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Week 1 - Steven Jackson

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  • Week 1 - Steven Jackson

    It's been pretty quiet on the Jackson front this offseason. No ranting, no raving, no predictions.
    What do think his numbers will look like at games end this first week in the new scheme ? Line play will be a big part of his success but how will he fare this week ?

    Running - ?
    catches - ?

    Maineram - :ram:

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    Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

    I don't know what Jackson's numbers will be at the end of the game against Seattle. I do know this....Jackson will leave his mark on that team in the northwest!!!!

    The BEAST.....

    Go Rams!!!!!
    sigpic :ram::helmet:


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      Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

      It will depend on if we get down big early. Teams know we want to run so they will put 8 in the box and dare us to pass. But I will say 22 carries 110 yards 4 catches 30 years 1 td.


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        Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

        I am feeling 125 combined.... around 90-95 rushing and the rest in passing.


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          Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

          For whatever reason, I'm having a lot of trouble getting a feel for how Jackson's day will go. I could see him going nuts and having a great game, but at the same time, I could see him struggling quite a bit. Granted, his struggles would likely be at least partially due to things out of his control.


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            Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

            I'm hoping for a strong showing from our o-line:
            Rushing: 127 yards
            Recieving: 42 yards

            Go get em Sjax....


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              Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

              90 rushing yards and 45 receiving yards against the squawks.

              1500 rushing yards 800 receiving yards for the year.

              GO RAMS


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                Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

                With Karney at FB and the new line, He should get 20 carries for 120-130yrds and maybe 25 through the air with 1 TD on a screen towards Arron Curry's side.


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                  Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

                  Steven Jackson is a beast, I'll give you that.

                  However, if he's going to average 6 yards + against us per rush (as your numbers are suggesting) we're either giving up multiple 20 + yard runs, or we're going 0-16 this year because we can't stop the run.

                  I can see us giving up 100 yard to Jackson, but it's going to take 25 + carries to do so in my opinion.

                  Either way, he's the key to the whole game on both sides...either he has his way with our run defense and you guys grind out a win or we find a way to slow him down with our front four and let the linebackers help our somewhat weak secondary in zone coverage.

                  Looking forward to Sunday!


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                    Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

                    I think he will grind it out on the ground and get 3-4 long runs of 15 yds or more. As the third option in the passing game, or on screens he'll be pretty effective and will have near 80 yards here also.

                    22 carries - 130 yds
                    8 catches - 75 yds

                    Statement game on the road for the new pound it out offense.

                    Maineram -


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                      Re: Week 1 - Steven Jackson

                      It does seem like the rams will stick with the run even if the yds. per. carry are down a bit, but I'll bet we still air it out too. The Seafags really aren't that good - 4-12 last year with 3 of their wins against the nfc west. Somehow the experts really think all they need is Hasselfag @ QB.


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                        What is the deal with his groin? is there a tear? is it a strain? idk what to believe so why not just ask you guys!!!!

                        GO RAMS!!!!!!!!
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                        Steven Jackson
                        by BigGameHolt
                        Can someone tell me how bad our boy Steven is injured for? I know he didn't start the second half with a strained rib injury, but does anyone know how long he will be out for? Hopefully he will start against the NYG next week, we need him. (Even though Marshall Faulk is the godliest backup running back, his TD was clutch)

                        Just reply if you know his injury status
                        -09-26-2005, 11:49 AM
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                        Jackson's Rams are off to a 4-2 start, heading into Week 7's bye week. The Rams are tied with Seattle for tops in the NFC West, one-half game behind the Seahawks and their 4-1 record.

                        The third-year player out of Oregon State leads the team with 521 rushing yards (second in the NFL), scoring the team's only two rushing TDs. He ran for 56 yards on 20 carries and a TD to go with seven catches for 40 yards in Week 6's 30-28 nailbiting loss to Seattle.

                        Jackson's best game this year came in the first game, when he rushed for 121 yards on 22 carries when the Rams upset the Broncos 18-10.

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                        Adam: Newtown, CT: Do you think that the Rams have a reasonable shot at making the playoffs?

                        Steven Jackson: Yes I do. I think we have a tough defense, spectacular offense and solid special teams.

                        Sean (Washington D.C): Your game is really elevating right now, and I am curious from your point of view: What aspect of your running/receiving game that you are working on to improve your game? Thanks.

                        Steven Jackson: Running wise, I would like to improve my goal line running. Receiving wise, I would like to be crisper on my routes, like Tory. I like to do my route running after him.

                        saint louis missouri: dude ur on my fantasy team.. can we step up with the touch downs??? haha

                        Steven Jackson: I want touchdowns too!

                        Bill (Portland, Or): Steven - congrats on a great season so far, both personally and for your team. I think you guys really shows that "you're back" last week against Seattle. Why such an improvement over last year - is it Linehan, a few new faces...?

                        Steven Jackson: I think it's a comination of Linehan and some new players. But more importantly, it's the chemistry between the players.

                        Skillz- Rahway: What running back does your skill set most compare to?

                        Steven Jackson: I'm going to go with Bo Jackson.

                        Cheryl ( Brookings, Oregon): Use to watch you play at OSU courtesy of Dwight Wright. You were amazingly awesome..Do...
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                        Steven Jackson Underrated?
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                        I've recently been researching all over the net. From running back rankings, to predictions for next season.

                        Seems like Steven Jackson is underrated to me. I get really disappointed when I see players like Frank Gore, Ray Rice, Rashard Mendenhall infront of him.

                        I mean, there all great players, but Steven Jackson managed to get the 2nd most yards last season with 1,416 while missing a game and being on one of the worst teams in the NFL.

                        Seems like our team will be much improved this year, only helping Steven. SJAX has clearly proved he can play with 5 consecutive 1,000+ yard rushing seasons.

                        I see him being a pure beast next year. Achieving another 1,400+ yard season, 10+ td's, 40+ receptions, 500-600 yards, and 3-6 td's.

                        I think he is the best running back in the NFL. I don't want this to be a bias opinion, but with an improved team, he will only do better. Sure there is "some concern" with his back surgery but I'm sure he will easily work past that.

                        I mean this guy does it all. He can clearly run, catch, block, even throw! Career passing stats 1/1 2 yards, 1 td and a QB rating of 118.8.

                        What do you guys think?
                        -06-09-2010, 08:13 AM