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People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

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  • People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

    I expect good numbers from him.. He had one of the best preseasons in the league....

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    Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

    I agree. The fact that he was getting open playing (1) with the first team against starting defenders, and (2) without Avery on the other side of the field suggests that he could be a real sleeper for the Rams this year.


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      Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

      Exactly guys.

      When Avery steps on the field, they are really going to watch him. But then we got Robinson on the other side of the field. Going to be an interesting year!


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        Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

        I also think Burton will be very effective as a #3.


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          Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

          I hope so, but I also remember Burton having a great pre-season last year, and Hagans catching 4 or 5 TDs the pre-season before that.

          Although as Avenger said, he was playing against starters most of the time so that's an important difference. But still, I don't want to get so excited about him that I'm disappointed when he doesn't look like a pro-bowler during the regular season.


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            Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

            I don't think Robinson's problem has ever been his skill level; rather, it's his ability to stay healthy. I'm excited about his potential, but I want to see if he can make it through a full season before I get my hopes up.

            If he does stay healthy, I wouldn't be surprised to see him surpass Avery as the Rams' primary WR.


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              Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

              Won't surprise me. I think he'll be our #1 receiver before the year is over.


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                Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

                good hands,good size,good speed,good age and ive not heard anything about any character that sounds all good to EDM said tho he has had injury problems..but so far the move to aquire him has looked like a very astute one.
                as for him possibly being our future number 1 wideout ahead of Avery..i think he has that potential..tho i think it could be a case of something like Robinson getting more TD`s but The Aviator getting more yards.
                i think Burton if he stays healthy will have a nice year too and Stanley will make the odd big play here and there..
                i`d like to see another wideout added..perhaps just somebody who is cheap because he wont get many touches,TD`s etc..but somebody with good hands who can make catches when the heat is on...just like Ricky Proehl used to....but im happy with the 4 young guns we already have and think they will be playing in an offensive system that they are all best suited to play in.


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                  Re: People are underestimating Laurant Robinson...

                  As a Seahawk fan I would have to agree. I think Robinson, of your receiving corps, is the guy that could give us the most fits. Just based on his size and athleticism. I hope we dont key on Avery too much and get burned by Laurent.


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                  • 39thebeast
                    How much do we miss Robinson?
                    by 39thebeast
                    Stats via Mike Sandos Blog. Even though Robinson was hurt week 3 he still has the same amount of third down targets as Avery and Burton with 7. Steven Jackson leads the team in third down targets with 9. Throwing to Robinson on third down Bulgers rating is 110.7 Burton and Avery with the exact same amount of targets are hovering around 67. Among guys with a minimum of 10 targets Bulgers passer rating when throwing to Robinson is 91.2, he only has a higher rating throwing to Burton at 100.9.

                    You can interpret this allot of ways. Bulger needs a true number 1 to be good, Robinson is really good, our other receivers suck, and so on.

                    To me there is a combination in the lack of faith in Bulger and to a much larger extent the WRs. We only threw the deep post or deep out to Robinson and now we don't do that nearly as much.
                    -11-13-2009, 08:59 PM
                  • Rambos
                    Robinson Making a Statement
                    by Rambos
                    Robinson Making a Statement
                    Saturday, August 22, 2009

                    Text A A A | RSS | Print | ShareThis

                    By Nick Wagoner
                    Senior Writer

                    Of the many moves the Rams made during the past offseason, from hiring a new head coach to bringing in big dollar free agents and picking near the top of the NFL Draft, there was one that perhaps flew under the radar without proper acclaim.

                    It certainly didn’t garner any headlines on ESPN, barely qualifying for bottom line status but on April 6, the Rams swapped their fifth and sixth round picks to Atlanta for the Falcons’ fifth and sixth round picks and receiver Laurent Robinson.

                    At the time, it seemed like a low-risk, high reward move. And though there is a lot of football left to be played before anyone can stamp the high reward portion of that deal, Robinson is certainly off to a promising start.

                    “I feel good,” Robinson said. “I’m just working hard every day in practice, going out there trying to be the best I can be everyday, listening to the coach…I mean, and just being coachable and going out there and executing. The offense is great, I’m very confident and comfortable in it, and hopefully I can just continue on in the regular season.”

