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  • Timeouts

    Where did all the timeouts go. I put this one on the coach.

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    Re: Timeouts

    I agree, I was furious about that. we had over a minute stil lleft in the half with 3 time outs. I think we should have at least tried to get in field goal range and try to add 3 more. Had we tried and made it we woulda went in at the half up 10-6. Losing 9-7 those three potential points were huge. Then to come out in the third and burn all three within minutes...I dont understand.


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      Re: Timeouts

      We will be working on that. We did the same last week too. It's kinda weird, but I think it'll be better.


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        Re: Timeouts

        I would have rather seen them try to move the ball on that 4th and 2 rather than have them burn that last timeout when the skins defense didn't jump at that fake punt. That was pretty frustrating.


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        • RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan
          by RamWraith
          Head Coach Scott Linehan

          (On game)
          “The game was a real close game for the first three quarters. We spent a good deal of our time defensively on the wrong side of the field and offensively on the wrong side of the field. It is tough to overcome the field position battle. You spend the whole time playing on the long field or the short field. I don’t have the numbers in front of me of how many plays we spent on the minus part of the field. I know that 41 of their 53 plays were on the plus side of the field for them. You are not going to beat a good football team like this doing that. We had some plays that weren’t made, and we can go back and say ‘if we made that play here or if we finished that drive before the half’ we could have at least tied the game up. Again we have to give them credit for executing better than us.”

          (On why the kick cover units are struggling)
          “We have to keep looking at who is on there. We have done a lot of shuffling and moving people in and out of there and we have not found the right combination. It has not been a bright spot for us, we have made some adjustments and made some progress for a few weeks, but we have not been consistent. We all need to take credit for that.”

          (On scoring in the second half)
          “We are working on it, we haven’t been able to execute it. When you jump off sides and getting holding calls and give up a sack and you have to overcome that plus go 80 or 90 yards each time, it is hard to score points. We have not played good as a team in the second half. You can focus on offense, defense or special teams but our team has not been a good second half team. Our fourth quarter scoring and our ability to stop people in the fourth quarter has not been good enough. You have to win fourth quarters if you want to win in this league.”

          (On the defense breakdown on the Greg Jennings TD catch)
          “There was zero man coverage and I think we had a miscommunication between a couple of players as to who was going to take the vertical and who had the underneath coverage. Obviously you can’t do that.”

          (On QB Marc Bulger’s play in the first half versus the second half)
          “I credit their defense for tighter coverage, they got an early interception and that factored into it a little bit. Once we got behind we got into a little bit of a passing mode, more than what we had anticipated. I thought Bulger played very good except for a couple of plays that could have been made, but he is the quarterback and he throws the passes.”

          (On RB Steven Jackson)
          “He is a great football player, and I think that game time is when you give him the football. I think we did a good job of getting him involved early and being able to run the ball. We still continue to try and mount some drives in a the run game.”
          -12-16-2007, 06:15 PM
        • RamWraith
          Post Game Quotes
          by RamWraith
          Head Coach Jim Haslett

          (On injury to Derek Stanley)
          “Just to give you an injury update on Derek Stanley, he has a knee injury and he will have a MRI tomorrow. I think it is a significant injury, but we hope it is not, but he will have a MRI tomorrow.”

          (On the game)
          “If nothing else this team is going to learn quickly in the future that when you have a chance to put a team away early in the game, that these turnovers are going to come back and get you sooner or later. Derek’s (Stanley) turnover led to seven points, then (TE) Joe Klopfenstein took seven off the board when it should have been 24-0 at halftime. When you let a team like that hang around and they come out and get the ball in the second half and they get a couple of field goals, then they are back into the game. You have a chance to really take care of it in the first half and you don’t do it, if nothing else hopefully this team will learn that that is the most important thing in the game.”

          (On the Klopfenstein fumble and defenders being near him)
          “To me putting the ball to the ground doesn’t make a difference, you are responsible for that ball. He was wide open, he caught it, and he had enough time to cover it up and get to the ground.”

          (On G Richie Incognito’s penalties)
          “I saw the pre-snap penalty but I didn’t see the holding penalty.”

          (On WR Torry Holt’s offensive pass interference call by the referee)
          “I am not going to touch that. That is a young guy over there, a rookie referee. I am not sure what he saw, but obviously he thought it was pass interference and we have to live with it. If that is what he called it then that is what he called it.”

          (On RB Kenneth Darby being in for the last possessions and Steven Jackson)
          “Because RB Steven Jackson was light headed and the doctor said he was down and he (the doctor) didn’t want him to go in, then he came in on the third down. That is why he was in there.

          I am not really sure what happened with Steven, but when the trainer comes up and says that he is out until he is ready then he is out.”

          (On passing the ball three times during the final possessions)
          “We had no timeouts, and we were trying to get a first down. We were trying to get a field goal and try to win the game.”

          (On WR Derek Stanley attempting something different and risky)
          “I don’t know if it is risky, we ran about six or seven reverses today. I don’t think that was risky. He is a punt returner/kickoff returner, to me that is risky. Running a reverse is just carrying a football.”

