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    Hey guys,

    I just being new here wanted to point out what I love about this team so far, even though its early in the season I just wanted to point some stuff out to be happy about and to show we have great potential as a team with what we have.

    First I want to say I love our offense. Donnie Avery is a really good reciever who will only keep getting better with more experience and has a lot of potential. He's fast reliable and a play maker and im really happy to see him emerge as the #1 now Holt is gone. He has big shoes to fill with Holts absence but im sure in the coming time he will settle in.

    Also Laurent Robinson looks promising, as a starter young, and showed flashes of promise in the past but now the old time greats and other receivers are gone in Dane Looker and Bennett he gets his chance. He seems to have good talent and should be good at #2 in this offense.

    Thirdly Steven Jackson is a beast enough said lol. He can have really great games at times and definetely is a franchise back. It would help him to have a better quality offensive line for opening gaps but our line is rebuilding and im hoping it can become somewhat more consistent. At any rate I have faith it can.

    I like Marc Bulger a lot. He's been a great QB in previous years and done a lot for this team and up untill the last few years been a franchise QB by definition. Then 07 and 08 went completely downhill and to be honest since I never have gotten the chance to see many rams games because of my local broadcasting outside of the information gathering i've done im not sure what the problems are. O-line i've heard was a blame and probably a huge one but also he just needs to step it up. He's lucky to still be a starter most QB's after 2 terrible seasons would be off a NFL team. Fortunatley he is able to still be here as our QB and I support him. He can still make good decisions and throws and maybe better protection and a solid recieving corps can finally let him do that this year. Go Marc.

    Now ill go to defense, which I honestly don't have to say a ton about but I like what im seeing. It sucks we lost draft but Vobora is a promising kid who seems to be able to learn and fill the role. A lot of young guys on D who can develop and get it done. Will Witherspoon is a veteran on that LB corps to help the young guys and a good LBer. Safetys corners all look promising for the future. Our D can only get better.

    That all said im looking forward to a fun entertaining and promising season. We may not be a playoff caliber team but im sure we can get our share of wins where it counts. We have to we have the potential by far for it and it would be sad to see all of the potential get wasted. We can beat good teams and im sure we can only hope our coaching staff and players get it together and get the job done. Don't worry about 2007 and 2008 that is behind us this team is steering on the right track. This is a building season for the future!

    Go the totally awsome St. Louis Rams!:helmet:

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    Re: Whats positive about this team thoughts

    hey how about Bulger finally showing some emption and getting pissed off at his guys? Like Jacoby and Myers........It's about time.


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    • rNemesis
      HOW CLOSE IS THIS TEAM TO COMPETING?(VERY LONG)Please provide feedback
      by rNemesis
      First of all let me just say that these last few years have been VERY frustrating and embarassing for me as a RAM FAN and I'm sure you guys are just as disappointed. I have watched my team go from the greatest show on turf to, as a washington post columnist said after the redskins loss, " the most miserable mass on grass". MY main question here is , " How far are the rams from being a decent competitive rock solid team? Its a long way to go; it doesnt happen overnight but it shouldnt take FOREVER either.

      But I am not gonna sit here and talk about that all night. We know what has happened. We know what we've become. 13 straight losses dating back to last season. 3-13 in 2007 and 2-14 in 2008. 5 wins in the last 30 or so games? ( not sure exactly the stats) That is horrible.

      Let's go back year by year as to how we finished record wise.
      In the 1990's we were bad. But so were other teams which are now good today. But if you look at our 90's record to others, you will see that we were bad most of those years. Other teams had bad years too during the 90's but it was only really the lions, bengals, cardinals and saints. That should show you how bad of a team the Rams are. We never finished over 7 wins from 1990 up until 1999, which was our superbowl year. Which now tells me that the Rams have been bad, are now bad, and I hope we dont continue to be bad. But lately one has to believe that that is the penalty for our actions.

      2000- 10-6 DECENT
      2001- 14-2 ( excellent; we beat the pats that season but lost in the SB to the same :|)
      2002- 7-9 Not bad
      2003- 12-4 excellent
      2004- 8-8 not bad; competitive
      2005- I think we were 7-9 or 6-10 cant remember
      2006- 8-8
      2007- 3-13 horrible
      2008- 2-14 lousy

      I am not surprised at how we have fallen so badly. What I cant seem to understand is how fast we have fallen as such. How come we havent been able to stop the bleeding and bounce back like other teams have seemed to?

