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If it's not official by now...

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  • If it's not official by now...

    ...I'd consider it pretty much official.

    Just saw clips from the Best Damn Sports Show Period. They were doing their week in review. And one of the clips they showed for today's show was a skit titled "Good Cop, Black Cop" starring Turley and Bryan Cox as police officers in a mock commercial. In the clip, they were introduced as two of the NFL's best ex-players.

    I forget if there was ever an official announcement, but I'd imagine if FSN has Turley running around with Cox in an SNL-like commercial gag and introducing him as an ex-player, that should probably tell us what's going to happen in 2005.

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    Re: If it's not official by now...

    Based on what we've seen since the beginning of the season...and Turley running his mouth...I don't think he has any intention of makiing a comeback. He's closed...Good Ridence!!!


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      Re: If it's not official by now...

      What a tremendous loss for the Rams.......NOT!
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