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  • Positives!

    In no particular order:

    Bulger - Threw accurately when he had time. Moved around the pocket well, created time for himself. Took off running, didn't go down, took a hard hit, got up jawing, I have respect for him like no other. Looked like a general out there today, getting players into position and getting fired up when things weren't going well.

    J. Lau - Rey Maulauga who? 14 tackles, 10 solo, 1 for loss, FF, Fumble Rec. All over the ball. Finally, a true middle linebacker

    David Vobora - Solid, solid game at SLB. If only Will Witherspoon was still Will Witherspoon. Maybe he is, we'll see ...

    Wade, Bartell, Atogwe, and Butler - A solid quad core here. Wade looked like a stud, solid in tackling, and awesome in coverage. Atogwe, what more can you say, what an awesome INT, no gimme there. Butler was just what we needed him to be, solid. Bartell, I have to give it to him for the hustle on the J. Jones run, he went after it, similar to his rundown in Atlanta. I think we have a nice foursome here.

    We were badly exposed by TE's, and the underneath stuff is a result of the system and lack of pass rush. This will come together.

    Donnie Jones - Maybe the best punter ever

    Tenacity - The guys never gave up, played hard all game, clearly different than last year. They just have to buy into and utilize the system.

    Maybe I missed some but thats what I got for now ....

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    Re: Positives!

    Thought Chris Long had SEVERAL nice hits ..... sometimes he looks really good.
    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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      Re: Positives!

      Great to hear that there were a number of positives to see in the game. Great post Infiniti. It made me a little less happy I didn't have to watch the pain of the shutout.
      I believe!:ram:


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        Re: Positives!

        I didn't see the game, but if this is the mutual feeling among most about our secondary and new stud MLB, then we should feel pretty good about where the team is going. Obviously, the O-Line and D-line, are the major areas we still have to work on. I read some of the comments about "Incognito". This guy appears to be a complete BAFOON. Again I didn't see the game, but read some of the comments about his performance. This guy has to go, sounds like we are better off without him.


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          Re: Positives!

          Originally posted by LARAM
          I didn't see the game, but if this is the mutual feeling among most about our secondary and new stud MLB, then we should feel pretty good about where the team is going. Obviously, the O-Line and D-line, are the major areas we still have to work on. I read some of the comments about "Incognito". This guy appears to be a complete BAFOON. Again I didn't see the game, but read some of the comments about his performance. This guy has to go, sounds like we are better off without him.

          incognito is a buffoon when you lose and an enforcer when you win...

          i dont know what i think about the guy...

          a winning team needs a guy like him , imho.. but we are so close to losing out of the gate, he hinders us...

          i love his toughness... but my gosh..


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            Re: Positives!

            i feel like one SOLID win can bring this team up to speed. Defensively, we got Atogwe and the rookie to lead us.

            I fell asleep during the 2nd half, but from what i've seen, i feel good.


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              Re: Positives!

              Originally posted by longfan
              incognito is a buffoon when you lose and an enforcer when you win...

              i dont know what i think about the guy...

              a winning team needs a guy like him , imho.. but we are so close to losing out of the gate, he hinders us...

              i love his toughness... but my gosh..
              Incognito is not tough, he's a thug ...

              Now, Marc Bulger, that is one tough SOB


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                Re: Positives!

                there is no negative 0.


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                  Re: Positives!

                  Laurent Robinson made some nice plays...

                  our team are not quitters....

                  agree with the comments about Atogwe,Butler (both of them),J-lau,Wade,Bulger,Jax never quit even tho the inside lanes werent being opened for him..(i think we abandoned the run too early).. Jason gonna have to watch the game again to comment on his performance,but i saw some decent play from him at times..ofcourse when you an OT you pretty much gotta stonewall your opponent or you are deemed to have had a bad game...i think our starting guards arent very good..but i think Setterstrom & Greco could be..(when Greco is fit again and if MS stays healthy..)


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                    Re: Positives!

                    Originally posted by BEER
                    there is no negative 0.
                    Plenty of negatives, more than positives ...

                    I don't see the point of discussing the negatives, nor is it worth my time to explain why I feel that way, it's not like most of you would get it ...


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                      Re: Positives!

                      Bulger. You guys wanted fire, well he sure as heck had that today. After that scramble when he got in that defensive players face was pretty awesome. He was accurate on his passes and threw the ball away to avoid a sack so much better this game than in years past. Our line was like swiss cheese, and BUlger did the best with what little time he had. Bad blocking and stupid penalties at all the wrong times lost us this game today, not Bulger.

                      Donnie Jones. Man can that guy punt....kicks it deep and accurate to boot.