      So tell me guys. How far off is this team from competing? Well, I look at the league and I have noticed that most of the other teams have playmakers in a lot of key positions. Why is that? Because they do a great job of DRAFTING PLAYERS THAT FIT INTO THEIR SCHEME WELL. We on the other hand have not done that lately. We have drafted players that have done well IN THEIR SCHEME and so it didnt matter to the previous regime ( Jay ZYgmunt ) if they fit or not the point was they wanted them so much that they drafted them regardless of their college scheme and success. In the era since Martz left, we have drafted the likes of busts ( or so they appear to be) like Tye Hill, Adam Carriker, Claude Wroten, Fakhir Brown, etc. The list goes on and on.

      THIS HAS REALLY HURT THIS ORGANIZATION SO MUCH THAT IT IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD NOW. Bad drafting has put us in such a talentless hole that...
      -09-29-2009, 06:43 PM
    • sosa39rams
      It's been great
      by sosa39rams
      I've seen a lot of stupid and silly talk here the last few days, so I will post my insight here and try to lighten the mood with more positives.

      This season has been a joy. Its been a privledge to watch these warriors go to work and play all season with meaningful games. It sure did hurt watching our boys lose last night, but they weren't prepared and thats that. I sure hope they improve and learn off of this loss. I know it was very hard to watch, not for my own satisfaction, but rather for theirs. I know how hard this team has worked and fought with countless hours, just to improve, and they sure did, but just came up a bit short. I really did feel bad. Although, I think this was a blessing is disguise. Really, we moved up 7 spots in the draft. If we stayed at 21, I doubt we would have got the WR we wanted. Now we really have a good chance.

      Anyways, we should all be very happy. Looking towards next season, we have such a nice young core of players built. Its really exciting. We have Sam I Am Bradford. This kid, damn he is going to be something special. When I say that, I don't mean Joe Flacco good, I mean Peyton Manning/Tom Brady good. There isn't a skill that he doesn't possess. He is the perfect QB and I am so happy we have him. Really, we are blessed we have such a special player controlling the team.

      Steven Jackson is still playing at a high level. He sure could use some Guard help though. They frickin suck beyond belief. That has to be addressed.

      James Laurinaitis. The QB of our defense. He is really growing and is becoming more and more frightening. He is going to be scary good when he peaks. Unbelievable 2nd round choice DeSpags, nothing short of a miracle.

      Chris Long is a terror. This kid is finally living up to his potential. I knew he was going to peak this year. I knew it. He has put fear into the eyes of tackles all over the NFL. He is something we seriously want to build around on the defense.

      I basically wanted to name 2 players from each aspect of the team. These players are basically our "pro-bowl" level players. We really have something special being built here. I truly believe that next draft we will complete this team. Get this young gun slinger a weapon.

      Draft Needs:

      1) WR - We absolutely need one.
      2) Guard - Carl Nicks is a free agent, thats all I have to say.
      3) Backup RB - SJ needs some help. Kendall Hunter anyone?

      I feel like those are our biggest needs. We can solve the guard problem in FA. I feel like if we get these things done, we will be a 10, or 11 win team next year really threatening in the playoffs.

      This is basically all guys. I will be doing a mock draft soon. I am really excited actually. Just remember guys, stay positive!
      -01-03-2011, 05:25 PM
    • viper
      Alas..the sky is falling once again
      by viper
      It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly my fellow Ram's fans will turn on thier team, their players and their coach. The clouds of "doom and gloom" lye low above the legion once again. Again the naysayers have their day, to lay their spew upon the feet of the horns.

      Ohhhh no, we've lost to the lowly dirty birds, Ohhh no, we've lost 6 out of the last 7 games, Ohh no, our captain has spoke out to the media about a few of his undisciplined guardians, possibly upsetting a few teammates, Oh no, our coach won't take responsibility and demand accountability from his youthful squires on the front lines, let alone the team as a whole.

      Granted, the legion has seen better days. But, why is it that the masses choose to dwell on the "darker side" of things rather the hope of a brighter day to come. Is there not a chance, a hope that a brighter day shall dawn as a result of the upcoming offseason. This season is lost, no doubt. Who can say that this was not a distinct possibility, considering that we would be brandishing a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, new offensive and defensive schemes, new free agents, untested rookies and a decimated offensive line. Add to that a previously dysfunctional run defense, pass defense and special teams for the last several years and what do you get? The "2006 St. Louis Rams!" Hooray! We got exactly what we "should have" expected. Or at least considered the possibility that it could be a tough year. Well guess what, it has turned out to be a "tough year." A downright bleak season.

      But, ya know what, believe it or not, there has been improvement over last year. Our special teams have improved significantly in punting, coverage and returns. Our defense, is doing better in the turnover battle, our pass defense is improved and as hard as it may be to believe we do seem to be better at keeping opponents from scoring on us as much.

