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  • 2009 Season Prediction

    Here is my gut feeling on how the Rams season will unfold.

    Season Record: 8-8
    Home Record: 0-8
    Road Record: 8-0
    Takeaways: 28
    Turnover Differential: +7
    Sacks: 40
    Bulger: 3700 yards passing, 27 TDs and 14 INTs
    Steven Jackson: 1350 yards rushing, 650 yards receiving, 10 total TDs

    I do not think they will make the playoffs, but this would be a great year. I have a feeling they are going to be road warriors (sorry fans in St. Louis if this comes to fruition)
    I think Bulger will win the comeback player of the year and Laurent Robinson will have better stats at the end of the year than Avery.
    The defense needs a lot of help against the run, but they are very aggressive and are going to make plays this year.

    I guess we'll look back and see how this prediction turned out.

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    Re: 2009 Season Prediction

    Good analysis. But I disagree with your home record part. Teams tend to play harder when at home. Yes, there are a few games I can almost tell we will not win at home...but that doesn't mean we will win every single game. I like the chances of us going 8-8. But not winning them all on the road and losing them at home.


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      Re: 2009 Season Prediction

      4-12 is my best hope and only because they play some really bad teams at home. This is a bad team that has intentionally limited its talent pool this year to rebuild in 2010. I keep reading on this board that Spags is going to turn this team around with his coaching and play calling. Sorry but if it doesn't happen are you going to blame Spags for loses?

      If you are sick of Bulger threads now, wait until week 3 (if he's still healthy).


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        Re: 2009 Season Prediction

        I am hoping for 6 wins .......... not sure where they will come form but will be happy with them

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Re: 2009 Season Prediction

          Rams will "Shock the World"! Marc Bulger will finally disspell all the naysayers, by putting together a masterful game to begin the season in Seattle and will return to pro bowl form as he surprisingly leads the Saint Louis Rams back to glory, in the spirit of 1999, with an astonishing and amazing 12-4 reacord.
          A healthy Steven Jackson will also get quick out of the gate, to make up for the past injury riddled seasons. Look for the Star Rams RB to rack up the yardage both rushing and receiving that causes a buzz in Saint Louis, rivaling Cardinal baseball.

          New head coach Steve Spagnuolo, will break it down to its simpliest term. Just attack and put the points on the board. A sense of urgency will be instilled and pride will once again resurface in Rams football.

          The half empty ED, witnessed through the preseason will turn into a Standing Room only Edward Jones Dome by the home openner with Green Bay.

          If you want to get with a winner, "Meet Me in Saint Louis!" and hop on this BANDWAGON,
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            Re: 2009 Season Prediction

            0 home wins? are you serious?


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              Re: 2009 Season Prediction

              I like the 8 and 8 record but I think we'll get some home wins 4 would be nice. It'd be nice to beat the Colts Vikings Arizona and Green Bay at home.


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                Re: 2009 Season Prediction

                8-8 if a fair prediction, but the claim of 0-8 at home, and 8-0 on the road is a couple miles past one of my favorites towns: ABSURD.

                As for those pessimists that think we'll go 4-12 or so, don't you realize that our team last year could have easily been 5-11 had they simply made a play or two, this with little to no competent coaching ...


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                  Re: 2009 Season Prediction

                  I really don't see use going 0 - 8 at home.


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                  • Jockelite
                    How will the Rest of the Season play out?
                    by Jockelite
                    After the Rams 0-4 start there dosent seem to be much promise with many of the upcoming games. I think that the Rams will end the season
                    3-13 or 4-12. With wins coming against. The Jaguars, The Lions, The Seahawks, and the Cardinals. How do you think the Rams season will play out?
                    -10-07-2009, 01:34 PM
                  • Zero Cool
                    Record Prediction
                    by Zero Cool
                    the rams are rebuilding no doubt about that, but i still believe they can be a very competitive team, and win games. what record do you think we will have? honestly, i see us going 7-9. our defense is not ready yet to be effective.
                    -08-02-2006, 05:23 PM
                  • AvengerRam
                    Eve of the Regular Season Schedule Breakdown and Prediction
                    by AvengerRam
                    Here's how I see it...

                    I will break down the schedule into three categories: (1) "Should win" games, (2) "Toss-up" games, and (3) "Longshot" games.

