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  • Bulger Just Ok

    By Bernie Miklasz

    Good dayÖ

    1. Breaking Down Marc Bulgerís First Game: The Ramsí QB wasnít good, wasnít bad, in Seattle. It was an OK performance. He didnít have a chance to make a lot of plays, and his receivers werenít exactly running free. I didnít see many getting open. But Bulger did miss on a couple of plays/throws that should have been made. Bulger had 19 incompletions in the game, and according to STATS LLC, only four were the result of poor throws. That was better than most NFL quarterbacks in the first week. One pass was dropped. One was hit at the line. Eight were broken up by defenders. Three passes were intentionally thrown away. The other two incompletions werenít categorized. Bulger was good on fiirst down throws (10 of 15) and not so good when he faced 2nd down and a distance of 8 yards or more (3 for 9). Bulger was 1 for 5 passing in the red zone. Only one of his third-down passing attenpts resulted in a first down. Bulger was more effective against the blitz (5 for 9) than throwing in non-blitz situations (12 for 27). There wasnít much difference between his shotgun-formation passing and non-shotgun passing. When the Rams went with 4 WRs, he completed 3 of 4 for 65 yards. All in all, about what I expected for a QB who started the opener after missing several weeks with a broken finger. Bulger competed hard, and he did a better job (than we saw in recent seasons) of throwing the ball away to avoid a sack. Not much to complain about. Not much to get fired up about.

    2. Other Rams Notes From The Opener: According to STATS, Rams starting cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Jonathan Wade each were targeted 8 times, and each gave up 5 completionsÖ. Rams 2nd-year LB David Vobora, who was making his first start at strong-side LB in place of the waived Chris Draft, was targeted for passes 4 times and the Seahawks completed all 4 against him Ö strong safety James Butler was targeted 4 times and did not allow a completion Ö Steven Jackson rushed for 67 yards, and 43 of the yards came after contact. That was about a middle-of-the-pack percentage among NFL RBsÖ Jackson broke two tackles, which tied him for the NFL lead among RBs in the first weekÖ third downs were a huge problem. The Rams offense had the NFLís worst conversion rate (16.7 %) in the NFL in the first week, and the Rams defense allowed a third-down conversion rate of 53.3 percent, which ranked 25th.

    3. Rushing the Ball Based on Down & Distance: I firmly believe the Rams should have made more of an effort to run the ball at Seattle; Jackson had only 9 first-half carries and 16 rushing attempts overall. Of course, even the most basic of constructive criticism brings out the Rams apologists, so I had to chuckle at listening to the radio and hearing the predictable defense being made for the Ramsí out-of-sorts play calls against the Seahawks. The excuse being made for offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur was this: the Rams couldnít run the ball more, because all of the penalties put them in too many second-and-long, third-and-long situations. OK, letís forget the spin; hereís the reality: Steven Jackson and the Rams did ther best work in those situations Sunday. Jackson had 6 carries for 45 yards on second-down plays. When the Rams faced 2nd down and 8 yards or more, he rushed 4 times for 21 yards. On a 2nd down and 11+ yards to go, Jackson had a 22-yard run. When the Rams put three wideouts on the field ó to suggest that a pass was coming ó Jackson carried 7 times for 39 yards. The point? Jackson can do a lot of damage on so-called passing downs and formations. In fact you can burn the defense by utilizing him in such a way. There is absolutely no need to eschew the run when the down and distance arenít favorable. If anything, when you run when the defense isnít expecting it, you can get Jackson away from situations where heís going up against eight defenders in the box.

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    Re: Bulger Just Ok

    This was a fair statement for once from Bernie. Bulger did just Ok.

    I cant say its been the worse ive seen. He needs a lot of Reps with

    the Rec's. Just does not look like there on the same page,....... No book

    is a better example than page.


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      Re: Bulger Just Ok

      This is acceptable by Bernie because it showed stats, not speculation and not opinion. Pure stats. Good job Bernie.

      Bulger did look okay. For the amount of touches Jackson got, he played well too. But next week, we need to get him the ball more. Let him run more, let Bulger throw to him more.


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        Re: Bulger Just Ok

        The team loses 28-0, after getting 3 turnovers and the starting QB (who didn't lead the offense to score one single point) did okay? It's almost like Bulger is a corporate giant that's too big to fail. Except, in his case he used to be too good to fail but we've never gotten that memo.

        We will in the coming weeks. If not, next week.


