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  • JMO for week 2

    Jonathon Wade is playing amazing defense. Can't wait to watch it closely this week in person. Hard to see sometimes on TV but he's been playing very well the first 2 weeks. He's (so far) my most exciting development.

    Bulger played pretty well this week. He had some bad passes but more bad drops. The drops are getting old.

    The offensive line is going to need a lot of time before we can fairly evaluate them. These guys need time together before we can expect a lot from them and that hasn't been the case all preseason. Don't freak out just yet.

    The Rams need to generate a pass rush. Somehow.

    Spoon has played poorly lately. Is that because of the position move or is he declining in ability? He can't cover a TE for his life and his tackling isn't nearly to his normal level. He's my most disappointing player after 2 weeks.

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    Re: JMO for week 2

    I agree on Wade. He made a great play on the ball on the first play of the game yesterday to break up the pass. Of course, if campbell gets the ball out on time and makes a good throw its probably a 70 yard td since wade was beaten badly early in the play but recovered beautifully.

    ramming speed to all

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