                      Run defense. Was a very solid day IMO until the 62 yard run for the TD. Take away that play and they rushed 33 times for 105 yards....MUCH better than anything we've seen in a LONG time.

                      Jonathon Wade. I don't recall one catch on his side of the field all day. Had a complete shut out. Hill who?

                      Laurent Robinson. 5 cacthes, 87 yards and looked good doing it. Seemed to be Bulger's go to guy when he actually had more than 3 seconds to pass.


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                        Re: Positives!

                        Well one positive I saw was the offensive line. I know you are going to say what's wrong with me, but I think we had two totally different offense lines in the first half and the second half. The first half, we had an offensive line that was making holes for SJax and keeping Bulger upright. He looked really good when he actually had time to find a receiver and make the throw.


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                          Re: Positives!

                          I liked what i saw outisde the trenches on both sides. We need new guards period. We need a pass rush somehow someway the secondary is working there asses off they need an assist from the d-line. LBs more than solid


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                            Re: Positives!

                            Originally posted by 39thebeast
                            I liked what i saw outisde the trenches on both sides.
                            That's everything I took from this game too. We were exposed by a lack of a pass rush and an inability to block for Bulger or Jackson. I think the pass rush will be our achilles heel this season until we land a pair of Defensive Tackles who can eat up blocks and get pressure up the middle.

                            Case in point, Calais Campbell today playing for Arizona. He was a monster in his first NFL start and he benefited immensely from having Gabe Watson and Darnell Dockett, probably the NFC West's best DT pairing, chewing up space for him. He played lights out. Arizona couldn't get their offense going and I think they're going to miss Todd Haley for a little while.

                            Our OL will come together with time. The Delay of Game penalty on Bulger and Brown before Josh Brown missed the FG in the second quarter was an absolute killer. I think Incognito needs to go sooner rather than later and I really want to see what John Greco can do. If we get a combination set, they will band together and play like a unit. That was my biggest problem. They were individuals along the OL, as opposed to one cohesive unit.

                            As far as positives go-- everything outside of the missed FG and our OL and DL showed real promise.


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                              Re: Positives!

                              The team started the game very well, defense was on fire and all over the place, one thing that is missing is deep treat wide receiver. If the team does not have fast wide out Jackson's talent and size will not mean much. The sea gal fans were bringing it on and trust me they had big part in that game. 2009 Rams have long way to go in order to be dominant in this game, lets enjoy the journey and watch our team grow...


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                              • rammiser
                                Monday morning hangover...long
                                by rammiser
                                Going from the high of a new to season to the absolute let down by my Rams has left me feeling woozy. I had hope and dreams of an improved football team that would play hard for four quarters. I saw some flashes as I did last year. Then again we only decided to play 2 quarters again.

                                The walking penalty box that is Incognito has got to go. He isnt all that great in the first place and constantly costs us 15 yds when he feels the need to punch guys in the chest or hit guys late. He's a mess and embarassing if you ask me. He was cheap shotting guys the whole game but was only caught twice. It's hard not to like him for his fire,i do like him. Unfortunately he isnt talented enough and neither is this team to keep putting up with his stupid mistakes.

                                We shelled out tons of cash for Bartell, yet Wade looked like the best corner on the field yesterday. Bartell was getting beaten on everything thrown his way. I thought for sure hed get a pi call against him on a fade route but he managed to flail his arms up just at the right time to hit the ball. If Bulger takes all the flak for being paid huge jack and not performing than Bartell should be getting killed today.

                                Atogwe is just flat out awesome. He is a bigtime playmaker and needs to be locked down with a huge contract. Nice job by the front office to wait so long to pay the guy that he may be a top 2 safety by the time they decide to pay him instead of a relatively good but unknown player around the NFL. Butler was a great aquisition and has raised the level of play of Atogwe. Now OJ isnt by himself back there anymore.

                                Finally we have a middle linebacker. Laurinitis is going to be really good. Heck he was really good yesterday. He made some mistakes but hes a rookie and was always around the ball. He absolutely did not look like a rookie. Witherspoon on the other hand seems to vanish into thin air during games anymore. I remember when we used to hear his name mentioned four or five times for big plays in games. Now I only hear his name for missing tackles and gettig hurt. Vabora had a decent game, seeing how he was a 7th round pick and is playing some half way decent football is a tribute to him as a hard worker. It is fair to say however that we may need two olb's after this year.