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          Re: Bulger Just Ok

          Originally posted by btimsah View Post
          The team loses 28-0, after getting 3 turnovers and the starting QB (who didn't lead the offense to score one single point) did okay? It's almost like Bulger is a corporate giant that's too big to fail. Except, in his case he used to be too good to fail but we've never gotten that memo.

          We will in the coming weeks. If not, next week.
          yes bulger didnt throw any touchdown pass's maybe we should just fire him.
          while we are at it jackson didnt break a 50 yard run for a touchdown lets fire him to. why dont we just trash the whole team and keep hiring new players until we win a game.

          do you see how ridiculous you sound now?


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            Re: Bulger Just Ok

            Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
            why dont we just trash the whole team and keep hiring new players until we win a game.

            do you see how ridiculous you sound now?
            Actually that sounds like a good idea. Practical? No, but good idea!

            LA RAMMER

            It's Jim not Chris


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              Re: Bulger Just Ok

              What isn't mentioned is that they played a Seahawk team that IS NOT THE SAME! I put that in bold because we have a whole new defensive and offensive scheme that teams don't have film on. Everybody has 100's of hours against Holmgren's offense and a very worthless vanilla John Marshall defense. Put that together with new starters on the rams and playing at a very amped up Qwest field and you have what you have. I have said it here a couple times now, this is probably the best bunch of game film you can get from game 1! I mean if both teams had struggled the whole game some problems might have been overlooked and exposed till later meaning more and more adjustments. For some stupid reason I think this past game can create a great learning curve if the coaches have the players buying in. Oh yeah....get rid of Incognito, that guy does nothing but cost the rams drives IMO.


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                Re: Bulger Just Ok

                I'm scared. I agreed with everything that Bernie said.

                On another note, I vote that we sign btimsah as our new starting quarterback. It's obvious that he could do better than that washed up Bulger any day.
                I believe!:ram:


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                  Re: Bulger Just Ok

                  Originally posted by TekeRam View Post
                  On another note, I vote that we sign btimsah as our new starting quarterback. It's obvious that he could do better than that washed up Bulger any day.
                  I think btimsah has been demoted to the practice squad.

                  Bulger had 19 incompletions in the game, and according to STATS LLC, only four were the result of poor throws. That was better than most NFL quarterbacks in the first week. One pass was dropped.
                  One passed dropped?? That doesn't sound right to me.


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                    Re: Bulger Just Ok

                    Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
                    One passed dropped?? That doesn't sound right to me.
                    I think that they're giving credit to the defenders for breaking up the passes. They gave them 8 defensed passes, some of them could be considered drops as well, probably.
                    I believe!:ram:


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                    • RamWraith
                      Big Stars Are Failing the St. Louis Rams
                      by RamWraith
                      By Bernie Miklasz

                      Considering the huge financial investments the Rams have made in their contracts, running back Steven Jackson and quarterback Marc Bulger continue to come up short with the game on the line.

                      They are supposed to be two of the Ramsí key franchises pieces, right?

                      Then again, maybe that explains why the team is 2-12 this season and has the leagueís worst record (5-25) since the beginning of the 2007 season.

                      First, Bulger:

                      The Rams have suffered three close losses this season, going down by 7 points at New England, 4 points to Miami, and 3 points on Sunday to Seattle.

                      Obviously victories were there, waiting to be claimed. The winning QBs make plays to get that done. Itís not an easy job, but thatís why many veteran starting QBs make the big money. Bulger included.

                      And hereís what Bulger has done in the second half of the three narrow losses:

                      56 attempts

                      28 completions

                      298 yards

                      0 TDs

                      4 INTs

                      That computes to a quarterback rating of 36.1

                      In the fourth quarter of those losses, itís even worse. Bulger has connected on only 17 of 37 passes (45.9 %) for 131 yards and three INTs with no TDs for a passer rating of 21.3.

                      Thatís right: a QB rating of 21.3 when itís late and close and tight.

                      Thatís remarkably poor. I donít know what else to say. Bulger hasnít had the best protection or receivers or rushing attack or game plans, but the Rams had a chance to win all three games, and that usually comes down to your top guns making plays, making the save. And Bulger hasnít delivered. (I should also point out that the pass rush wasnít an issue in the Miami and Seattle losses; Bulger had time to deal).

                      Sunday against the Seahawks, the Rams were protecting a 20-13 lead and had two late possessions that could have sealed a victory. But the Rams offense couldnít stay on the field. On the next-to-last drive, Bulger needed 9 yards on third down and threw a 7-yard pass to the tight end. Whatís the point of that? After the punt the Seahawks drove for the tying (20-20) TD. Then on the final series, Bulger went back to pass three times, and all three throws failed to connect. After the punt, Seattle scooted downfield for the winning FG. With the game on the line, No. 2 Seattle QB Seneca Wallace made plays for his team. Wallace isnít making Bulger money, but he made money plays late Sunday afternoon.

