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  • A little bit of relief :)

    well i watched the game and those two big runs over and over and i came to this conclusion, both those runs were due to poor tackling by mainly our second stringers, carricker whiffed big time and a safety under cut the run, now if this would have been executed right the 40 yarder would have been a 2 yard gain and the 70 yarder would have been about a 10. the fact is that it wasnt executed right but atleast we kno players were in position to make the tackles, but hey thats why we play preseason!!!

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    Re: A little bit of relief

    I thought the same thing after I seen the replays, and I even mentioned that at another site. They were complaining about it and had Witherspoon, Long, Laurinatis, Butler, Atogwe, and Hollis or Ryan, or Scott been in the game, it wouldn't have happened.


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      Re: A little bit of relief

      I didn't see the game, but it sounds like our defense didn't play well.


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        Re: A little bit of relief

        Originally posted by Ramer View Post
        I didn't see the game, but it sounds like our defense didn't play well.
        Same here, though it very much seems that we played a bend but don't break game, where we gave up tons of yards, but we didn't let them score. Personally, I'll take that any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Yards don't win the game, points do.
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: A little bit of relief

          Originally posted by TekeRam View Post
          we gave up tons of yards, but we didn't let them score. Personally, I'll take that any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Yards don't win the game, points do.
          I kind of feel the same way. If we give up field goals, and our offense and defense can score. The bend but don't break philosophy is ok in my book.

          people said our defense played bad we didn't let them score any touchdowns at all. Im fine with that.


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          • RamWraith
            Lineahn/Ram players post-game
            by RamWraith
            Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

            (On injuries)
            “Andy McCollum has a left knee issue that doesn’t look very good. We will get the MRI, check it tomorrow and update you. Jimmy Kennedy had a fracture to his hand; he was able to play with it. We will evaluate that for next week. Those are the two significant injuries, other than that we came out pretty healthy.”

            (On game)
            “I couldn’t be more proud of our football team. There are no such things as style points in winning and sometimes we get caught up in that. I think these were some pretty interesting style points in how we won today, with the way our defense came out and pretty much dominated the game. When they had to dig down, they stopped them and got turnovers and gave us great field position. Offensively, we didn’t take that good of an advantage of it, but we are going to figure it out. It is one of those things that you can make too big of a point of it. We probably worked our red zone offense five times as much as I normally would this week. That is not what today is all about, today is about this new team, players, and staff alike and support people that work for the team are off to a great start. That is all it is, it is one game. We have a 24-hour rule: enjoy it for 24 hours and move on to next week. I am very happy for everyone in this organization.”

            (On the work of the defensive coordinator)
            “It was pretty impressive, I would credit the entire defensive staff and the players as well. Jim (Haslett) did a great job of preparing and we have a great defensive staff that has worked well together for years. Our defensive players have embraced everything we are doing. Half the battle is believing, and it paid dividends today. Just like anything else we have to back it up next week with a better effort. I will say it every week, there are key elements to this game there are stats with meaning and the number one stat is who takes care of the ball and who doesn’t. We were able to take care of the ball today and I was very happy about that.”

            (On special teams)
            “I now understand why they call Jeff Wilkins ‘Money’. We made him kick six field goals and he only missed one of them because we kept backing him up or else he would have made all seven. That is impressive. Our coverage teams were outstanding, and we could see that during the preseason, as we became a better coverage team. The play I will always remember is J.R. Reed returning that kick and then just willing himself into 15 more yards during the kick return. It is 10 percent technique and 90 percent desire. I think our special teams were pretty special today. “
            Game Notes

            WR Isaac Bruce made five receptions to total 818 career receptions, passing Henry Ellard (814) and Shannon Sharpe (815) for 11th place on the NFL’s all-time reception list.

            Bruce had 64 yards receiving (12,342), passing WR Jimmy Smith (12,287) for 11th on...
            -09-10-2006, 06:12 PM
          • RamWraith
            Head Coach Scott Linehan, Aug 10
            by RamWraith
            Head Coach Scott Linehan

            August 10, 2008

            (On CB Justin King’s injury against Tennessee)

            “(CB) Justin King will have surgery. He’ll be put on IR; he’s out this year. He’s got a torn ligament in his big toe.”

            (On if King’s injury is similar to what DE Leonard Little had last year)

            “It’s not the same. How it was described to me was, as traumatic, but a little different part of the toe, more underneath, (DE) Leonard’s (Little) was on the side. (T) Brandon Gorin’s injury isn’t as serious, but requires surgery to be rehabbed. I’d say it’ll be a couple weeks. It’s a slight tear of the rotator cuff, some part of the rotator cuff not where the general tears that happen, but with surgery it’s something that can be healed.”