                                Our d-line is dreadful. The Seachickens had two starters out on the o-line and i'm not sure we knocked Hasselcrack over once. When we blitz it get picked up easily. Not too mention that he would take a three step drop and have 3 wide open wr's to throw to. We got no pressure and were getting gashed for four or five yds almost everytime a guy would run the ball. They did do a nice job on the goal line untill play action and of course wide open in the back of the endzone was Jay Novacek err i mean Carlson. Chris Long hustles but most of his plays are made five yds down field, I want to see him making some behind the line of...
                                -09-14-2009, 07:18 AM
                              • HUbison
                                On the other hand...
                                by HUbison
                                ....EVERY game will have something good come out of it. Even a debacle like yesterday will show some signs of life if one were to look. Here's what I saw:

                                1. Son of Animal (, I like that) led all rookies league wide in tackles with 14. Tied for 2nd were USC alum Cushing and Rey Mau at 8 each.

                                2. Vobora, Mr. Irrelevant no more, among 2nd year players was 3rd in tackles. Something to build on.

                                3. Smith played better than expected for a rookie OT. He certainly wasn't the lowlight of that line.

                                4. Robinson for a 5th round swap meet looks like a pretty good deal right now.

                                5. The defense created turnovers. The offense did not.

                                6. Gibson and Long, though not attaining a lot of pressure, were around the ball all day.

                                7. Maybe it's just familiarity with the system, but Butler appears to be better than initially advertised.

                                8. Atogwe has to be in the conversation when discussing top FS in the league.

                                9. Special Teams showed some spunk. In fact, the STers were so excited at least 12 of them at a time wanted to take the field.

                                10. You tell me there's a punter in the league right now better than Donnie Jones, and I will be forced to call BS on you.

                                11. Wade played a disciplined, solid cover game. (Kudos to RF16 for that catch).

                                There. That's 11 good things. Whew, I didn't think I'd make it there for a while.
                                -09-14-2009, 08:06 AM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                Notes and Analysis - Dolphins @ Rams ... 11/30/08
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                Here is my take, for what it's worth:

                                QUARTERBACKS - Yes, Marc Bulger had one of the worst games of his career, statistically. It was a rough day all around for Marc, with his high point likely being a tackle he made after his INT. But I adamantly refuse to count out Bulger as a QB that can win alot of games for us. He made alot of bad throws today, and the reads on the first two INT's were even worse. The third INT was not as bad as it looked, as Stanley really didn't give the effort he should have to get that ball. Some critical dropped passes didn't help, as Pittman dropped two screen passes, one perfectly setup that could have resulted in a TD. Holt also dropped a critical pass that would have been a first down had he not been scared to get hit. How far the great have fallen. Bulger's primary problem seemed to be rushing his setup in the pocket today, and I cannot totally blame him for this. Yes, the O-Line showed up today, and they showed up for real. Bulger was not sacked, and his was barely hit all game. But one great game by the O-Line does not make a quarterback comfortable in the pocket. It was clear that Bulger was still looking to get hit, and he was not going through the reads and progressions like he should have. So many on this board, and many other boards, he said how Bulger cannot read a defense. Really? Is that how he garned a 65.0% completion rate and 90+ QB rating after his first five years in the league? He is a battered QB and he lacks confidence. I remember Warner throwing 3 TD and 11 INT in a season for us once, and what is he doing now? If Bulger can get this type of protection for a few weeks in a row, he should see some success again. Well, at least in theory. Fact is, this offensive system is outdated, and it just doesn't work with the personnel we have. We are shifting players everywhere, the receivers are asked to run complicated routes when they are struggling to run even simple ones. The tight end that is so valuable to Saunders scheme is non-existant at this point, and the QB does not feel he has time to throw. It's going to be a long road, but go ahead and keep throwing Bulger under the bus. Of course it's all his fault because he makes the big bucks, right? Simply a bad game from Bulger, but it's going to take awhile to get his confidence back. And we really need to work on this system, particularly in the red zone. Do you see the long developing routes that Saunders has these guys running inside the ten yard line? And enough with the comments about Bulger being an offensive coach killer. The Martz and Saunders offense just isn't effective today like it was in the GSOT days. Teams have figured it out, simple as that. It didn't work for Martz in Detroit and it's not working in San Francisco. Saunder milked it in K.C. but failed in Washington. It seems we might need to get back to the basics - look at the success we had when we were pounding the ball.

                                Grade: D-

                                -12-01-2008, 06:43 AM
                              • HornIt
                                HornItís Rams vs. Raiders review Ė The Revenge of Chris Johnson
                                by HornIt
                                Yes folks itís true. The thing you never, ever, thought could possibly happen, happened.

