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Our guards Stink

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  • Our guards Stink

    Jacob Bell, and Richie Incognito are horrible. If there is such thing as a guard basher I am one. They both got no push in the run game and had crucial penalties especially that idiot cogs. Bell has shown 30 million dollars of nothing, Cogs has been a problem child from day 1 an will continue to be. We need to change things up asap. Cogs is lucky Greco is injured. I really think we would be better off with Setterstrom would be an upgrade somewhere in the interior. You could even put Goldberg in there somewhere in there.

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  • MauiRam
    Greco vs Bell ..
    by MauiRam
    Greco vs Bell (2nd SF game review)
    by sbrown1021
    July 17th 2009 from another site

    Greco Vs. Bell

    Bell started the game, and then came out after 2 series (3?), and Greco played the rest of the way....Here is what seems to be the truth:

    Just my opinion…I didn’t know Bell was so weak, until I looked at him play after play. This is how I see him and Greco:

    Teams find a weak guy and exploit him. It seems like when Jacob Bell plays, tackles push him off balance, and his shoulders are out of position (not square) all the time and therefore he has no power on most of his blocks; and then when a running back changes direction toward Jacob Bell’s space, Bell has done nothing to clear his man out of the way and the back gets no yards, or loses yards….versus when John Greco comes in, they don’t toss him around, at all. Huge difference to me. Honestly, I am not sure if I have ever seen such a huge disparity in theoretical strength required for the position and the actual strength the player has.

    I have more hope for Tye Hill making a comeback, than JB being a good guard for the Rams….of course Bell says he is 15-20 pounds heavier…hmmm, sounds easy...just gain weight....

    A center in NFL gets ‘help’ on straight ahead running plays, probably 90% of the time. Every O line coach assumes this, when diagramming plays. Only a few centers can take on a nose tackle and even managed a stand off. (Jason Brown is one!) So, it is ok to be ‘weak’ at center.

    But, being ‘weak’ at guard, well that is a big problem…unless you work for the Colts or Mike Martz (semi joke,there)

    Tom Nutten weighed about 280 ;lbs, which is why he got no push in the straight ahead run game, except for a few games. Nutten was a great pass blocker. Those old 80’s 49er teams had small guards too, but their ‘angle’ block schemes invented by the their genius OL coach, McKittrick, allowed for smaller, quicker guards. Those guards were made for pass blocking, pulling and screens. Jacob Bell would have been very successful, like Nutten, in the Rams GSOT offense….or playing for the Colts Run-lite offense, Bell would be a good fit too.

    The moment Greco came replaced Bell against the ***** (week 16), the Rams line look solidified and they didn’t get pushed around on his side…Sometimes your brain plays tricks…could there be such a difference between these guys? How could Bell be starting? AM I high? How did Bell even start for a power run team like Tennesee? I must be wrong about him.

    So, I thought I would make a comparision between Greco and Bell…in light of the emphasis on power blocking, it becomes apparent to me that even with 15 pounds Bell will not be adequate….though Jason Brown will help him a lot this year, if he does start!

    Pass Blocking

    Greco, being a good tackle in college (similar to David...
    -08-07-2009, 09:14 AM
  • ramsplaya16
    For the people who think Bell is undersized....
    by ramsplaya16
    Jacob Bell is 6-4 295

    Alan Faneca is 6-5 307(only one inch and 12 pounds.)

    Ryan Lilja is 6-2 290(shorter and weighs less)

    Jake Scott 6-5 295

    Mark Setterstrom 6-4 314

    Steve Hutchinson 6-5 313

    The only one who is Much bigger that i have looked up was our boy Richie Incognito 6-3 330

    But the point of this thread is that some of the good guards in the NFL weigh around the same weight as bell with a few exceptions. this wasnt a list of my opinion of the best guards, just a few decent ones who came to mind, what do you think?
    -03-03-2008, 05:31 PM
  • Dr. Defense
    Offensive Guard
    by Dr. Defense
    So it's time to talk about the single most controversial player on this team. Richie Icognito. Those who love Richie, love his fire and strength and aggressiveness. Those who hate him, hate how he can be stupid and thick headed and make stupid penalties. We all hoped that Spags could change that. And I must say, I think he has. As far as I can tell, he hasn't been called for a lot of penalties. He was playing well on the offensive line and everyone was gelling. When he went down, the offensive line play started to go down as well. Maybe there is a connection there, maybe there isn't.

    I would love for him to get a new contract and be playing for us in the future. The thought of a Brown-Icognito-run mauling offensive tackle gives me goosebumps.

    If someone had data that proved me otherwise, I would love to see it. I can only base my statement on the games that I have watched.
    -12-03-2009, 07:05 PM
  • MauiRam
    Setterstrom vs Bell ?
    by MauiRam
    The Rams may be paying Bell a bunch of money, but Setterstom may not be easy to dislodge. He anc Cogs are likely the best run blocking guards on our team. It will be interesting to see what Spags does when Bell is cleared to play again .. Anyone else out there prefer Setterstrom over Bell?
    -11-02-2009, 08:18 AM
  • Mooselini
    Jacob Bell
    by Mooselini
    Is he really a bad player? Now I haven't been able to watch the past two games. So I don't know how he's been playing.

    I'm not sure if this applies, but if the guys around you are terrible, would that make you terrible? What I mean, is since the line is complete garbage, is that making Bell look bad or is he actually playing bad?

    -11-02-2008, 08:12 PM