                    Soon after top receiver Donnie Avery was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot, the onus fell on Robinson as one of the young receivers behind Avery to step up and fill the void in this preseason.

                    Robinson had already earned his way into the starting lineup and was getting the work opposite Avery as a starter in practice when Avery suffered the injury.

                    But with Avery out, Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo made it clear he was looking for any of his young receivers to stand up and make a statement.

                    With Avery projected toward a return sometime around the season opener at Seattle, Robinson appears to be the one looming the largest.

                    “It’s a great opportunity here for me,” Robinson said. “Hopefully I can just step right in, make some plays, and help the team win anyway I can whether that’s by running, blocking, or catching the ball.”

                    In Friday night’s loss to the Falcons at the Edward Jones Dome, Robinson made his presence felt with five catches for 65 yards in about two quarters of play.

                    Along the way, Robinson hauled in a difficult 25-yard catch and showed excellent hands on some short and intermediate slant routes. Further, Robinson showed the ability to pick up yards after the catch, an imperative trait for any receiver in the West Coast Offense.

                    In two preseason games encompassing about three quarters of play, Robinson has been targeted 10 times and come up with seven catches...
                    -08-22-2009, 07:46 PM
                  • rollrams
                    Laurent Robinson is out for the season
                    by rollrams
                    Laurent Robinson is out for the season with a broken fibula per 101 ESPN
                    -09-28-2009, 12:37 PM
                  • Trevor
                    Isn't Robinson?
                    by Trevor
                    I thought Robinson was number 11, when the rams game started I saw number 11 on the field and I was like NO WAY Robinson's playing? Then I realized it was Gibson... So who gets the number 11? Lol...
                    -11-16-2009, 05:57 AM
                  • MauiRam
                    Robinson finds right fit with Rams
                    by MauiRam
                    By Nick Wagoner

                    EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Every so often in his time at Auburn, offensive tackle Greg Robinson would find himself in search of some solitude, the chance to steal a little peace and quiet or perhaps even a nap from the day-to-day grind.

                    That search would take Robinson to his locker stall, the one piece of real estate to which every player is entitled. One problem, though, Robinson couldn't fit his massive 6-foot-5, 332-pound frame into the locker far enough to achieve the desired effect.

                    "I tried once in college when I just got tired after practice and just tried to just push in the locker a little bit," Robinson said. "I couldn't fit."

                    Greg Robinson
                    If his new locker stall is any indication, Greg Robinson has found a good fit with the Rams.
                    Upon his arrival Monday evening in St. Louis, Robinson wasted no time taking in his new surroundings. Although he'd been to St. Louis on a pre-draft visit, Robinson was now arriving at his new home rather than just the next stop on a nation-wide tour of various team facilities.

                    When Robinson entered the locker room, he quickly spotted the locker with his name and the No. 79 adorned above it.

                    If it hadn't previously sunk in when the Rams called his name as the No. 2 overall pick last Thursday night, it really hit Robinson when he got that first look at his locker.

                    "It was a dream come true," Robinson said. "It's just like reality hit me as I walked through the doors. I've been here on a visit with the Top 30 and just coming in and, like he said, seeing your name in that locker. Actually, it was a crazy thought I had, in college I couldn't fit in my locker, so I sat back in my locker and it's just a crazy feeling."

                    The crazy feelings and time for reflection were fine Tuesday as Robinson and his fellow rookies were introduced to a large media contingent at a rookie news conference. With the glare of the spotlight now gone, Robinson and the rookies will now turn their attention to business.

                    For Robinson, that probably means getting acclimated to the position he's likely to play as a rookie: left guard. Robinson was one of the dominant left tackles in the college game in 2013, particularly in the run game. The Rams coveted him with the second pick because of his size, athleticism, aggressive approach and, of course, his immense upside.

                    But the Rams are expecting starting left tackle Jake Long back in time for the season opener and are content with Joe Barksdale on the right side. That means Robinson will probably have a chance to follow in the footsteps of all-time great tackles such as Jonathan Ogden and Larry Allen, who both started their careers inside before moving out to tackle.

                    That would seem to be a natural move for Robinson, who by all accounts is ready to be a devastating run blocker...
                    -05-14-2014, 05:37 PM