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The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

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  • The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

    Here's my list of the 5 guys I think have had the best camp/preseason in terms of elevating or solidifying their status with the team:

    1. Laurent Robinson
    Robinson started training camp as one of several players fighting for a starting WR spot. With Avery going down with an injury, he has stepped up and become the go-to guy throughout the preseason. He's pretty much a lock to be in the starting lineup on opening day.

    2. Quincy Butler
    At the start of camp, Butler seemed to be little more than a camp body. His strong play on the field, though, has put him in a good spot to make the roster. In fact, right now you could argue he's ahead of third round choice Bradley Fletcher.

    3. James Laurinaitis
    Laurinaitis quickly worked his way into the starting lineup and appears to be poised to stay there for a long time. In addition to his physical tools, he seems to be a real "student of the game" who will not shy away from taking on a leadership role as a rookie.

    4. Darell Scott
    Thought the Rams have many bodies fighting for the DT spots, and Scott has battled nagging injuries throughout camp, I have not read one comment suggesting that he's anything but a lock for the final 53. He could ultimately prove to be the steal of the Rams' 2009 draft.

    5. Samkon Gado
    Though he had some bad moments against the Falcons, for the most part Gado has been the best of the Rams' RBs not named Jackson throughout preseason. Absent a move to obtain another player, he should start the year as Jackson's understudy, and possibly a kick returner.

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    Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

    I couldn't agree more with you Aveng. Quincy Bulter and Darel Scott were huge surprises. But it seems like Spags put his pride aside, and instead of picking his boys, cuts and sees according to talent. I can't wait for this season, it feels good to have a coach who finally makes great decisions. I really didn't think Laurent Robinson was going to do anything. He shut me up fast. I think he has potential to be feared in this league Via the atlanta game.


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      Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

      I'd have to throw in Gary Gibson. This journeyman is close to starting on opening day instead of Carriker.


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        Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

        Originally posted by txramsfan
        I'd have to throw in Gary Gibson. This journeyman is close to starting on opening day instead of Carriker.

        Second that. He's looking solid through the preseason so far.

        Derek Stanley has also looked sharp at times during the preseason.


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          Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

          I would have to throw Wade on that list, as well as Gibson, as TX mentioned.

          Maineram -


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            Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

            Originally posted by maineram
            I would have to throw Wade on that list, as well as Gibson, as TX mentioned.

            Maineram -
            Yeah... Wade definitely has done a lot to elevate himself.

            I left Gibson off because I'm not certain he's going to make the final roster. Still, he has had a good camp.


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              Re: The Five Guys Who Have Gained The Most In Camp/Preseason

              As for Laurinaitis, didn't we expect him to start?

              I agree completely with Gibson. Nobody expected anything from the guy and now he's potentially a starter. The talk of Carriker leaving is all because of Gibson's play. That's a massive move. As for Scott I agree 100%. Billy D had a comment yesterday on NFL Radio that he showed flashes of brilliance and was solid in passing and rushing drills. That's exciting to hear.

              I'm now doubtful Quincy makes the roster. In the same interview Billy D said the team is looking to add several players from other team's cuts. If they add a DB (specifically a safety), Butler is probably gone.


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                Which Player Will You Have Your Eye On At Camp/Preseason?
                by AvengerRam_old
                Camp reports can be misleading, biased and well... just plain inaccurate. Still, sometimes future success can be predicted from strong camp showings. Also, for some players, training camp can make the difference between being part of the the team's rotation, or a guy who will never see the field. Once the preseason starts, we'll get a better idea, though it is still hard to determine whether success can be sustained when the real games start.

                So who is the guy you are most interested to see with the pads on?
                Jason Smith
                Laurent Robinson
                Keenan Burton
                Darrell Scott
                James Laurinaitis
                Larry Grant
                Tye Hill
                Bradley Fletcher
                Justin King
                Someone else (who?)
                -07-14-2009, 06:55 AM
              • AvengerRam_old
                The Sensible Fan's Guide To Training Camp and Preseason
                by AvengerRam_old
                With the amount of coverage, both professional and amateur, coupled with the instant access to information provided by the internet, fans today can follow their teams day-by-day, minute-by-minute, through training camp and preseason.

