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Lloyd got an education from Bruce and Holt

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  • Lloyd got an education from Bruce and Holt

    By Lori Shontz
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Friday, Oct. 01 2004

    The *****' wide receiver was an intern for FSN Midwest while attending
    Illinois. Like any intern at FSN Midwest, Brandon Lloyd started off with the
    typical grunt-work assignment - log tapes - in the summer of 2002.

    Compiling a detailed description of all the action on a videotape - complete
    with the down-to-the-second time it happened, the precise camera angle, all the
    stuff television journalists need to know on deadline - is important but not

    Lloyd, however, liked it, in part because of a deal he worked out with his
    supervisors. "I'll do it for hours if I can do the St. Louis Rams," he said. "I
    will log tape all day."

    He did have an ulterior motive. Then a star wide receiver for the University of
    Illinois, he figured he could do worse than being forced to watch Rams
    receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce run their routes. In essence, Lloyd got
    himself a combination journalism internship and football independent study.

    "We teased him, too," said John Venneman, Fox Sports Midwest's news director.
    "You're going to watch a lot of film when you make it in the pros, so sit down
    and watch our film."

    More than two years later, Lloyd calls that summer "the turning point of my
    career." He's still working in television, spending time as the host on "The
    Last Honest Sports Show," a San Francisco Bay-area takeoff on "The Best Damn
    Sports Show."

    More important - at least in the short term - Lloyd is playing his second
    season at wide receiver for the San Francisco *****, who will host the Rams on
    Sunday night. Because of a groin injury, he is listed as questionable.

    While plenty of ex-jocks find second careers as television analysts, Lloyd's
    interest in the journalism world is deeper.

    "My family is really school-oriented," he said. "It was really like, 'What do
    you want to do when you go to college?' and I (thought), 'Man, I don't know.'
    My dad said you can pick anything you want to do in life, then go to school and
    do that."

    As a youngster, Lloyd provided play-by-play when his older brothers played
    basketball in the backyard, and he has been known to commentate on himself,
    whether he's playing football, basketball or video games. So he figured he
    could study to be a broadcaster.

    That's why Lloyd chose Illinois, which not only played Big Ten football but
    also had a solid broadcast journalism program. It also turned out that when Fox
    reporters appeared on campus - a frequent occurrence during the 2001 season,
    which ended at the Sugar Bowl - they interviewed the team's top receiver. In
    turn, Lloyd interviewed them about the ins and outs of the business.
    Eventually, he sent an internship application.

    "I think as much as he liked football, there were also things that interested
    him outside of football," Venneman said. "From the day he walked in here until
    the day he left, he wanted to learn everything possible.

    "He has a million-dollar smile, and he's going to have a huge career on camera
    when he's done, but he didn't come in expecting to be only in front of the
    camera. Behind the cameras, editing, lighting - he wanted to know the

    In a hectic newsroom, interns must speak up if they want additional
    assignments. Lloyd excelled being an eager beaver.

    "We'd be leaving to go to Rams Park," Venneman said, "and he'd be waiting by
    the car."

    Once he got to Rams Park, however, Lloyd found it impossible to confine himself
    to the journalists' corner. He gravitated toward Holt and Bruce.

    "I'd be standing by the drills - I'm down trying to pick up some things," Lloyd
    said. "Isaac yells over, 'Hey, B. Lloyd, you guys going to beat Michigan this
    year?' It was impressive that he even knew who I was."

    Eventually, Holt invited him to lunch, and Lloyd sat with the two receivers.
    "They gave me the blueprint, basically," he said. "How to work out. What to do
    and how to go back for the next season, which turned out to be my final year.
    ... I'd have been a fool to forget all that."

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  • MauiRam
    Lloyd is making an impact with Rams ..
    by MauiRam
    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 12:15 am

    Brandon Lloyd faked to the inside as if running a post pattern into the end zone. Cleveland cornerback Joe Haden took the bait. Lloyd stopped, changed directions and headed outside toward the right corner of the end zone.

    Quarterback Sam Bradford's pass was perfect: touchdown, Rams.

    "We worked on that play at lot," Lloyd said. "And Josh (McDaniels) was calling that play a touchdown all week. 'We're gonna score on this. We're gonna score on this.' We repped it a lot to make sure that the timing was down between me and Sam, and the protection was right."