                                Rams castoff Chris Johnson, the guy who stepped out of bounds on the Rams own 1 yard line on a kickoff return the first time he ever touched the ball as a Ram, made the Rams pay dearly Saturday night for their decision to set him adrift in the NFL sea of uncertainty. Well, he hooked on with the Raiders and haunted the Rams much of the night, be it with his excellent coverage or his TD saving big plays such as knocking the ball out of Fitzharvardís hands as he was driving for the goal line and through the back of the end zone.

                                This was just sort of the way the entire night went. Nothing much went right. What could go wrong did go wrong. Even what we thought couldnít go wrong, such as Johnson getting his revenge, went wrong.

                                Funny thing though is, after digesting my first viewing of the game and then watching it again on NFLN this afternoon, maybe not as much actually went wrong as I thought it did initially, and as a lot of people thought it did initially. At least, not as many fundamentally bad things came out of the game as it first appeared.

                                This would seem to give credence to the age old adage, never do game analysis after only one emotionally invested viewing of the game. You may just see things much differently after youíve had a chance to get over the original disappointment of the results not being exactly what you were hoping for. Thatís what happened to me this time anyway.

                                Watching it all again, really only two things stuck out in my mind as being responsible for how bad things appeared on first viewing last night. Those two things were penalties and Bulger, in that order.

                                The key play in every Raiders scoring drive was some kind of key penalty, and not just any old penalty, but big, huge, game changing penalties. 10 penalties for 157 yards, and the worst thing about that is, several of them truly were completely bogus calls. But even if they werenít, itís better news than the initial news that they simply got their butts whooped. That actually didnít happen.

                                Additionally, contrary to the popular narrative thus far, they were not conservative on offense and they did actually show quite a bit of their passing game, and they were making a concerted effort to go vertical and get the ball downfield. The thing is, they (mostly Bulger in this case) just didnít execute.

                                Think of 44 passes and 17 rushes, averaged 13 yards per completion and does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like they didnít open up at least a little? The problem on offense last night was not a lack of imagination, it was a lack of execution.

                                So, letís take a look at it.


                                Initially I thought the O-line played fairly poorly, but on second...
                                -08-25-2007, 07:25 PM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                Don't be afraid to push that red button when you read this ...
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                I like to look at myself as a true Ram's fan. I got mad when things aren't going well, I get excited when they are. I yell at the TV when the coaches make bad decisions, and want to stangle whoever is in site when someone makes a stupid mistake. With that said, I'll never understand about 75% of the posters here. I always thought boards like this were for diehards. Yet, so many here seem to be fair weather. I still get as excited for gameday being 0-4 as I would have if we were 4-0. I still yelled at the TV, intensely as ever, hoping to God that the more boisterous I got, the more heart my team would have. I felt a sense of excitement the entire game despite knowing that there is little hope remaining for a postseason appearance. I come to the board after the game, hoping to share in some of the excitement with my fellow fans, only to see things like this:

                                "I can't believe how vanilla the gameplan is"
                                "Fire Linehan now!"
                                Applications to SLOP
                                Saw a sign in the EJD that said "I Believe ... We Stink"
                                "Witherspoon knocking out Leinart is definitely not a positive"
                                "We could go 0-16"
                                "Who are we gonna draft next year with the #1 pick"
                                "Blah! Blah! Blah!"
                                "The players have obviously given up on Linehan"
                                "#1 positive, 11 games till its over"

                                Come on people. We have to be stricken by one of the most intense injury waves I've ever seen and still almost defeated a team that just came off a victory over the Steelers, despite some of the worst officiating in league history.

                                Kurt who? What did he do? 14-28, 190, 1 TD, 1 INT. He was no better than Leinart, and had Lenny Walls not stood around looking silly, that last drive by Frerotte might have been to tie the game. Warner looked VERY ordinary outside of the first no huddle drive on this game, much so to the fact that he was 9-23 after that first drive. I hear alot of grumbles about our secondary troubles, but I think 21-41, 281, 1 TD, 2 INT with not alot of pressure from the front four is a pretty solid day.

                                May I introduce FAKHIR BROWN - 9 tackles, 2 INT, 6 Passes Defensed. Yet nobody is talking about this guy? Why would we talk about positives?

                                Linehan took over the reigns, but he sucked right? We only racked up 375 yards, 24 first downs, and 31 points against a very good defense. But Linehan's play calling sucks right? That's not much of an improvement from the 260 yards and 9.5 PPG we had in the first four games. Don't worry though. The detractors and SLOP will always have an excuse for why this happened, and it certainly won't be because Linehan actually made ADJUSTMENTS and coached a DECENT game.

                                Lots of complaints about the defense and how they've regressed since the first three games. Numbers don't always tell the story. The defense played pretty solid all day yesterday. MAJOR...
                                -10-08-2007, 07:35 AM