                Let me assure you of one thing:

                We'd be better off not knowing most of what will be reported in the coming weeks.

                I can assure you that each of the following things will occur during training camp and preseason:

                1. One or more players will be reported as having injuries which will sound significant but, in fact, are meaningless bumbs and bruises that would never keep a player out of a regular season game.

                2. One or more players will become "camp stars" - the kind of players that are praised for their effort and production in scrimages. Many, if not most, of these players will be cut, sent to the practice squad, or sit on the sidelines all year.

                3. You will learn precious little about how the veterans will perform during the regular season by watching training camp and preseason games. To the extent that they even play, they will be tuning up, getting in shape, trying new plays and schemes, and lining up with or against a lot of guys who won't even be in the league in September.

                4. There will be contract disputes and issues that will seem troublesome, but will nonetheless be worked out before the season starts.

                5. There will not be any blockbuster trades or free agent signings from here on out. At best, there may be a veteran or two will be acquired to fill in depth roles, but that's about it.

                6. Winning preseason games does not indicate that a winning season is imminent; losing them is not an indicator of doom.

                7. There will be fans who attend training camp that will have vastly different viewpoints. Two fans watching the same practice on the same day may label a single player a future Pro Bowl candidate and a bust, respectively. Both will insist that they saw something that verifies their opinion.

                8. Likewise, "reporters" will have differing views on the progress of players.

                9. Most of the above is not worth arguing over.

                10. People will argue anyway.

                So, enjoy training camp and preseason. It is admittedly great to have football back on any level. But take with a grain (if not a whole shaker) of salt each "insider" tidbit that you read on the internet.

                Come September, we'll see what kind of team the Rams really are for 2004.
                -07-22-2004, 10:50 AM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Burwell: It's Do Or Die In NFL's Preseason
                by r8rh8rmike
                It's do or die in NFL's preseason

                Sports Columnist Bryan Burwell
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Unlike baseball's spring training, which fancies itself as a charming and easygoing warm-up to its marathon regular season, the NFL's summer preseason is a far more pitiless and methodical environment that will never be the inspiration for football poets to wax on about its romantic and idyllic rhythms.

                Life in the NFL in August is unforgiving and just a little cruel. It is a crucible designed to crank up the heat, not slow down the pace. In baseball, if you are a young, unpolished player still learning your craft, they quietly escort you to the minor-league fields and give you time to figure it out. There is little time and very little patience like that in NFL training camps.

                If you are not ready, you are gone.

                If you are still trying to find yourself, you will likely do it on your own time. There is no minor league here. There's only a waiver wire.
                "In college, I made it a point of learning everyone's name and becoming familiar with all my teammates," Rams rookie middle linebacker James Laurinaitis said a few days ago. "I wanted to know where they were from, what their brothers or sisters names were, because in college, you started camp with 100 guys and you ended camp with 100 guys. But here, you look around and you realize that there will be a lot of empty lockers around here in a few weeks. We started with 80, but we'll end with 53. It makes you not want to get to know a lot of guys well because you never know if he's going to be here next week."

                In minicamps and OTAs, it's all about learning the playbook and recognizing schemes. But as soon as training camp begins, it's about the tenuous state of employment in the NFL.

                "From the moment you walk into the NFL, unless you are the big superstar, you need to understand that they are already trying to replace you," laughed Chris Draft, the Rams linebacker who has survived 11 pro football summers by understanding and thriving off such cold-blooded inspiration.

                There's no better place to see this remorseless business plan on display than during the course of an NFL preseason game, where keeping score is not nearly as important as keeping tabs. From one game to the next — and often from one play to the next — an eager NFL neophyte or a struggling veteran journeyman can see his career rise dramatically or fall like a rock.

