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Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

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  • Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

    NFL trades that need to happen before kickoff
    by John Czarnecki

    By and large, the NFL isn't much of a trading league when compared to baseball. Just look at the Dodgers making two trades just before Monday night's waiver wire deadline a full one month after the MLB's much-hyped other trade deadline of July 31.

    Free Draft Guide The NFL should allow trading until December 1 just in case a quarterback or another star goes down, giving teams a chance to still compete for a playoff spot. But, no, the NFL deadline is October 20, with 11 weeks and 65 percent of the season left to play. Some teams aren't even sure if they're legit contenders that early in the year.

    Granted, the NFL has gotten better at this whole trading thing. Three starting quarterbacks changed teams this offseason, including the blockbuster Jay Cutler trade from Denver to Chicago. Also, two of the game's best tight ends, Tony Gonzalez and Kellen Winslow, switched locations.

    There could be some trades before next week's final cuts; every team has to lube down to the final 53-man roster on September 5. The most obvious one would be Denver dealing petulant receiver Brandon Marshall, who is so unhappy with his $2.2 million contract that he's currently suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. New head coach Josh McDaniels has already shipped his franchise quarterback out of town, so why not pull the trigger on Marshall, who is simply following Cutler's crybaby lead?

    The following are the 10 trades I would make if I called the shots:

    1. WR Brandon Marshall to the Ravens: Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome finally found his quarterback last year, drafting Joe Flacco. But the receiving corps is aging and always nicked up. The Broncos want a high pick or picks for Marshall and the Ravens can afford to deal a first-round choice, knowing it should be in the bottom of the round. The Ravens are good enough, with Marshall, to end up in the Super Bowl.

    Colts GM Bill Polian doesn't like malcontents like Marshall, but he should also be interested because Anthony Gonzalez isn't playing like Marvin Harrison in Indy.

    2. WR Anquan Boldin to the Titans: The Cardinals really like two of their young receivers and they can part ways with Boldin, who simply wants to get away from Larry Fitzgerald's large shadow. The Titans have a huge need right now with Nate Washington lame with a hamstring and a rookie (Kenny Britt) in the starting lineup. How can Jeff Fisher expect Kerry Collins to win 13 games again without some quality receivers?

    3. QB Luke McCown to the Packers: The Packers need a solid backup quarterback with Matt Flynn's shoulder hurting and Brian Brohm a major disappointment as a second-round pick. McCown might have been a better choice as the Bucs' starter, but rookie coach Raheem Morris preferred to go with Byron Leftwich until rookie Josh Freeman is ready. GM Mark Dominik doesn't want to pay McCown $2.5 million to sit the bench.

    4. TE Ben Watson to the Bengals: This talented New England tight end has run into a numbers battle with Alex Smith and Chris Baker pushing for playing time. The Bengals, meanwhile, have a desperate need with Ben Utecht (concussion) on IR and Reggie Kelly hurt. Carson Palmer's new tight end is Daniel Coats, who played fullback last season. Palmer definitely needs some receiving help.

    5. DT Anthony Montgomery to the Panthers: Ever since the Panthers lost mountain man Maake Kemoeatu at defensive tackle, GM Marty Hurney has been looking for a big replacement. Washington's Montgomery is 6-foot-6, 320 pounds and very unhappy about being demoted from the starting lineup with the arrival of Albert Haynesworth.

    If the Packers release Justin Harrell, the Panthers would also probably give the bad-back former No. 1 pick a look.

    Branch may be brittle, but the Rams could use anybody at this point at WR.

    6. WR Deion Branch to the Rams: It's rare to see an intra-division trade, but the Rams need a veteran receiver and this former Super Bowl MVP keeps slipping down the depth chart in Seattle. Branch was overpaid from the beginning and he's not a No. 1 receiver, but Marc Bulger needs some help simply making first downs.

    7. QB A.J. Feeley to the Patriots: It's amazing how many times Feeley has been traded for a non-starter. The Eagles don't need him anymore with Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb around Coach Andy Reid can survive with Donovan McNabb and Kolb until Vick is eligible in October and the Patriots are looking because 2008 third-round pick Kevin O'Connell was released. Luke McCown would be great behind Tom Brady, but he's too pricey.

    8. C Scott Wells to the Seahawks: Packers coach Mike McCarthy has benched his high-priced center and three-year starter in favor of Jason Spitz, plus the Seahawks have a need for healthy bodies on the interior of their offensive line. Who knows what will happen with Wells, while the Seahawks could also wait for Hank Fraley to be released by Cleveland.

    9. Any Green Bay safety to the Falcons: The Packers have four safeties right now and will only keep three. Anthony Smith, who started last season for a period with the Steelers, has been pushing wild man Atari Bigby, who can't seem to avoid injuries. Atlanta needs secondary help badly and right now the Packers are loaded with defensive talent.

    10. QB Tarvaris Jackson to the Jaguars: The Jaguars are looking for backup help for David Garrard, and Brad Childress after he begged Brett Favre to unretire will do the right thing and give his former second-round pick Jackson another chance ... plus his freedom from the Favre shadow. It's not a big gamble, either, because Minnesota management has its money and reputation tied up in Sage Rosenfels as well.

    Anyone think we should trade for this guy? I'd rather stick with what we've got and give the youngsters a chance to shine. If we trade or simply pick up a waiver wire casualty, I'd rather it be a DT or DB ... Thoughts?

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    Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

    I'll pass.


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      Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

      i wouldnt play him over Avery or Robinson, so i wouldnt want to give anything for him


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        Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

        I wouldn't trade for him,but he's almost certainly better than Curry or Carter most likely. Plus he's another player who knows exactly what's going on inside Seattle. I'll take him as a free agent.
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

          It should become clear how much the Rams think they can count on their young receivers, and a couple older ones. Certainly, the Rams are not interested in trading for Brandon Marshall, the disgruntled Bronco wide out.

          In fact, I doubt anyone will be. Why would a team go out and get a guy who may not be happy in your town either, who will be a holdout if he doesn't get paid a huge deal among the top for any WR. WHy would they do that, especially knowing they have to give next year's #1 and more to get him.

          For teams like the Rams, who could have very very high #1 picks, that would not go, and evenm the top teams have t use common sense about a guy like Marshall.

          Of course it only takes one stupid team.....

          If the Rams want to add talent and experience at the WR spot, they need look no further than the Eagles, who are overloaded at the position and seem sure to try to move Reggie Brown or Hank Baskett, both very very well known by the Rams head coach and offensive coordinator.

          Imagine Hank and his reality show star and ex-Hef girl bringing the act to the Loo !!!

          Baskett has burned the RAms deep in the past, and provides the better deep threat, but Brown , a former #1 pick has better overall skills.
          Barry Waller


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            Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

            I'll pass. What has he done over the past few years, other than be injured.


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              Re: Czarnecki says Dion Branch should go to Rams ..

              I'd pass as well. I think the Rams receivers will be fine in this system. In fact, I think they'll be the biggest surprise of the season for this young team. They'll be better than most people think.