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Young Rams must learn the hard way ...

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  • Young Rams must learn the hard way ...

    To most teams in the league, opening up against the Seattle Seahawks on the road might not seem like too big of an ordeal. For the St. Louis Rams, it could be crucial to the entire season.

    When the Rams were in Los Angeles, it was highly unlikely that you would find a bigger rivalry anywhere in the league than the Rams and 49'ers. To some degree, this rivalry did carry over to St. Louis, but over the last decade, the Seahawks have become as big, if not a bigger rival, to the Rams.

    This series saw the Rams dominate in the early half of the decade, while the Seahawks have dominated the past few years, to the tune of eight straight victories. So what does this mean?

    The first game of the season is a new beginning for the Ram's franchise. New coaching, new players, new attitude, a chance to wipe the slate clean. You want to make the young players believe? You want to make the fans of St. Louis believe? You want to put fans back in the stands? There is an easy way to do so: get that Seahawk monkey off of our back, and FORCE a new beginning with a victory in Week 1.

    To heck with letting Jason Smith sit on the bench. Expose him to 70000 screaming fans, expose him to the ridicule, expose him to that snotty Seahawk fan attitude that all us Ram's fans have come to love, and let him get pissed off to the point he wants to rip somebodies head off. With the Hawks punch us in the mouth, punch them back, once, twice, three times, as many times as necessary.

    Eight in a row is enough. You've got to draw the line somewhere. A victory in this game, could propel us far ahead of schedule. A bad loss could be emotionally devastating to this young team ...

    The cards are not in our favor, but that doesn't mean we cannot change our destiny ...

    And we will, as this young team proves to Spags that they are worth it, when we shock the Seahawks to the tune of 27 to 16 this weekend ...

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    Re: Young Rams must learn the hard way ...

    If the right side of our line plays angry, but fair, i think it would be devastating in the run game. Smith has shown he finishes off plays hard, and we all know about Incognito