    "It's funny," Bradford said. "Because actually Josh told me (Saturday) night that if he called that play to tell Brandon to get ready to do his touchdown dance. He was that confident in it."

    If only it was always that easy. Lloyd's 7-yard grab on the first play of the second quarter gave the Rams a 7-3 lead in Cleveland. But it turned out to be the only touchdown of the day for the offensively impaired Rams — they wouldn't have beaten the Browns 13-12 without it.

    Who knows where the Rams' offense would be without Lloyd, acquired in an Oct. 17 trade with Denver. He became an integral part of the St. Louis passing game the moment he first stepped on the field at Rams Park.

    In four games with his new team, Lloyd has 21 catches for 255 yards and two touchdowns. Over a 16-game schedule, that would translate to 84 catches, 1,020 yards and eight TDs. Lloyd saves every football from every TD catch he makes as an NFL player, so he's already added two to his pile as a Ram. Obviously, he hopes to add a few more before the season's out.

    "I feel like every ball's catchable, and I want to make a play on everything that comes my way," Lloyd said. "I'm just gonna try to look it in as best I can, and try to pluck it and tuck it and get my foot down."

    It may look like his transition to St. Louis has been easy, but that's not really the case.

    "I'm trying to be optimistic about it by downplaying the transition," Lloyd said. "But it's been difficult."

    In ways that aren't always obvious.

    "Getting used to playing in domes — I'm not used to that," Lloyd said laughing. "The lighting's different. The ball's darker. It's just a lot of little things that I'm just trying to work through. So on the outside, I look really calm and collected, but on the inside I'm freaking out."

    Three of Lloyd's first four games with the Rams were played on the road in open-air venues. But that's about to change. The next two Rams games are at home in the Edward Jones Dome, starting with Sunday's 3:05 p.m. kickoff against Seattle.

    Lloyd was acquired for a conditional sixth-round draft...
    -11-16-2011, 01:07 AM
  • MauiRam
    Lloyd happy to be with a team that wants him ..
    by MauiRam
    BY KATHLEEN NELSON Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd hit the ground running. And catching.

    Lloyd hopped on a plane after his trade to the Rams from Denver and spent Tuesday, normally an off-day around the NFL, reacquainting himself with the offense in which he thrived last year. Lloyd spent the day with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who coached Lloyd for two years with the Broncos and got the best out of him, a league- leading 1,448 receiving yards last season.

    As a native of Blue Springs, Mo., and an alum of the University of Illinois, Lloyd finds himself on something akin to home soil and ready to fill a big role with the Rams.

    "It's definitely good to be back closer to home," Lloyd said. "Most importantly, it's good to be on a team which values my services. I'm excited to get out there. I was surprised at how much I was able to recall from a couple years ago. It felt really smooth."

    Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo agreed, saying, "It looked like he didn't skip a beat, kind of stepped in there and looked like he had been in there for a month. It will take some work to get the timing down, but he does know the system."

    Lloyd is an old hand at getting the timing down. Only once in his career has Lloyd worked with the same QB the entire season, 2007, with the Redskins and Jason Campbell. So, whether A.J. Feeley or Sam Bradford gets the call Sunday against the Cowboys seems irrelevant.

    "I'm pretty used to switching around," he said with a hearty laugh. "So it doesn't matter who the quarterback is."

    Lloyd became expendable to the Broncos because new coach John Fox prefers a run-oriented attack, because of their 1-4 record and because Lloyd is in the final year of his contract. Both sides were ready to turn the page, but Lloyd was reluctant to express any bitterness at being dealt for a fifth- or sixth-round pick.

    "I'm not going that far," he said. "I'm just saying my services are valued here, and I'm excited to play here."

    A reputation as a malcontent or brooder has dogged Lloyd through three seasons with the *****, two in Washington, a year in Chicago and his first in Denver, when he was inactive for 14 games. His most productive season before last year was 2005, when he caught 48 passes for 733 yards in San Francisco.

    The Rams hope that with experience comes maturity, something the receiving corps here is desperately seeking. Before Lloyd, 30, and Mark Clayton, 29, took their first reps in practice Wednesday, the Rams' receivers averaged 23.4 years of age. The group is looking for leadership.