                    My prediction for the season is based on this formula: I expect the Rams to win 75% of "should win" games, 50% of "toss-up" games, and 25% of "longshot" games.

                    Here goes...

                    "Should win": @SF, Buffalo, @Det, Miami, Atlanta, SF (6 games, 4.50 expected wins)

                    "Toss-up": Sea, @TB, NYG (London), @NYJ, @NO, AZ (6 games, 3.00 expected wins)

                    "Longshot": @AZ, Car, @NE, @Sea (4 games, 1.00 expected wins)

                    Total expected wins: 8.50

                    So... given that I am an acknowledged optimist, I'll round up and predict:


                    That's probably not going to be good enough to put the Rams in the playoffs (possible, but not likely), but it would be a step in the right direction....
                    -09-08-2016, 09:31 AM
                  • Richbert88
                    Bold Prediction: The St. Louis Rams will Make the Playoffs!
                    by Richbert88
                    There are some "if's" and the like in this article, however it does a reasonable job of approaching how I feel going into this season.

                    From "Bleacher Report" by Markus Winestone

                    That's right, I said it. The 2009-2010 St. Louis Rams will make the playoffs.

                    No matter who, what, or where I get it from, when I read articles about the Rams these days the near unanimous consensus is that they might win four or five games, maybe even six! While any of these "lofty" expectations would be an improvement over last season, I can't seem to recall a team with six wins or less that made the playoffs.

                    The consensus does seem to believe in Steve Spagnulo's ability to turn the team around, but more likely over a few years. Aren't they forgetting something?

                    Anyone who has watched the NFL in recent years must realize we are in the age of the 1-year-turn-around. I seem to recall two written off teams that surprised everyone and made the playoffs last year.

                    Remember the Falcons and the Dolphins? Both of those teams had new coaches and new quarterbacks. Both had unproven players that performed above and beyond expectations.

                    Author Poll
                    So, will they really do it?

                    Yes No vote to see results Like the 2008 Falcons and Dolphins, the Rams have a great formula in place for redemption and a destiny involving the postseason. Allow me to make my case...

                    Exhibit A: The Coach

                    Players on losing teams love a fresh start, a new direction. Under Linehan and Haslett, the Rams seemed soft, pathetically clinging to some old identity that didn't exist and unable to forge a new one. Identity comes from the coach.

                    The Giants defense had a great identity under Spagnulo, and they were really the collective MVP of Super Bowl XLIII. Spags will do the same in St. Louis. He will turn Chris Long, Carriker, and Laurinitis into men with attitudes.

                    He has learned from winners like Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin, men who don't play, men who get respect. The players will love playing for him.

                    Exhibit B: The Stud RB

                    The Dolphins had "Wildcat" Ronnie Brown and the Falcons had Michael Turner. Everyone knows that the best player hitting the turf at the Edward Jones Dome is Steven Jackson. He is 26 going into this season.

                    That is the age when most NFL running backs reach their peak. He has been plagued by some injuries and didn't train his body well enough due to a holdout last season, but this year he is ready. And he has help.

                    Exhibit C: The O-line

                    The Rams brought in Jason Brown and drafted Jason Smith, both of who should turn out to be very good linemen in St. Louis. Then take a fiery, emotional player like Richie Incognito and combine
                    -07-28-2009, 11:17 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    The season prediction of this optimistic Rams fan.
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    I the past couple of weeks, I've made a number of posts encouraging Rams fans to forget the past, reject negativity, show patience, and embrace hope.

                    Some believe this means I'm wearing the rose-colored glasses of a homer.

                    Some believe that I'm trying to silence critics.

                    Some believe that I'm not a realist.

                    Well, believe what you want.

                    Here is what I'm predicting for the 2012 season.

                    6-7 wins

                    Are you surprised?

                    Did you think I was going to predict a winning record and a possible playoff spot?

                    Well, then you'd be wrong.

                    I certainly maintain an "anything can happen" mindset, but my expectations is 6-7 wins.

                    This is the youngest team in the NFL. Its going to take time. I do believe that the Rams are back on the right path, and will stay there now that we have a confident, secure and experienced Head Coach implementing the plan.

                    My hope is that, at the end of the year, people will view the Rams as a "team on the rise." If they can accomplish that, the prospects for 2013 (with two first round picks and cap space to bolster the roster) will be great.

                    So there you have it.
                    -08-20-2012, 11:01 AM