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  • Redskins Outlast Rams

    By Jeff Gordon
    As we predicted, the Rams put up a good fight Sunday for coach Steve Spagnuolo.

    But as we also predicted in this corner of cyberspace, they didn’t have enough to actually beat the Redskins in suburban Washington D.C.

    The Rams fell to the Redskins in a 9-7 struggle, leaving them 0-2 this season and 5-29 during the last two-plus seasons.

    “I am proud of how hard the team fought,” Spagnuolo told the Rams Radio Network. “We are disappointed. There are no moral victories in football.

    “We were a play or two away. There are positives here, but there are details we have to iron or else we’ll continue giving games away.”

    Rams fans did see some progress in Week 2 of the NFL season. Here were a few highlights:

    Marc Bulger took another physical beating, but he threw the ball OK within the confines of the West Coast-style offense. He developed a nice connection with wide receiver Laurent Robinson and lofted a 2-yard TD pass to him. Under duress, he didn’t turn the ball over.
    Running back Steven Jackson did some powerful north-south running against the physical Redskins defense, rushing for 104 yards. His 58-yard run set up the only Rams TD.
    Receiver Keenan Burton made a couple of nice catches at a critical juncture of the game.
    Newcomer LaJuan Ramsey was a disruptive force at defensive tackle.
    Safety O.J. Atogwe forced a critical fumble late in the first half, keeping the Rams within range.
    And now, here were the lowlights:

    Donnie Avery’s red-zone fumble in the fourth quarter doomed the Rams. He spit the ball up after making a catch inside the Washington 10 and trying to fight for a first down.
    During the first half, the offensive line folded like a $10 tent against the Redskins pass pressure.
    The kick return game had little to offer.
    The defense allowed Washington to run 20 more plays than the Rams ran. They didn’t stop the run consistently and they didn’t pressure Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell consistently, earning just one sack.

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    Re: Redskins Outlast Rams

    Wow. Just like the announcers said, Avery must be "fumble prone". I dare any of you to look at the replay, the perfect or maybe lucky dive that put the helmet right on the ball, and tell me that you could hold onto that it.

    We are almost there. We are learning, growing...
    This space for rent...


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    • RamsInfiniti
      Sick of hearing how Washington beat themselves ....
      by RamsInfiniti
      Because you know, the Redskin's were beating themselves when they took advantage of the early fumble inside our own five and scored a touchdown ...

      And also, you know, when their offensive line gave up four critical sacks, had Campbell running for his life half that day, and were so scared to death on pass protection that they had three false starts, AT HOME ...

      And also, you know, when Adam Carriker batted that pass up into the air and Pisa made a very direct, clean hit to knock it free, and OJ Atogwe, who always seems to be around the ball, took it to the house. All luck right? I wonder how it would be viewed if the 'Skins did that?

      And the Redskins, you know, beat themselves, considering the Ram's had MANY, MANY stupid penalties that kept this from turning into a Ram's blowout of the Redskins ...

      And the Redskins, you know, beat themselves, when Bulger hit Avery on a clutch first down, then on another deep pass, setting up Josh Brown's fourth FG, yet, you know, Brown just got lucky off course, since one of his 50+ yarders hit the goalpost ...

      And the Redskins, you know, JUST GOT BEAT! AT HOME! But when the Giants rolled us at home, it didn't mean a thing? Redskins fans were quick to point out how we sucked. HAHAHAHAHA!
      -10-13-2008, 08:30 AM
    • eldfan
      Breaking down the Rams-Redskins contest
      by eldfan
      Breaking down the Rams-Redskins contest
      By Jim Thomas

      When the Rams run the ball

      Steven Jackson had the fourth-best rushing day of his career against the Redskins in 2006, with 150 yards. Last season, he lost an early fumble at the St. Louis 3, which the Redskins turned into a quick TD. But he kept running hard and finished strongly, gaining 79 yards on 22 carries. Even with a front seven built to stop the run, the Redskins respect everything about Jackson. "He just runs hard and wild and out of control," Redskins counterpart Clinton Portis said. "I'm glad I'm not on the defense that I have to step in front of him. He's a back capable of putting up big numbers; we've seen him put up big numbers. I just hope he won't be able to do it on Sunday."

      EDGE — Rams

      When the Redskins run the ball

      Portis is reaching the stage of his career where he's got a lot of miles on the odometer, namely 2,300 touches. But he remains one of the league's elite backs, an effective cutback runner with an aggressive downhill style. And if Julius Jones of Seattle can put 117 yards on St. Louis, as he did last week, Portis probably feels he can double that. He had 129 yards and 2 TDs last year against the Rams at FedEx Field. Like Jackson, Portis got only 16 carries in last week's season opener. Unlike Jackson, Portis was routinely replaced in third-down situations (by Ladell Betts). From a Rams standpoint, the more time Portis spends on the sidelines, the better.