            (On if T Brandon Gorin’s injury is similar to Fakhir’s injury)

            “I don’t know for sure. It sounded a little less serious than that.”

            (On S Jerome Carter’s injury)

            “(S) Jerome Carter has a slight strain in his groin. It will day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month.”

            (On other injuries resulting from the Tennessee preseason game)

            “We had (LB) (Marc) Magro come out and bruise his knee, but he’s alright, the MRI didn’t show anything other thing than it was a bruise.”

            (On how T Orlando Pace held up in Tennessee)

            “He held up good. Knocking the rust off, but I’m sure he probably feels it today. I haven’t talked to him. Today is a day off for the players so I’ve only talked to a selected number of players that I have run into, but I’ll meet with some of those guys tomorrow.”

            (On if there are any players meetings tonight)

            “No, it’s an off day. The coaches, we’re meeting; grading some film. We will do it again tonight, planning this week in practice as we prepare for this game.”

            (On how CB Justin King’s injury will affect the team)

            “He was playing good. He was playing good in the game. He’s made progress, until he had the injury and now it’s a weird deal, but I feel bad for him because he came in and worked really hard. He was really going to push for a lot of playing time throughout this year, so we’re obviously light at corner and we’re light at safety now with (S) Jerome (Carter) for practice purposes or anything else. I don’t know how long he’s going to be out. So we’re certainly keeping our eyes open for secondaries.”

            (On injured players coming back)

            “I think (O.J.) Atogwe is closer than (Fakhir) Brown. You know we will see tomorrow. They have treatments today and I think it is just a matter about getting back out there now. Hopefully it is sooner than later. It is really affecting our ability to do some things, caused some...
            -08-10-2008, 07:55 PM
          • RamWraith
            Post-game quotes
            by RamWraith
            Head Coach Jim Haslett

            (On injuries)
            “The only injury we had was G Richie Incognito, he got light headed right before the half and the doctors wouldn’t clear him to go back in. We moved T John Greco over and went with John the rest of the way.”

            (On the game)
            “Obviously, this was not the result we wanted, so I am disappointed from the standpoint. I felt we played hard. I appreciate those guys like RB Steven Jackson going out there and giving everything he had, T Orlando Pace who really had a two to four week injury and DL Adam Carriker. We have a bunch of guys who are beat up with nicks and bruises. You can hang your hat on one thing, those guys went out and competed and fought through all of the adversary and injuries that they had.”

            (On RB Steven Jackson having only one touch during the fourth quarter)
            “He was gassed and his leg started to bother him, so we told him before the game to go as far as you could go and then we will play the other guys.

            I appreciate Steven getting out there under the conditions; he hasn’t done much in the past month. To go out there and carry the ball in which I thought he was very effective in running the ball, but in a game like situation he just hasn’t had anything for a while.”

            (On Jackson’s play shows he is a “difference maker”)
            “It is a big reminder. We have said it before; during some games if we had him we might have won the game. He is a heck of a football player, when you loose a guy like him it is hard to replace him.”

            (On LB David Vobora)
            “It is hard to tell, but I think he did ok. He had good instincts and good position and he is a good leader. There are a couple of plays that I can pick out that he did very well with. I am sure that if I look at the film I will find something. For a guy in his first start and a seventh-round draft pick I thought he did fairly well. “

            (On interceptions)
            “The picks didn’t really hurt us, defense did a great job. After the first pick they got nothing, after the second pick they got a field goal, and the third pick was at the end of the game. Obviously, three interceptions is three interceptions. Our problem is that we have to score touchdowns, as an offense we haven’t scored any touchdowns. We didn’t score this week, we didn’t score last week and it has been that way all year in the red zone. We just are just not getting the job done. I am not sure what the answer is, we will keep researching and trying to get it done. We are not really good right now in the red zone. You are not going to win kicking field goals in this league, you have to score touchdowns.

            QB Marc Bulger

            (On the loss)
            “We find ways to lose. We hung in there the first half. We got that corrected, which is good. We played good in all phases at some points, but we struggled at others.”

