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Tonight's game (what do you see).....

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  • Tonight's game (what do you see).....

    A few things that that stick out tonight so far...

    -Avery and Goldberg in the starting lineup......interesting
    -The Rams break out the WILDCAT w/ Gado!!!
    -The O-line is struggling, man I know Bulger doesn't like this.
    -Wade is still strong in run defense, but almost got burnt already for a big pass play. Its obvious that he's being targeted as the "new" starting CB. I hope he settles down, but as things look right now.........(yes I know its only pre-season)
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    Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

    O line looks really bad to me, and not just for this game, but all pre games.

    I hope our D and O line have something for us come Reg season.

    In Spags I believe.


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      Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

      I was thinking the same thing BEER, hopefully both lines will "gel" with a little more time in the "fire".

      And yes guys I finally saw Fells play with the starting unit and actually move the chains, yet one nice play does not a player make(LOL).


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        Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

        Our Oline is terrible. Absolutely disgusting...


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          Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

          started watching a couple minutes left in 1 qtr. Agree o-line not great. Like what they're trying to do,working middle w/ short passes. D looked weak. That two play big drive looked like last year.Only KC's incompetence prevented TD. Wade looked awful in the EZ.

          I think Carter may have dropped himself off the team. Nice hits but you gotta hold on,TC.
          Ah You is working hard. Sorry there prob won't be a spot for him.


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            Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

            On a positive note, have you seen the way the guys come to the ball on special teams? All 11 men report to the ball everytime, even if the ball is out of play...that my friends is a sign of good coaching, looks like Tye Hill was telling the truth when he said that the Rams were in the "right" hands with Coach Sprags, but he'll need atleast 2-3 years to get his type of players in place.

            Yes agreed, Mr. Carter will not make the team this year, and its a shame b/c he had a chance.
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              Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

              Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
              Our Oline is terrible. Absolutely disgusting...
              D line as well. Do you think its coaching or bad players? For me its years past
              bad drafting.


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                Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                We can't stop the run either! We had them in their endzone...but they freaking take it down 70 yards! UGH!


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                  Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                  Originally posted by ManofGod View Post
                  On a positive note, have you seen the way the guys come to the ball on special teams? All 11 men report to the ball everytime, even if the ball is out of play...that my friends is a sign of good coaching, looks like Tye Hill was telling the truth when he said that the Rams were in the "right" hands with Coach Sprags, but he'll need atleast 2-3 years to get his type of players in place.

                  Oh man, Special Teams looks GREAT! :helmet:


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                    Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                    So far, not so good. Chiefs look like they almost care more. What is it with this team and giving up long runs?

                    Ugh. :|


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                      Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                      Originally posted by BEER View Post
                      D line as well. Do you think its coaching or bad players? For me its years past
                      bad drafting.
                      D-line,too? Got in late but didn't KC have less than 50yds total O before that two play drive?
                      Saw fatboy Thomas powering his way in on 1 play,Vic just got a sack & carriker looked like he was driving his guy back on same play. How has AC looked overall? W


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                        Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                        2 huge runs d line needs something

                        Couple of huge pass plays d backs need something

                        we let go of hill I am hoping that the rams try to find a D back after all the cuts, somebody who can play man.

                        O line I am really not too worried about they just need more time to gel as a team. It might make bulger or who ever is in there nervous but they will get better

                        D line who knows what they are goin to do would like to see more pass rush from the starters than what we have been seeing


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                          Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                          Daniel Fails scores..


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                            Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                            Originally posted by btimsah View Post
                            Daniel Fails scores..
                            What?! You have a problem with Fells??? I think he's going to be a great player for us this year.


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                              Re: Tonight's game (what do you see).....

                              Guy's do you see the stunts and the blitzes being dialed up now? Haven't seen these up until if the 1's utilize these packages then pressure on the QB will not be a problem. Man this is just like watching the Giants play D-fense (they are literally the same plays).

                              Nice pick!
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                              • HUbison
                                HUbison's view of the Indy game
                                by HUbison
                                yea, yea, I was just a pre-season game. But it's still a game, and what I saw coming out of it.

                                1. We're all healthy......everything else is just icing.

                                2. The difference between Marmie and Haslett is like brussel sprouts and chocolate cake.

                                3. Incognito looked like a manimal. He finished off every block like the DT just slapped his mom. Don't tell that kid it was "just a pre-season game".

