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Null starting by November?

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  • Null starting by November?

    Okay this is not a complete Bulger Bash.

    This game could have been the fault of Bulger or his receivers. I like to just put the blame on soon to be ex-ram Richie Incognito.

    When watching the game on tv or internet you really cannot see what happens to the receiver its not thrown to so i dont really know if it's there fault or not. I watched it on the live feed. I live in NJ and i watched the Jets game and in that game i saw Bulger throwing early because did not trust the line. This time he was a bit trigger shy and he had great protection. Bulger needs to be more aggressive! He was more aggressive at the end of the game and it drove us all the way down inside the seaguls 10.

    When it comes to team leadership and running the Rams offense Kyle Boller is not the answer. However if have less then 2-3 again come November do you think Kieth Null will be the guy under center with Spags thinking about the future.

    Also do you think we should put in some wildcat plays with Action Jackson behind Center and Donnie Avery the man in motion?

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    Re: Null starting by November?

    I agree boller is in no way the answer. But starting null could be a bit premature. I say in game like today(there will inveriably be more like today) after we are down 4 td's throw in null to get some snaps with first team, what could it hurt. Im all for grooing him to be our next qb.


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      Re: Null starting by November?

      Well since you did not see it, when Marc had time he was very sharp. When he had time. SJ had a very bad day 60 plus yards, why not replace him as well.


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        Re: Null starting by November?

        Originally posted by Rambos
        Well since you did not see it, when Marc had time he was very sharp. When he had time. SJ had a very bad day 60 plus yards, why not replace him as well.
        I dont know if your responding to me but if you are you misunderstand me.
        Im simply saying when a game is beyond reach as it was today we should send null in for some game action, bulger has to retire someday and null looked good in preseason. Believe me i really like bulger and think he is still probowl quality but he cant play forever.


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          Re: Null starting by November?

          Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r
          I dont know if your responding to me but if you are you misunderstand me.
          Im simply saying when a game is beyond reach as it was today we should send null in for some game action, bulger has to retire someday and null looked good in preseason. Believe me i really like bulger and think he is still probowl quality but he cant play forever.
          Ahhh ok. Thanks for clarifying man.

          I agree though. If we do start to tank it mid game, put in Null. Let Bulger watch from the sidelines.


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            Re: Null starting by November?

            No no no

            We should let Null see snaps this early because that is just telling Bulger he will be benched soon. And that could negatively affect the team if there team leader is benched due to inconsistently

            Im saying if the season turns into one of those seasons like the last 2 years we need to see what we have in Null (impressive pre-season) before we go for a high price rookie QB in the 1st round.


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            • realchamp11
              keith null
              by realchamp11
              i dont understand why people thought null was ready to start. He's a rookie and not even from the D1 level. He was/is NO WHERE close to being ready to be a starter
              -12-13-2009, 05:52 PM
            • Guest's Avatar
              Keith Null
              by Guest
              I thought Keith looked good out there. He's accurate and seems to get rid of the ball fast.

              Does anyone think he looks better than any of our other backups? I'm curious because we gave Gado the 2nd spot after his good performance. I'd be fun to see Null in there either with the 2nd or even the 1st stringers.

              Get the kid in it.
              -08-22-2009, 01:53 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Null Should Be On '10 Roster, But Starting Is Another Question
              by r8rh8rmike
              Null should be on '10 roster, but starting is another question

              Jeff Gordon

              Rookie quarterback Keith Null has earned a spot on the 2010 Rams. This much we know for sure.

              Could he compete for the starting job next season? It is too soon to stay that.

              Could he blossom into the franchise’s Quarterback of the Future? It is much, MUCH too soon to make such an optimistic assessment.

              We do know that Null has pretty good tools. And we know he has some nerve, too, since he shrugged off his ghastly five-interception debut in Week 14.

              Clearly Null learned from his first NFL start. His second outing went much more smoothly than his first. He settled down and got into a nice passing rhythm.

              "It was a lot different," Null told reporters after the game. "It seemed like things slowed down a little bit for me a lot more than it did last week. It was a great opportunity to get out there and play again."

              He made just two glaring mistakes during the Rams’ 16-13 loss to the visiting Texans Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.

              1) After a botched exchange, Null tried to execute the running play. He needed to eat the football instead, as he learned while losing a costly fumble. Job One for young NFL quarterbacks is ball security.

              2) While scrambling for his life, Null tried to make a play. He needed to just throw the ball away, as he learned while throwing a costly interception.

              Other than those errors of aggression, Null was just fine.

              He took a couple of big sacks after failing to locate a receiver, but at least he pulled the ball back instead of forcing throws into coverage. That was progress.

              Null completed 18 of 27 passes for 173 yards and a touchdown. He looked like a veteran while converting that one red zone opportunity.

              The Rams lined up with three wide receivers on the short side of the field on a first-and-goal play from the Houston 3. The other two wideouts cleared room for Danny Amendola, who caught a quick pass from Null to score.

              That is a routine touchdown play for most teams, but it was like scaling a mountain for this group. Week after week after week the Rams have come up short in the red zone.