                A week ago in the New Jersey Meadowlands, Rams running back Samkon Gado was the shining star of the night, having galloped for a 77-yard touchdown and 93 total yards in the Rams' 23-20 victory over the Jets. So on Friday night at the Edward Jones Dome, Gado was rewarded for last week's heroics in a 20-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons by being handed the most carries of the night (12) of any St. Louis...
                -08-23-2009, 03:57 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                5 Things To Watch In Rams' Preseason Game
                by r8rh8rmike
                5 things to watch in Rams' preseason game
                By Jim Thomas
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Taking stock of Bulger

                It’s unavoidable. In what is a make-or-break year for Marc Bulger, all eyes will be upon the veteran QB. He threw one interception and nearly threw another in last week’s Lindenwood scrimmage. He must avoid mistakes, keep the chains moving, and get comfortable with the West Coast scheme against the Jets.

                Minus the injured Donnie Avery, the Rams will trot out what amounts to a bunch of no-names at wide receiver. Is Laurent Robinson up to the task as the de facto No. 1? Can Keenan Burton, Tim Carter and the rest of the group get open on a consistent basis? And if they can't, is it already time to panic?

                The rookies, first look

                Second-round draft pick James Laurinaitis is expected to open exhibition play as the starting middle linebacker. He lined up with the first unit all week, and looks comfortable. First-rounder Jason Smith isn't that far along. He remains with the second unit at right tackle, and needs to polish up his pass-blocking.

                Live tackle football

                Preseason openers are notorious for missed tackles, particularly for teams that do little hitting in camp like the Rams of recent years. That should change tonight. The Rams have had at least one live tackling period during 10 of the 12 full-squad practice days since the start of camp. They're used to hitting.

                Gauging return game

                The Rams haven't gone live on special teams in camp, so the preseason marks the only opportunity to truly audition return men on punts and kickoffs. At the moment, Kenneth Darby is the favorite on kickoffs and Derek Stanley is the No. 1 punt return man. But there are many candidates to sort through.
                -08-14-2009, 02:15 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Rams Ready For Preseason Opener
                by r8rh8rmike
                Rams Ready for Preseason Opener
                Thursday, August 13, 2009

                By Nick Wagoner
                Senior Writer

                When the Rams step on the field against the Jets on Friday night for the first game time under coach Steve Spagnuolo, the end result won’t be the most important thing.

                After all, it’s the first preseason game and the first opportunity for Spagnuolo to see how his team fares against someone wearing a different jersey. Like any preseason game, the plays for the starters will be limited and the playbook will be rather vanilla.

                What Spagnuolo wants to see, more so than more points on the Rams’ side than the Jets, is how his team competes when the lights come on.

                “In a lot of ways it’s a continuation of training camp in my opinion because you are still working,” Spagnuolo said. “But I will say this, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing pickup basketball in the backyard or playing your brother in cards, it’s competition. Everybody wants to win so we will approach this thing like a competition. We want to compete, compete at the highest level and let it play itself out. It’s great we are going to get some situational work. We have been doing a lot of that in practice. But there’s nothing like playing in the game.”

                To this point, the Rams have gone through an entire offseason under their new direction. That includes organized team activities, minicamps and conditioning programs. In this year’s training camp, this game signals the first true benchmark and the chance for the 80 players on the roster to get a real evaluation from the coaching staff.

                On Thursday, the team moved out of its training camp hotel and though it will still be in camp mode as far as practice upon return from New York, the business of looking toward the regular season isn’t far off.

                The Rams are now 24 practices and one full squad scrimmage into this year’s training camp and the light at the end of the tunnel is growing closer.

                That said there’s plenty left to accomplish between now and the Sept. 13 opener at Seattle.

                “I’m really excited to see what this ’09 team has,” running back Steven Jackson said. “I think over the last several months, from OTAs until now, we’ve really worked on changing the identity of this team. And I think Friday will be a showing of where we’re at so far in this season, this early season.”

                The first preseason game is generally viewed as a way to ease players back into the grind and intensity of a real, live football game. More often than not, teams choose to use their top players for a limited time and wait until the second and third preseason games before they give those groups an extended period of time.

                For the Rams, it will be no different. Spagnuolo said Wednesday he expects to use his starting unit for about the first quarter, give or take a few plays and...
                -08-14-2009, 02:11 PM