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  • Every body hear me out!!!

    ok so the hawks game is over, ya we lost but honestly to me its no big deal, the fact is that week 1 is over and 16 teams have lost and 16 have won, unfortunately we fell into that losin group but we are WAY better then we showed, the game film shows that! we were neck and neck with the hawks all first half until the penalty on the blocked kick changed things, which changed our approach and made us more pass oriented and then the penalties came roillin threw which completely crashed our offense and the defense got tired which showed and before we know it we lost 28-0, the panthers,texans,lions, and bucs all pretty much got blown out along with us and the panthers and texans have alot of talen, both which were top play-off picks. we will win in DC this week, lets not forget EVERY team has to knock some rust off in week 1 and bulger didnt practice nearly at all so ofcourse our offense was goin to struggle, ontop of that our whole team is young and you know they were jittery before there first big game. POINT: we lost, o well , ya it was a blow out but not because lack of talent or scheme , we beat ourselves, we were rusty, our QB was rusty and penalities killed us


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    Re: Every body hear me out!!!

    This game in D.C. is crucial. We nend to come out strong and show that we have left our losing mentality from last year in the past. St. Louis needs to show up on offense and keep that ball moving. Punting wil lose us the game. Our D will do well as long as our offense does their part too. Lets go St. Louis!


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      Re: Every body hear me out!!!

      AMEN, Iam gonna be ready come sunday. With my jackson jersey and trashtalking my friend who loves the skins.


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        Re: Every body hear me out!!!

        Originally posted by 3STL9
        AMEN, Iam gonna be ready come sunday. With my jackson jersey and trashtalking my friend who loves the skins.
        Lol me too bro! I live in D.C. so all my friends are skins fans and I always give them heat for our win in FedEx last year. And ya, I also wear my Jaxx jersey on gameday and I wear it to school the next day if we win too. We need a win, there's a lot on the line for the rams and my reputation at school lol!


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          Re: Every body hear me out!!!

          I hear you, I don't agree with you.
          You said it my friend, we were neck to neck until the penalties came rolling down . . . that shows you that we were horrible.
          Yes, if we compare ourselves against last year we are much better, but until we can have very few penalties, then we'll suck.

          If we can come up with 2-4 penalties, then yes, we have a chance in DC, if we have again 85 yards against us . . . I doubt it


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            Re: Every body hear me out!!!

            we shall see. If we can eliminate these unnecessary penalties and continue to create turnovers, I think we can prove we are much improved. Key is to keep our defense off the field. if we can do that we will be happy campers.

            Go Rams!!!
            LA RAMMER

            It's Jim not Chris


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              Re: Every body hear me out!!!

              OFFENSE IS THE KEY FOR THIS TEAM because even though both offense and defense are not playing well the offense always seem to find a way to put the defense in bad positions and tire them out so I blame the offense for not getting it in gear


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              • MauiRam
                What Fortywhiners Fans are saying .
                by MauiRam
                > No possible way this team travels on a short week to the Rams to win. We complete 2 passes in a half on offense. This is not an NFL offense. It's clear the defense has also dropped off. We can't stop anybody anymore. Plus the read option is worthless this year. All the WR's and TE's are hurt. Coaching and play calling are questionable. Forget the division. That's done. It's the Seahawks. Forget the wild card. I don't think we are making the playoffs. We will get a high draft pick.

                > Our read option has done nothing but HURT our REAL run game.... Unless we go back to what worked in 2011, we will lose.

                > I expect 1-3 to be honest. No confidence in this team until Harbaugh and Roman admit the pistol read-option does not give us the best chance to win anymore. We need to go back to the type of football that's proven to be successful for the last several decades.

                > A short week + travel + the Rams have our # + their stadium + the way our offense is playing. We aren't winning that game. I'd be surprised if it's close.

                > Final score: 2 - 0 Rams.

                > It's obvious we don't have deep threats right now. Instead of the deep ball, why not primarily run the ball, and when necessary, go to short passes and rely on YAC? I've read that the Rams' secondary is suspect to put it mildly.