            (On RB Steven Jackson being...
            -11-30-2008, 07:48 PM
          • RamWraith
            Head Coach Scott Linehan--Sunday, August 20, 2006
            by RamWraith
            (Opening statement-injury report)

            “Jon Alston had a mile hyperextension of his right knee and appears to be fine. Jamal Brooks came out of the game ok. He had that toe…he actually did real well on it. Brandon Green does have a bone bruise on his ankle. It’s been treated. Had an injection last night, seems to be much better. We’ll play that day-to-day, he’ll be limited. Madison Hedgecock’s got the high ankle sprain. He’s still out. Torry sprained his sternum when he fell on the ball. The x-rays turned out just fine. He’ll be sore. Won’t practice, probably won’t practice Tuesday either just to get him back to 100 percent. He should be ready to go in the next couple of days. Leonard won’t practice tomorrow, but he’s making a lot of strides with that strained quad, just the swelling. Orlando should be limited tomorrow and Paul Smith as well, and we should have Drew Wahlroos out tomorrow. He’ll be in a cast. He’ll be limited in contact to see how he does with that. Just a couple more. Kevin Timothee should be back. He hurt his ankle in practice last week. Claude Terrell’s got a wrist that we’re trying figure out…get a couple more opinions to get him some kind of brace or something he’s comfortable with so he can get out on the practice field. For the most part, came out of that okay. We’ve had a couple of our guys, especially in the last week, get injured, but they haven’t been serious so that’s the good news.”

            (Opening statement-on the game)

            “On the game, looking at the tape, still the old adage ‘there’s still a lot of good things there.’ The fact that our defense basically shut out their offense, our first team defense did, when they were in there, was a bright spot. I think one for nine on third down as a unit was encouraging as well. Offensively in the last two games, in the first quarter, we’ve had nine explosive plays. Our goal for a game is eight, so in the first quarter we’re not playing the other team’s second or third unit, so we’ve shown our ability to be explosive. We’ve got to do better when we get down there in scoring position. We just haven’t been able to come away with points a couple of times because we either miss a field goal or have it blocked or we’re out of field goal range for who’s kicking right now. It’s been one of those things we’ve been talking about. We just need to do a better job there, and execute what we’ve been running down there. That’ll be the difference and we’ll look to see that improvement here in the next couple of weeks, get that shored up before the first game. Special teams was better in the first quarter. Our first two games primarily has just been our starters in the first quarter and then we’ve pulled them all out by the second quarter. It hasn’t been the consistency you want to see in special teams throughout the game but much better coverage this week with those units than we had. We did have the lapse with the punt team on the one but we need...
            -08-20-2006, 08:11 PM
          • RamWraith
            Rams quotes
            by RamWraith
            WR Dante Hall

            (On the muffed punt)
            “It was a total decision making play. I should have fair caught it and given it back to the offense.”

            (On how much of the loss he blames on himself)
            “You know the old cliché, one play doesn’t lose a game…five minutes left to go in the game, all I have to do is fair catch and give it back to the offense. Worst case scenario, we kick it, pin them deep and put the game back into our defense’s hands – they were doing a great job.”

            (On when he usually decides to call for a fair catch)
            “I knew they were coming down on me, it was just a bone-head play. I have no excuse. That’s a routine play for me – fair catch it…it’s frustrating, trying to make a play and I should have just fair caught it.”

            (On if an 0-2 start means the season is close to out of control)
            “Not at all. I think we went 4-1 last year and didn’t make the playoffs, so it’s not in any way a season -ending loss for us. You can’t lose games like this when you have so many opportunities to get a win at home and in your division. It hurts, but in no way, shape, form or fashion is this season over with based on today.”

            K Jeff Wilkins

            (On his last field goal attempt)
            “…when it comes down to something like that, there was no other decision that could have been made. We had to try it and that’s usually where I rely on adrenaline maybe to give me a couple more yards. Like I said, I hit it. I don’t now what it would have been good from, but it was pretty much what I had.”

            (On if missing the last kick makes the loss any harder to take)
            “Any time you don’t do your job it stinks. It didn’t go through, so it stinks.”

            (On starting the season 0-2)
            “It’s a hole, but it’s a long season. We’ve all seen teams take off from here, we just have to get it turned around, get that victory and hopefully it’s next week on a game winner. Then we start rolling from there and see what happens.”

            (On if he thought the last field goal attempt was good)
            “When I hit it I thought there was a shot. I knew I was at my farthest. Pregame I think I was feeling good at 54, 53 (yards), so when I hit it, I thought there was a shot, but that one I hit the best I could.”

            QB Marc Bulger

            (On the loss to San Francisco)
            “If you don’t do the little things and finish games and make good plays when you have to, then you’re not going to win. They played well like Carolina did, but we should have won.”

            (On his confidence level on the final drive)
            “They kicked the ball out of bounds, which was a mistake by them. They were doing a lot of different things on defense to try to get pressure and they were getting there. We were moving it – I would have liked to get five or six more yards for (Jeff Wilkins), but it’s risky there if we didn’t kick the field goal on fourth...
            -09-16-2007, 06:09 PM