                                4. We got some good lookin' rookies on the D side......Hill, Wroten, Adeyanju...all looked pretty sharp tonight.

                                5. Tonight Tony Fisher was better than advertised. Can he continue that during the year?

                                6. Who is most excited about the switch from zone blocking to man blocking? Steven Jackson!!!

                                7. Ragone better hope he steps it up in the next game, because Fitz out-played him tonight.

                                8. Where was this run D last year.....the last several years for that matter?

                                9. I think the early pressure masked our secondary. I'm just not convinced they're that good right now.

                                10. Who is Jamaal Brooks, and where has he been hiding. He stood out tonight.

                                11. I predict some clamoring to move Matthew Rice up the chart, but IMO his 2 sacks were more about going against a camp body OT than his own abilities.

                                12. It's nice having Ferrotte around. A solid #2 to say the least, but....

                                13.'s even better having Marc Bulger around.

                                14. On some level, I'm embarassed. The fans got what they wanted this offseason......tossed Martz, brought in Linehan, new attitude, new defense.....and how did St. Louis repay the Rams? By bringing in a crowd from the local library. That place was dead.
                                -08-10-2006, 08:39 PM
                              • Nick
                                Just want to take time out to say...
                                by Nick
                                ...that this is a pre-season game, our first to be exact.

                                So please, let's not overreact. The main goal is for everyone to get out of there healthy. If someone gets beat in the secondary, don't call for his head. If someone misses a protection assignment, it's not time for him to be cut. If the Colts run up 30 points on us, it's not the end of the world.

                                On September 10th, our record will be 0-0. By then, hopefully the Rams staff will have looked at all of our preseason contests and drawn from them what they could. By then they'll have figured out who has separated themselves as consistently productive and which players just haven't caught on, and we'll all have a better idea of where this team is heading. But we'll have a better idea because we'll have seen four pre-season games and many practices.

                                Again, remember, this is just one pre-season game.
                                -08-10-2006, 02:36 PM
                              • Nick
                                The most disappointing thing about tonight's game was...
                                by Nick
                       absolutely uninspired this team looked.

                                The Rams had everything to play for - a .500 season and a chance to not only make the playoffs but host a playoff game in the dome. They were going up against a team that's lost seven of their last nine games, and lost handily to the Rams in October by a score of 20-3.

                                We heard from Steve Spagnuolo after the Chiefs game that the Rams were entering the playoff mindset (to which Steven Jackson said they should have already been in it, and I agree). This was a monumentally important game for the Rams that could have made a great statement for the direction of the team.

                                And they laid a giant egg on national television.

                                I wasn't among those fans who, prior to the game, thought this was going to be an easy win against an inferior team. I saw the Rams as a better team and believed they'd win the game, but when this game was moved to primetime at Qwest Field, I had a feeling it was going to be a tough one. Sure enough, there really wasn't a phase of the game where the Rams didn't stumble.

                                Bradford wasn't awful, but he misfired on a couple of key passes. The throw to Robinson on the sideline that could have been challenged wouldn't have needed to be had it arrived a half a second or so sooner. A throw to Amendola running an out route was beyond his reach. A throw to Robinson running a corner route went too far. Sam locked onto his receiver tonight, resulting in a couple of batted balls and a fatal interception. What has been an impressive rookie season ended on a sour note.

                                But while Bradford did not play a perfect game, his supporting cast shoulders a much larger share of the blame. The Rams' offensive line was not particularly effective; yards in the ground game were hard to come by, and the protection was inconsistent. When Sam needed his blockers the most, on the final drive of the game, they let him down tremendously with back to back sacks.

                                Nearly every Rams receiver had moments to forget in this game, perhaps none moreso than fan hero Danario Alexander. I don't think DX deserves too much criticism for the incomplete deep ball on the sidelines, as he was led a bit too far towards the line in my opinion. But rookie or veteran, you've got to be able to come down with the deep post pass that whiffed right through his hands. Tell that to Robinson and Fells as well. The Rams are desperate for someone to step up at this position. Scratch that, they've been desperate all year for someone to emerge. No one seems to want to become the guy, and it might cost some of them their place on this team when the summer and fall roll around.

                                One of the more perplexing developments in this game was the lack of Steven Jackson. The Rams' best offensive playmaker touched the ball fifteen times in this game. On the one drive where the Rams actually drove the length of the field to put points on the board,...
                                -01-02-2011, 10:50 PM
                              • Nick
                                Random Thoughts on Tonight
                                by Nick
                                -I'm concerned about our running game with Marshall Faulk in the backfield. I'd feel much better about the offense with Jackson in the backfield, if only because he seems to be able to pick up some yards. Marshall looks hesitant and seems to have lost any explosiveness he may have had. At least with Jackson he'll hit a hole and shed the initial tackle, plus some of his cutbacks looked great. He's really impressed me thus far in the preseason.

