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  • Just aweful!!!

    Both sides of the ball. Nothing happening for us at all. The D still has issues stopping the run and the oline still cant give enough time for Boller to look downfield. It just doesnt look safe for our Qb's in the pocket. Hopefully during the regular season with Jax in, there'll be less pressure.

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    Re: Just aweful!!!

    I'm sure that's what it is. We don't have any explosive backs, so they can just rush the QB.

    The defense though....eek. Pass rush looks okay. Chris Long is pushing his way to the QB. Some good pressure on pass situations. Running though...ugh. I don't know what it is...


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    • Guam rammer
      Passing game
      by Guam rammer
      Just too many defenders in the backfield disrupting almost every passing play. How can our receivers make catches when they can't even begin their routes? How can Bulger or Green make accurate throws when they can't even plant their feet?. If our QB isnt getting sacked, he's being chased or has a hand in his face. Every team will put up impressive defensive stats against us. There's really no magic play or secret blitz package that need to be drawn up to play us, and its frustrating to watch us go down the tubes this way. Really, i hope that our offseason produces some good young O-linemen. Not decent!!!...GOOD!!! Good enough to make all of our current starters backups to backups. Dress all of our practice team linemen, i'm sure they wanna play.
      -11-24-2008, 02:02 PM
    • richtree
      What you want to see in Week 2
      by richtree
      Ok, so the season is underway and it didn't look good.
      Even if we end up with one of the worst 5 records in the NFL again this year, we need to see things to build on.

      Here is what I have seen and need to see.

      1. Pressure on the Qb when Long is in the game. It is dissappointing to see Little and Long not get to Qb, this is a must.
      With Adam Carriker and Long being high draft picks there is a demand for performance out of Long this season.

      2. Bulger must throw the ball deep down the field. Our Recievers must do this to open the middle up for Randy and the screen pass for SJax.

      3. Sjax must catch the ball out of the backfield.

      4. Our Defense actually looked decent to start the game, other than pressure on the QB. I need to see big hits on defense. That creates fear, tempo, and turnovers.

      5. We need to score 20 points or more. If we score 14 or less Kyle Boller will be warming up and Tim Tebow will be on our radar come week 4.

      6. No mental mistakes that result in penalties. We actually were right in this game without the stupid penalties.

      7. Special teams returners to get some yardage/block on kick returns and punts. This could make our offense so much better.

      8. Someone become a leader on the field. We know Bulger isn't the man anymore, so let's see someone do this.
      -09-18-2009, 09:07 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      QBs run for chatter, stay in the pocket when it matters.
      by AvengerRam_old
      The media loves a running QB.

      So do the fans.

      Give them a Michael Vick, a Tim Tebow or... the most recent example, an RGIII, and they can't get enough.

      But, riddle me this, Batman... how many running QBs have won the Super Bowl?

      Let's define the term first.

      I'm not talking about "mobile QBs" who can scramble a bit or move their feet well in the face of a pass rush. I'm talking about QBs who, when pressured, will tuck the ball and run, or who have running plays frequently called for them.

      The QBs who have had the most success in the big game... Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, Aikman, Brady... none of them were or are running QBs.

      Others who you might find on "best QB" lists... Favre, P.Manning, Marino, Fouts, Brees, Warner... none of them were or are running QBs.

      And, yet... fans and the media always seem to want to declare the latest running QB as the "next wave" of the position.

      In the end, some things just don't change. The QB position is about standing in the pocket and making throws. That's what wins championships.

      Even if the running QBs get the most face time on SportsCenter, its the pocket QBs that bring home the ring.
      -09-15-2012, 11:44 AM
    • Nick_Weasel
      For those of you who think Long is getting a lot of pressure on the QB...
      by Nick_Weasel're right.

      The folks at football outsiders have tracked the number of QB hurries, which they define as a player either forcing the QB out of the pocket or rushing a throw. Long had 33 QB hurries through Week 10. The next highest is Cameron Wake of Miami with 23. That's 10 more than 2nd place!

      He's also near the top in QB hits with 10. Julius Peppers leads in that category with 14.

      I've been wearing my Long jersey with pride this season.
      -12-03-2010, 09:43 PM
    • viper
      How do we improve our pass rush?
      by viper
      One of the biggest problems that the Rams have had over the last several years is no pass rush. Quarterbacks have been able to sit back and pick us apart at will.

      What do you think we need to do to get a consistent pass rush from our defense. What is the problem?
      -09-24-2009, 01:23 PM