      EDGE — Redskins

      When the Rams pass the ball

      Even though he had an interception last week against the Giants, two-time Pro Bowl CB DeAngelo Hall is coming off a sub-par game for the Redskins. Hall gives a lot of cushion, reading the quarterback as much as he does the wide receiver, so he can be had on underneath or quick-developing routes. Just don't throw late, because Hall can close on the ball. Hall and Rams WR Laurent Robinson were teammates in 2007 in Atlanta. "Every day in practice, we used to go at it," Robinson said. "So I'm excited about this opportunity; hopefully I can make the best of it." The Redskins' other starting corner, Carlos Rogers, is a more consistent player. Nickel back Fred Smoot is best in press coverage.

      EDGE — Redskins

      When the Redskins pass the ball

      Marc Bulger isn't the only QB facing a make-or-break year. Washington's Jason Campbell is in his third full season as the Redskins' starter, and he's in the final year of his contract. He appears more confident in the pocket, yet still seems to lack football instincts. That internal clock QBs need, telling them to get the ball out, doesn't always work. Hence, he lost a fumble that was returned for a TD last week against the Giants. He threw an interception on a play where he already was...
      -09-20-2009, 08:13 AM
    • MOM
      Awesome Rams Post Game Article (1945)
      by MOM
      A couple of threads about Rams nicknames and biggest Ram feats led me to this gem of a piece. For any who have not seen this already, enjoy. If you have, enjoy it anyways!

      Cleveland, Dec. 16. — Twice the football hit the goal posts and twice it bounced the wrong way for the Redskins here today as the Cleveland Rams won the National Football League championship by nosing out the Washingtonians, 15-14, in huge Municipal Stadium before 32,178 practically frozen spectators.

      It was a galling pill for the Redskins to swallow as the Rams walked off the field with the lion's share of the richest spoils in playoff history — $164,542.80. They went down trying to the very last and barely missed pulling victory out of the fire twice in the final four minutes when two desperate field goal attempts and Joe Aguirre went awry.

      The first of the two unique goal post incidents came early in the first period when Sammy Baugh, behind his own goal line and trying to pass the Redskins out of a deep hole, saw the ball slip off his fingers and strike the posts, bouncing back into the end zone for an automatic safety and two points for the Rams.

      Those two points were to be the difference between victory and defeat for the Rams.

      Freak Bounce Helped
      And then, late in the second quarter the Rams scored their first touchdown. And, on the conversion attempt, a horde of Redskin linemen broke through and partially blocked Bob Waterfield's conversion attempt. The ball skidded over the bunched players and struck the crossbar, bounced only a few inches into the air and barely cleared the bar. It fell on the right side for the Rams and the wrong side for the Redskins. That precious moment meant victory by a single point instead of a tie.

      The much-heralded pitching duel between Sammy Baugh and Bob Waterfield failed to materialize when Baugh's bruised rib received an early jolt and he had to leave the game. He played part of the first period and only a few minutes more during the remainder of the game but the injury that has been dogging him for the past month finally caught up with him at the most inopportune moment. He had been playing with the handicap the past month and thought he could squeeze by today, but it wasn't to be.

      Filchock Featured
      Waterfield more than lived up to advance notices, but he didn't steal the show completely. The Redskins' Frank Filchock, understudy to Baugh throughout the year, stepped into the desperate situation and came through nobly, at least getting a draw with Cleveland's "Beautiful Bob" in the pitching department. Each pitched two touchdown passes but Waterfield's running game and the marvelous ability of Jim Benton to shake himself loose from Redskins defenders was the big difference. But at that Cleveland wouldn't have won had it not been for the crazy bounces of the football off the goal posts.

      The Rams' alert...
      -06-21-2006, 01:16 PM
    • dgr828
      Washington 'skins' The Rams
      by dgr828
      Run D, Turnovers And Injuries Kills The Rams Post Season Hopes As They Lose To The Redskins 24-9.
      -12-04-2005, 04:21 PM
    • aasimon
      Washington Redskins vs. STL Rams Week 2 Scouting Reports - A Proposal
      by aasimon
      Before I get into the meat of this thread, I wanted to provide full disclosure; I'm a Washington Redskins fan/blogger. I know that everyone here is focused on STL vs. DET (as a fan, clearly I can't wait for the Redskins to wallop the Saints tomorrow...), but part of what I do for my readership is to provide a detailed scouting report for upcoming games.

      I like to do my research before providing content, and a major part of this research involves actually scouting teams on the schedule. It's been my experience that the fans of any given NFL franchise have the pulse of their team much better than the national media, who consistently provide the same recycled drivel over and over again. I want to be able to offer actual insight from people that know what they are talking about, not just talking heads looking for ratings.

      That's what led me to this forum...

      I'd like to offer a proposal; I will provide the great fans of the St. Louis Rams with in-depth and detailed scouting report on the Washington Redskins (strengths, weaknesses, the schemes and philosophies that the Redskins run, where and how teams should attack, who might surprise, etc.) in exchange for the same type of information about the Rams, so that I can relay that information to the Redskins fanbase in anticipation for week 2.

      If anybody would be interested in exchanging this information (we can even use this thread), please let me know. If anybody knows of well-respected bloggers/local analysts that I can research from, please let me know. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
      -09-08-2012, 09:24 PM