                                -Overall, I think Marc Bulger looked good tonight. On the first drive, I thought he did well. The second drive, well, he missed three receivers completely. Not impressive. The third drive was magic, IMO. He missed Curtis on what looked like a miscommunication, but was rock solid from there. Bulger's gotta have more accuracy on those open passes. There's no excuse for not being able to hit a wide open Holt for a gain of 20+. But I think looking at the entire game, he looked good tonight.

                                -Chandler's deep pass to Holt on the post... I think I shed a tear. It was like God was singing. It seems obvious that Chandler's more comfortable and accurate than Bulger is right now. Both have had their miscues, but Chandler has looked more accurate and more decisive. I have to wonder what role (1) his veteran experience and (2) the defenses he's going against play in this, though. I wasn't impressed by the deep pass that was intercepted. Way too much air under the ball, I thought. But that floater to McDonald in stride for the touchdown was a thing of beauty.

                                -Speaking of McDonald, he and Curtis are really coming into their own this preseason. I'm very excited about what the two of these guys will be able to do for the offense. Both of them look pretty speedy with great sets of hands.

                                -The blocking was much better this evening. Looked like the blitzes were being picked up well (I remember Goodspeed picking up a great inside rush), but I think the dreams of having Tercero at right tackle need to end NOW. The only memories I have about him for the game was whiffing on a rush that got Bulger sacked on the first drive, and a false start penalty. Move him back into the interior, I say, because he didn't look good as a tackle at all in my opinion. Furthermore, it wasn't that great to see Nutten leave the game with an injury. This was a concern when he decided to retire from the Jets, right? Not a good sign to see it so shortly after his coming back on the field.

                                -Defensively, I loved what we did with our first unit. Bryce Fisher was ALL OVER THE FIELD, or so it seemed. Pisa Tinoisamoa looks like a leader on defense. He had a couple of nice tackles and a great hit early in the game. Robert Thomas had a nice play where he penetrated into the backfield and tackled Portis for a loss. I thought our run defense was improved by 200%, but I'm not convinced whether we played better pass defense or Ramsey just struggled out there. He's been unimpressive this...
                                -08-27-2004, 11:38 PM
                              • rammiser
                                Tired of Negative threads.
                                by rammiser
                                Im tired of all these negative posts, Bulger cant this and Bulger cant that. Jackson dances too much and cant stay healthy. Best of all Long is full of himself and too slow, ENOUGH!

                                So I'm gonna go positive here.

                                Secondary, I'm excited to see Atogwe,Butler,Bartell and even Hill in action. I can't wait to see them take the field with a new attitude installed by our new coaching staff. I want to see how Atogwe fairs when the guy next to him who isnt a step behind every play. I want to see Bartell continue his growth as a rising star at corner. I can't wait to see how Hill performs for his new coching staff.

                                LB's, what can I say we are getting bigger and younger. Spoon goes to a position I think he will be a bigger force at. James L. comes in and hopefully is ready to take the reigns in the middle of this defense. Draft is a solid and consistant veteran who can help along some of the young guys as well.

                                D-line, I can't wait to see how they perform in Spags defense. Moving around and rotating in and out and keeping the offenses guessing. Spags seems to get the best out of his d-line and we have some young and coachable defensive lineman. Carriker I think will benefit the most because I bet just seeing how spags uses d-lineman that Cariker will get action and dt and de in certain situations. Our de's will be rotated in and out of the lineup keeping them fresh for tight games in the 4th qtr.

                                O-line, anyone who isnt excited that Bulger might actually stay upright and Jackson will get some good running lanes isnt a Rams fan. I cannot wait to see what combination of lineman we end up using as our starting front. I'm getting excited just thinking about the Rams as a run first power team, SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL.

                                Wr's, sure a lot of unknown guys here but sometimes youth and excitement is a good thing to infuse an offense. Avery coming into his own and learing the west coast is exciting. Burton, I'm ready to see what this guy can do when healthy. Youth movement in full effect.

                                Te's, Mcmichael is back and Daniel fells may also infuse some excitement at the te position. TE is a very important position in the west coast, I can't wait.

                                Rb's, most of us know what Jackson can do and now he actually has a real fullback, SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL.

                                QB, Bulger is a good accurate qb when provided time to throw the ball. I think the west coast is a perfect fit for both him and Jackson. With Jacksons pass catching skills it will make for a very exciting year. No more super long developing routes down after down. No more out route down after down. Bulger will actually get a chance to throw the ball and manage the west coast offense.

                                I am looking forward to competitive football where my Rams actually show up wanting to play. I'm not saying we will make the playoffs or go undefeated but I am ready to see...
                                -06-14-2009, 11:28 PM