              So fans saw glimmers of hope in this game. The Rams offense appeared more assertive than it had been for most of this season. We saw a lot of three- and four-receiver sets, which is highly unusual for the Steve Spagnuolo regime.

              Null demonstrated a strong arm while taking some deep shots. He threw intermediate passes with authority. He made generally good reads, too.

              Some fans have gotten way too excited in our forums and chats here at STLtoday, but Null did a lot of good things. During a season of unrelenting failure,...
              -12-21-2009, 03:53 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Null Learns Plenty In First Start
              by r8rh8rmike
              Null Learns Plenty in First Start
              Monday, December 14, 2009

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              Although he was nervous, rookie quarterback Keith Null let nobody know that the moment of making his first start was too big for him.

              And, like most players making their NFL debut, Null’s nerves went away quickly.

              “I’d say after the first play,” Null said. “I went out there pretty comfortable. It definitely helps to go out and throw a completion on your first pass so after that any player would tell you, you get that first play then you are out there playing football again.”

              It was a long road from tiny West Texas A&M to taking the reigns of the Rams offense for Null but on the first play from scrimmage, Null had a number of firsts.

              Null took his first snap in a regular season game (and from under center, something he hadn’t done much of in his shotgun-heavy career), dropped back and delivered his first pass to tight end Daniel Fells for a gain of 7 yards.

              It wasn’t the flashiest opening to a NFL career, but it was enough to shake the butterflies loose from Null’s stomach and allow him to settle in.

              By the end of his first busy NFL Sunday, Null had a rough statistical day in line with what many rookie signal callers – let alone sixth-round draft choices with Division II pedigrees – would have.

              But in retrospect, it wasn’t so much the numbers Null posted as the way he handled an extremely difficult situation that impressed teammates and coaches alike.

              “Under the circumstances and how it all went down, I thought he handled himself well in the huddle, I thought he was composed, he had command of what he was doing,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “He’d like some throws back. I thought he stepped up in the pocket well and actually had some pretty nice throws. That part of it was encouraging.”

              Null finished the game 27-of-43 for 157 yards with a touchdown and five interceptions for a rating of 37.8.

              Considering that Tennessee represents one of the most hostile environments in the league with one of its toughest defenses, Null’s assignment was loaded with landmines before he ever was even declared the starter.

              Last week, Null split repetitions with Kyle Boller in practice for most of the week. With Boller battling a thigh injury, Null got more and more reps as the week went on.

              By Saturday, it had become clear that Boller would be a game time decision and Null was a viable candidate to start.
              That made for some interesting moments for Null in the run up to the game as he awaited word on his role.

              “I was going out, getting ready to play not really know what was going to happen and trying to prepare myself for whatever they tell me,” Null said. “I went back in the locker room, they told me I was going to...
              -12-15-2009, 07:01 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Round Two: Why Not Null At QB For Rams?
              by r8rh8rmike
              11.25.2009 11:53 am
              Why not Null at QB for Rams?
              By Roger Hensley

              QUESTION: With only six games remaining and the St. Louis Rams sitting at 1-9, and with QB Marc Bulger injured, why are the Rams not considering Keith Null at QB so they can see what they’ve got there? Rookie QBs play all the time, surely he’s prepared after being with the team since training camp, right?

              JIM THOMAS

              Apparently this is hard for some to fathom, but Keith Null IS NOT READY. He played at WEST Texas A&M, not Texas A&M. It wasn’t until October that he even felt comfortable taking snaps from center. If you think Marc Bulger had communication and timing issues with Brandon Gibson, what do you think will happen with Null? To borrow from a Rams Park colleague, about the best thing Null has going for him right now is an absence of failure. And whether you’re 1-9 or 9-1 — this is the NFL. You play to win. This is November, not August. And right now, Kyle Boller gives the Rams their best chance to win.

              BERNIE MIKLASZ

              No. 1, Null is a very raw project. A small-college guy from a spread offense. He needs a lot of time to prep before he can start an NFL game. He’s at a disadvantage compared to other rookie QBs who played in major-college programs and in more pro-style offenses.

              No. 2, he has had virtually no practice time at all in running this offense. It would be a disservice to the kid to throw him to the wolves. Why do people want to see him fail at a job before he’s ready to take on that job? What’s the point? Why get him massacred? Irresponsible.

              No. 3, the Rams aren’t as high on Null as people seem to think that they are.

              BRYAN BURWELL

              Unless there is a major medical disaster to Kyle Boller, there is no reason to put a rookie QB who doesn’t forecast as a star into the lineup as a starter. Would I like to see him in for a look-see? Sure, but perhaps the Rams staff has already seen enough of Null and they don’t think he is ready yet.

              BILL COATS

              Null’s simply not ready. As the No. 3 QB, he’s gotten very few reps in practice since the start of the regular season because Kyle Boller does the scout-team work. It would be unfair to Null to toss him in there now. You would set him up to fail by doing so.
              -11-25-2009, 10:41 AM