      Its easy to throw fuel on the fire proclaiming how terrible things are when the going gets tough. The question is where are you when your team needs your support? Anybody can belittle a losing team...and their is no question we are losing right now. But, in doing so, are you any better than the opposing team's fans that come to diss on your team. I haven't seen too many "positive" threads lately about our team that make me feel like this is the Rams home.

      I, personally, have unwavering faith in the positve attributes of the Rams! I choose not to wallow in the ever increasing muck and mire that seems to be prevalent around here lately. I agree that we are not where we want to be...far from it. But, I'm not going to participate in any "hanging" or "slop" parties or anything of the like.

      Why can't we focus on the good things about our team or future prospects. Maybe that means a higher draft pick next year or a few well scouted free...
      -12-05-2006, 10:53 PM
    • rammiser
      I'm going positive here
      by rammiser
      I'm just tired of the same old re-tread negativity so I'm going to talk about the positives.

      Looks like our front office is finally up for change with the Zygmut reign coming to an end. Maybe the best thing to happen to this team since Warner and Faulk.

      Chris Long, man this kid is good he hustles and never gives up on any plays and had a few qb pressures yesterday.

      Atogwe, I know for some reason some people don't think he is worth big money but I'm not so sure about that. Imagine if we had a good offense with all the turnovers he causes what we could actually do with it. If we let him go he will be yet another good young player we let go to deteriorate this team.

      Bartell, the lights have just come on for this guy. This is why you don't give up on young guys too early. He is our best corner by far. This is another one we need to keep.

      Burton and Avery, once these guys learn the importance of running precise and correct routes they will both be very good.

      Bulger, I havnt given up on him and he has actually seemed less scared in the pocket and has played a lot better. Sure he threw an int but that game should have been a blowout and the entire offense is handicapped by Saunders.

      O-line, Some inspired play from time to time. They actually have been giving Bulger some time to throw and it is a sign that they might actually know how to block.

      New coaching staff is on the horizon. This is what the team needs a fresh start from a new staff. Haslett has tried but he isnt what we need right now. In my heart I don't feel this team is as dreadful as their record I just think they lack direction and a staff that has direction.

      Kenneth Darby, I think we found our second rb. The guy is explosive and runs with power for such a small guy. I'd love to see what he can do with a full trainging camp and pre-season with this team.

      This season sucked but I am excited for the draft and this off season because this is our turn around year. It's our turn to get a new coaching staff and right the ship with another successful draft and a new front office direction.
      -12-22-2008, 09:27 AM
    • RamWraith
      Lots of player comments on a new beginning
      by RamWraith
      Not sure about you all, but after reading this I am excited about the up coming season. And to think...the draft hasn't happened yet!!


      S Oshiomogho Atogwe

      April 3, 2009

      (On being designated as the Rams franchise player)

      I think everything is a good thing. Itís a blessing to come out here and play. And to be thought of as one of the top five at my position is an honor. I relish this.

      (On why he attended minicamp if he has not signed his franchise tender)

      ďI donít have to be (here) contractually, but I feel like Iím obligated to be here for my teammates and for my coaches. Going forward in this year, if I want to be a part of this team I want to be a part of this team from the beginning to the end and I think itís important that we all put aside our own personal stuff and just really sacrifice for the team. Put the team first and allow us to come together as one unit so we can get a lot done this year.Ē

      (On his early impressions of Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and the coaching staff)

      ďIím enjoying them right now. Itís our first minicamp so itís kind of the grace period where you kind of learn how theyíre coaching and they learn how we work. From a first impression standpoint, I think itís going to be a great marriage. Itís going to be a great community that weíre building here. I think the coaches are really pulling for us and really trying to teach us in a manner thatís going to allow us to be successful on the field and weíre trying to work in a way thatís going to allow us to be successful on the field.Ē

      (On why he decided to attend camp besides his loyalty to his teammates)

      ďAs a player, youíre really only guaranteed your next play or the play that youíre in or the year that get. So I have this year. Going forth, I donít know whatís going to happen after this year, I donít know whatís going to happen after this day so Iím blessed just to be able to say, ĎOK, I get another year to play. Let me focus on that one year that Iím in and then after that weíll worry about that.í For today Iím worry about today.Ē

      (On if he has talked with S James Butler and started to meld as a tandem)

      ďYeah, definitely. Me and James, our communication and just our rapport is already on high just from us being together for the last three weeks. And knowing James since we both came out in the í05 Draft, we already have that camaraderie. I think as I continue to learn the defense, heís a lot further ahead in the defense than I am, as I become a lot more comfortable in the defense and weíre on the same page as far as what we know, it will just take off from there.Ē

      (On if he likes the new defensive scheme)

      ďI definitely enjoy...
      -04-04-2009, 09:35 AM