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  • We will be fine

    I can honestly say that our defense will be fine this year, now this is just my opinion but bartell is a stud and wade has talent, and there is only one way to bring the best of talent out of a player and it is great coaching and we have that by far. look what spags did in NY, the giants had sub par cornerbacks like ross and spags brought the best out of them and things played out fine. now we have laurinits, bartell, little, long , witherspoon, atogwa, and butler. that is 7 players out of 11 on defense who have great talent, some even out up pro bowl stats every year.combine that with the scheme on defense that spags will install and with a questioned division and we should do wonders. our offense is fine, if we can even get mediocre play out of bulger(not turnin it over/manage the game) we have the talent to break in as a wild card, lets not be so down, i can guarantee you we have more talent at this point then miami and atlanta did last year, this will be a good year!

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    Re: We will be fine

    I don't think the defense will be terrible, but I dont think it will be great either. If they finish 16th or so in total defense I would be ecstatic. I really do fear the Rams cornerback situation though. One good cornerback isn't something that most teams are comfortable in having.
    I think the Rams should just go out and resign Jason Craft to a one-year deal until they can find a better solution for 2010. The guy had 70 tackles last season. I know that cornerback play isnt measured solely in tackles but the guy did his job and would make me a little more comfortable in the Rams cornerback situation.
    I think the rams will be ok on defense but offensively I am still pretty nervous.


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      Re: We will be fine

      I am not concerned about filling that CB spot opposite Bartell. Wade has it now. Wade coming out of college was viewed as having pretty good upside, he needed to be developed.

      He sounded alot like Bartell, and look at how that bit us in the A$$.

      Wade hits, he has speed and now he has opportunity.

      Experienced depth is a bigger issue for me though. There is King, Fletcher and Butler, but no experience at this level. Wade will be fine. Maybe better than fine.
      Semper Fi!


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        Re: We will be fine

        The only places where the Rams are probably better than the Giants on defense FS and WLB. The Giants have the best D Line in the league, the Rams have one most questionable right now. The Giants have a top 5 CB in Cory Webster and 2 other very solid corners in Aaron Ross and Kevin Dockery while the Rams have Bartell and a bunch of young unproven young players.

        The Rams should be alright at LB and safety but I am very concerned about whether or not the D line will be able to get pressure because there was already a great group of proven linemen when Spags got to New York.

        Spags was able to turn around the career of Cory Webster and help Aaron Ross become a good starter as a rookie so I'm optomistic about that but still not so much about the D Line.


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        • maineram
          Spags and the Rams Defense
          by maineram
          Just going with the current players on defense, who's in / who's out and where do they fit in the new defense.

          DL - Poviding he takes a pay cut, Little may have a very important role.

          LB - Will he bring in a REAL middle backer and where does Pisa fit in

          Db's - who's in / who's out, and who can he build with.

          Very interesting how the defense will evolve this offseason. Where will he make his moves ??

          Maineram -
          -01-18-2009, 04:06 PM
        • RamsInfiniti
          Can we compete in 2009?
          by RamsInfiniti
          I know it's early, but contingent on Bartell signing, and Butler coming aboard, which I have a feeling they will, can this team really compete in 2009?

          By compete, I'm not talking winning the division, or even playoffs, but fielding a very competetive team that plays hard in every game and gives the opposition a run for it's money ...

          The NFL is a very dynamic league - it's doesn't take alot to term the team around. Look at our offensive line for instance. They had no identity last year, it seemed everybody was on an island, just doing there own thing. Add Jason Brown, and you imstantly add a spark and attitude to the line that we were desperately lacking. Is he the end all beat all solution to our line problems? No, not in the strictest sense. We still need to find a long term replacement for Pace, or even an instant fill in if he leaves, and we also need to decide Barron's future. But the addition of Brown does replace a liability in the HEART of the line. No longer do we have to worry about a guard having to pick up the slack of the center. Instead, they can focus on getting downfield and doing some damage paricularly in the run game. I know alot of people are down on Incognito, but he has shown an ability to get to the second level of the defense in the run game. Imagine what he might be able to do with a hoss like Brown next to him ...

          I think we are fine at quarterback. We need to groom for the future, but we've all seen what Bulger can do with time ...

          We are also fine at running back. It would be nice to add an uber quick dynamic back, but I think Darby is a more than capable #2. We need a beast of a fullback, but those can be found in the draft ...

          The receiver corp is an issue. Avery and Burton should develop nicely, but what about Holt. Is he even here? I am sure we will rely alot of the tight end, and we have a nice pair in McMichael and Fells. We need to get bigger at the wideout position. Adding Brown gives us some flexibility to possibly do this in the draft ...

          On defense, we need a younger edge rusher, but I am sure that Spags will do wonders with Long and Little. They might be quite a pair rushing off the edge. Huge defensive tackles are not required for his scheme, but a big body in the middle would be nice. Where we excel here is having guys on the edge like Hall and Adeyanju that can move inside and rush the passer on passing downs. If you have watched Spags schemes, you know that he likes his front four to be very versatile. We saw the damage that James Hall could do last year rushing from the down position. These types of players could be crucial ....

          Linebacker is a major issue. We still have no real MLB, and I think this has to be addressed for us to be successful. We need a guy in the middle that can shed blocks and force his way into the action. We have nice outside backers in Witherspoon and Pisa, should he be here. I don't...
          -03-01-2009, 10:44 AM
        • QUINNtessentialTruth
          How are we gonna survive with this Cornerback group?
          by QUINNtessentialTruth
          With the teams we have to play and the fact that the whole league is a passing league. If Bartell is out for the season, I don't think we can trust this group.

          I see everybody talking about getting a new WR. I know Amendola is injured, Jackson is injured. However, without Bartell do you really really trust this secondary? I think we might need to step up and somehow acquire a cornerback via trade?????

          I don't see anybody talking about this but I do NOT at all trust a Fletcher/King starting CB tandem. I was willing to allow Fletcher be second since we had Bartell.

          What do you guys think???
          -09-14-2011, 06:02 AM
        • tomahawk247
          Ron Bartell fractured his neck in two places?
          by tomahawk247
          That's what TurfShowTimes have posted on Twitter during Spags' current press conference. Can anyone confirm?

          Also looks like Bradford will be ok but that Jackson will miss the Giants game
          -09-12-2011, 12:18 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          by Guest
          I know our Pass rush isn't great, but you can't have a great pass rush if the opposing QB can find someone open within 2-4 seconds on every pass play.

          We have, what 1 sack after two games? Leonard Little is supposed to be a great pass rusher and I think he still is, but the secondary (Corners) can't cover long enough often to force any coverage sacks.

          Are there any big name corners available via free-agency next year?
          -09-24-2009, 01:15 PM