                      Now, onto JacksonÖ

                      A trend has emerged over the last two seasons, and especially this season:

                      When in the lineup, Jackson starts fast, but he isnít a finisher.

                      Since the start of the 2007 season, Jackson has 1,170 yards rushing in the first half and 606 yards rushing in the second half of games. Now to be fair to Jackson, those numbers are misleading...
                      -12-15-2008, 04:07 AM
                    • eldfan
                      Rams ought to be somewhat improved
                      by eldfan
                      Rams ought to be somewhat improved

                      Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                      [More columns]Bernie Miklasz
                      ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                      I'm looking forward to the Rams' season opener at Seattle. After going 5-27 over the last two seasons, the organization begins a new era under rookie head coach Steve Spagnuolo.

                      I won't put unrealistic expectations on this team, but we should see some improvement. In addition to avoiding injuries, finishing in the plus column on the turnover ratio and playing solidly on special teams, here are the Rams' keys for a competitive 2009 season:

                      ó Man up against the NFC West: Over the last two seasons the Rams are 1-11 against the Seahawks, Cardinals and ***** and have lost those 11 games by an average of 15 points.

                      ó Get Marc Bulger back in form: Over the last two seasons Bulger ranks 37th in completion percentage, 38th in passer rating, 34th in interception rate and 37th in touchdown rate among NFL quarterbacks. Bulger has taken a beating and has not had a good cast around him. But let's not make too many excuses for Bulger. In his last 13 games in which he's been sacked no more than two times, Bulger had a QB rating of 64.2. He needs to make more plays. Bulger should be helped this season by a more physical offensive line and a West Coast offense that will give him the chance to make quick throws. He'll improve ... but how much?

                      ó Get a push up front: The Rams have made a hefty financial investment in their offensive line over the last two seasons. There's no excuse for poor overall play from this group.

                      ó Get Steven Jackson rolling: He must go to the post for all 16 games. And he needs the football in his hands. In 2006, Jackson had 436 touches, second-most in the league, and led the NFL in yards from scrimmage. The Rams went 8-8. In two subsequent seasons, he had 275 and 293 touches, respectively. This is SJ39's team now. Keep him busy.

                      ó Be respectable against the run: Over the past three seasons the Rams have been plundered for 6,646 yards rushing. You could line up 11 toll booths and be more effective in slowing running backs.

                      ó Scheming up a pass rush: This was Spagnuolo's specialty in his days as a defensive coordinator. He learned from the master, the late Jim Johnson. The Rams have to find a way to make QBs uncomfortable.
                      -09-12-2009, 12:13 AM
                    • eldfan
                      The twilight of Marc Bugler's career
                      by eldfan
                      The twilight of Marc Bugler's career
                      by VanRam on Nov 3, 2009 3:01 PM CST 25 comments

                      St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has lost it.

                      First, Marc Bulger was unable to make much happen against one of the league's worst pass defenses, even with time in the pocket. Few Rams watchers will forget memorable throws in the bottom of the strike zone against the Lions defensive line. Here's what FO said:

                      If you take Marc Bulger's combined performance from 2007, 2008, and the first half of 2009, and then place it on a 16-game scale, his numbers aren't pretty: 266-of-465 for 2855 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. They're a dead ringer for Jim Everett's 1996 season in New Orleans: 267-of-464, 2797 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. Why is that relevant? Mainly because Everett would take 75 more snaps as a professional quarterback after that season. Bulger is just about done, and his inability to produce against an awful pass defense was just a sign that he's part of the problem in St. Louis, not the solution.

                      Looking back, I don't think the Rams had much choice in keeping Bulger. The cap hit for releasing him would have been huge and left the Rams with lots of dead money. And, there was ample reason to think that with a better OL and a healthy Steven Jackson that Bulger would have been acceptable for a rebuilding team. I think the team and lots of fans underestimated just how talent-depleted our group of WRs were. Had Laurent Robinson not been injured, that might have been a different story, giving Bulger a reliable option and keeping Avery in the deep threat role he's built for.