                > Another loss coming our way. Actually make it 2 more, our next win might not happen until the Cards game. Right now, we are just too out of sync plus our mental game and confidence is to totally shattered.

                > I'm glad it's a short week, I don't know if I could wait till Sunday to get this taste out of my mouth.

                > Our passing offense is primarily Boldin, VD and Crabtree at full strength. Two out of those three are out, so we are running at 33%. Meanwhile, sure, why not give the others a chance...what is there to lose anyways. Better to have tried and lost than not try at all. There is something obviously/seriously wrong with the team right now...the ***** are not supposed to lose by these large margins. The coaching has to be questioned, everything has to be questioned before it's too late to change anything. We have a Coach of the year, Executive of the year, and an owner who has a lot of common sense. That's the only thing going for the team right now.

                > The Ram's passrush will eat us alive.

                > I don't understand the gameplan and offensive play calling the last 2 weeks. We have no WRs that can get open right now and yet we keep calling passing plays even though we were built as a run first team and had our best success the last 2 yrs on Gore's back. Harbaugh and Roman need to get their head outta their a**es and get back to running the ball and stop with the gimmicky read option BS

                > The Rams suck. Their offense is so bland... I swear it's from the 1970's. Sam Bradford is Captain Checkdown...
                -09-25-2013, 11:30 AM
              • RamsFanSam
                I am so tired of this.
                by RamsFanSam
                Every game this season, the Rams have looked a little bit better. Our offense looked the best it has all year, Bulger led a two-minute offense that was reminiscent of days past, Amendola is giving our return game something it has been missing for years, and our defense is stepping it up, somewhat inconsistently, but still better than it has in the past two seasons.

                We went into Jacksonville today with a desire to come out with a win. It came down to the last 7 seconds before we ended up going for a tie instead of a win. Spags played it safe for a chance to win instead of gambling and possibly losing. The decision to go for three may have been the wrong one (remember Carolina in the playoffs a few years ago?) but it gave our guys something they haven't had in a long time - hope.

                So what am I tired of? I'm tired of the fans who are too busy whining about Bulger (who did a great job today), fans who are complaining about our defense (who actually did a decent job) to notice that we are getting better.

                Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency. Let's bench our QB - the one who knows the plays and is really showing that he can execute once again. That way, we can start someone who can't be consistent at throwing either completions or interceptions. Let's trash the whole team - after all, it's only been six weeks, and if they haven't won us a super bowl by now, they never will.

                I'm not looking at the team through rose colored glasses. I'm being realistic. The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one. I didn't expect a quick turnaround. Even Spags said it will take time. Anyone who thought we'd be an NFL powerhouse by now should at least try to be realistic.

                Most of us on here thought we should have won today. I'm one of them. Anyone who is whining about the effort put forth by anyone on the team today needs to watch the game again, because the game I watched showed a Rams team that fought hard for a win. Had we won the coin toss in OT...we would have had that elusive "W".

                For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

                It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.
                -10-18-2009, 06:41 PM
              • Rambos
                We all knew this was coming.
                by Rambos
                We are now in the stretch of games that will make us or break us. We already lost to SD can we now win two of three?

                Nov 5 Kansas City Home
                Nov 12 Seattle Road
                Nov 19 Carolina Road
                -10-30-2006, 08:50 AM
              • RamWraith
                SOme Bronco qoutes post game
                by RamWraith
                CB Champ Bailey

                (On the game)
                “We didn’t win. It’s like if you have a great season and you go to the Pro Bowl, but your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter. You have to win. It is all about winning.”

                (On if this game reminds him of the opening game last season)
                “The only similarity is that it is opening day. We have time to bounce back. We have another game next week. We just have to go back and correct our mistakes and look forward to the best.”

                (On the defense keeping the team in the game)
                “Yeah, keep us in the game but it is a team thing. It is not a win. I don’t care how good we played. We still lost the game. We had plays in there that we need to get better at. We could have made some turnovers and kept it a little closer.”

