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    Well folks, it's about that time to watch the old waiver wires again. From what I've seen on film, it looks like our team has more leaks than a bad condom, and some unwanted kids of our own to send off for that matter.

    Luckily, the new coaching regime has given every indication that they won't be shy about going out and picking up a few new bodies, and as we've seen already, releasing a few.

    A few of the obvious areas of weakness, which should be realistic to solidify with depth caliber players would be.

    1.) Back up safety.
    2.) Third string Running back. ( Sorry, in my opinion knowone but Gado has showed me squat.
    3.) A special teams return guy would be nice, because we still look horrible in that department.

    Those are the most obvious positions of weakness that I can think of. I'm just looking for anyone who may have any idea of some good players that might become available? I personally liked a few of the Bengals Back up running backs, and I definitely got the impression that the coaching staff is favoring B Leonard. They are also five deep at RB, so there will be some options out there with quality players getting cut.