                      GM Billy Devaney and the coaching staff made the decision to focus their efforts on the offensive line, and I still think that was the right call, no matter how painful it is to watch Bulger play. I'm a big believer in the theory that teams build success from the lines up, and the Rams had big issues on the OL. Sure, Pace is having a decent season this year, but he couldn't be counted on for much beyond that given his age (look at Seattle's predicament with Walter Jones now). Getting an OL in place and a cornerstone lineman in Jason Smith sets the Rams up well for the 2010 season, when if they need to take a QB in the draft they can because they can put him behind an experienced line.

                      And on the hero of the game, Steven Jackson, here's what FO said about him:

                      Jackson had 17 carries on first down, and nine of them were successes, including three first downs and a 25-yard touchdown run that gave the Rams a lead they would not relinquish. He also converted a pair of third-and-1 attempts.

                      The Rams had 21 first downs through the whole game and ran Jackson on 17 of them. If the Rams are going to win anymore games this season, they'll have to have a liberal dose of Steven Jackson.
                      -11-03-2009, 08:23 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Bulger's impact may catch up to his stats
                      by RamWraith
                      BY DAN POMPEI
                      THE SPORTING NEWS
                      Wednesday, Nov. 15 2006

                      If Marc Bulger were any further under the radar, he would be beneath the
                      planet's upper and lower mantles, somewhere near the earth's outer core.

                      He gets noticed as much as beige walls. Talked about as frequently as a deep,
                      dark secret. Gets as much exposure as feet in the winter.

                      Bulger doesn't look or act like a big-time quarterback when he's not under
                      center. He's a 2000 sixth-round pick who was cut by three teams (once by the
                      Rams). He lights up a scoreboard but not the locker room.

                      It's easy to forget Bulger was once the Pro Bowl's most outstanding player. And
                      that he has thrown for as many yards in a Rams uniform as Kurt Warner did.

                      There's something different about Bulger this season, and it is underscored by
                      this incredible statistic: He has thrown one interception for every 165
                      attempts. In Bulger's career before this season, he had thrown one interception
                      for every 29.8 attempts. So it would be fair to say he has acclimated quite
                      well to new coach Scott Linehan's offense.

                      Though the numbers argue he has been one of the finest passers in the NFL, his
                      impact on the team does not make the same argument. The Rams have dropped four
                      straight games, and their loss to the Seahawks on Sunday just about ended their
                      hopes of winning the NFC West.

                      So are the Rams better served by the Bulger who is obsessed with avoiding
                      interceptions than they were by the Bulger who was obsessed with scoring

                      Bulger can't be blamed for the Rams' losses. But he also can't be credited with
                      making them win. Bulger's regular-season winning percentage under former coach
                      Mike Martz (not including games Martz missed last season) was .682. His winning
                      percentage under Linehan is .444.

                      The Rams' record (4-5) and Bulger's passer rating (98.0) are incongruous. The
                      league's other top-rated passers -- Peyton Manning, Damon Huard, Donovan
                      McNabb, Philip Rivers and Drew Brees -- all play on teams with winning records.

                      It's unfair to pin a winning percentage on a quarterback alone, and it's too
                      early to make any sweeping conclusions about the Rams' changes. But this much
                      is certain: Bulger has played at a high level in both systems -- which might
                      say more about him than the offenses.

                      "He can pretty much play in any offense and excel in it," Rams receiver Isaac
                      Bruce says.

                      When Linehan told him the risk was not worth the reward, Bulger adapted his
                      game. And it's a good thing because this Rams team isn't good enough to
                      overcome turnovers.

                      There are three components to Bulger's ability to keep balls away...
                      -11-16-2006, 05:21 AM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      The Way I See It.
                      by Guest
                      The Rams defense was able to force 3 early turnovers and rattle Seattle QB Matt Hasselback. However, Hasselback being the NFL star that he is, shook those int's off and turned in a good performance.

                      Marc Bulger on the other hand did his usual - nothing. He did not throw any picks, but of course, threw no touchdowns. As a result, the offense could not get the running game going. The offensive line did struggle with pressure, but Hasselback under similar heat somehow managed to score 3 touchdowns.
                      • Bulger was 16-34 for 184 yards and of course no scores. He never scores.
                      • Hasselback on the hand, shakes off 2 int's to go 25 of 36 for 279 yards and 3 touchdowns.

                      Had the Rams been able to muster anything through the air, the running game would have opened up and eventually touchdowns would have ensued.

                      Until the get the passing game going, it's going to be a long season. I'm not sure Bulger has it anymore. We are down to another offensive system and year. Don't forget Bulger's coordinator-killer list;

                      • Steve Fairchild
                      • Scott Linehan
                      • Al Saunders

                      Pat Shurmur next?
                      -09-13-2009, 04:21 PM