender. I think he can be really good for us.”

                              With that in mind, the Rams made finding a pass rushing end to pair with Little one of their top priorities in the offseason. In a free agent market that was supposed to be flush with defensive ends, the Rams never got the opportunity to make a play for any of the available talent as teams re-signed or franchised their best players.

                              So, the Rams turned to the trade market in search of an answer. Fortunately for them, Hall had ensured his presence on the trade market by asking for a trade from Detroit in January.

                              “I didn’t get the feel that the organization was going in the right direction,” Hall said. “I asked for it.”

                              Hall had grown tired of his time with the...
                              -06-13-2007, 04:36 PM
                            • mcpeepants232003
                              Defensive end play has been vastly improved
                              by mcpeepants232003
                              Little has 4.5 sacks, Hall 2.5, Long 2 and Victor has 2 also. I'm pretty sure we have more sacks from our ends this year than we did all of last year. Little looks like he has returned to his pro bowl form. Long has looked pretty good for a rookie and Hall and Victor have been much improved since last season.
                              -10-23-2008, 11:14 PM
                            • r8rh8rmike
                              Round Two: How Did This Defense Get Ram Tough?
                              by r8rh8rmike
                              How did this defense get Ram tough?

                              ROGER HENSLEY
                              Wednesday, November 10, 2010

                              QUESTION: What do you think has been the key to Rams improved play on defense this season?

                              JIM THOMAS

                              There are a lot of reasons, but it starts up front. Defensive ends James Hall and Chris Long have emphatically answered the question of “where’s the pass rush?” with 11 sacks between them. Fred Robbins has been a key addition at defensive tackle, both in terms of run defense and pushing the pocket on pass plays.

                              JEFF GORDON

                              Adding Fred Robbins to the point of the attack was a huge, huge piece of this. He is a disruptive force in the middle of the front seven. Getting physical cornerback Bradley Fletcher back from his injury was also big. Middle linebacker James Laurinaitis and defensvie end Chris Long both took big steps this season. James Hall has played extremely well at the other defensive end spot. The team still needs to upgrade at OLB, but overall the unit is much more imposing than last year’s group.

                              BILL COATS

                              The front four. DEs James Hall and Chris Long have been getting into the backfield consistently, pressuring QBs. That has helped the defensive backs in coverage. Also, DT Fred Robbins has been getting push, too, and is a solid run stuffer. DT Gary Gibson also has been stout vs. the run. When the d-line is performing well, it sets the tone for the entire unit.

                              BRYAN BURWELL

                              There is no one key. It begins with the players being in the system for a year and understanding things better. But it is impossible to overemphasize the value of a large and productive tackle like Freddie Robbins to the defensive unit. The push he constantly provides in the middle opens things up for everyone.

                              ROGER HENSLEY

                              The front four is obviously key and James Laurinaitis is developing into a great defensive leader from the middle linebacker spot. And while they’ve dropped way too many balls, the secondary can be imposing and create havoc for opposing quarterbacks. But the key to it all, in my opinion, is coach Steve Spagnuolo sticking to his guns on the kind of character players he wants on this team, and Billy Devaney’s ability to go out and get them. There is a cohesiveness to Spags’ defensive unit, guys buy into the system and the team is reaping the dividends.
                              -11-10-2010, 04:28 PM