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Jason smith??

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  • Jason smith??

    Can anyone tell me if J. Smith caught the eye at all Sunday.
    I know he got injured quite early but am still curious to how
    he played in the early stages, his development is key to the future
    of this franchise, I dont want to to go through another decade
    like the 1990's??:helmet:

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  • bruce4life
    What is Jason Smith???
    by bruce4life
    Is he a bust, stud, work in progress, solid player?

    In your opinion what is he?
    -03-16-2010, 07:54 PM
  • shroomysoup
    Will Jason Smith be okay?
    by shroomysoup
    I heard on the radio awhile ago that Jason Smith suffered a SERIOUS concussion injury and that it may affect his ability to play football for the rest of his career. Does anyone have any updates on him? How is he doing?
    -12-14-2009, 12:50 PM
  • RamsInfiniti
    Jason Smith rushed to hospital in ambulance after game
    by RamsInfiniti
    No details, posted on twitter, and on the radio ...

    More to come.
    -11-29-2009, 02:51 PM
  • RamDez
    Jason Smith Sold Rams With Passion
    by RamDez
    Jason Smith Sold Rams With Passion
    By Jeff Gordon

    Billy Devaney admits that Eugene Monroe would have been an out-of-the-box left tackle, ready to go from Day One.
    Smith, who came to Baylor as a defensive end, moved to tight end and played both tackles. Baylor played in a spread offense, so he spent a lot of time playing upright.
    He will need more work. “His potential is good now,” Devaney said. “His potential is outstanding.”
    But the football people fell in love with Smith’s persona and potential. So Smith rose to the top of the draft board this week.
    “Just the mentality this guy plays with,” Devaney said. “We’ve been stressing the smart part, the passionate part, the productive part. He’s off the charts in those categories.
    “We just thought for what we’re trying to put together here, he’s the perfect fit for us. I think you’ll enjoy the person. He’s an outgoing, fun-loving guy that takes football very, very seriously.
    “So we couldn’t be an happier to have a guy like Jason Smith on the Rams.”
    Will Smith Play LT or RT? Stay Tuned
    By Jeff Gordon

    Many experts believe Jason Smith will develop into a dominant left tackle in the NFL. Trouble is, Alex Barron is better on the left side than right.
    So which player will play which side?
    Coach Steve Spagnuolo isn’t writing anything in ink just yet.
    “It’s like any other team you put together,” he said. “You get him in here, we’ll do what’s best. You have to give us a little time to get him in helmets and pads first. We’ll work all that out. He’ll give us a little bit of versatility and another quality player.
    “Anything is possible.”
    What did Smith believe is his best position?
    “Football,” Jason said. “I can play wherever they put me.”
    -04-26-2009, 02:33 AM
  • RamsInfiniti
    Say what you may about Jason Smith ....
    by RamsInfiniti
    But this tough S.O.B. went down with injury, came back in the game, and made a NASTY kick out block on that 27-yard TD run by Jackson ...

    Smith looks like he will eventually become an elite run blocking right tackle. He's an average pass blocker to date, but it looks like he's coming around ...

    His intensity is unmatched ...

    Starting to love this guy!
    -12-06-2010, 09:31 AM