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Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

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  • Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

    Wide receiver Ronald Curry was once one of the greatest high school and college athletes in the country.

    But injuries have sapped his explosiveness, and now three NFL teams have given up on him in the same offseason.

    After getting traded from Detroit to the Rams in July, the Rams cut Curry on Saturday, according to Fox's Alex Marvez.

    If Curry couldn't make the Rams' thin roster at wide receiver, he may have trouble extending his NFL career.

    Not really a shock. Think his career is now over
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    Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

    Thought Curry did some good things in preseason, Looks like the Rams are going with the youth. Little surprised he was let go.


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      Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

      What did we trade him for?


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        Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

        Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
        What did we trade him for?
        Orien Harris, some DT that we got for Brian Leonard, who we picked in the 2nd round. So I guess you could say we traded a 2nd round pick for Curry
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          Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

          So much for Curry becoming a good red zone threat for the Rams this season.


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            Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

            the rams management tried. anothe total bust for a former # 2 pick


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              Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

              Originally posted by Nick View Post
              So much for Curry becoming a good red zone threat for the Rams this season.
              LMAO....Nick, did you just talk some smack, albeit in your own subtle dry manner ?!

              I love it!


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                Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

                Leonard's still leaping in Cincinatti. He has a good camp and makes the cut. The Bengals know he's too small to be a fullback and is lucky to be backup for Cedric Benson instead of Stephen Jackson. So, not a total bust just yet.
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                  Re: Ronald Curry doesn't make the Rams

                  Hmm interesting that a veteran got cut like him. I like him personally as a player in the nfl. Doesn't ***** or moan, he just goes out and plays


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                  • GroundDog39
                    Aaron Curry?
                    by GroundDog39
                    THis guy looks frightening, I only hope J.Smith turns out to be awesome?
                    Otherwise we will be kicking ourselves literally. That pick will impact the RAms either way.
                    I believe hes the next superstar defender in the NFL.-IN Seattle.
                    -09-11-2009, 07:41 AM
                  • Nick
                    Curry Overcomes Obstacles on way to Top
                    by Nick
                    Curry Overcomes Obstacles on way to Top
                    Sunday, February 22, 2009
                    By Nick Wagoner
                    Senior Writer

                    INDIANAPOLIS – The doubters told Aaron Curry this could never happen. This moment, standing in front of assembled NFL media as one of the top prospects in this year’s draft, was supposed to be nothing but a pipe dream.

                    But this was reality. This was Curry recounting the many steps contested on his way to becoming the country’s best linebacker and a potential No. 1 pick in April’s draft.

                    This was a 6’1 ½, 254-pound Curry all grown up from the 195-pound high school kid who used to pad his clothes to try to make himself look bigger to college recruiters.

                    This was a soon to be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams Curry discussing the time he returned home from Wake Forest to a mother who had been evicted from her home.

                    This was the charismatic, tattoo-covered Curry who loves his family above all else and is driven by doing all he can to take care of them.

                    “I'm always a motivated person,” Curry said. “The doubters helped me get here, but it's not the only thing that motivated me. My family, my mother, my two brothers, did a good job of making sure I was always motivated and the situations I faced in my life as far as housing and whether the lights were on or not kept me motivated.”

                    The many bases of Curry’s motivation have led him to Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend for the annual NFL Combine. Curry will work out with the rest of the linebackers on Monday afternoon, a workout that is expected to be every bit as stellar as his four-year career at Wake Forest.

                    Assuming all goes well, Curry is a slam dunk to be a top 5 pick in this year’s draft and he’s quickly gaining momentum toward being the No. 1 overall pick to Detroit.

                    To know how Curry got here, you must first understand where he came from.

                    FAMILY FIRST

                    Curry was born on April 6, 1986 in Fayetteville, N.C. to mother Chris Curry and father Reggie Pinkney.

                    Even from that early age, football seemed to be in Curry’s blood. Pinkney was a Hall of Fame defensive back at East Carolina University and went on to play for the Lions and Baltimore Colts from 1977-1981.

                    By the time Curry was born, Pinkney’s football career had been over for about five years. But things didn’t quite come together as Curry and his father never really developed much of a close relationship.

                    Even as Curry follows in the footsteps of his father on his way to the NFL, the pair still isn’t terribly close.

                    “He tries to be there to support,” Curry said. “He calls probably two or three times a month to make sure I keep my head on straight because he wants to see me do good and even though we didn't have that strong of a relationship as I grew up, he wants me to do the right things.”

