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Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

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  • Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

    Alright we made it through preseason. Real football is now only about one week away. With the way our team has played are you more or less optimistic now about the 2009 season than before? How many wins do you see us getting?

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    Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

    im still sitting on 6-10 or 7-9 third in the west


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      Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

      I'm personally a little bit less optimistic now than before. Having seen Klopfenstein and Hill fail and get cut/traded and then Carriker go down with a serious injury that will likely keep him out for the year I'm reminded how long it could take to fix the damage done by previous poor decisions. We also parted ways with a lot of other mainstays in Holt, Pace, Tinoisamoa etc. and I find it hard to believe that it won't take a little time before rookies are ready to fully take over their roles. Our play in the preseason games has been mixed, but generally clearly more positive than last year. However many of the positives have been from marginal players far from the starting lineup so I'm not sure how many regular season wins it will generate right now. Before preseason I thought we would win 5 games and maybe squeeze in a 6th win - now I'm leaning towards 4 wins and maybe a 5th if things go our way. I think it's a multi-year rebuilding operation we're doing here - and it's not going to be pretty to watch much of this year.

      Potentially the worst part is if Bulger fails and we're forced to move on in the next offseason to a new QB - we have exactly zero other QB's on this roster capable of taking us to the playoffs or even 0.500. Then we'll most likely have to draft and develop a new franchise QB from scratch and that usually takes a couple of years during which we're not going anywhere (it would have been great planning to have drafted a quality QB one or two years ago who would soon be ready (see Brett Favre -> Aaron Rodgers transition) - but foresight wasn't exactly the forte of our previous FO...).

      I think we're going in the right direction and make no mistake - there was no other headcoach on the market that I wanted more than Spagnuolo, and I like most of Devaney's decisions also.

      But bottomline I think we're in for some rough times.


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        Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

        5-11. And my prediction against Seattle is 27-13 Seachickies.


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          Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

          if someone gave me a free bet..i`d go for 5 or 6 wins..

          otherwise im just taking the season with an open and patient mind..we in rebuilding may take one may take four..
          but at this time last main thought was "i sure hope this season goes quickly,so we can get rid of Linehan & co" etc.... thats no way to feel before the season has even started!!!

          now im excited about watching my team again and thats all any fan can ask for lose or tie..lets all have some fun again..the dark clouds are being removed..we may not be contenders for a couple of seasons..but we can still have some good enjoyable seasons in the meantime..watching our team grow upwards from ground zero.


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            Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

            in many places they pick the rams to win 5 games. that seems about right i would guess 6 wins, possibly 7 wins only beacuse we have the top 5 easiest schedule in the league. i see a 24-21 win to start the season opener over the seahawks


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              Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

              Hmm though we were 3-1 preseason, we were fortunate that we won the turnover battles which ultimatley is why we won.

              Our 1st team defense just doesnt seem to figure out how to play the run-- which is huge in the NFL.

              Our offense has been anemic- both on the ground and in the air. Now I realize that Bulger has hardly played, and for whatever reason--- Sjackson has played very, very minimally.

              I realize its 'only pre-season', but you really cannot discount live game speed. Sjackson has been injury prone the last 2 years, and I would hate to see him get injured again because of lack of high speed exposure that playing against an opposing team brings.

              The past is the past, yet the damage that the prior management has done to this team is being more do exposed.

              IE I critisized the Hill draft pick as well as the Carricker pick.

              Though I bleed buff n blue aka gold and blue; this feels like another long year=(

              4-12 Im leaning towards.


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                Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                I say 5 now, but I hope to be proven wrong.


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                  Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                  Five or six games. I think we'll be better than most people think, especially with an easy schedule, however, it IS a multi year rebuilding project and it will take us a few years to get into playoff contention. This year we're going to end up 3rd or 4th in the division again and at times it won't be pretty. But it WILL be better than the last couple years, and things WILL get better. I believe!
                  I believe!:ram:


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                    Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                    I'll say 6-10 and feel bad for feeling that such a prediction might be too generous. We're playing the AFC South and the NFC North this season, so we'll be facing a lot of good teams. I wouldn't call it an easy schedule. The Titans had the best regular season record in the league last year, the Colts are going to be competitive as long as Peyton Manning is still on the roster, the Vikings and Bears now have real quarterbacks to go with their defenses and running games, the Packers had a down year in 2008 but still have a lot of talent on the roster...I think whatever we win this year, we're going to have to fight for it. You know, aside from the Lions game.


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                      Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                      hey why didn't the 5 who predicted 8-10 wins post, I needed to hear the reasoning behind their assumption.

                      i was one and I choose 8 or better, I believe in spags like that "oregano in high school." i just feel that with half a decent line sjax will have a killer year. whatabout healthy avery? i do believe it will launch an arsenal of unexpected weapons to surprise those nasty nay sayers that said we wouldn't amount to squat!

                      darn it carriker, but i know spags will make a quick adjustment. my cup is half full on this one. the key will be a victory week one.

                      I feel with the type of defense spags has worked with we will not be at the bottom of the league. give me a semi good defensive line and kick butt effort by Jx and we are out for a decent season.
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                        Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                        5 or 6 wins will do me fine. Anything better and I'm pleasantly surprised, anything less and I can attribute this prediction to homerism. I don't think we'll see a winning record this year but I can see major improvements being made within the next two years. Give us another year to build the defense and a year on top of that to find and groom a QB of the future and we'll be successful.


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                          Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                          I predicted 5 or 6 wins, but if Sjax and Little can stay healthy we could squeek out a few more, when those two both have good games we can play with anyone in the league IMO..


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                            Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                            I have 6 wins on my books... I wish we could get to the 8-9 win mark this season but i am a realist


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                              Re: Preseason done. What's your prediction now?

                              I'm thinking 4-5 wins. What I really want to see is a change in attitude and effort. We still have too many holes and issues to be a real contender. I just want to see full effort for 4 quarters, every game.
                              That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!