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A loss to the Seahawks...

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  • A loss to the Seahawks...

    In this decade, is worse than a loss to the ******. I really hate them SEAWEEDS and i like the fact that we get a chance to beat them for our 1st game of the year. I sure hope Spags and the boys feel the same because somehow, someway, we gotta get out of this hole we're in and what better way to do it with a win against a team that has owned us the last 4 years. 2 long years of suffering and listening to those idiot fans of the Pacific NW is just too much. No more losing to our division foes anymore.OUR 1ST WIN OF THE SEASON IS TOMORROW. RAAAMS BAAABY!!!

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  • Guam rammer
    Seahawks fans?
    by Guam rammer
    Wow!!! every year since the Seaweeds have been in our Division we've almost always had one of their annoying fans in here talking about what they're gonna do to us, and how bad of a team we are.

    Well ,we both look pretty bad out of the gates but that doesnt mean we can't enjoy this game because someone is comming away with their 1st win and c'mon!!! isnt this supposed to be a new rivalry?

    I think we'll pull out the win tomorrow. Main reason is... nothing!!!! Thats just what i think. We havent had much to chear for but i am a Rams fan and on a good day we can beat anyone. Thats just the way the NFL is. So c'mon Seaweeds way ya at? Besides looking for recievers.
    -09-21-2008, 05:26 AM
  • VegasRam
    I don't really know how to say this
    by VegasRam
    So I'll just say it, (with lots of disclaimers to follow;)).

    I think our first game this year is absolutely HUGE!

    If we win that game, (no matter how), it is going to go a long way towards INSTANTLY changing the mindset of our entire team. They have beat us eight straight, (some resoundingly and some squeakers), but eight nonetheless.

    We are getting no respect, (and don't deserve it); Seattle is, and is getting a pass for last year due to injuries, (which we never did, but that's yesterday's news), and it's on the road against (in my mind now), our most hated rival.

    I would go so far as to say, if we win, we are looking at a guaranteed 9 wins, and maybe more.

    (Disclaimer 1): If we lose, we'll win the predicted 5-6 games, which I really am OK with, given the state of the team when Spags took over.

    But I can just see Spags quietly, in his own intense way, telling the team after the game; "See...! See what happens when you focus and play with intensity, when you play as a team, when you pay attention to the little things, when you trust and believe in each other?"

    (Disclaimer 2) Again, if the Rams play well and lose, but can walk off the field with their heads up, and leave the Seahawks thinking, "those were not the Rams we've played the last 4 years", I'll be fine, and in no way will think the season's history.

    It's just that (IMO) winning would have an incredible impact on the team's attitude... that would stay with the team the whole year, and one that Spags could point to the whole season and say, "Remember opening day, on the road, against our fiercest rival, in a hostile environment...?"
    -09-03-2009, 11:16 AM
  • 1980RAMS
    Can We Beat the Seahawks??
    by 1980RAMS
    Yes we can!!!! We will beat the freakin Hawks..... They are going to underestimate the Rams like everyone does.

    This will be another victory for us.... Darby is going to have a HUGE game and make up for Jacksons hole. Bradford is going to give us more of the same.

    I AM SO PUMPED UP AFTER LAST WEEK!!!!!! I was at the game!!!! Life long LA ram fan Flew to St louis for the 1st time and experienced an AMAZING GAME!!!!

    Lets go get another win boys!!!!!

    What you guys think about this weekend?????
    -09-29-2010, 08:19 PM
  • laram0
    Can We and Will We?
    by laram0
    Can we beat the Seahawks this Sunday?

    We shoulda, coulda, woulda at our house earlier this year except the final score read Seahawks 14 Rams 9.

    The Seahawks beat us in the 2 most important categories during our first meeting this season.

    Scoreboard (14-9) and Turnovers (2-0)

    We took it to them in a lot of other categories.

    1st Downs: 23-7
    Totals Yards: 339-135
    Pass Yards: 139-91...and let's not forget this was Clemens 1st game of the season as our starter. Also there was a very lucky 80 yd TD pass by the Seahawks. Take that away and they would have had 11 yards passing!!!!!
    Rush Yards: 200-44
    Sacks: 7-3
    TOP: 38:09 to 21:51

    There was a missed 50 yard FG by Greg the Leg that hurt us tremendously. We lost the game on the last play of the game (incomplete pass) at the Seahawks 1 yard line. If Greg the Leg had hit the 50 yarder we could have kicked a short FG for the win!

    I say we can beat the Seahawks on Sunday.

    Will We????
    -12-26-2013, 08:29 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Rams Favored Against Seahawks
    by r8rh8rmike
    If this year has shown us anything, it’s that anything can happen. Here we are again with a huge game against Seattle. A win and we’re back in first place with a chance to control our own destiny. A loss and we’re two games behind, in trouble and in need of help to win the division. They’re up, we’re down. So what’s going to happen? Both teams have looked good, and both teams have looked woeful. Depending on what teams show up to play, we could have any number of outcomes. Considering what has happened the last two weeks and how things look on paper, it’s interesting that the Rams are a slight favorite this weekend. Good omen or bad?

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this game, but nothing would surprise me.
    -11-09-2004, 11:57 PM