    "That's how I was looking at it when I was coming here," Lloyd said. "It's not an issue of talent. It's an issue of focus and understanding and what's trying to be accomplished...
    -10-20-2011, 11:13 AM
  • CanadaRam
    B. Lloyd?
    by CanadaRam
    Its about and hour and a half away from FA so I'm board and looking to kill the time. I know Lloyd is described as a Locker Room issue, but Fisher doesn't seem to mind those as he can keep them in check. Lloyd had good chemistry with Sammy B in 2011, and he would be better (more proven at least) than anyone else on the roster currently.

    Oh also NE want him gone, Bolden got a 6th, should be able to get Lloyd for a 7th. Would you want to go down this road??
    -03-12-2013, 12:34 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Lloyd Comments On Role With Rams/Jackson
    by r8rh8rmike
    By Mike Sando
    November 2, 2011

    St. Louis Rams fans looking to get a feel for receiver Brandon Lloyd should check out Lloyd's appearance on the Doug Gottlieb Show.

    Two highlights:

    •Lloyd on his production with the Rams so far: "This isn't a a celebration for me and my athletic ability. I'm at the stage where I'm trying to get into a playoff game and see how I perform on that stage. I am just a piece to help everyone achieve what we are trying to achieve. We are trying to get this season on the right track. Catching all those passes last year and getting all those yards was fun as hell, don't get me wrong. But I'm more concerned with getting into the playoffs as soon as possible at this stage of my career."

    •Lloyd on seeing Steven Jackson for the first time: "I was like, 'Man, 'Jack' looks like a superhero.' It's impressive to see a team's No. 1 leader take care of his body and prepare the way he does. It definitely made me rethink the way I prepare for these games. His intensity, his attention to detail, he knows the plays inside and out. There are no issues with Steven Jackson. It definitely makes you play better, elevate your play."

    Lloyd sounds playful during the interview and also showed his savvy in sidestepping a question about former Denver Broncos Tim Tebow.
    -11-02-2011, 11:14 AM
  • Nick
    An interesting write-up on WR Brandon Lloyd
    by Nick
    McDaniels influence may make Lloyd a good catch
    By Greg A. Bedard
    Globe Staff / March 11, 2012

    Considering the praise Brandon Lloyd heaped on the Patriots in numerous interviews late last week, we wouldn’t be surprised if, when free agency opened at 4 p.m. Tuesday, the receiver reenacted John Cusack’s famous scene from the movie “Say Anything’’ in the Gillette Stadium parking lot.

    Boombox overhead with “In Your Eyes’’ playing.

    It was that bad. And he probably decreased any offer the Patriots might be formulating.

    But will the marriage be consummated? Should it?

    You would think a Lloyd-Patriots marriage makes too much sense for it not to happen.

    The Patriots, according to league sources, want to improve their receiving crop in free agency, and possibly the draft. There are plenty of options in free agency: Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace (restricted), Marques Colston, Mario Manningham, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Braylon Edwards, and Robert Meachem, among others.

    The Patriots’ passing system is complex, and not everyone can grasp it (see: Ochocinco, Chad). Lloyd can and has. He has been in the system with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels with both the Broncos and Rams.

    And even though Lloyd will be 31 July 5, he has proven to be productive in the system. He had 70 catches for 966 yards and five touchdowns last season between the Broncos and Rams - when both teams were bad. And he was second-team All-Pro with the Broncos and McDaniels in 2010 after catching 77 passes for 1,448 yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Then there are his physical tools. Lloyd is not a burner - he’s a long-strider who is deceptively fast to defensive backs - but few are better in the air.

    “He’s extremely talented,’’ said a Broncos source. “He has the best body control and hands of any receiver I’ve ever seen from the standpoint of just making the craziest catch. He does it so much that he makes those crazy catches look normal for him.

    “He’s either going to come down with it, or knock it away from the [defensive back]. He makes contested catches over people because he can elevate and make catches in the crowd, make catches when the [defensive backs] are right there, make one-handed catches on balls that are thrown behind him. His body control is just ridiculous.’’

    And with that, Patriots fans are ordering Lloyd jerseys online.

    Perhaps they should. Throw in the fact that Lloyd, the son of two teachers, is highly intelligent and well-spoken, and he seems too good to be true.

    And then you look at his career transactions.

    Despite posting 160 catches for 2,583 yards and 21 touchdowns in three seasons at the University of Illinois and turning pro one year early, Lloyd was drafted in the fourth round in 2003.

    The ***** traded him for a third- and fourth-round pick...
    -03-11-2012, 09:40 AM