          (On the play of RB Steven Jackson)
          “I thought that Steven had a great first half, he didn’t get much going in the second half as far as the running game. He had 81-yards rushing in the first half and ended the game with 91 yards. It was a good first half. Obviously we didn’t get enough going...
          -12-15-2008, 04:57 AM
        • letsgoramz
          Texans talk about how they feel
          by letsgoramz
          Texans post-game quotes

          Texans Head Coach Dom Capers

          (Opening statement) “Obviously we are very disappointed today in the way that the game turned out. I’ve been in the league for twenty years. I don’t know if I’ve had a game like this. We started out playing well in the first half. When you are playing a team like the Rams there are certain things that you must do. They are one of the highest scoring teams in the league. It really came down to we kept giving them opportunities in the second half and we had a hard time executing. They made the plays at critical times. We had them in situations, we had them in a fourth and six and they scored a touchdown. They get the onside kick which put us in overtime. I’m very disappointed and our guys fought hard. We just did not execute during crunch time with the kind of efficiency you have to in order to beat a team like the Rams. We cannot continue to give them the opportunities that we gave them today.”

          (On type of defense played at the end) “We were playing a four deep defense in the fourth and six situation. They got a receiver up the middle on a one-on-one and hit him, which gave them the opportunity to kick the onside kick.”

          (On feeling like everything was going wrong) “That’s kind of the way it happened in the second half. We come up with an interception, they knock the ball out and get the ball back and get the field position. You can’t keep putting the Rams offense back on the field because they have too many weapons in terms of scoring points.”

          (On the key to proper game execution) “I think we did some things as well as we have done. Our offense moved the ball the best they have moved it this year. Our defense sacked the quarterback more than they have sacked him this year. There were some areas where we did better. When we got down the stretch during crunch time to make the play, they made the plays. You’ve got to give them credit. It’s extremely disappointing. I know they are disappointed down there in the locker room. We’ve gone out and put ourselves in a position to win the game and we didn’t finish it off.”

          (On Texans pressuring QB at end) “We ran a combination of things and we came after him a number of times and got some plays out of it. When you are in that situation (4 th and six) what you don’t what to happen is exactly what did happen on the play.”

          (On staying focused for remainder of season) “Well it’s a challenge. This season has been a good test for all of us. I think our team has responded the right way up to this point and time. I think they have competed extremely hard, they care. Anytime you care and fight hard and you lose a game like today, it hurts. The challenge will be how we come...
          -11-27-2005, 08:24 PM
        • tomahawk247
          3 - 51
          by tomahawk247
          just look at that.
          is that a stat line for a receiver?
          is that the amount of penalties and yardage given up by the Rams in a game? is that the score in a massive blow out loss?

          actually its neither.
          its the amount the Rams have been outscored in the past two 2nd quarters combined. i dont know what it is about the second quarter, but that is where the opposition scores the most of its points.

          maybe its because after the first quarter the opposing defence works out our gameplan so gets some big defensive plays and our offence gets stale. maybe the opposition justs hustles a bit more knowing they can get a decent lead before half time. or maybe the team just gives up and knows they have one quarter of being able to do nothing before Haslett can tear into them at half time

          whatever is the case, there is no excuse for that kind of scoring
          -11-17-2008, 01:58 AM
        • RamWraith
          Linehan's frustration continues
          by RamWraith
          By Jeff Gordon

          Yes, Rams coach Scott Linehan is frustrated.

          He liked the way his offense moved the ball Sunday against Green Bay, but he didn’t much like his team’s poor field position all game LONG . . . or the two bad-luck deflection interceptions . . . or some of the officiating calls (which he won’t comment on) . . . or the usual missed plays here and there.

          You get the idea.

          “You can stand here all day and describe frustration,” Linehan said. “I don’t think it’s going to do a whole lot of good. The disappointing thing was there were a lot of positive things that happened in the game and it didn’t show up in the win column.

          “Frustration is certainly very high when you aren’t able to win.”

          Here are some other highlights of the news conference:


          On his offense: “There were good things. It wasn’t a bad day offensively. Other than the second half – the inability to score was the toughest thing. We had two turnovers, which were tough luck plays, and other than that I think we were very aggressive about our approach and I think guys were ready to play and we were able to run the ball against a team that’s been very good against the run as of late.

          “We got some big plays in the passing game, we just weren’t able to get anything going in the second half. Really that started at the end of the first half coming away with no points in our two-minute drill. We started back after we moved down the field and had the early interception. We battled field position all day long as a team. When your average starting point in the game offensively is the 17-yard line and the opposing team’s offense is the 48 . . . I always go to that stat at the end of the game and that’s a pretty significant differential there.

          “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game where the offense had the ball for 14 minutes of one quarter and the opposing offense had it for one minute and got outscored 10-0, but it happened yesterday.”

          On the terrible kick coverage: “We can tackle better. I think it was missed tackles. We’re getting guys in position. The first one was a good return by them, but again, we had an opportunity to make a play and minimize the damage. The next two returns we missed tackles right at the point of attack. It’s no different than defensively.

          “If you’re having a tough day stopping the run as a defense, you go right to tackling. That’s been our issue a couple times this year. We’ve actually been a better coverage team up until yesterday for the last few games, but yesterday we did not get it done. I don’t think in any of our coverage, except for one punt, did we do a very good job.”

          On Jeff Wilkins’ struggles: “He’s a human being. Great players have off games, off seasons, whatever you want to call them. For him, this...
          -12-18-2007, 05:32 AM