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  • Smith and Brown

    Didn't see this posted anywhere.

    Per St. Louis Post Dispatch, Jason Brown and Jason Smith both have sprained knees. Brown is day-to-day and will hopefully be ready for Green Bay. Smith is likley out for Green Bay (listed as doubtful) and could miss two weeks.

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    Re: Smith and Brown

    Yes, league sources told the Post that Smith is pretty definitely out this week and could be out 2 weeks.


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      Re: Smith and Brown

      No surgery for either, and Brown could play this week.

      All things considered, that is pretty good news.


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        Re: Smith and Brown

        definitely good news. hope those 5 guys can build some cohesion during the season to see what they really have.


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          Re: Smith and Brown

          Oh man, this o-line is bad enough as it is. Now we're missing two of our top 3 guys. This is bad. hopefully they get better soon.


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            Re: Smith and Brown

            Brown came back eventually and held up okay for the remainder of the game. I just hope he doesn't agitate it any further.

            As for Smith, this sucks. He's starting to get great experience and he gets bitten by the bug. Hopefully he comes back strong and fully healthy.


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              Re: Smith and Brown

              Didnt catch the game, but how did Brown manage vs. Haynesworth?


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                Re: Smith and Brown

                At least none of them are serious injuries.
                The O-line really needs work together, they didn't look that good last week. Hopefully somebody can step up and make a statement in Smith's place though.


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                • shroomysoup
                  Will Jason Smith be okay?
                  by shroomysoup
                  I heard on the radio awhile ago that Jason Smith suffered a SERIOUS concussion injury and that it may affect his ability to play football for the rest of his career. Does anyone have any updates on him? How is he doing?
                  -12-14-2009, 11:50 AM
                • Bald_81
                  Troy Smith requests to be traded
                  by Bald_81
                  I have long been a fan of Troy Smith. If we could acquire him for a fifth or sixth round pick, I would be ecstatic! He is more accurate than given credit for, and also has the ability to create plays with his feet (which is something that could come in handy behind our inconsistent offensive line). Get this done, BD!

                  Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Jason Brown or James Laurinaitis lobbied for the Rams to try and make a move for him. Brown was one of Troy's best friends during their time in Baltimore, and I distinctly remembered this comment he made back in '07 when Troy was getting his first opportunity to play (ironically, at the expense of Kyle Boller) "Speaking about Troy Smith's effort against the Dolphins, G Jason Brown said, "When he came in, it was like a breath of fresh air." It would be a great low risk, high reward move IMO because we would only be sacrificing a late round pick. It may be because I like Smith a lot, but I personally believe it would be a nice move....
                  -12-28-2009, 11:54 AM
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                  What is Jason Smith???
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                  Is he a bust, stud, work in progress, solid player?

                  In your opinion what is he?
                  -03-16-2010, 06:54 PM
                • RamsInfiniti
                  Jason Smith rushed to hospital in ambulance after game
                  by RamsInfiniti
                  No details, posted on twitter, and on the radio ...

                  More to come.
                  -11-29-2009, 01:51 PM
                • RockinRam
                  Jason Brown
                  by RockinRam
                  I remember last year Jason Brown was having a very solid year in St. Louis, giving us fans hope that we finally have a mauler in the middle to help Jackson out, unlike the past journeymen we had at center (Leckey, Romberg). We finally had faith that we found a center who could handle bigger tackles like Kris Jenkins and Haynesworth, unlike Mr. 270lb Nick Leckey.

                  However, is it just me or is he regressing? I understand he gets little help from his guards, especially right guard Adam "Why am I still starting" Goldberg, which might be putting some pressure on him. However, he still contributes to a part of our interior line woes, especially when run blocking. I don't see our interior line getting any push, and when I go back and watch Brown, he really isn't getting much push either....

                  In my opinion, he's having an off year. We draft or sign a big mauler and insert him at RG, and Brown and the interior suddenly becomes much better.

                  Discuss. :ram:
                  -12-20-2010, 10:26 PM