                (On the offense)
                “We have a lot of talent on offense, and they will bounce back. I am not worried about that. We just have to keep playing good resistance

                RB Tatum Bell

                (On the game)
                “It felt good to get my second career start. It was a loss, and we have to bounce back next week. We ran the ball well. When it came down to the end, we lost. Turnovers were a factor and I had one myself. I am going to learn from it and work on it.“

                (On the turnovers)
                “It seemed like every time the defense stopped them, we had a turnover or went three and out. We have to eliminate that. We know that this offense is capable. We just have to go out and do it. It was no like us. We don’t turn the ball over. It was shocking to have five, and when you lose the turnover battle it is hard to win games.”

                (On being in the game on the final drive)
                “We weren’t surprised at all. I felt like we were in position to win. I thought we were going to get a touchdown on the last drive. We just have to keep on pushing.”

                QB Jake Plummer

                (On the frustration of losing the first game)
                “Yeah, it is frustrating. It is reminiscent of how we started last year. The difference now is to see how we respond. We have a lot of guys that will respond the right way, but that is not the way you want to start a season.”

                (On the offensive line performance)
                “A couple of times I was hurried. The guys gave some good protection and did a good job of giving me some time. As it went, we had some opportunities to win the ball game. When you don’t capitalize, that is when it hurts.”

                (On the Rams defense)
                “They played really fast. The first interception was a bad read. The other one was a jump ball and we didn’t come down with it. The last one, I think may be a little of interference, but we can‘t rely on those calls. We have to tip our hats to them, they play fast.”

                (On the Rams early pressure)
                “It affected us a little bit. We had some things designed to combat that, but playing in a loud stadium they will...
                -09-10-2006, 05:11 PM
              • RamsFanSam
                Less than 3 hours to kickoff
                by RamsFanSam
                And I still have concerns about this game. Don't get me wrong, we will win, but it will be a nail biter.It is still early in the season, we could still go 15-1 (I wish), but there are things that keep nagging me, and I don't just mean Tawn.
                What's bothering me about this game is:
                Since Detroit, we have won two games, lost another. We played well, but didn't dominate. For some reason, teams don't feel scared of the Rams unless we completely dominate our opponents. I know it's a small thing, but the psychological aspect of the game is still important. Other teams need to fear us...not just a little, but enough to make the other teams wet themselves in cowardice when they see the Rams come on the field.
                Our offense is there...putting up the yards, the first downs, but not getting past the red zone. A lot of teams have the same troubles. It's not a lack of talent or desire, but for some reason, our opponents are able to read our plays better than they should. We have the manpower, the skill, and the coach to come up with the ideas. Yet, somewhere, the whole thing is breaking down. I'm not 100% convinced of this, but I think today we will see the beginning of the end to our red zone problems. Why? Well, one sore spot in the whole thing was the RT. Jackson could singlehandedly plow thru 5 or 6 defenders to score...but he needs blocks to open up holes. And, since there have been several comments made by Martz and some players concerning Barron, I wouldn't doubt that he may be on the field at some point today.
                Our Defense has come a long way since last year. Little has his groove back. Arch doesn't seem apprehensive to make a big play. Coakley, Clairborne and the rest of the guys are playing seriously. Our weakest point is in the back...but they are even doing a decent job. Our defense is, for the first time in a couple of years, above average. Problem is, they can't do it alone. They need our offense to put up some TD's so we can win.
                Special teams is better, too. Before anyone goes and starts saying they are still not making the big plays, look at it like this....are they making the stupid mistakes like last year, or are they finally getting the idea of holding on to the ball? Even if they are only average, it is still an improvement.
                So why am I really concerned? It is a home game. The Rams might come onto the field with the wrong attitude...the attitude that they will win since it is in the EJD. They need to get the attitude that they will win because they are the better team and will earn the win. The old guys...Pace, Faulk, Arch, Bulger...they know this. The younger ones might not.
                I see a Rams win....a hard fought, close win. This game will be good for us. It will reinforce what we learned in matter how good the numbers, every one on the field must give 100% and score some points to get the W.
                -09-25-2005, 07:36 AM