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What are the Rams wearing today ... <drumroll>

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  • What are the Rams wearing today ... <drumroll>

    Blue jerseys and gold pants!!!! Woohoo!

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    Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

    Gonna look GOOD! Now if we can just PLAY good .....
    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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      Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

      NO WAY! That's great. Someone came on the clan ram site and saw that.


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        Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

        I agree regarding the uniform choice this week. Only thing that would make it better would be if they were wearing their ninety's colors.


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          Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

          At least we won't look like ice cream men. Hopefully we won't play like some!


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            Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

            Good news.


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              Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

              LANDOVER, Md. ó The St. Louis Ramsí Victor Adeyanju is 0 for 2 this season. Adeyanju, a fourth-year pro who led the teamís defensive linemen in tackles last year, again is among the inactives. He didnít dress last week at Seattle and wonít play today vs. the Redskins.

              The sun is out, and the high temp is expected to be about 75. The Rams are wearing blue jerseys and gold pants.

              Here are the rest of the inactives:


              *Keith Null (3rd QB)

              *S Anthony Smith

              *S Craig Dahl (hamstring)

              *G Roger Allen

              *G John Greco (wrist)

              *WR Ruvell Martin

              *DT Darell Scott


              *CB Kevin Barnes

              *CB Fred Smoot

              *C Edwin Williams

              *LB Robert Henson

              *G/T Chad Rinehart

              *T DíAnthony Batiste

              *DE Anthony Montgomery

              *LB/DE Chris Wilson


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                Re: What are the Rams wearing today ... &lt;drumroll&gt;

                Wow, y'all are too much fashion police. I don't care if they are buck naked as long as they play well. We are getting there, I saw improvements, yet we still lost. Guess those pretty pants didn't help...
                This space for rent...


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                • RockinRam
                  Attention Attention!
                  by RockinRam
                  On the day we beat the Lions, some member on here said, "I think I found my lucky underwear."

                  Well, to that member, PLEASE WEAR THAT PAIR OF UNDERWEAR TODAY!

                  Joking aside, I hope we get to watch a good game today. I believe the Rams are wearing their navy blue top, with the gold pants. Lovin it.

                  From the state of Texas, Good Luck to the Rams!
                  -11-22-2009, 09:26 AM
                • RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                  Small victory on the uniforms today
                  by RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                  The NFL finally listened to the fans and will allow the Rams to wear the Blue and yellow uniforms for 5 home games this season. They'll wear the yellow "color rush" uniforms in Mexico, and the ugly white/gold/blue uniforms on the road and during the first two home games as well as the preseason. No more navy blue and gold jerseys. It was reported that the Rams sent all the letters and complaints directly to the NFL and said something like; "see what we're dealing with here?", "this is what the paying fans want". Small victory, but a victory nonetheless. The Rams will introduce the new designs in 2020 when the stadium opens. Now is we can just find a way to sign AD.
                  -07-27-2018, 08:51 PM
                • Fargo Ram Fan
                  Regarding the new color scheme...
                  by Fargo Ram Fan
                  It was my understanding that the Rams had gone back to the navy and white scheme, which I consider the finest look in their history. All of the training camp swag came out today and it still features the navy and gold scheme. Wasn't there an official announcement? Did I miss something?
                  -06-22-2017, 02:12 PM
                • bigredman
                  Will we hear Bruuuuuuuce today?
                  by bigredman
                  Will Ram fans honor Bruce after each catch with Bruuuuuuce today at our game at home with the whiners? I think we will.
                  -12-21-2008, 10:01 AM
                • Tampa_Ram
                  Rams wearing throwbacks in renewed rivalry!!!
                  by Tampa_Ram
                  Rams wearing throwbacks, going old school in renewed rivalry with the *****

                  By Ryan Van Bibber on Nov 30, 11:38a 21

                  The Rams are pulling out all the stops for a 75th anniversary celebration this week.

                  The Rams are going old school this week, and it's absolutely the perfect time to do it. In honor of the franchise's 75th anniversary, the St. Louis Rams will don the throwback uniforms for a tilt with historic rivals, the San Francisco *****.
                  Players will also strap on throwback helmets, though with the modern padding as opposed to the Riddell lids former players are suing over in a multidistrict lawsuit (more on that next week at SB Nation).
                  You can see the sweet lids up top.
                  The uniforms weren't the only throwback festivities on hand at Rams Park today. The legendary Jack Youngblood was there to rally the defensive lineman, connecting the young group with the team's historic lines of the past.
                  Told @stlouisrams boys if you need motivation for this one you're in the wrong business
                  — Jack Youngblood (@theblood85) November 30, 2012

                  It was exciting to see Youngblood in the building with the players this week. The Rams have been criticized in the past for ignoring ties to the franchise's history, but things have changed significantly around Rams Park in the last year.

                  The Rams have a host of activities planned for game day this week to reconnect, or connect in most cases, local fans with the team's past. Isaac Bruce, Jeff Wilkins, Mike Lansford and Vince Ferregamo will be signing autographs for fans in the Bud Light Party Zone. Others on hand for the festivities include Orlando Pace, Torry Holt, Deacon Jones and others. More info can be located at the Rams website.

                  Anyway, big props to the Rams for making this week's game more than just a chance to sell a third jersey. It's refreshing to see the commitment the Rams are making to fans.

                  Man i wish i was able to go this game. Love those helmets and uniforms!!!!!!!...
                  -11-30-2012, 12:55 PM