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A story that may help you feel better about Martz

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  • A story that may help you feel better about Martz

    With all the turmoil in Rams land about the perceived oddities of the Mike Martz coaching regime, I thought I might share a true story that might help make you feel better about the situation.

    As a kid, I loved animals and nature. While I wasn't much for reading books in general, I'd read any animal book I could get my hands on and soak up the information like a sponge. I dreamed of one day becoming a zoologist.

    When I was in elementary school, I found a book in the school library titled "Pond Life." Being a Floridian, this book was of particular interest to me as it had information about many of the reptiles, amphibians and small mammals that live in the Everglades region.

    As kids often do, I failed to return the book on time. In fact, I never returned it, but instead forgot about it, as did the library.

    Years later, I found the book in my parents book closet. By then, it was over twenty years overdue (which would be a fine of well over $100.00 at $.10 per week).

    My parents later moved and converted a bedroom into a nice study. My son, who is six years old, was rifling through the books in the study for about a half hour. When he came out, he had a book in his hand, which he asked my father if he could keep because he really liked it.

    The book... "Pond Life."

    Now... what does this story have to do with Mike Martz, you ask...


    Absolutely nothing.

    But... at least you weren't thinking about that damn squib kick for the last couple of minutes, right?

    Feel better?

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    Re: A story that may help you feel better about Martz

    no, i don't feel particularly any better...

    i'm reminded of my formative years when i first came across feynmans' quantum electrodynamics which dealt with the theory of light and matter. my father made me read one chapter per week and write a summary of it in arabic and russian... :confused:

    was my story as good as yours, av?


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      Re: A story that may help you feel better about Martz

      No, but it explains a lot.