                    Without a...
                    -02-23-2009, 10:24 AM
                  • TekeRam
                    An interesting thought on Curry
                    by TekeRam
                    One of the knocks that people have on Curry is that he's never played MLB, which isn't quite true, as he played in various places during his college career, but I get their point. For the most part he's always played as the Sam position. Well I have an interesting way that we could draft Curry, keep Pisa, and play Spoon at the weakside all in one fell swoop.

                    In our base 4-3 package, our LB corps would be the aforementioned three, with Pisa manning the Weak side, Spoon in the Middle and Curry on the Strong side. It's also possible to swap Spoon and Curry, or even any of them around to create confusion.

                    Once we go to the nickle, Pisa drops out(except maybe in a special DE sub package), and we go with Curry and Spoon playing hybrid LB's, where they could really do anything as they both can play coverage and rush. The point is, you have no idea what either of them will do on any given play.

                    In the Dime, we could go with either Spoon or Curry, probably Spoon to start with as he has experience, but we could also try a 3-2 Dime package where the Line is Long, Carriker, and Little with Curry and Spoon behind them.

                    The point that I really want to make here is that by drafting Curry, we're not necesarily drafing a Sam backer or a Mike, we're drafting a playmaker at linebacker who already has a rapport with Chris Long and said he'd love to play for us. The key is that we can rotate them all around and do things like New England and Baltimore have done in the past to confuse the hell out of the offense, as Spoon and Curry can do it all. We'd be adding versatility to the defense, not just a player.

                    Now, I'm not advocating Curry as the end all be all, as I still very much think we need to shore up the offensive line against injury this year and against age and contract status of our starting OT's for the future, and so I very much am interested in Monroe and Smith as first picks as well. I just wanted to point out possible ways we could use Curry, even if he doesn't play the Mike right out of the gate.
                    -03-06-2009, 11:45 AM
                  • sosa39rams
                    Player Profile: Dominique Curry
                    by sosa39rams
                    Working his usual 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. double shift as a personal trainer at an LA Fitness, Dominique Curry was simply going through the motions of another day at the office.

                    But something was different that morning and the wide receiver had a feeling. See, Curry had already essentially given up on his NFL dreams after the draft came and went and he got nary a call from an interested team.

                    When the Rams went looking for bodies to populate their April rookie minicamp, Curry’s phone finally rang. On the other end was Rams assistant special teams coach Derius Swinton, asking Curry to hop on a plane to St. Louis to come to Rams camp on a tryout basis.

                    “I knew I would get a phone call on draft day,” Curry said. “But after about a week, I was like OK. I usually don’t carry my phone on me at work but that day something just said carry your phone in your pocket. I was training somebody while I was on the phone with the Rams.”

                    With no hesitation or expectation, Curry got on that plane and arrived in St. Louis hoping to make an impression.

                    “I just wanted to come out and work my hardest,” Curry said. “If they see how hard you work that at least gives you a better chance to get invited back to OTAs or training camp.”

                    It didn’t take long for the little-known wideout from even lesser known California (Penn.) College and Cheyney University to make a strong first impression.

                    At 6’2, 227 pounds, Curry showed a solid combination of size, speed and sticky hands. Even as it was happening, Curry could tell the coaches were impressed with his work.

                    “The first practice, I got a couple reps and then I started to get comfortable and better and more confident in myself,” Curry said. “Then the coaches were giving me compliments and it started to transition over.”

                    As Curry walked off the field following the fifth and final practice of that minicamp, he was stopped by management and told that he was going to be offered a free agent contract that would allow him to participate in organized team activities and the veteran minicamp in June.

                    “It wasn’t that bad (waiting to find out),” Curry said. “After practice, I thought OK time to go back to work. When I was jogging off the field they actually came up to me and said ‘We are going to sign you.’ I just had the biggest smile and said ‘Thank you.’”

                    The road to a NFL contract was nothing if not unusual for Curry. As a standout basketball player and track competitor on top of his football prowess, Curry was a three sport star at Cheyney University.

                    After spending three seasons at Cheyney where his father was the head basketball coach, the football coach was fired before Curry’s senior year.

                    So, Curry decided to stop playing football and finish his Cheyney career concentrating on track and basketball and earning his degree.

                    -07-15-2010, 07:31 AM
                  • Judaxi
                    Aaron Curry?
                    by Judaxi
                    Looks like Curry is on his way out of Seattle. Anyone still interested in him? I wouldn't want to pay hos contract but if he is cut it might not be a terrible pickup.
                    -09-28-2011, 07:56 AM